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THERE is, to my soul, a spiritual beauty, and / up. I purpose, therefore, to invite my spiritsweet, soul-comforting power in some of the ually-minded readers to a little banquet of writings of our fathers who have long since herbs and heavenly bread, with wine and oil, fallen asleep. But I find they thought (as we and other wholesome provisions, prepared by often think) that the state of Zion was bad; the late old Master Quarles. Boanerges and and that if her children would behave better, Barnabas are both to speak to the guests. the state of Zion would be of a much more Boanerges is a powerful fellow. He lays it peaceful and prosperous character. But “of- on to the consciences of poor wretched sinners fences must come;" they will come; it is im- without any shew of mercy. He lays judg. possible entirely to avoid them, in this imper- ment to the line, and righteousness to the fect state. Nevertheless, one thing appears plummett; and plainly declares that if a sin. plain to me, that those who have received THE ner know not "the secret of the Lord,if the TRUTI in the love of it, should keep from all covenant of grace be never revealed unto him, unnecessary controversies on questions which —if a living faith in IMMANUEL's Person, only gender strife, and tend to separate, in- blood, and righteousness, be never wrought in stead of cementing the brethren in Christ, and him, then into the pit of eternal death he must pervert that holy and necessary exhortation- sink. This, under God, makes many a guilty Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit soul to quake, to quail, and tremblingly to cry in the bond of peace.”

-"God be morciful unto me a sinner.Christian brethren, let me beseech you, most When BARNABAS sees and hears this, he earnestly, to read again-(and pray the LORD springs from his seat, he falls upon these poor, the SPIRIT to read it into your minds so deep, broken, bleeding hearts, and, pouring in wine that you may practically read it out in all and oil, and pointing them to the Lamb of your preachings, writings, and conversations God who taketh away sin, doth most amazby the way)—the words which Boaz spake ingly magnify his office, as “the son of consounto Roti_" Go not to glean in another lation." field, neither go from hence ; abide here fast Some scenes of this description witnessed by my maidons ; let thy eyes be on THE FIELD by Quarles and others, I wish to lay before my taat they do reap ; and go thou after them.” readers; but first will notice Quarlo's Life, In the field of pure gospel truth, let us and his heart-breathings respecting Zion's abide; and unto all we meet therein, let us Decay, her Solace, and her Rest. be kind, courteous, tender-hearted, and Mr. Brett, the Head Master of Wirksworth unitedly determined to exalt our MASTER—to Grammar School, in Derbyshire, has given, in do his commands—to encourage his saints, the commencement of this volume and if the sound of our Master's voice be A SHORT NARRATIVE OF THE AUTHOR'S LIFE. heard in the lanes and streets around, and

Concerning those we love, we are curious doth so reach the hearts of any poor Moabitish to know all we can. And if the stone be of sinners, as to induce them to come truly seek- price, we are not contented the least fragment ing for the service and for the salvation of our of this book was a Gentleman of an ancient

should perish. Know then that the Author LORD, let us welcome them with,~“Come family. His father was James Quarles, of thou with us, and we will do you good; for Rumford, Esquire, Clerk of the Green-cloth, the Lord hath spoken good concerning Israel." and Purveyor of the Navy to Queen Elizabeth, A precious volume hath lately been put into his education at school in the country and at

younger brother to Sir Robert Quarles. After my hands, entitled, “BOANERGES AND BAR- Christ's College, in Cambridgeshire, and last BABAS: Judgment and Mercy; or, Wine and Lincoln's Inn, he was for some time cupDil for Wounded and Afflicted Souls.” By bearer to the Queen of Bohemia, and then

Secretary to the Reverend and learned the Francis Quarles. And so pleasant and profit. late Lord Primate of Ireland; last of all able hath it been to me, that I cannot hide it Chronologer to the city of London, in which office he died. And the world had known | Zion, the glorious Corporation of the elect, is that by a moro eminent testimony, if death factious in itself, and her members are dishad not kept him from finisbing what he had jointed. Ah! how can my distressed soul find designed and begun. He was the husband of rest, when Zion, the rest of my distressed one wife, and by her the father of eighteen soul, is oppressed? How many of her dearest children. As in his life he had been most re- children are now tugging at the slavish oar of ligious, so was be in his death; in both a great infidels ! How many roaring under the im

(ample of devotion. He died September 8, perious hand of the daughter of Babylon ! 1644, being two and fifty years old, and lieth How many banished from their native soils, buried in the Parish Church of Saint Foster, and driven from their usurped possessions ! London.”

This Vine, which heaven's right hand hath

planted, is decayed, her fences broken, her The singular volume from whence the hedge trodden down, her body torn by schisabove quotation is made, contains, in the first maticks, cankered with hereticks, blasted with part, a powerfully dissected review, exposition, fiery spirits ; her branches rent with the and discovery of the thoughts, the convictions, wild boar, her grapes devoured by the

wily fox. Her shepherds are turned wolves, the boastings, the revellings, the presumptions, and have devoured' her flocks. Confusion is and awful conscience-smitings of sinners of within her walls, and desolation is near unto various character and degree, to which is ap- for thee, let my right hand forget her cun

her gates. O Jerusalem ! if I forget to mourn pended, their supposed soliloquies and prayers. ning; and if I prize not thee above my greatFrances Quarles knew man's heart, and the est joy, let my tongue cleave to my roof. fallen sinner's inward parts. These he draws

“ HER DEFENCB, out with a precision, perhaps, equalled by “But hark! I hear a heavenly voice whisnone, save the Holy Spirit in the inspired pering glad tidings in my ear, which saith, Word,

I the Lord do keep it, and will water it.'

Isaiah xxvii. 3. We pass the First Part by, for the present,

“The Catholic Church is always vested with and come to the Second Part. It takes up the garments of Christ, and therefore ever unthe many in Zion, who are walking in the fur. der his protection.-S. AMBROSE.”

To be continued. nace and through the fiery pathway of tribulation's deep.

We select one portion, headed, “Zion's THE MILLENNIUM. Decay,” “Her Defence,” “Her Proofs," "Her Soliloquie,” and “Her Prayer.” We entreat a careful perusal. If this sample is

To the Editor of the Earthen Vessel. useful to our readers, we can give them many your April" Gosling," allow me to offer a few

DEAR SIR,-Eschewing all controvery with more. If we are not mistaken, many thou- extracts from pre-millennarian writers, with sands in our churches will be glad to read and the view of shewing that in the address I dereflect upon the deep-fetched thoughts con

livered at Meard's Court, some time since, a tained in the following:

report of which appeared in the VESSEL for

March, I did not misrepresent the pre-millen“ZION'S DECAY.

narians by stating their belief in a resurrec

tion of the just at the supposed pre-millennial “Dost ask me, Why so sad ? or can my sor- advent of the Saviour; nor in further stating row be thy wonder? Canst thou, or canst thy that, according to their view, the glorified eye expect a sun-shine where the greater saints would reign over the embodied inhalámp of Heaven is eclipsed P or can my soul bitants of this sin-smitten sod. be frolick when the vineyard of my heart is (1.) Mr. Tyso, in his Elucidation of Problasted ? Can the children of the bride- phecy, pp. 246, 247, says, “ the millennium chamber choose but hang their heads, to see kingdom is evidently after the resurrection, the Bridegroom slighted, and the Bride's when the saints shall be prints of God and of lovely cheek profaned with every peasant Christ, and shall enjoy with him a thousand hand? Can poor affrighted lambs, wanton years.' “They will inbabit their bodies after and frisk upon the pleasant plains, whenas the resurrection, therefore their reign must be their worried mothers tremble at the quest of personal.” Noto: Mr. Tyso has not troubled every curP

What member can rejoice, with Origon's principles of interpretation. whenas the body is dismembered ? Zion, the He understood the Scriptures literally,--very glory of heaven, is darkened, and her bright literally, I may say, for he believed the bind. beams obscured. Zion, the vineyard of our ing of Satan, to be literal; the armies of hea. souls, is blasted, and her clusters are grown ven, to be literal; the woman clothed with gour. Zion, the Bride of my Redeemer, is de- tho-sun, to be a literal woman, &c. &c. filed, her blood-washed robes are sullied and (2.) Mr. Burgh, in his Lectures, pp. 266, slubbered. Zion, the Mistress of our flocks, is 287, believes the Mount of Transfiguration over-powered, and her tender lambs have no supplies the pattern of a millennial reign : protection. Zion, the mother of us all, is Jesus, Moses, and Elias, representing the barren, and her uberous breasts are dry. I glorified, governing party; and Peter, James and John, the governed party, or the nations body of pre-millennial writers, I am confident, that were to be ruled. Besides the martyrs, have advocated a pre-millennial resurrection. Mr. Burgh thinks all who lost their lives, and This is so evident, that to question it would be all who suffered for Christ, will be included in vain, to conceal it impossible, and to deny it the first resurrection. p. 268.

clearly foolish. The supposed event of a re(3.) Mr. Chaunsey, in his book of Prophecy, surrection at the coming of Christ, is so obvip. 320, informs us that “Christ, together with ously a part of the system, that every literalist his saints, shall exercise a just and holy domi- is bound by his own canon of interpretation to nion over the whole world. The saints, who accept it as such. How can any literalistwill be as the angels of God, will exercise the how can Mr. G., even, explain Matt. xix. 28, glorious and delightful privilege of guiding 29, Luke xxii. 29, 30, and Rev. xx., without and governing their beloved brethren of man- admitting it ? kind." There will be Gentile kings, but they When Mr. G. affirms the ancient Millenawill govern" under the immediate dictates and rians not to be represented by the modern suggestions of their glorified brethren who will Millenarians, he speaks the truth as it is in be appointed over them.” Matt. xix. 28, 29; history; but when he says, or insinuates, Luke xxii. 29, 30; and I Cor. vi. 2, 3, are ex- that they were disbelievers in a pre-millenplained literally, just as Mr. Gosling requires nial resurrection, he is contradicted by the them to be explained.

clearest evidence on record, as may be seen in (4.) Mr. Brooks, in his Elem. of Pro., No. 1 of my Plain Papers, which may be p. 210, obserres, “ If the Judge of Israel,' obtained of Houlston and Stoneman, Paterand the King of Israel' are in the Person of noster Row, for the small sum of two-pence. Christ one and the same office, it follows that One qualifying word in Mr. Go's piece now those who are to be 'Kings and Priests' with under notice, is the “sound.He says, no him, and who are to sit on his throne,' are in “sound” Millenarian believes in a prelike manner Judges ; and the Scriptures will millennial resurrection, or words to that efspeak of their rule in the same manner that fect. Now what does he mean by that word they speak of Christ's rule,—viz., as being a sound? Does he mean sound in the faith, or Judgment.” This is further explained on sound in the system of Millenarianism ? If p. 200, by an exposition of Daniel vii., where the first, he merely asserts a universal truth, is the thrones” that are “cast down,” are for no pre-Millennialist can be so; but if thé marle to signify " thrones placed or put down," second, he arrogates judicial functions, gets that the saints may sit on them in judgment. upon the bench, and delivers judgment on a

(6.) Mr. W. Brock, M.A., in his Sermon on question he has either not fully considered, Isaiah ii. 12, 13, speaking of Christ's millen. or has not a capacity to understand. nial reign, asks, "hou shall he reign, and with whom shall he regn?” Returns for I think I may say, it has invariably happened

But then it mostly happens-with myself, answer, “by his despised and persecuted that whenever this system is animadverted saints." These are the men by whom and upon, one or more is sure to call out,

Oh! with whom he will ‘judge the people righte that is not our belief. You misrepresent us. ously and govern the nations upon earth.' That is the millennium of the mules, or the

The saints shall judge the world.', 'This mongrels. Ours is the millennium of the honor have all the saints.' What honor ? Goslings ; a very different millennium from Hear and understand: To execute vengeance the mongrels, which, certainly, is but a apon the heathen, and punishment upon the mongrel millennium.” “Well, Sir, you cri. people: to bind their kings in chains, and ticise the Gosling inillennium, and hisses of their nobles in links of iron; to execute upon this kind claim your attention." “Oh! you them the judgment written. This honor have misrepresent us. That is the millennium of all his saints. Praise ye the Lord.'” See the Goslings, and the Gosling millennium is Millen. Kingdom, p. 268. Literal enough not the genuine millennium. The genuine this, one is apt to opine, for even Mr. Gosling millennium is the millennium of the geese ; himself.

a full-feathered, full-grown millennium. Did I think, Sir, it would suit the columns Not a millennium in its infancy, as we admit of your periodical, please Mr. Gosling, or be the Gosling millennium to be, but a millenacceptable to your millennial readers—pro or nium of three or four centuries old.” Wishpost-I might, perhaps, feel inclined to mul- ing to be right, you examine the millennium liply quotations; but the fact is, if there be of the geese, and find yourself wrong again. one point on which pre-millenarians are less "Oh! exclaim another class, you misrepresent divided than another, it is this very one us.” " Your conduct is disrespectful,” says against which Mr. G. has excepted. Some of one; “disgraceful,” says another;' “ them, indeed, go so far in their belief of this christianlike,” says another. “If your name doctrine, as to affirm that some of the wicked is in the Book of Life, it will be blotted out, will be raised at the same time; by which hisses another. “The millennium you talk they mean-gigantic monsters!-the rephaim about is the millennium of the geese, whereas of Isaiah xxvi. 19, as explained by Mr. Begg ours is the millennium of the ganders; a very and others. It is true the author, or authors different millennium from the millennium of of “Plain Papers on the Millennial and other the geese, and a much better one ; which you Subjects," whose statements I intend noticing ought to have informed yourself of.” Wishin a future number of my “Plain Papers on ing to do justice, and to oblige, if possible, the Millennium,” believe in a post-millennial you try your hand at the millennium of the resurrection of all believers; but the great ganders, and the swans are upon you in a


minute. You are misropresenting them. although, as here expressed, it may be in You are slandering their system; blasphem- broken and feeble language. In memory, ing their views ; so you are never right, then, of my dear and much-beloved daughter, “ nohow," as Sambo said. Like the man Mary Anne Jeffs, I humbly venture so to do, with the cat-o'-nine-tails, do your best, you who her dear Lord took unto himself on the cannot lay it on right. Now you are too high, 26th day of February last, aged twenty-five now you are too low, and now you are too years,-one of my dearest, earthly comforts, hard; so that it seems impossible to please, which, a few months ago only, we were not at however desirous a person may be of doing so. all anticipating such a change, but were look

Will you credit it, Sir? the simple report ing forward and expecting much comfort in of my 'speech at Meard's Court, in the her humble, quiet, and Christian society, for columns of your journal, has brought around, time and times yet to come, which makes this or about me, a nest of hornets, who seem to bereavement to me the more affecting. What have unsheathed their stings in very wrath. indeed is life P-truly, like a vapour, that apThe last letter on this subject came to hand peareth for a little while and soon vanishes yesterday, and was written by a Plymouth away; here to-day and gone to-morrow. But brother, probably known to you, signed in this present instance life is not extinguished. Flora Street, who says Mr. Gosling is clearly No! it is not blotted out of existence, still rewrong; and I am wrong too; but that his mains, but exists in another form, in another millennium is the true one, which he has be- manner, far more happy, because freed, eterlieved in for forty years, and which, accord- nally freed from all evil, internal and external. ing to a pretty plain intimation, the Holy Why then regret and grieve at her departure? Ghost taught him.

It is natural so to do; it is like loosing a part Perhaps, Mr. Editor, you will allow me to of oneself; nature grieved and would repine apologize to some of your correspondents for too, if not checked by a superior principle. Is not replying to their communications; and it not all appointed and arranged by Him who also to remark, that I am proceeding with a cannot err or be unkind-by infinite wisdom series of tracts on the millennium; and that, and goodness? Why then grieve? This, to if they, or any of your readers, will draw my me, is a part of the shadow of death-the attention to what is considered the impregna- valley of the shadow of death”.

-a striking ble parts of the pre-millenial fortress, or fur-emblem is this of human life. It is true, nish me with a canon for prophetic interpre- there may be in it, now and then, as we pass tation, to which pre-millennial controversi, along, a “green pasture” in which we find alists will uniformly adhere, he will be en- refreshments and rest, “still waters" of contitled to my thanks, and shall have them, solation and peace; but still we are in the secretly, if not openly. Truth, not triumph, valley of the shadow of death”-not, it is is my my object; and anything that will true, always alike dreary and dark, for even shorten discussion, or even alleviate the pangs in the midst of our enemies our table is sup. of warfare, is of much value. But it is useless plied; yes, while surrounded with dangers and to deal in these affirmations ; for, as in philo-death, we are comforted, for God our Shepsophy and law, so in controversial theology, herd is with us under bereaving circumstances, nothing is known but what is proved. One providences, and heart-rending troubles, and good man says, the Holy Ghost taught him so anoints us with fresh oil, making our cup the affirmative of the question; and could he run over, that we are constrained to say, even prove it, there would be an end of the matter; in this "valley,” goodness and mercy hath but another brother, equally good, and per- followed, does follow, and will follow us all haps more intelligent, is confident the Holy our days, and we shall dwell in the house of Ghost taught him the negative of the question. the Lord for ever. What a thought ! that a Both of them may be taught of God, and both human being brought into existence in circumbe satisfied for themselves; but it does not stances so unfavourable, born in sin, a subject follow that they are both taught on that of depravity, under the displeasure of God, point, or that their experience can be viewed and exposed to eternal death, should have as evidence in a court where the Scriptures given to him “eternal life!"-provided for are all in all. As for letters and reflections, him in tho counsel of God, before the world in which there is nothing solid but ignorance, began-made ready, as it were, for the recepand nothing deep but malice, they are position of sinners, age after age, in long succestively injurious, and should be avoided. I sion, to the end of the world-on receiving of am, dear Sir, your's, &c., W. PALMER.

which in the way of Divine appointment, by

faith in Jesus Christ, are pardoned, adopted, Memorials of Departed zaints.

sanctified, glorified! In this time state, then,

we have a knowledge of this unspeakable gift MARY ANNE JEFFS.

of salvation: the gospel is the announcement DEAR EDITOR,-"The memory of the just is of it; it is mine when I so receive it, am by blessed," and we know him who is the very the Word and Spirit of God convinced of my Just One, and may we not, in his dear name, need of it, see my perishing condition, and so hold up his blessed and heaven-born heartily desire to receive the Saviour, repentchildren, that he has called home to himself, ing, believing, hoping, obeying. I am in the and those also that are left, when with a sight of God justified, pardoned, accepted desire for their consolations, under alike with me, in Christ Jesus, God is well pleased. bereavements, afflictions, or heavy trials, they In me the merciful design God had in view in may be visited with, in this their time state, I giving his Son to die for sinners, is so far

sccomplished, fulfilled, answered, and this, I await me, and especially to meet the last have no doubt, was the case with my beloved enemy, fast approaching; so as to be able to daughter just taken from us. The love of a say, “We are more than conquerors through father, a parent, the love of a child, there is him that hath loved us,” and by him shall be something peculiar in it, and it is in our very put into a mansion of glory, even eternal life nature. It is called natural, but it is, no and blessedness, in the uninterrupted friend. doubt, from God. It is a pleasant feeling to ship of God and holy beings, for ever and for love a child, and also to know a child loves in ever! This is to be more than conqueror, and return-to love a child sincerely, affection is now the happiness of my dear departed ately, deeply. What, then, must the feeling daughter,be, when death snatches from us the object of our love? "Oh, Absalom, my son, my son!”

“Freed from a world of death and sin, to me it is, Oh, my daughter, my daughter !

With Christ eternally shut in.” at such an age too, when hoping and espect. She was baptised a few years since with her ing in the present 'life, in her society, much mother-in-law, at the then Mr. Coles's place, enjoyment yet to come_which deepens the wound and makes it more pungent; and yet at Hounslow, with her father. She was a

at Brentford : they joined the young church there are the best of alleviating circumstances beloved, humble, quiet, and consistent memattending it, especially as there can be no doubt as to the safety of her state. That ber; a true lover of the blessed gospel of the death was to her an alleviation from all evil

, grace of God: at times complaining of the as well as an admission into a state of blissful darkness of her mind, when at my house stayimmortality; yet, notwithstanding, to me it is ing, and also when I visited her for a few a serious loss indeed, a loss severely felt, my days afterwards: yet eventually found her heart

, as it were, bleeds; at my time of life I heavenly Father, not only a promise-making, feel it the more keenly. She had ever been blessed word, " it shall come to pass that at

but a promise-performing God; and that endered to me from her love and affection, eventime it shall be light,” was so powerand never-tired attention, which makes the separation painful indeed; yet the remem evidenced to those near and dear that were

fully applied to her soul's comfort, and so brance of these circumstances is pleasing, and, about her, and yet more also, when drawing in some measure, tends to alleviate my grief. But oh, how loudly does this painful pror was enabled exultingly to shout, “ Beautiful!

very near to her heavenly inheritance, sbe vidence speak to me, just on the threshold of eternity! and yet she is taken first-by which Delightful! Glorious!" several times; and so, one of the strongest cords binding me to this waiving her dear arms, soared away with world is broken. Oh! that I may be enabled sweetly falling asleep, into the embraces of

those dear words “Happy! Happy!” to avail myself of it, so as to get, as it were, a her dear Saviour, on whose blood and rightelift to the heavenly world, in my mind to be really benefited by it, and made more spiri- for all her salvation, even on that foundation

ousness alone, to the last, she was resting tually and heavenly, as I would implore which God himself hath laid, and desiring the Dirine assistance to turn this affliction into a blessing. Oh! how I ought to be humbled same should be made known, with its true under the mighty hand of God, “ who worketh value and blessings, to dear relatives, and also all things after the counsel of his own will," to those near and dear to her, who had been

made manifestly acquainted with her in a and that for the good of all his covenanted, elect, and blood bought family; for in this knowledge of these heavenly things. bereavement may I not have sinned, have “ Now she slumbers in the ground, I not been thinking too highly of my earthly Till the last trumpet's joyful sound; comforts, valuing them too much.

“God is a

Then burst the chains in sweet surprise, jealous God," and will not, in this respect, let And in her Saviour's image rise." our sin go unpunished: he hath said," “ from all your idols will I cleanse you:” he takes In this sore bereavement I cannot but feelthem away, and thus convinces us of our folly. ingly sympathise with, feel most keenly for, Oh, then, I again would pray for deep humili- the dear bereaved husband, my son-in-law, ation and self-abasement before him! so that Mr. Alfred Jeffs, to whose kindness I am inmy mind may be fited for peace and heart-felt debted for his having made known to me the sabrnission to the will of God, and especially most of those last, heavenly, and glorious exthat it be made the means of drawing my pressions of his dear wife. The separation to mind from all earthly things, and raising and him from one so dearly and deservedly loved, exciting my affections, my heart, towards is a loss that requires more than human aid to God and heaven; that now, and more than sustain. My prayer is that, in this trying ever, I may be “looking for that city which hour, he may experience that God is' his hath foundations, whose builder and maker is refuge and strength, and a present help in this God;" have heaven and glory for my chief ob- time of sore trouble; that it may be to him a jeet and end-desiring to have that faith that dispensation in Providence, though now indeed enables me to be looking at things not seen, grievous; yielding a lasting blessing, accomwhich are spiritual, heavenly, eternal; so panying him, and others near and dear, in being enabled to bring my mind and these every future step of his and their journey in things in contact more together, and thus this vale of tears. Amen, and amen. being armed for the ensuing conflict, more

EDWARD WARREN. berearements, family trials, that may still Reading, Berks, March 15th, 1856.

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