The works of Thomas Moore, Volym 15


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Sida 116 - Critic "— it is only too good for a farce), and the best address (Monologue on Garrick), and, to crown all, delivered the very best oration (the famous Begum Speech) ever conceived or heard in this country.
Sida 210 - Where may the wearied eye repose When gazing on the great; Where neither guilty glory glows, Nor despicable state ? Yes — one — the first — the last — the best— The Cincinnatus of the West, Whom envy dared not hate, Bequeathed the name of Washington, To make man blush there was but One !
Sida 299 - He was often melancholy — almost gloomy. When I observed him in this humour, I used either to wait till it went off of its own accord, or till some natural and easy mode occurred of leading him into conversation, when the shadows almost always left his countenance, like the mist rising from a landscape. In conversation he was very animated.
Sida 126 - Be thou the rainbow to the storms of life ! The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, And tints to-morrow with prophetic ray...
Sida 86 - I say nothing of her —' look in her face and you forget them all,' and every thing else. Oh that face ! — by ' te, Diva potens Cypri,' I would, to be beloved by that woman, build and burn another Troy. " M * * e has a peculiarity of talent, or rather talents, — poetry, music, voice, all his own ; and an expression in each, which never was, nor will be, possessed by another.
Sida 363 - To pain — it shall not be its slave. There is many a pang to pursue me : They may crush, but they shall not contemn — They may torture, but shall not subdue me — 'Tis of thee that I think— not of them.
Sida 297 - Several letters passed between us — one perhaps every half year. Like the old heroes in Homer, we exchanged gifts. I gave Byron a beautiful dagger mounted with gold, which had been the property of the redoubted Elfi Bey. But I was to play the part of Diomed in the Iliad, for Byron sent me, some time after, a large sepulchral vase of silver.
Sida 122 - ... universal republic would convert me into an advocate for single and uncontradicted despotism. The fact is, riches are power, and poverty is slavery all over the earth, and one sort of establishment is no better nor worse for a people than another. I shall adhere to my party, because it would not be honourable to act otherwise ; but, as to opinions, I don't think politics worth an opinion.
Sida 296 - I was most agreeably disappointed in this respect. I found Lord Byron in the highest degree courteous, and even kind. We met, for an hour or two almost daily, in Mr. Murray's drawing-room, and found a great deal to say to each other.
Sida 164 - It was only wounded, and I tried to save it, the eye was so bright ; but it pined, and died in a few days ; and I never did since, and never will, attempt the death of another bird.

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