Herodotus: A New and Literal Version from the Text of Baehr ; with a Geographical and General Index

Henry G. Bohn, 1848 - 613 sidor

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Sidan 483 - This inscription was made for all ; and for the Spartans in particular : " Stranger, go tell the Lacedaemonians, that we lie here, obedient to their commands." This was for the Lacedaemonians ; and for the prophet, the following : " This is the monument of the illustrious Megistias, .whom once the Medes, having passed the river Sperchius, slew ; a prophet, who, at the time well knowing the impending fate, would not abandon the leaders of Sparta.
Sidan 141 - ... and it is of polished stone, with figures carved on it : on this road then ten years were expended, and in forming the subterraneous apartments on the hill, on which the pyramids stand, which he had made as a burial vault for himself, in an island, formed by draining a canal from the Nile.
Sidan 120 - ... and workmanship, and in size generally about one or two cubits in length; and showing this to each of the company, he says: 'Look upon this, then drink and enjoy yourself; for when dead you will be like this.
Sidan 104 - Greeks, from left to right, they move their hand from right to left; and they insist, notwithstanding, that it is they who go to the right, and the Greeks who go to the left. They have two quite different kinds of writing, one of which is called sacred, the other common.
Sidan 246 - Hercules into the northern sea,7 and so to return to Egypt. The Phoenicians accordingly, setting out from the Red Sea, navigated the southern sea ; when autumn came, they went ashore, and sowed the land, by whatever part of Libya they happened to be sailing, and waited for harvest ; then having reaped the corn, they put to sea again. When two years had thus passEd, in the third, having doubled the pillars of Hercules, they arrived in Egypt, and related what to me does not seem credible, but may to...
Sidan 152 - The water in this lake does not spring from the soil, for these parts are excessively dry, but it is conveyed through a channel from the Nile, and for six months it flows into the lake, and six months out again into the Nile.
Sidan 393 - ... and being poured from this into another, it assumes three different forms : the asphalt and the salt immediately become solid, but the oil they collect, and the Persians call it rhadinace ; it is black and emits a strong odour.
Sidan 94 - Nile should choose to divert his waters from their present bed into this Arabian gulf, what is there to hinder it from being filled up by the stream within, at the utmost, twenty thousand years ? For my part, I think it would be filled in half the time.
Sidan 116 - When a conflagration takes place, a supernatural impulse seizes on the cats. For the Egyptians, standing at a distance, take care of the cats, and neglect to put out the fire ; but the cats, making their escape, and leaping over the men, throw themselves into the fire and when this happens great lamentations are made among the Egyptians. In whatever house a cat dies of a natural...
Sidan 422 - ... the shore, he beheld both the land army and the fleet ; and when he beheld them, he desired to see a contest take place between the ships ; and when it had taken place, and the Sidonian Phoenicians were victorious, he showed himself exceedingly gratified both with the contest and the army.

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