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Wesleyanism, and brought him into the and, after much prayer and consideration, blessed truth, with the full light of Gospel I accepted, and commenced my stated la. grace, as preached by hiin amongst the bours amongst them the first Lord's Day Strict Baptists; but we collect the following in June, on which day I received ten membrief particulars. He was baptized about bers into the Church ; of this number I the year 1830, at Bethel Chapel, City Road, had baptized seven. I felt liberty in by Mr. Lucombe. Shortly after that he preaching Christ to them, and have no himself baptized, in the same chapel, seve- reason to doubt that it was the Lord who ral persons who were brought, under the brought me to Upper Holloway; to what Spirit's teaching, to follow our divine Lord. end, is best known to Himself, but it was He preached for some years at the East the joy of my soul to behold the blessed End, in Half-moon Street, Bishopsgate ; increase of Christ's kingdom.” He writes, in Bethesda Chapel, Great Garden Street, January 19, 1856 :“I am this day sixty. Whitechapel; for seven years in Somers' five years of age; I hope I have known Town; and was for eight years an itinerant the Lord for the last forty-five years. I preacher, in connection with the Strict have been forty-three years in the ministry." Baptists; and his last labours of love in His last text was Nehem. i. 7. From this the Lord's vineyard were in Zoar Chapel, time the health and energy of this tried John Street, Upper Holloway. The fol- and faithful servant of God declined ralowing is in his own writing :-“After pidly; those that were with him, and who having preached the Gospel for forty-two watched him with affection, could perceive years, I was parted from my people, and that bis days were short: he was swiftly went out to preach the Gospel, where God, drawing nearer and nearer to the close of in his Providence, should call me. This 1 his mortal career. He had to undergo continued for seven years, during which three operations to relieve him from the time I received many invitations to settle ; painful sufferings attending his complaint, but as I had no wish to do so, I continued which was a complication of diseases. He to attend once a month at Ilford, Wal- did not wish to live longer, but he prayed thamstow, Hounslow, Goring, Reading, that patience might be given unto him, Swallowfield, Theale, and many other and that he might be kept from murmurplaces, till January, 1855. About this time ing. The night before his departure he my constitution began to give way, and my was in great agony for about three hours; mind and spirits became very low and de- after that he sat up in the bed, like Jacob, pressed, till I could neither work nor strengthened, while a spiritual light of preach. I told the people accordingly celestial rapture illumined his countethat I must give up, and I did so about pance; he poured forth the fulness of his the latter end of January, 1855. I received soul with rapid utterance for above half an an invitation to preach at John Street, hour, with great energy; it flowed like a Upper Holloway, on the first Lord's Day torrent from his lips: but we could not in February, to which I agreed. Soon distinctly understand, except a few words after, I received the following letter :- at different times. “ Lord God of Abra

66 April 4, 1855.

ham, amen, and amen," we heard distinctly * DEAR BROTHER,—By request of the and with great vehemence, and it filled all Church meeting at Úpper Holloway, I in that were present with delight: we thought vite you to supply us for three months, time after he laid down and stretched him

it was like the day of Pentecost. A short with a view to the pastorate. I can assure you the Church is unanimous in their self out, and fell asleep in Jesus. He nedesire for you; the Lord having blessed ver moved hand nor foot, but he breathed the Word delivered by you from time to till five o'clock the next day, June 9th,

1856. time, to the refreshing of our souls, and to our spiritual edification.

Thus ended the last days of Isaac Eve" John BATTSON.'

rett, aged sixty-five, of No. 83, Charlton

Street, New Road, King's Cross. “I returned a friendly reply, stating I

SARAH EVERETT. found a will, but my nerves were unstrung, my spirits broken, my natural strength His mortal remains were deposited at diminished, my constitution broken up, Highgate Cemetery, on the 10th June, my age sixty-four; and I could not think | 1856. Mr. James Nunn kindly gave an of becoming a pastor again : but I received address over the grave. a unanimous call to become their pastor,

THE REVELATION OF JESUS as dead;" and Paul said, “When it CHRIST.

pleased God” (not, as some would fain

have it, when I thought proper to reREVELATION I, 1.'

nounce my Phariseeism, to act faith, and

to summon my free-will powers into exerThe above portion of Scripture at once

cise: no), “who separated me from my gives us the substance of the whole vo: mother's womb, and called me by his lume of inspiration; for “ to Him give all

grace, to reveal his Son in me, that I the prophets witness," and "the testimony should preach him among the heathen.” of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

6 And

What was the consequence? Why,"straitbeginning at Moses and all the prophets, he

way he preached Christ in the synagogues expounded unto them in all the Scriptures that he was the Son of God.” So that, the things concerning himself;" as He said from that time until he finished his course to his enemies, “For had ye believed with joy, was his almighty and most preMoses, ye would have believed me; for he cious Lord the sum, substance, and comwrote of me;" and as saith the Holy prehensive whole of his ministry. And Ghost. For David speaketh concerning what bears the least comparison with this him, and the apostle adds, “I speak con. subject, nay, what is worth preaching becerning Christ and the church.” And

side ? Is it not worse than waste of time when the eunuch asked this question, viz. to substitute anything in its place? O ye " I pray thee, of whom speaketh the pro- ministers of his, that do his pleasure, turn phet this? of himself, or of some other not aside from this unequalled subject to man? Then Philip opened his mouth please any! And, O ye redeemed of the and began at the same Scripture, and Lord, and called by his grace, listen to preached unto him Jesus." So that, as the

none save those who, like our Apostle, are Master hath said, they, the Scriptures, determined not to know anything among • testify of me." And do they not, in

men save Jesus Christ and Him crucified deed, testify of his Godhead and manhood, who preach not the creature, but the Creaof his divine Sonship and Mediatorship, tor; not the puny doings of mortals, but of his ancient guarantee on behalf of the the glorious, perfect work and finished sal. whole election of grace, and of his having vation of the Christ of God; not man's betrothed them unto Himself for ever, free-willism and duty-faith, but the invinof his incarnation, obedience, sufferings, cible work, operation, and power, teachdeath, resurrection, ascension, session, and ing and anointings of God the Holy intercession? And in the revelation of Ghost. this unequalled subject, Jehovah hath

And blessed are those who can, from ex“ abounded toward us in all wisdom and perimental evidence, adopt the language of prudence; having made known unto us

John :-That which was from the beginthe mystery of his will, according to his ning, which we have heard, which we have good pleasure, which he hath purposed in seen with our eyes, which we have looked himself."

upon, and our hands have handled, of the And sure I am the Church of God can Word of life ; for the life was manifested never sufficiently bless the Lord the Spi- (revealed), and we have seen it.” “We berit for revealing so much of the Almighty held his glory, the glory as of the only Person, love, blood, righteousness, and begotten of the Father, full of grace and rich salvation of God's dear Son, as He truth.” The people that walked in darkness hath been pleased to do in the word of the have seen a great light, God was manifest truth of the Gospel. And to be led into in flesh.

We were eyewitnesses of his communion with Him, in and by this reve- majesty said Peter; have I not lation, as suited to all our wants and Jesus Christ our Lord? said Paul; these Founds, guilt, ruin, death, and sin by that things, said Esaias, when he saw his glory most gracious teacher the Holy Ghost and spake of Him. And what was said to (for all the children are to be taught of Simeon holds good spiritually to all Him and by Him in their day and genera- Jehovah's predestinated people : viz. they tion), is heaven upon earth.

shall not see death before they have seen “ 'Tis heaven on earth, 'tis heaven above, the Lord's Christ, and then most cheerTo see his face, and taste his love."

fully will each say, “ Lord, now lettest thou How insipid are all things compared with thy servant depart in peace, according to a revelation of Christ to the soul! John thy word, for mine eyes have seen thy salsaid, “When I saw him, I fell at his feet vation.” A faith's view of Christ disarms


the soul of all fear respecting death and laboured to show were continued because dying, and fills it with all joy and peace, they were pleasing to the flesh, and not so that it is a most pleasant thing for the according to the Spirit, he reserves this eye to see the sun. Thus said the Apostle. sweet portion of Scripture as his final and “God, who commanded the light to shine earnest desire that they should not be out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, weary in well doing; but, inspired with to give the light of the knowledge of the confidence of reaping in due time, amongst glory of God in the face (or person) of other things his heart and mind is fixed Jesus Christ, who is the brightness of his on the ministry. Just preceding these glory, and the express image of his person;" words we read, “ Let him that is taught in so, as He Himself said, “ He that hath the word communicate unto him that seen me, hath seen the Father." Not but teacheth in all good things;" and, "bear ye that they are distinct as to personality, but one another's burdens." Do you love the one in essential divinity, or essence, power, truth? be not weary in supporting it. majesty, and glory; and he that honoureth Outward circumstances are dismal enough not thus the Son by ascribing to Him as a in this place-to see so few gathered togeperson in the Godhead all that adoration ther in a chapel like this. Is the secret and worship which is due to the Father, disciple here? the outcast, the poor, the equally no less to the Son, honoureth not faint, the vessel of mercy? I feel as if it the Father.

were even so—and how sweet the blessing ! But I must stop. The God of our Lord The work of God in the soul is as immovJesus Christ, the Father of Glory, give able where two or three are met together, as unto his dear people more and more of the in the great congregation : therefore, “be spirit of wisdom and revelation in the ye stedfast, immovable, always abounding knowledge of Him, and sweet communion in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye with Him, that each may know blessedly know that your labour is not in vain in the the contents of that portion, viz., “ we all, Lord;" though nothing appears, as far as with open face beholding (in the Gospel) mortal eyes can see, to hold you up: but as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are the eye of faith can pierce the cloud, and changed into the same image from glory see the hand of God engaged to save the to glory, even as by the spirit of the Lord;" | meanest of his sheep. and if a sight of this mighty Him be so “The feeblest saint shall win the day, soul-transforming in grace on earth, what, Though death and hell obstruct the way." Oh, what must it be to behold Him as He The path of much tribulation is the way is in his full-orbed glory!

to the kingdom of heaven, and some of Now to Him that is of power to esta- the Lord's choicest saints are sowing in blish you according to his Gospel, and the tears nearly all their days, but they shall preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the reap in joy. We know not the length of REVELATION of the mystery, which was this path, neither can we measure out the kept secret since the world began, but now cup of human woes; but the Lord will deis made manifest, and, by the Scriptures of liver, help, and save his people, as the prothe Prophets, according to the command. phet says, “ He that feareth God shall ment of the everlasting God, made known come forth of them all.” In this world to all nations for the obedience of faith. how often is that saying true,“ one soweth, To God, only wise, be glory through Jesus and another reapeth :" for instance, -you Christ for ever. Amen. So prays one who build a house, another inhabits it; you buy wishes well to Zion.


a farm, another possesses it; and riches

are uncertain ; yea, all you have and are is PREACHING IN PURITY AND

vanity: bnt " he that soweth to the Spirit, PATIENCE.

shall, of the Spirit, reap life everlasting." [Extract from a Sermon preached at Bil. This corrupt form must sink under its

lesdon, on August 3, 1856, by F. W. Adam nature, and years tell us--sickness, Thompson.]

sorrow, and pain tell us--that the malady “ And let us not be weary in well doing : increases, and we, too, must soon be unfor in due season we shall reap, if we faint clothed, and go to the dark and silent not."-Gal. vi. 9.

grave before we put on incorruption. The Apostle is just about finishing his In patience possess ye your souls—the epistle to the churches in Galatia, and Spirit is life-life from God incorruptible, after sharply reproving their conduct for which liveth and abideth for ever. One adhering to the old rites, which he had with Christ, in God, I will not fear, though unbelief rage and swell at times to make | exhortations—there must be a quickening my way dark; yet, instead of moving my Spirit to produce obedience. David said, soul, makes me better able to meet the “I will run the way of thy commandments fiery darts of the wicked; and I do believe, when thou shalt enlarge my heart." The as Calvin said, it is possible for a believer child of God at times feels great desire, * to look with contempt upon danger :" it without the power to act; and he must be is a long time since I read the words, but in the Spirit before he can act so as to they are still with me. Are we, then, to obey God rather than man. You may do have no fathers in the present day? we all the good you can, and, if you be a behave thousands of instructors, but how few liever, you will do it to the Lord and not who lead us on to see that even in this to man. Boast not of merit; beware of present evil world the Gospel affords con pride; flee from idolatry. We love to see fidence and certainty-why then dealt out much fruit: if there be a good root, there so sparingly? Keep these things back, will be good fruit—love, joy, peace, longand a part of the Gospel is wanting; yea, suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith. if these things be in you, and abound, you will soon look at all your enemies until

THE BIBLICAL INTERPRETER. you see no danger, no fear. “With Christ

No. III. in the vessel I smile at the storm."

BY SAMUEL COZENS. But many despise and reject these truths, MINISTER OF BEULAH CHAPEL, SOMERS TOWN. and often say we do not preach to sinners; you must speak to them, whether you feed (We regret the long interval between these the Church of God or not; but I don't

pieces; but they have been by us mis. know how to do this in the same breath.

laid.] "Let all things be done decently, and in

ASAPH, AND CHRIST'S ASCENSION. order," there is a portion provided, and the ASAPH - A'-saf, a collector, gatherer, Word of God contains it: the Son quick-finisher, one that assembles together, one eneth whomsoever He will, and the same that finishes and completes. The son of word which is appointed to build up, and Berechiah was a prophet and a seer, who strengthen you, the Lord can send home composed psalms under divine inspiration, to the heart of one dead in trespasses and and was ordered by King David to sing sins; so that declaring the whole counsel them in the temple service, and to insert of God is opening up all the Gospel con. them in the psalter, where they now stand tains, and those truths which are thought with his name to them ; which are the folunfit for the conversion of sinners by many lowing,—50, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, professors and their teachers, are the very 81, 82, 83. Some say he could not be the means employed by God to bring his peo-author of all those psalms, because several ple to himself. The love of Christ, then, of them contain allusions to later periods, to my soul constrains me to speak the but let it be remembered that Asaph was truth in love; but to offer the things of a prophet, a seer (1 Chron. xxv. 2 ; 2 Chron. God to every body and anybody, and to xxix. 30), who spoke of things future as force them on the mind of carnal men by present. His compositions, as an Historiovain exhortations, contrary to the truth, grapher, are most authentic. Agreeing and setting up free will and the ability of with the Pentateuch of Moses, see Psa. man to enjoy at any moment such costly lxxviii., in which he gives a history of the treasure, is another Gospel, which is no Israelites from their first coming out of Gospel at all, because it does not contain Egypt, to the times of David. His prea word for the living in Jerusalem : it is a dictions, as a Prophet, were the most im. solemn mockery to be sowing to the flesh, portant. In Psalm Ixxiv. and lxxix. he because it pleases man. The effort of the predicts the destruction of the city and Galatians is still the fashion of the day, temple of Jerusalem, by Nebuchadnezzar, though in another form. The offence of and the Babylonish captivity. In 1. and the cross will not cease, after all is done lxxv., the first coming of Christ in the and said; but the uncertainty of the will, flesh, and his second coming to judgment. mind, judgment, and counsel of man must As a Christian, his experience was deep. end in dishonour. Who values the exhor. As a Divine, his doctrines were precious. tations more than those to whom they are Asaph was a type of Christ. First, in the addressed? The Scriptures, without the interpretation of his name. A gatherer, quickening power of God, are only the let- unto whom the gathering of the people ter of truth; and just so as regards the shall be, Gen. xlix. 10; Psa. 1.5. A finisher. He finished the work of redemption his their names; so the Lord Jesus Christ by Father gave Him to do, by fulfilling all his death conquered sin, by his resurrecrighteousness, finishing transgression, tion He triumphed over it; but, by his as. conquering all enemies, satisfying justice, cension, He rode in triumph through the ratifying all promises, enduring the penalty palace royal of heaven, as the captain of of death, and by obtaining eternal salva- our salvation, with a train of victories over tion for his people. Secondly, in the per- sin, death, and hell, fastened to the chapetuity of his sufferings, lxxiii. 14. Thirdly, riot wheels of his salvation, as an immortal in his intercession for the people, lxxiv. 2, 3, warrior, whose vestment dipt in blood; 19, 21, in which verses the people are de- therefore immortal praises are ascribed scribed :-1st, as God's purchased congre- unto his name for ever. gation; 2nd, as his redeemed inheritance; The ascension of Christ to heaven was 3rd, as his dwelling place; 4th, as his turtle foretold by four scripture prophecies, and by dove; 5th, as his poor; 6th, as the oppres- four scripture types. sed; 7th, as needy. Fourthly, in his para- The first scripture prophecy is in Psa. bolical ministry, dark sayings, or the things xlvii. 5, “God is gone up with a shout, which were kept secret from the foundation even with the shout of eternal victory (as of the world (Matt. xiii. 34, 35), or eternal above) over all his foes.” The second promysteries, such as the dateless love of God phecy is in Psa. xxiv., “Lift up your to his people, his eternal choice of them, heads, O ye gates; and the King of glory and his everlasting covenant with them, shall come in. Who is this king of glory? Psa. lviii. 2. The sons of Asaph consti- The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord tuted the first class of the temple singers. mighty in battle." The third prophecy is When engaged in their duties, they were in Psa. lxviii. 18, “ Thou hast ascended on arrayed in white linen, and stood at the high, thou hast led captivity captive." In east end of the altar, to make ONE sound his death by his blood, He redeemed all to be heard in praising and thanking the his people from the captivity of sin, Satan, Lord, saying, For he is good : for his mercy and all other enemies. At his resurrection endureth for ever, 2 Chron. v. 12, 13. He led out the captives of the grave, Matt.

xxvii. 52, 53. Who they were is not known; ASCEND, to mount, or climb upwards :- some have thought them the ancient paThe people shall ascend up, Josh. vi. 5. triarchs, as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord ? Jacob, and Job. Others think they were Who shall enter the church of Christ? | Zechariah, the father of John the BapWho shall be admitted into the fellowship tist, John Baptist himself, old Simeon, of saints? Who shall have access to the Joseph, the husband of Mary, and others, baptismal sign, and the blessed bread ? well known to persons then alive. Thus He that hath clean hands (he that is pure Isaiah's prediction was accomplished, xxvi. in practice; hands denote actions; clean 19.

Ainsworth says on these words, hands the quality of those actions), and a “ Christ's enemies, sin, Satan, death, hell, pure heart (he that is pure in principle) &c., were by Him subdued, his elect, capfrom which flows purity of life. Christ's tived by Satan, were of Him redeemed." ascending into heaven, while He continued The fourth prophecy is in Mic. ii. 13, “The on the earth, yea, his being in heaven at breaker is come up before them.” (See the same time as He was talking with Nico- BREAKER.) demus on earth (John iii. 13), declares Him The first Scripture type was Enoch, the to be the Lord of glory, the God of infinity, son of Jared, who was translated from who is everywhere present, and nowhere earth to heaven, from mortality to immorabsent. Christ, by his ascension (forty tality, without tasting of corruption, Gen. days after his resurrection), carried home v. 24; Heb. xi. 5. The second type was to his Father's court the princely imperial Elijah, who was carried up to the heavenly honours of war, the glories, trophies, and mansions without seeing corruption, 2 triumphs of his death; therefore, says the Kings ii. The third type was the yearly Holy Ghost, when He ascended on high, entrance of the high priest into the sancHe led captivity captive! as it was usual tum sanctorum with sin, atoning blood, and for the Roman conquerors to fasten the precious incense, Exod. xxx. 10; Levit. xvi. spoils and conquest of war at their chariot 12-15; Heb. ix. 7, 24, 25. The fourth type wheels, and then make an open show of was the bringing up of the ark of God them through the city royal; thereby they from Kirjath-jearim to Mount Zion, 2 Sam. dedicated a song of immortal honour to vi. Psalms xxiv, and xlvii. are said to

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