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the rearing up of his frame be in a future state, when in the morning of the resurrection every atom of his dust, whether in the land, air, or sea, incorporated with reptiles, beasts, fowls, or fishes, shall meet together at the appointed place, and build the man immortal.

Then, when corruption shall inherit incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, and that saying which is written is come to pass, “ Death is swallowed “ up in victory; and the vile body of the “ righteous fashioned like unto Christ's glo- · “ rious body,” i Cor. xv. 53, 54. Phil. ij. 21.

What comparison is there between the stench of putrid carcasses, rotten bones and skulls, and bodies thus formed ? The thoughts of which glorious change ought to comfort relatives, when laying their deceased friends in the tomb; and especially when we consider that our Lord sanctified and changed the grave from a gloomy prison to a bed of rest, by his having lain there.


have a broad and flaming profession, which attracteth the notice of all around them ; others are not so conspicuous in theirs : but since good principles are as necessary to the being of a Christian, as roots to the tree; so a good profession is as ornamental and necessary to the one, as leaves are to the other ; though without the fruit of a holy practice, such leaves will serve no other end than those did, which adorned that fig-tree which our Lord saw in the way, Matth. xxi. 19.; and no doubt upon it were very plentiful, and attracted his notice, and made him to examine it the more narrowly for fruit, but finding none, he cursed it: an awful warning to all those who maintain a fair profession, but are destitute of the fruits of holiness! “ Not every one that saith unto me, “ Lord ! Lord, shall enter into the kingdom “ of heaven,” saith our blessed Saviour; “ but he that doth the will of my Father “ which is in heaven,” Matt. vii. 21.

· As the heart, rind, bark, and fibres, are all necessary to the growth and prosperity of a tree; so blood, bones, flesh, and skin, are all absolutely necessary to constitute the human body. “Thou hast clothed me with skin

* and flesh,” saith Job, “ and fenced me " with bones and sinews,” Job x. 11. In like manner, faith, knowledge, sound prin-' ciples, and holiness, as necessarily constitute the new creature: and as without the heart, rind, bark, and fibres, or any one of these, the tree could not grow and prosper: nor without blood, bones, flesh, sinews, and skin, nor any one of them, could the humani frame subsist; so wholly destitute of all, or any one of those constituent parts of the new creature, no man need flatter himself he is created in Christ Jesus, Eph. ii. 10., or have on the new man, which after God is creat-, ed in righteousness and true holiness, Eph. iv. 24., or have any expectation of salvation so long as this is the case; “ for without o faith it is impossible to please God,” Heb. xi. 6. “ For it is a people of no understand“ing,” saith the prophet, “ therefore he " that made them will not have mercy on " them, and he that formed them will shew " them no favour,” Isa. xxvii. 11. « My “ people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,

saith the Lord,” Hos. iv. 6. « Ye have “ need that one teach you again which be " the first principles of the oracles of God,”. Heb. v. 12. “ He layeth up sound wisdom

“ for the righteous : a sound heart is the life “ of the flesh. Hold fast the form of sound “ words. Rebuke them sharply, that they “ may be sound in the faith. Speak thou “ the things that become sound doctrine," Prov. ii. 7. xiv. 30. 2 Tim. i. 13. Tit. i. 13. ii. 1. “ To the law and to the testimony, “ if they speak not according to this word, •s. it is because there is no light in them,” Isa. viii. 20. “ The new man after God is “ created in righteousness and true holiness," Eph. iy. 24. And without holiness no man shall see the Lord, Heb. xii. 14.

How careful then ought I and every one else to be, in examining whether we have saving faith, knowledge, sound principles, and holiness ? and which of these we find ourselves most deficient in, that let ús cultivate more and more.

This wood is a receptacle for both clean and unclean animals : some ferocious, and others gentle, and the latter are often devoured by the former. Just so is this world, a habitation for both bad and good men : and as Pharaoh's lean and ill-favoured kine ate up the well-favoured and fat kine, Gen.

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