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some time, commenced the drapery business, ing on his labours unless his heart be right occasionally went out to preach, and assisted with God. If the heart be not right, nothing in the Sabbath-school and village preaching. can be right. No embellishment or gift can On his removal to Ipswich to commence busi- avail or make up for this one thing needful. ness on a more extended scale, he was united See to it every day you are in the favour of in marriage to one of the Lord's family. He God, then you shall not come into condem. determined to give up preaching, and became nation. Be sure you are experimentally ac. superintendent of the Sabbath-school; still quainted with the grace of God in your own his mind at times would be uneasy about the soul. Let it be a clear and settled point between ministry. He received various invitations, God and you that you are a subject of grace. some of which he refused, others he accepted. Seek that your soul be preserved in vigorous But he secretly wished his mouth might be condition, and that there be the life of godlistopped while speaking, then he imagined he ness in all your sacred ministrations. Do not should not again be sent for. Health failed, imagine that because you are a Christian bis business was not in a prosperous condi- your ministerial duties will keep you on that tion, and through illness he was compelled to elevation you ought to stand. ` Many a migive up all engagements. After restoration nister has erred in this respect. Do not take to bealth it was considered advisable heit for granted that because you are a minister should not re-enter the Sabbath-school, but your soul will be preserved in fatness. It go bere the Lord might send him to preach. I will require prayer and constant effort to live He received an invitation from various on higli. You must study to do this, though churches to supply for them; amongst others, it may cost you many hours of pain. Seek Tunstall, where he preached upwards of twelve to be a workman needing not to be ashamed. months. During this period everything in a 2. Take heed to your conduct.

This is a temporal point of view failed; he quitted his concern second to none. It not only will business and devoted himself to the minis concern you, but others are affected by your terial work. He did not see the path clear to deportment. Paul here gives good advice to remain at Tunstall, so left that church in No. Timothy (1 Tim. iii. 1–7). I hope you will vember last. After preaching at Wisbeach walk as well as talk-wear well. You are a two Sabbaths, and Clare fonr, he received a bishop-he must be blameless, not sinless, but six-months invitation, with a view to the pas- of good reputation, that your messages may torate. In June he received and accepted an be well received; that you may have the unanimous call to become the pastor of the prayers and sympathies of your people. church at Clare, and has not a doubt, by the Stand out in bold relief unspotted from the seal of approbation God has given to his world. Holiness of ministerial character is labours in blessing the word to perishing sin- not sufficiently regarded even by some ners, he is in the right place.

churches. Some destitute churches have Mr. Collins asked Mr. Pells to give a brief sought for a minister possessing every qualistatement of the doctrines he intended to fication but this. This should be considered preach and maintain, which he did in a lucid of primary importance,--Is he a good man, and satisfactory manner. After singing a one who walks with God, holding the faith in hymn, Mr. Collins concluded the morning a pure conscience? Nothing has been so inservice by prayer.

jurious to Christianity as the scandalous lives The afternoon service was commenced by of some professed ministers of Jesus Christ. bir. Thornley, of Stowmarket, reading the Preach by your life as well as by your docScriptures, and offering the ordination prayer. trine. Talk not simply of a holy life, but 1r. Cooper delivered the charge to the newly- let your very life speak of holiness. Miniselected pastor, from 1 Tim. iv. 16,—“Take ters must not be like those drugs which are beed to thyself and to the doctrine.” Mr. hot in the mouth but cold in operation, but Cooper remarked, God has put an honour on like musk in linen, giving all a fragrance; or you, my brother. He has committed to you like a box of ointment, which when opened an important tru having made you a perfumes the room with its odour. Cæsar steward of his mysteries. The duties en- said his wife was without fault or suspicion joined on you by the text are not to be dis- of being faulty. So should it be with minisregarded with impunity. A spirit of heed- ters. Then if reports should fly about, people lessness will prove an effectual barrier to will say, “ I don't believe it; I know him too your usefulness, impair your reputation, and well.” “ Follow righcousness. Fight the good damage your holiness.

fight of faith.” 1. Take heed to yourself personally con- 3. Tako heed to what is requisite to the sidered, and as regard all the relations you right and honourable discharge of your minsustain, but especially with the people of isterial work. I hope your furniture, that is, your charge.

your ministerial abilities, will be good. They 1. In respect to the state of your soul be- are not so far advanced but they are capable fore God. How fearful the state of those who of improvement. Remember they must be are attentive to the vineyards of others, while improved, or they will be likely to wither; or, their own is not kept! The Apostle Paul was as has been the case, they may be taken away. concerned lest he should point the road to Labour to increase your stock of knowledge. others, and be himself a cast-away. You Give attendance to reading (1 Tim. iv. 13). must have the grace of God in your own Let the Bible be your constant and chief heart. He will not have much concern for study, with an eye to the Father of lights and the souls of others who is a stranger to that the Spirit of truth to bless your meditation. concern himself. He cannot hope for a bless- There is no necessity you should confine all

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your attention to it, though it should be the , venerate God's law in the hands of Christ, as
principal object of your investigation. The a rule of practice to the saints. Exhibit the
Bible is the statute book of the kingdom to law in the Gospel. Preach plainly, with the
which you belong, and in which you labour; greatest simplicity. It is improper for minis-
it is the grand treasury from which you are ters to seek for admiration: Paul did not so
to draw. Dig deep in the mines of evangelic do (1 Cor. ii. 4). I have heard simple preach-
truth. Do not read it officially only, merely ing from great men. Do not get among the
as a text-book to find texts, simply because stars or speculative matters in the pulpit,
you cannot get on without it, but read it as a such as the decrees of God-condition of this
poor and needy sinner, as one who has to give world if sin had not been introduced; do not
an account to God. "Let that word dwellin lug these into the pulpit. Be faithful, God
you richly in all wisdom." Let it dwell in looks more at faithfulness than at any other
you, and, like food, endeavour to digest it, matter. You are accountable for your faith-
that its words may find their way into your fulness, not your success. I mourn over the
very heart's blood. You will find no helps crrors which are creeping into the professing
comparable with the Scriptures, which are Church-and even our own denomination-
the heart and soul of God.' The Bible shows whereby the harmony of the Trinity in man's
how God's heart is in relation to the church. salvation is despoiled; the Father being re-
Give some time to general reading. Do not be presented as a sovereign, and the Son as hav-
frightened by the notion of some, that you ing universal love. Do not preach yourself;
deal in dead men's brains, nor follow those let the church see you are a humble, devoted
who boast of reading the Bible alone. I have ininister. Preach Christ prayerfully; those
known some such ministers, but never esti- ministers have been most successful who
mated them as an extra-spiritual race of folk, have prayed most. The late Dr. Payson has
but remarkable for their presumption and been known to spend three successive hours
conceit ; the heads of such are often empty, prostrate on the tioor of his study with his
but that is compensated by the vanity of Bible in his hand. Pray as hard as you can
their hearts. Disdain not to read the writings into the meaning of passages of Scripture,
of men who hare had the special unction of and pray your way into the pulpit. Preach
the Spirit imparted to thein, as Charnock, the Gospel experimentally. It is a most
Flavel, Brine, and many others. Consult miserable sensation not to feel what you are
human authors; hear what the Spirit saith by uttering. Let your ministry be spiritual.
these men, and may God bless your reading. Expect discouragements, there may be a lack
Be as much in your study as you can. It of atlections; but remember you have the
matters not what talents you possess, you promised presence of your Master, and your
must study if you will preach. Some say, reward.
they like to take the joint hot from the spit. The service was concluded by solemn
It will soon be found out such men do not prayer, offered by Mr. Howell, of Sible He-
spend much time in study. Study the gram- dingham.
mar of your own language. Rise early. The The evening service commenced at seven
ex-Bishop of London surprised some of his o'clock. Mr. Barnes, of Glensford, read the
clergy on one occasion by informing them hymns. After reading and prayer by Mr. J.
four o'clock was his hour for rising. Onsur- E. Perrin, Mr. Dickerson, of London, preached
prise being expressed, he replied, "If I had to the church from 1 Thess. v. 12-13. He
not done that I should not have been your noticed (1) The position in which a pastor
bishop.” Cultivate a peaceful spirit. Do not stands, in relation to the church, as a presi -
become a partizan when you see a misunder-dent and a labourer. (2) The relative duties
standing has arisen between brethren; get of the people to the minister. They are to
off the fire as far as you can; if you approach know him, esteem him very highly' in love
it let it be with a bucket of water. Command for his work's sake. The discourse was an
yourself, then will you more readily com- excellent one, and the remarks every way
mand others. Take heed to yourself. suited to the occasion; and at nine o'clock

II. Take heed to your doctrine or teaching the happy proceedings of the day were
Never dare to preach what you do not your brought to a close.
self believe. The great theme of the minis-
try is Christ. Do not allow yourself to de-

EBENEZER, BATH. viate from this subject, but determine to DEAR BANKS,--I know you are always know nothing among men save Jesus and Him glad to spread abroad the prosperity of Zion; crucified. Your honour and honesty are con- and I take the liberty of writing to you, as a nected with faithfulness on this point. The lover of the glorious truths of the everlasting matter of your ministry is from God, it is not gospel when preached in all its fulness, to left for you to choose. Christ must not be send you a line or two relative to the Lord's divided; you must endeavour to preserve goodness to us as a Church at Ebenezer on that beautiful symmetry which is to be found our Anniversary, August 19th, 1856. After in the truth. Do not preach Christ's person much wrestling in prayer to God for his without his works, or his work without his directions, we were led to invite that man of person; these two are inseparable. Unite God, Mr. J. Wells, of London. We wrote to his character and his claims. On whatever him; but we had a denial. We wrestled character you touch, remember it is founded again; and, like one of old, we were deteron his mediatorial work. Do not divide the mined not to let Him go except He heard us. law and Gospel; you must distinguish, and It appeared this was in accordance with his put each in its proper place. I hope you I divine will; for when we wrote again we had

our answer that he would come. The long- of our choicest friends, who at once withlooked-for day came; and we had the plea- drew. But I doubt not it was thus needful sure of seeing face to face the man we had to me to be convinced of its impossibility. I been asking for so long. In the afternoon we hope I shall, through grace, profit by so painhad our heavenly Master's presence. Mr. ful a lesson to the end of my days. Wells took his text from Isaiah iv. 5: “ And It is my intention, therefore, to return at the Lord will create upon every dwelling- once to London, with my dear wife and faplace of Mount Zion,” &c. Our souls were mily. The removal of my business there will, refreshed. In the evening he was directed to I believe, be an advantage to me. Hebrews iv. 10, 11: "For he that is entered You will, therefore, kindly bear in mind into his rest,” &c. We had a good congrega- that I am at liberty to supply any destitute tion; collections good; we enjoyed the Word; church near London. I cannot think again and we pray that the seed sown may spring of going into the country to settle, as my buup in converting some poor sinner or sinners, siness would render it unjustifiable; but that the Lord's name might be glorified. whenever I can be of use (with such restric

On the sabbath following, our baptizing tions), I shall be happy to speak in my Mastook place in the river Avon. It was a de- ter's name. But let all my friends know that lightfal morning, and hundreds of people henceforth I shall not shame to assert my were gathered together to witness the solemn own principles as a Baptist; and, therefore, ordinance. Our dear pastor, Mr. Kellaway, shall for the future abide by strict commucommenced the service by giving out that nion. precious hymn

Wishing you all grace and support from * Jesus! and shall it ever be,

above, I am yours sincerely, A mortal man ashamed of thee?"

JOSEPH PALMER. After singing, Mr. Kellaway engaged in with this brother. We hope his last change

[Very recently we had private conversation prayer, and then addressed the people in a will prove to be one of sterling principle, and very solemn manner. Mr. J. Wilkins, of

that much usefulness awaits hiin. Our own Brighton, baptized four candidates in the nune of the blessed Trinity. In the chapel, is bursting. We hope the Lord will enable us

pathway has long been beclouded; the cloud Mr. Wilkins spoke from John's gospel, xi. 51, 52, to a large congregation. In the alter- clearly and faithfully to unfold the whole; Doon dir. Kellaway took the candidates into and that Psalm xxvii. 6 shall be perfectly

true in us. ED. E. V.] the church, with three others from other churches, and Mr. Wilkins administered the

GRAVESEND. ordinance to our souls. Mr. Kellaway preached a very impressive sermon in the Street, Gravesend, was held in Zion Chapel,

THE Anniversary of Zoar Chapel, Peacock evening. We have enjoyed such seasons at Windmill Street (kindly lent for the occasion), Ebenezer as I hope will never be forgotten. We can truly say the Lord is with us and on Monday, Aug. 25, 1856. We were favoured blessing us; and to his name be all the praise | preaching

and good collections ; for which

with a fine day-good attendance-good and all the glory.

we “thank God, and take courage.” About

150 sat down to dinner, and 250 sat down to STRICT COMMUNION.

tea. The truth of God was precious to the Bedford, Sept. 13, 1856. souls of the people, his presence and his DEAR FRIEND,-I am almost ashamed to power was felt and enjoyed, and to his great intrude upon you my own affairs while you name shall be all the glory. are called, in the providence of God, to wade On the following Wednesday evening, the through such deep waters; but I trust a cove. 27th, Mr. Stringer baptized seven believers nant God will bring you safely through, and on the confession of their faith at Zoar Chawithout reproach.

pel-two males-five females. He addressed I told you, when I last saw you, that I the audience at the head of the pool from should leave 'Bedford; but I did not then 2 Cor. v. 14: "The love of Christ constrainthink that my removal was so near at hand. eth us." Noticing (1) The principle that But having sent in my resignation to the little constraineth. (2) The people constrained. church, which would have released me at (3) The practice they were and are conChristmas, that act appeared to work a strained unto. Good order prevailed, the change in the feelings and intentions of some people were attentive, solemnity was promiat once, and my warmest friends looked nent, sweetness felt and enjoyed, the ordicoldly and seemed to become heartless in the nance scripturally defended, and the RedeemCause. But I shall not dweil upon weak-er's command observed. Our dear brother nesses to which we are all liable. * I will try John Nichols read and prayed solemnlyand make the recollection of past kindness to whose kind services with us were acceptable turn the edge of subsequent changes. and valuable. Mr. Stringer stated the num

My dear friend, I have bitterly proved that ber of Calvinistic particular Baptist churches mized communion will blast church prospe- in England and Wales. In England, 1574; rity, and be as fetters around the minister. in Wales, 373; total, 1947—a noble detachI soon saw this, and soon retraced my way to ment of Emmanuel's army-and should they strict communion; but the injury was done. be called into action, would certainly appear We had a nice company, and every appear-terrible as an army with banners."

Pray ance of prosperity, until the church was for the peace and prosperity of Jerusalem.” opened, which wounded the minds of many



attended with much enjoyment to us all; and Whitestone, Herefordshire,

it is hoped that the course these few faithful Sept. 10, 1856.

friends have taken may have a salutary in . DEAR BROTHER, I have no doubt that fluence upon the surrounding churches who, you will be glad to hear of what is doing in with but few exceptions, have opened the the kingdom of Christ in this part of the Communion to unbaptized persons. land.

I remain, dear brother, yours in Jesus, The noted town of Ross, Herefordshire, has

JOSEPH MOORE. had for many years a Baptist cause under the name of Particular ; but, like many other

CHARLES STREET CHAPEL, KENchurches, only so in name. In this cause there have been some really sterling men,

NINGTON. whose minds have been led to understand the MR. EDITOR, I feel pleasure in sending Lord's word, as to the character of his king- particulars of a meeting held on Monday, dom, its foundation, and the laws and ordi- 8th September, in Charles Street Chapel, nances thereof; and whatever may have been Camberwell New Road, on which occasion the the notions of others upon these subjects, friends who collected for a fund to enable us they have been enabled to measure spiritual to erect a large room for our sabbath school things by the measure of the sanctuary, and produced the result of their labours. About they have given preference to God's rule and 60l. was forwarded to the Treasurer, which measure in these matters.

constrained us to exclaim,“ What hath God The subject of Open Communion has fol-wrought for us!" Some addresses were delowed the advocacy of loose doctrinal views, livered from the word of command delivered and has, for a great number of years, been by Moses to Israel: “Go FoRWARD.” At the the source of many unhappy debates; but close of the meeting, which was of a most till recently the majority were always on the satisfactory nature, a committee was formed, strict side of the question. However, there and resolutions made to commence the buildhas been a change in the ministry, and by a ing as soon as possible. Further notice of determined effort there is now a change in our proceedings will be forwarded to you, the law also. Consequently the strict friends trusting that the Lord will prosper us in this (15 in number) have been driven from their our undertaking for his own glory and the long-loved home and associations as dear to good of souls. them as their own lives; but they have fought A LOVER OF THE SABBATH SCHOOL. the battle nobly and unflinchingly, and now stand out as men of principle. Notice being given, some weeks previously,

MR. EVERETT.-. In reading your sketch of of the desire of these dear friends to be the life of my much-esteemed friend Mr. formed into church on strict principles, I Everett, in the EARTHEN VESSEL, there are went to Ross on Lord's day, August 30, for two inaccuracies. The last text my old friend that purpose, and here I found a room com- preached from was not from Nehemiah, but fortably fitted up for the worship of Jehovah. Nahum, 1st chap. 7th verse, “ The Lord is Our morning service was well attended, and good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and the people seemed to hear well. In the after- he knoweth them that trust in him." 'The noon the little church was formed after the remembrance of the ministry of this highlyfollowing order: We opened the service by esteemed servant of God will be long apprereading and prayer; then gave an address on

ciated by the little flock over whom he was the nature, laws, and ordinances of Christ's pastor in this place, not, as you have it, once a kingdom, and showed the obligation of be- month, but once a week for five years, with lievers to obey Him whom God the Father scarcely any intermission. had raised to the highest dignity and honour. The simplicity of style, the correctness of I endeavoured to show them that true Chris- doctrine, and the peculiarly savory manner tian love was first drawn out and manifested in which he delivered his message from God, to the great Author of salvation, and then to made him a valuable instrument to us; and his people. Mr. Hill then briefly stated the one material feature in his ministry was, that paintul circumstances of their separation, and he was free from every sectarian feeling; he also gave a statement of the doctrines hela proclaimed the doctrines of the grace of God, by the friends he represented. I then ad- and loved all those that bore the image of the dressed the friends on their present conspi- beloved Jesus, belong to whomsoever they cuous position, the trials which were likely to migbt, and this not in word, but in deed and follow this step, the pleasing consciousness of

in truth.

GEORGE LAMERT. having acted from pure motives, and a desire

Forest, Walthamstow. to promote the glory of God according to his own directions; also the new duties devoly- MR. JOHN STENSON, OF CHELSEA.—A few ing upon them. I then gave to each the right days since we sat beside this deeply-afflicted hand of fellowship, and after a prayer for a brother. He is almost powerless and speechblessing to rest upon this little hill of Zion, less. Many medical men have pronounced we dispersed till the evening service, when his case beyond the reach of cure; but as we Mr. Jones, of Lay's Hill, preached a very looked upon him, hope seemed to say, “ There powerful sermon from Ezekiel xliii. 10-12. is nothing too hard for the Lord.” Mr. StenAfter which he adıninistered the ordinance of son has lost his valuable deacon, Mr. Rose, the Lord's Supper to the newly-formed and the cause at Carmel cries out for a living hurch. The whole business of the day was and a laborious ambassador of Christ.


who was

MERCY IN THE ELEVENTH HOUR, showed her her state, and now she began to OR, PRAYER ANSWERED AFTER THIRTY-TWO cry for mercy, for she saw and felt that she

was a sinner in the sight of God and under Mr. Editor,--If the following account of his condemnation, and was crying day and the Lord's dealings with me and my mother night for mercy in Jesus' name. I spoke to be acceptable to you for insertion in the her, and encouraged her all I could, by showEARTHEN VESSEL, it is at your service, and ing what the blood of Christ had done, and I pray the Lord to bless it to the encourage- what it still could do-even Manasseh, Magpent of any who may be under similar cir- dalene, and the thief on the cross, cumstances, still to press forward; “ for the saved in the last hour, and that same prevision is for an appointed time; and though cious blood could save her. it tarry, wait for it."

Oh! how eagerly did she swallow down I remain, yours affectionately,

my words and call for mercy; but at times, Linehouse, London. THOMAS HALL.

she would cry out, 0 Tom, I shall go raving

mad! O Lord, have mercy upon my sinful It is now nearly thirty-three years ago. I soul! These were piercing words to me. I was then a very worldly young man, follow again told her that the blood of Christ was ing and loving the evil courses of this world able to save an old sinner as well as a young as far as my means would allow, being fond sinner, for it could save to the uttermost all of playing music, singing songs, dancing, and that came unto Him, feeling their needy and going to the theatres, being quite joyful and helpless condition, and that I hoped He happy in my awful state; but in the midst of would save her soul at last. I called in one my career and folly, I was providentially led Sunday morning when she had had a dreadful icio a little chapel where William Wales night, and as soon as she saw me, she cried out, llorne used to preach, in 3, Colt Street, Lime- " O Tom, pray for me, pray for me;" which I house, and the Lord met me under his mi-did, and I begged of the Lord to look down bistry and brought me down as a guilty sin- in pity, and show her mercy through the prener crying for mercy, and for several months cious blood of Christ, in which she heartily i was daily afraid of dying and falling into and earnestly joined, and shortly after this perdition, for my conscience was loaded with she seemed to have a little ease; and on guilt, and I knew not how or where to get Monday, September 8, after I had been wrestdeliverance : my conduct now was very dif- ling in prayer for her, and had just got up ferent, and my mother could not make out froin my knees, the Lord broke in upon my what was the matter with me, though she soul with these precious words:-knew I went to a chapel, and she said she

“ He is able, he is willing, doubt no more.” would rather see me go the way I had been going, for then I was only ruining my body, Thus, after thirty-two years, the Lord gave but now I went to meeting I was ruining my

me an answer to my many prayers. The body and soul too, for she hated and detested tears of love and gratitude now began to flow, the meetingers and the crawling pantilers. and I firmly believed that my poor old mother, And I can well remember, when I was a boy after a very long life of ein and rebellion, was there was an old woman, a Mrs. Spence, who saved at last, with an everlasting salvation. used to get her living by carrying water from She continued in prayer while she was able the river to supply the inhabitants, and my to speak, and a few hours before she died, mother used to rail very much against that she called for me, but I was not there, and poor woman, calling her all manner of ugly at 11 o'clock on Friday night, September 12,

when I came home she was insensible, and names, so that I used to look at her with a degree of terror, and I thought she must be 1856, she breathed her last, and I scarcely

could see that she was gone. a witch, or a wizard, or something worse ; but since I have grown up, I found out that

Thus she died, being nearly 88 years old, she was a good old christian, a member of and she was buried in St. James's Church Mr. Bailey's, at Zoar Chapel

, Alie Street, yard, Ratcliffe. Whitechapel, London. . . But to return: She her long lise the truth despised, my mother could not stop me from going to But at the last the truth she priz'd; chapel, and after a few months the Lord gave When sinking almost in despair, me deliverance, and a hope in Jesus Christ, God heard and also answer'd prayer. so that I was now like a prisoner set at What sov'reign grace, what mighty power, hberty with a free pardon. I now began to

To rescue in th' eleventh hour! convert everybody as I thought, but I was

And what could melt this heart of stone, Kofully mistaken, for I found I could convert

But Jesus' blood, and that alone? nobody, especially my mother, for she said the would go to hell her own road, where her mother and father, her grandmother and

Mr. WARD announced to us the fact that grandfather, and all her relations, had gone Mr. Bunyan M'Cure had transmitted the cash before her; and that God himself could never

to redeem his friends. make her believe the doctrines of the bible; Mr. WILLIAM GROSER finished his course these ,expressions ofttimes horrified me, but towards the close of Wednesday, the 6th I continued still to pray for her up to the August, after an illness of about two years' present time, and about ten weeks ago she duration, which was especially severe. His was laid on a sick bed, still in an hardened last labour was preparing and arranging artistate; but after she had been confined about cles for the Baptist Magazine for the current a Lonth, the Lord opened her eyes and month, and sending it through the press,

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