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xli. 3, 4. so those ill-favoured, and hell-favoured, eat up those who are the favourites of heaven. Psal. xiv. 4. and this is permitted by the wise orderer of all things, for the best of reasons : but it shall not always be so ; for the tables shall soon be changed; “Like sheep “ they are laid in the grave, death shall feed “ on them, and the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning.” Psal. xlix.


As beasts of the forest come forth in the night to hunt for their prey, but no sooner is the sun up, than they gather themselves together, and lay them down in their dens, then man goeth to his labour, Ps. civ. 20--23., and the traveller may proceed on in his journey with safety : So the wicked, who are compared to lions, Psalm lvii. 4. harass and devour the righteous in this short mortal life, which is but as a night, or a dream of the night, or rather nothing, in comparison of that endless day which the righteous shall enjoy in a future state.

In that morning, big with the greatest of events, even that decisive morning of the resurrection, when the Sun of righteousness

shall, to the unspeakable joy and comfort of his people, be seen coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory : then indeed shall the righteous have power over the wicked, and these lions shall be gathered together, and made to lie down in the infernal den of utter darkness, eternal misery and woe. Then will the righteous rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory; there being no· thing to hurt or destroy in all God's holy mountain, Isa. xi. g. .

What pitiful shrieks are these which I hear! O, I perceive it is a hawk which has seized on a feeble wren, and is bearing it off in his claws, and the poor little creature can do nothing but cry.

Well done, fucky shot ! A fowler just now passing through yonder glade has observed and shot the hawk; and I cannot help being somewhat glad at the circumstance; though, poor creature, it was only acting agreeably to the law of nature, yet I could not help feeling very much for the little captive it had seized.





This large brook directly in my way, without either bridge or boat over it, putteth me in mind of that recorded Psalm cx. 7. of which our Lord is said to drink.

Whatever be the true interpretation of that passage I shall not determine ; but one thing is clear, the brook of God's infinite wrath ran in the way of man's salvation, sa that none of the sons of Adam could ever have got to heaven : nay, like Jordan, it overflowed all its banks, Jos. iii. 15., and would have swept down a whole guilty world into the dead sea of eternal vengeance, had not the High Priest of our profession waded there. in, and drank it up, and so made a safe way for the ransomed of the Lord from this wila derness state to the heavenly Canaan.

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