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His SICKNESS AND DEATH-Taken Sick at Briarfield-Brought to the Residence of Judge

Charles E. Fenner, New Orleans-Description of the House-Mrs. Davis His Con-
stant Nurse-Her Account of His Sickness-Better-A Congestive Chin from
which He never Rallied---Friends at His Bedside-"Pray Excuso Mo"-Tho
End-Profound Griefat Ills Dcath-Editorial in tho" State"-Editorial Announce-
mcnt of the “Times-Democrat"– Editorial in “City Item”—THE DAY OF His
DEATH : Mayor Shakspeare's Proclamation-Proclamation of Governor Nicholls-
Telegrams of Condolence Received from All Quarters by Mrs. Davis PREPARA-
TIONS FOR THE FUNERAL; Meeting at the Mayor's Parlor---Remarks by
Mayor Shakspeare, Associato Justice Fender and Others--Letter to Gover-

nor Nicholls and Telegrams to the Southern Governors appointment of
Committees-Draping the Houses-Descriptions of the Decorations of the
City Hall-AT THE FEXNER MANSION; "After Death"--Mrs. Davis's Chris.
llan Resignation-Crowds of Visitors-Touching Incident of tho Old Slavo
who Camo to Sco" Marso Jeff."-REMOVAL OF THE BODY : The “Picayunc's"
Vivid Description of Converting the Council Chamber into “Mortuary Hall"-
Tho Catafalquc-Tho Casket Removed from the Fenner Mansion to the City Hall
at Midnight-The Washington Artillery Acting as Escort and Guard of Honor-
THE CAUSE OF HIS DEATH : Interesting statements by Justico Fenner and the
attending physicians, Drs. Stanford E. Chaille, and Dr. Charles J. Bickham--
LYING IN State : Immense crowds view the body-General George W. Jones, of
Iowa-Commodore Hunter-Mrs. Wheat, the mother of Maj. Wheat, of the “ Lou-
isiana Tigers"--Incidents-Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Hayes visit the chamber at mid-
night-Mr. Orion Frazee takes a death mask — Telegrams continue to pour in
from every quarter-The text of many of them-Proclamations from Governors
Nicholls of Louisiana, Lowry of Mississippi, Seay of Alabama, Fleming of
Florida, and Ross of Texas-Mrs. Davis's graceful response to telegrams of
condolence-Estimated that 150,000 people vicwed the body whilo lying in
Statc-The Timcs- Democrat on the popular demonstration of respect and love ·
shown our dead President-Telegraphic correspondence between Mayor Shakspeare
and Secretary-of-War Proctor-Two Poems-Meeting of the Army of Tennessee
Association-Full text of an eloquent eulogy by Rev. Dr. T. R. Markham-Brief
speeches made by Gen. Geo. W. Jones of Iowa, Gen. S. B. Buckner of Kentucky,
Gon. T. T. Munford of Virginia, Dr. J. Wm. Jones of Atlanta, Gen. S. W. Ferguson
of Mississippi, Gen. S. D. Lce of Mississippi, and Judge Walter H. Rogers of New
Orleans-THE FLORAL OFFERINGS : Vivid description of the Timcs-Democral-Tho
display magnificent in the number, variety, and beauty of the designs–Tue New
ORLEANS RESOLUTIONS : The Bench and Bar-The Veteran Confederato Cavalry
Association-The Board of Trade--Law class of Tulane University—The Stock
Exchange-Colored Citizens—Faculty of Tulane University--Medical Students of
Tulane University-The Civil District Court-The City full of Delegations and
Visitors from every Quarter-THE FUNERAL OBSEQUIES— A Cloudless Sky-An
Iinmense Crowd-A Stream of Visitors to Mortuary IIall from 7 A. M. to 10—The
Bier Borne at 12 O'clock from the Council Chamber to the Stone Portico of the
City Hall-The Bishops, the Clergy, the Choristers, the Immense Crowd–The
Service Begun-Chaste and Eloquent but Brief Address of Bishop John N. Galle-,
her-The Benediction-Father Hubert's Prayer-Bearing the Remains to tho)
Funeral Car-LAID TO REST-The Immense Procession—The Services at the Tomb
THE FUNERAL PROCESSIOY-The Organizations Comprising the Six Divisions in
Line--Detailed List of the Organizations, Officers, &c., in Each Division-At MET-
AIRIE-The Remains Deposited in the Tomb of the Army of Northern Virginia-
Full List of Pall-Bearers-Some Notable Men who were in the Procession-The
North Carolina Delegation--Registered at the Continental Armory-The Ken-
tucky Delegation--Delegation from Richmond, Vn.--The Tennessee Delegntion-
Largo Delegation from Alabama-Tho Marylanıl Representation-Four Military
Companles and Over 1,000 Citizens from Mississippi--Names-Tho Florida Delega-
tlon-Delegation from South Carolina-Ladies' Memorial Association of Columbia.
Texas Delegation-Arkansas—THE FLORAL TRIBUTE--Vicksburg's-The Misscs
Stringfellow-LCC Association, of Mobile--Florida's--Richmond Ilowitzer's-Girls'
Iligh School-Louisiana Rifles—THE SALUTES—Battery B, Louisiana Field Artillery.
NOTES-Floral Ship of State from Ladies of Dallas, Texas-Capt. Jack White-The
of Gen. Jno. B. Gordon-Vice-Presidents-Resolutions and Remarks of Gen. S. D.
Lec—Gen. W. L. Cabell-Governor Lowry, "the Soldier-Governor'' of Mississippi-
Governor Fowle, Governor Nickolls

, Governor Buckner, Governor Fleming, Gov.
ernor Eagle, Governor Lubbock, Hon. J. Taylor Ellyson...


VIRGINIA'S TRIBUTE: Proclamation of Governor Fitzhugh Lee--Proclamation of the

Mayor of Richmond-Letters of Gen. Dabney H. Maury and Gen. W. H. Payne-

Memorial Windows in St. Paul's Memorial services at the various Churches

Resolutions of the General Assembly-Yinute Guns by the Richmond Howitzers

Meeting at the Academy of Music-Resolutions Meeting of Members of Legisla

ture to hear the Oration of Senator Daniel-Remarks of Hon. R. H. Cardwell,

Speaker of the House of Delegates - Norfolk and Portsmouth-Meeting of Pickett-

Puchanan and Stonewall Camp Confederate Veterans Religious Services

“Memorial Day" in Petersburg-Mass Meeting at Opera House under duspices of

of A. P. Hill Camp Confederate Veterans-Resolutions-Letters of Mrs. Davis to

the Mayor of Richmond-Lexington--Virginia Military Institute and Washing-

ton and Lee University-Extract from Oration of Hon. J. Randolph Tucker-

Danville-Maury Camp of Fredericksburg-Williamsburg-Other Points . . .685-601

ALABAMA'S TRIBUTE: Montgomery's Mourning-Editorial in the Montgomery Advertiser

Meeting of Confederate Veterans-Poem by Rev. Dr. M. B. Wharton-Proclamation

of Mayor Graham-“Rufus Sanders" in the Advertiser -Memorial Day in Mont

gomery-Editorial in the Advertiser-Grand Mass Meeting on December 19th-

Resolutions-Speeches by Gen. Holtzclaw, Gov. Watts, Gen. John A. Sanders, Gen.

Geo. P. Harrison, and Capt. B. H. Screws-Extracts from speech of Gov. Watts, the

old Attorney-General of the Confederacy–The Observance of the Day at Other

Points all over the State


GEORGIA'S TRIBUTE: Henry W. Grady's Graceful and Touching Announcement of the

Death and Tribute to the Memory of “Our Dead President”-Poem by Mont-

gomery M. Folsom on “Davis is Dead-Tho Message Read"-Proclamation by

Gov. Gordon-By the Mayor of Atlanta-By Judge W. L. Calhoun, President Con.

federate Veterans Large Meeting of Veterans—The Resolutions-Speeches-Poem

by Mrs. J. Wm. Jones read at the Meeting-Arrangements to Raise Funds for the

Family and for a Monument-Telegraphic Correspondence Between Col. John A.

Cockrell, of the New York World, and Henry W. Grady, of Atlanta-Memorial

Day in Atlanta A Procession, a Mass Meeting, and addresses by Judge Calhoun,

Mayor Glenn, Rev. Dr. Strickler, Hon. A. H. Cox, and Judge Howard Van Eppe-

Grady's Telegram from New York-Atlanta's Warm Tribute Finds its Equal all

over the State-Augusta's Tribute-Action of the Confederate Survivors' Associa

tion-Memorial Day-Oration of Col. Charles C. Jones, Jr.-Extracts from His

Eloquent Address Macon's Tribute-Editorial in the Telegraph-Tribute of the

Veterans-At the Churches Memorial Day-Editorial in Wesleyan Christian Adva

cate-Savannah's Tribute In the Churches—The Veterans Gen, Henry R. Jack

son's Brief but Eloquent Tribute The Resolutions-Gen. Lawton in Calling the

Vast Crowd to Order-The Prayer At Other Towns in Georgia


KENTUCKY'S TRIBUTE: In Louisvillo-Meeting of Confederato Votcrans-Resolutions by

Rev. Dr. J. A. Broadus-Speeches by Hon. I. W. Bruce,.Col. J. Stoddard John-

ston, Maj. E. H. McDonald, Gen. Thomas H. Taylor, and Col. B. H. Young-Edl.

torial in the Courier-Journal-Editorial in Western Recorder_Elsewhere in Ken-

tucky-At Paris-At Lexington-Characteristio Lotter from Mr. Davis-At Stan.

ford-Offer of a Burial Place on the Spot of His Birth


MISSISSIPPI'S TRIBUTE: Throb of Mississippi's Heart In Unison with tho General Grief-

Resolutions of the University of Mississippl-Resolutions from all over the State

Action of the State Legislature-Full report in the Clarion-Resolutions-Speeches

Mutual Love of Mr. Davis and Mississippi


ARKANSAS'S TRIBUTE: Tributes all over the State-Memorial Day at Little Rock-Meet-

ing at the State Capitol-Resolutions,Meetings at the Hot Springs, Helena, 'and

Other Places-Arkansas no Whit Behind Her Southern Sisters in Her Loving



FLORIDA'S TRIBUTE : Gov. Fleming's Estimate in the N. Y. World-Letter from Dr. R

B. Burroughs of Jacksonville, to Mrs. Davis, transmitting Resolutions-Florida's
Tribute not unworthy Her Gallant “Men in Gray


MARYLAND'S TRIBUTE: Gallant Marylanders in the Confederate Army and Loyal Hearta

at Home-Their Tribute to Their Chief—"Memorial Day" in Baltimore-The

Meeting at the Armory of the Finb Maryland Regiment–The OMcers-Prayer by

Rev. Dr. (Confederate Captain) McKim-Speeches by Mayor Davidson, Col. D. G.

McIntosh, Col. Charles Marshall, Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, Rev. Dr W. U. Murk.

land, and Hon. 8. Teackle Wallis-Extracts from the Conclusion of Col. McIn-

tosh's Speech, and Major Hall's Memorial-Tribute of Lieutenant Winfeld Peters

and Eloquent speech of Hon. T. R. Stockdale, of Mississippi, at the Confederate

Reunion and Banquet January 20th, 1890_Johns Hopkins University, Western

College of Maryland, Lady Visitors of the Confederate Home, and Others, Swell

Maryland's Tribut o...


NORTH CAROLINA'S TRIBUTE: The Governor, in His Proclamation and Speech, Voices

the Feeling of the “Old North State"-A Meeting at Metropolitan Hall, Raleigh-

Gov. Fowle's Telegram to the New York World-Memorial Day in Raleigh and an

Eloquent Eulogy by Rov. Dr. Watkins-At Other Places in the State-Bonor from

the Men who Followed Him in War . .


BOUTH CAROLINA'S TRIBUTE: Action of the Legislature-Brief but Eloquent Speech by

Col. McKissick-Charleston's Tribute The Mayor's Proclamation-Various Meet
ings and Resolutions Great Meetings on Memorial Day and Speeches by Col.
Zimmerman Davis, Maj. T. G. Barker, Gen. B. H. Rutledge, Rey. Dr. Thompson,

Gen. McCrady, Rev. R. C. Holland, Col. Henry E. Young, and Mr. J.P. K. Bryan-

The Day in Columbia, Greenyllle, Newberry, and Other Points all over the


.. 648-646

TENNESSEE'S TRIBUTE : Memphis once the Home of Mr. Davis-Her Loving Tribute

Resolutions Memorial Day in the Churches-Mass Meeting at the Theatre
Speeches-Poem by Mrs. Boyle-The Resolutions-Decking with Flowers the
Grave of Jefferson Davis, Jr.-At Nashville-Elder Lin Cave, the Orator-At Other
Points in the State

TEX AB'S TRIBUTE: Prairie Flowers on His Bier-Galveston's Tribute-Dallas-Austin

At Other Towns-An Enthusiastic and Loving Tribute-A Poem by Mrs. Mary
Mitchell Brown .':...


WIKCELLANEOUS: Resolutions Received by Mrs. Davis-Editorials in Northern and

English Papers-N. Y. Examiner-N. Y. Sun-N. Y. T'imes- Advance Thought, New

York-London Globe-Daily Telegraph-Philadelphia Times-N. Y. Herald.-Con-

clusion-Address by Rev. Dr. 8. A. Goodwin, of Richmond-Poem by Father A.

J. Ryan..

. 650-662




SPHE PUBLISHERS have, at great expense, and by exercis

ing unusual care and patience, succeeded in securing a large number of beautiful and attractive illustrations for the Davis MEMORIAL VOLUME, many of which are of rare historical valde. We are greatly indebted to W. L. Sheppard, whose intimate acquaintance and association with many of the characters and scenes presented in the book enabled him to not only draw for us many striking and interesting pictures, but to make suggestions that were exceedingly helpful to other artists engaged in preparing the illustrations for the book. Mr. W. W. Davies, of the Lee Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, also places us under lasting obligations to him by furnishing us many photographs taken during and soon after the war. We would note specially the Grand Jury, and Petit Jury, Members of Mr. Davis's Cabío net, photograph of Mrs. Davis in full dress, with the aid of which Mr. Sheppard was enabled to draw the charming pioture entitled “A Reception at the White House by Mr. and Mrs. Davis.” The originals of these and other photographs used in illustrating the book are now in possession of Mr. Davies, of the Lee Gallery, and copyrighted by us in producing this work.

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