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book, dove, full, use, can, chaise, ġem, thin, thou.

In the following words, the terminating syllable is pronoun.

ced zhun, or the vowel i may be considered as liquid,

like y.

Ab scis' ion eol lis ion de cis ion de ris ion e lis ion

pro vis ion

in cis ion
re vis ion mis pris ion
re scis ion

e lys ian
con cis ion cir eum cis ion
ex cis ion sub di vis ion

di vis ion
No. 131.-CXXXI.

pre cis ion

päs chal

Words in which c before h has the sound of k. Christ

chim ist an cho ret chyle christ mas

äreh i tect seheme

christ ian ärch i trave a che mas tich

är che type chasm echo

hep tar chy chrism chronic

mach in ate chord

sched ule christ en dom loch

braeh i al school colie

lach ry mal ehoir

sac cha rine cho rus scir rous

syn chro nism eho ral gehol ar

mich ael mas är chives mon arch

chor is ter cha os

stom ach chron i ele

an ar chy or ches ter e poch chrys o lite i chor char ao ter

pa' tri arch cat e chism eu cha rist tro chee

chi me' ra

chol er

a ehor

och i my

o eher

pen ta teuch
sep ul cher


pa ro chi al

an chor

tech nie al

cha mēl eon

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bär, fall, whạt, prey, marïne, pin, bịrd, möve, chro mat' ie syn e€ do che the om a chy me chan ie mo när chie al mel an chol

у cha ot ie bron chot o my pa' tri är chy scho las tie chro nol o ġy hi er är chy €a chex y chi rog ra phy, ol i gär chy cha lyb e ate cho rog ra phy eat e chet' i cal a nach ro nism chro nom e ter ich thy ol o ģy Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no

other. Chyle is the milky fluid separated from food by digestion,

and from this are formed blood and nutriment for the

support of animal life. An epoch is a fixed point of time from which years are

reckoned. The departure of the Israelites from Egypt

is a remarkable epoch in their history. A patriarch is the father of a family. , Abraham was

the great patriarch of the Israelites. Sound striking against an object and returned, is an echo. The stomach is the great laboratory of animal bodies, in

which food is digested and prepared for entering the proper vessels, and nourishing the body. If the stonach is impaired and does not perform its proper furictions, the whole body suffers,

No. 132.-CXXXII. Words in which g has its hard or close sound before

ei and y. Gear

erag ged gib bous geese

gid dy gew gaw dig ging gig gle rig ging

gig gling give to ged rig ged

big' gin rig ger gild

brag ger flag ging gimp

hag gish gird

€rag sy sog gy jag ged girth

jag gy

za ger
mēa ger

dig ger

geld gift

ti ger

gig let




giz zard gim let

dag ger

flag gy

bug gy

gib ber

twig gy

brag ging

geld ing

book, dove, full, use, can, chaisé, ġem, thin, thou. leg ged twig ged

nog gin

gag ging leg gin twig gin tärg et

brag ged pig gin

flog ged quag gy wag ging flog ging bag ging. rag ged wag gish gog gle trig ger au ger

hug ged gild ing serag ged bog gy hug ging gild cd serag gy fog gy shrug ged gild er shag gy

elog ged shrug ging swag ger shag ged clog ging rug ged swag gy slug gish elog gy.

tag ged lug ger

tug ging gird er
snag ged

cog ger lug ged
snag gy
dog ged lug ging

wag' ged sprig gy, dog gish mug-gy wag ge ry sprig ged jog ged fag ged

log ger head stag ger jog ging

fag ging

or gil lous stag gers, jog ger

gag ged

to geth er No. 133.-CXXXIII. In the following, c accented or ending a syllable, has the

sound of s, and g that of j.

gir dlc

€og ged

be gin'


[blocks in formation]

siġ il

vic in age


log ie proc ess coġ it atc

in ea pac

fall, whạt, prey, marine, pin, bird, möve, ate

pär tic ip ate au then ticity veġ et a ble

sim plicity e las tic i ty
me dic in al du o decimo
so lic it ude

it ate tri plic i ty

ab o riġ in al proġ e ny

ver tic i ty eccen tricity il lic' it rus tic i ty mu cil aġ in ous im plic it ex ağ ger ate

mul ti plic i ty e lic it

mor dacity per spi cac i ty ex plic it nu gac i ty

per ti nac i ty so lic it o pac i ty

tac it ur ni ty im aj ine ra pac i ty maġ is te ri al au dac i ty sa gac i ty

a troc'ity ca pac i ty bel lig er ent fe roc i ty fu gaci ty o riġ in al

ve loo i ty lo quac i ty ar mig er ous rhi noc eros men dac i ty ver tiġ in ous rec i proc'i ty il leg i ble re friġ er ate im aj in a' tion o riġ in ate rec it a' tion

ex ağ ger a tion so lic it or

veġ et a tion re frig er a tion

aġ it a tion so lic it a tion mu nic i pal coġ it a tion

fe lic it a tion an tic ip ate o le aģ' in ous leġ er de māin

No. 135.-CXXXIV. Words in which ce, ci, ti and si, are pronounced as sh. Gre' cian con science as so' ciate

con so ciate fae tious

dis so ciate fie tious

e ma ciate
lus cious

ex cru ciate
nox ious
€au tious

in gra tiate
ter tian
con scious


fe lic i ty

cap tious

gra cious spa cious spe cious spe cies so cial ģen tian

ex pa tiate

ne go

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pär tial

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pa' tient quo tient

book, dove, full, use, can, chaise, gem, thin, thou.
in sa tiate unsub stan tial ce ta ceous
an nun' ciate un es sen tial erus ta ceous
li cen tiate in flu en tial con ten' tious
sub stan tiate pes ti len tial in fee tious
nuptial au da' cious

sen ten tious ca pa cious lī cen tious es sen' cial fa ce tious in cau tious po ten tial

fal la cious con tu ma'cious pro vin cial

a tro cious ef fi ea cious pru den tial fe ro cious

os ten ta tious com mer cial lo lo qua cious

per spi ca cious im pär tial pro ea cious. per ti na cious sub stan tial

ra pa cious con sci en' tious con se quen'tial sa ga cious eon f den tial se qua cious pen i ten tial

te na cious ān cient
prov i den tial vex a tious tran' sient
rev e ren tial vi va cious

pär tial' i ty
e qui noe tial
vo ra cious

im pär tiality
No. 134.-CXXXV.
Words in which ci and ti are pronounced as sh, and are

united to the preceding syllable.

am bi" tious at tri" tion spe" cial

fac ti" tious nu tri" tion
vi" cious fic ti" tious

eog ni" tion
vi" tiate
pro pi" tiate

ig ni" tion
ad di" tion den ti" tion con di" tion
am bi" tion fru i" tion in i" tiate
aus pi' cious es pe" cial de fi" cient
of fi" cious
op ti" cian

de li" cious
€a pri" cious mo ni" tion dis ere" tion
nu tri" tious

mu ni” tion e di" tion de li" cious con tri” tion

of fi" cicnt

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Pre" cious

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