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Surety, and Substitute; these debts, contracted | SOLEMN THOUGHTS ON THE SURREY by his people, are imputed to Him; where

GARDENS TRAGEDY. guilt is imputed, punishment falls; and the So much has been said and written on the infliction of penal punishment-in kind and above fearful event, that we resolved to say quantity-upon the surety instead of the sin. nothing, but think the more. Into our hands, ner, renders salvation a righteous thing with however, a pamphlet has been thrown for reGod. To withhold it would be a breach of view, bearing the following title:-“A Pen promise, the violation of acquired rights, and and Ink Portrait of the Rev. C. H. Spurgeon; ihe perpetration of an eternal wrong upon the or, The Broken Sermon and the Threefold Redeemer and the redeemed. That Christ is Verdict of the Jury, the Press, and the Dian example to us, both in service and in suffer. vine Word, on the Fearful Calamity in the ing, is a fact clearly established; but it is im- Surrey Gardens, Comprehending a Faithful putation, not imitation, that justifies and saves Review of Mr. Spurgeon's Ministry.” us. We are bought with a price. A wrong We cannot criticise, but we quote the folhas been done; an equivalent is demanded; a lowing paragraphs as furnishing serious matbill of acceptance is given by a surety; full ter for reflection :payment of that dreadful bill is rendered, ac- “ INTRODUCTION.–For full five-and-twenty cepted, and acknowledged; and the atonement years I have been watching the movements of is complete. It is compensatory and satisfac- men who profess to be the servants of the tory; and the last because it is the first. The Most High God, and no small observation death of Christ can never be supplemented. have I made of the character and conduct of God is gracious, because the atonement is effi- those several associations and communities cacious ; and the atonement is sufficient because called Christian Churches, and New Testait is efficient. An in-efficient ato

ment Associations;-) have read also, somenever be a sufficient one; for its suf-ficiency what largely, the history of men and ministers lies in its ef-ticiency. Salvation stands in the who have been noted in their day; but never, will of the Father, in the work of the Son, no never, did I ever witness such an exciteand in the witness of the Spirit. In the first, ment-such a commotion—such grief on the we see sovereignty; in the second, we observe one hand, or such persecution, rage, or cruel certainty; and in the third, an efficient minis- misrepresentation on the other hand, as that try. Thus Love, Blood, and Divine Energy week produced which extended from Monday are united friends, and will never part. Mercy, morning, October 20th, to Sunday, October Merit, and Might always travel in the same 25th, and in fact, long after that period. train, are co-existent and co-extensive. Pur- Every paper in the kingdom, almost every pose, Purchase, and Power act in concert, pulpit in Christendom, every peer around the upon the same objects, and with a view to the throne of her Majesty, every politician in his same ends. The Covenant, the Cross, and the club-house, and every common prater in the Conscience are harmoniously connected; and petty meetings of our intelligent dominion 'what God hath joined together let not man have teemed with expositions, and in many put asunder.'

cases with awful denunciations, of the chief “When the new theology got possession of leaders in that frightful calamity to which I the universities, the pulpits, and the press of now refer. The spirit of the British press Germany, it swept like a pestilential blast has spoken out freely, boldly, and unmistakeover the whole land, smiting, and wasting and ably. The very life-blood of our great politidestroying every precious thing. The streams cal and literary penmen has been drawn out of morality and religion were poisoned in nearly to the full stretch of its power. We their sources. Professors lectured upon every,

have had an opportunity of ascertaining more thing but the Bible. One professor delivered fully than ever how far the great power of the few lectures on Genesis

, and then dropped Press is directly, if not blasphemously opposed the practice for twenty years; another to the truth, the genius, the spirit, and the dropped it for ten; and others had longer or aims of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And shorter lapses. The Bible went out of fashion. certainly, I do declare, if we are to judge of There was to demand for it. Nobody wanted the real character of our nation by the spirit it. Nobody cared about it. At Leipsic--the and tone of the press—if the journals which, mart of literature-so great was the famine in the aggregate, circulate by millions, do at one time, that not a Bible or a Testament fairly and faithfully represent the minds and could be procured in any of the booksellers' give expression to the feelings of the masses shops."

of our people—then, beyond all question, We may return to this subject next month. evangelical, not only spiritually dead, not

England for the most part is not only antionly sunk in ignorance of Divine revelation,

not only carnal and sold under sin, but she is SIN TAKEN AWAY.—There is no past, pre- so awfully tainted with that sarcastic, that sent, or to come which Christ did not pay Atheistic, and that truth

denying, and down the price of his blood for upon the spirit-defying element, as may justly cause cross; and yet a believer will avoid and the Redeemer himself and every truly dehate sin as much as if all his sins were to voted servant of Christ to cry out— Judge pay for yet, knowing that he is not redeemed me, O God, and plead my cause against to sin, but from sin; not that he may sin, an ungodly nation : 0 deliver me from the debut that sinning, he may not suffer for sin ceitful and unjust man.... From the almost Christ is risen for our justification.-Salto intidel outcry that has been raised by reason

of this calamity, let England see where and


how she stands. By virtue of a Divine Provi- | indeed; but if he merely gathers up the loose, dence, she has nominally, at any rate, a Pro- the licentious, the dissatisfied, the ambitious, testant throne, a Protestant Church, a Pro- the heady, and the high-minded of all other testant clergy, and a large body of Protestant churches, his popularity will sink with disapNonconformists and for these bulwarks to pointment and sorrow.' the safety of our land we can never be too This pamphlet contains more original thankful; but let the Protestantism of our thought, more powerful illustration, more throne be shaken-let the outside walls of our sterling matter for reflection, than any we Protestant Church be removed let the Pro- have read on the subject before. We think testant spirit of our nation be a little more the following paragraph most invaluable :weakened and then it would not be long ere “Both Caution and Consolation are fetched, the land would be deluged with floods of infi- by faith, out of Jehovah's gracious and trying delity, with the impure outbreaks of Mor- dispensations. Let us fully believe that even monic indecencies, Puseyitish vanities, Rom- this exceeding sorrowful and amazingly mysish persecutions, and Satanic corruptions, terious calamity is to teach us all some wholewhich, in a little while, would bring upon us some and essential lessons. Many sober and a painful verification of that singular pro: godly Christian men have thought (and one, phetic declaration recorded in Hosea xiv.; and at least, has written out the thought)-there which points, in some measure, to the spiri- is a deal of wildfire excitement in the enthusitual decay of Gospel England, who, under the astic rushings of some in this day.!. I am sure name of Ephraim, is said to "feed on the I thought so, too, on that Sabbath afternoon wind; to follow after the East wind; daily to previous to the fatal evening when · Death in increase in lies and desolation; and to make cold array' entered the Surrey Gardens Music a covenant with the Assyrians. If there be Hall. I was unexpectedly thrown into the any truth in these remarks, then three things company of many who were going; -I are incumbent on all true British Christians: watched, in silence, the spirit of the too highlyfirst, sincere gratitude for a Protestant throne, elated company, little thinking a scene so and for Protestant walls and bulwarks; se- painful would be witnessed by them; and as I condly, fervent and united prayer to Heaven subsequently reflected upon the contlicting that our Protestantism may be more pure, reports, a soft whisper said to me- Be ye not more perfect, more powerful, more in accord as the horse, or as the mule, which have no em ance with

the Protestantism of Christ and his derstanding; whose mouth must be held in with Apostles when first the Gospel kingdom was bit and bridle. The restraints of God's set up; and, thirdly, it doth surely devolve powerful providence,' says Gurney,' are called upon the faithful servants of Christ, and upon his bridle and his hook. The bridlo in the all true Gospel Churches, to labour to shake jaws of the people-(Isaiah xxx. 28)—is exthemselves from the dust of sloth, of pride, of pressive of God's suffering the Assyrians to be carnal and petty dissensions ; and to arise, directed by foolish counsels that they might putting on the beautiful garments of zeal, and never finish their intended purpose. No sen. united effort to spread abroad the name and sible being on this earth can charge any of fame of our glorious Lord.”

the friends of truth with blame: no one-ex. In a subsequent part of this most interest-cept the wicked proclaimers of "fire !'--ever ing pamphlet, the writer says :

contemplated such a disaster; but, as Paul

and Timotheus “assayed to go into Bithynia, Mr. Spurgeon knows right well that thick yet the Spirit suffered them not,' it well beclouds of carnal chatf surround him in every cometh the devoted ambassadors of Christ to place. I have known some of his zealous remember that only where He directs and admirers, and ardent followers for years, and leads can we be either safe or useful." with all the charity I can bring to bear upon their character and condition, I am compelled REUBEN HARDING, OF HASLEMERE. to stand in doubt of them. Is it then any wonder that this young man thunders out

This month we purposed to give a report of his solemn denunciations against that hold- the ordination of our Boanerges, brother Reuing the truth in unrighteousness,' which he ben, but it is not yet prepared. All who knows to be so prevalent. Mr. Huntington love Zion's prosperity will rejoice to read the said, in his day, we have flying troops of following:professors in London, consisting of some " DEAR BROTHER Banks, I feel thankful thousands who look no further than, “ lo to inform you since you were here on the 6th here !” and “lo there ; "--and as soon as their of October two young people, who have been "lo" is heard, they are all waved and moved for years in bondage, have in our chapel found as the trees of the wood with every wind of peace in believing. They both desired immedoctrine.' And “flying troops' are found in diately to cast their lot in with us

- they came our day too; and I am sure every true- before the church, were cordially received, hearted minister of Christ will, sooner or and on Lord's-day, November 16, I was falater, prove them to be of no real good, either voured to baptize them in a stream of water to himself or to the church, unless God uses near our place. The day was fine, I had a him to fan them, to shake them, to kill them, good opportunity to preach the Gospel to a and then in Christ to list them up in large concourse of people (many that never righteousness and true holiness; and that enter a place of worship), and some paid resuch a work might he given to our young markable attention. Good was done. Southwark hero, shall be my prayer.


“R. HARDING. would, in such a case, be a blessing to Zion, "Shotter Mill, Haslemere."

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“ HOW TO CHOOSE A HUSBAND.” the traveller on his way, the pilgrim to his Such is the title of a neat and well-penned shrine, the wanderer to his home, and the volume, issued by Partridge and Co. The hero to his deed of glory; but it has brought subject of marriage has become popular by no light to her, frail pilgrim through a weary Brother Mower's excellent piece. It is spoken world, and she is still unguided and alone. Her of in all circles where we move. As affording eyes are swollen with weeping, and the feverpowerful and wholesome argument, we re- flush is on her cheek. Where shall she pillow commend to all unmarried Christian females her sleepless head? where shall she quench the this sixpenny manual—" How to Choose a burning of her anxious heart? For all who Husband;" apd, to prove that the spirit and are in perplexity, there is one common refuge motive of the writer is good, we give the fol. -the Throne of Grace. A guardian angel lowing closing chapter :

whispers to the spirit of his bewildered " THE THRONE OF GRACE.

charge, and bids her seek her oratory, and "A strong inducement to prayer is to be ease her soul in prayer. The Everlasting will found in the fact, that you can never know not deny his presence to his child, nor will your lover fully, until it is for ever too late He refuse to hear the burden of her virgin to change. Despite the vaunts about discern- lips. Hushed be the scorn and din of this ment, you can never know a man further world, while that young heart struggles into than he will let you know him. In this the presence of its Maker, and lays all its matter, it is not safe to trust entirely to your dark perplexities at his feet! Who can think owo understanding. You should have more of such worshipper at the shrine of mercy, hope in the paternal guidance of a merciful without sharing the poet's wish,God, than in your own powers of detection

* In thine orisons be all my sins rememand discovery. The adage says, to know a man

bered.' you must live with him, but it is then too late. In some instances evil has been dis

“When you are in doubt and uncertainty covered after marriage, but the discovery as to what your future will be, there can be brought no power to cure, and no possibility no presumption in your devoutly casting

your of escape. T'he plague-spot was in the dweli- care upon God, for the Holy Scriptures tell ing, and the serpent in the bosom. It could you that He cares for you. The feelings that Dover be revealed to the most intimate stir your soul in prayer are the purest you friend; for such evil there was no safe unbur- will ever have, and the thoughts that come to dezing of the soul. The miserable and ac- you in prayer are the best and holiest you cursui secret must be carried about, never

will ever know. Your Father which is in revealea, and never relieved, except by' death. heaven can sway your heart in the right diIt haunts them like a ghost; where they are, rection, and guide your feet in the right way. it is; and wherever they go, it follows them.

“ Having employed all possible means of Oh, God, why should such things be in this success and safety, and having consecrated world of thine; and wilt Thou not, in pity to them in holy prayer, there is no more that mankind, destroy the deadly marriage-worm, you can do. You must take your lot with goazing ever in the human heart!

the rest of human kind. Your little bark * In marrying you must needs risk some

must put to sea where there are many wrecks, thing.for nothing can render wediock a perfect but more prosperous voyages than wrecks; certainty of success. Could it be possible for never forgetting that there is some mercy him who is about to become your husband, to

even in winds and waves, and that the Great possess every conceivable excellence; let him God rules every storm.” have beauty, health, education, wealth, and talent; let him be pure and noble in sentiment, THE TESTIMONY OF AN ITINERANT and just in principle; let there be not one

PREACHER; and THE WICKED SPIRIT spot in all his snow; fence him round with every possible safeguard; let everything like

IN SOME OF OUR GOSPEL CHURCHES. defect or the possibility of failure be rendered No small stir has been lately made by the impossible to all earthly eyes; let him, his publication of a little work, entitled “THE lot, and his future, be perfect in all men's CHURCH MEETING” (to be had of James thinking; even then, for all the requisitions Paul). The author's name is not given ; but of absolute certainty, your marriage would he has evidently been well schooled in the be the greatest lottery in life-the greatest trying furnace of Itinerant Preaching; and risk in the world. To whom shall you take no small amount of unkind and even cruel this uncertainty, and whither shall you flee treatment do some of these good men often for relief from this most oppressive of all receive from the officious deacons and leading suspense? Who will solve your doubts, or members of some of our rural churches. The who can give you certainty? The wisdom fact is, preachers of the Gospel, in these days, of the sage, the solicitude of parents, the are too numerous and too cheap by half. judgment of kind friends, cannot make it There is such a multitude of men willing to certainty. Not all your own harrowing per- serve the churches, and, comparatively speakplexity of thought and bewilderment of soul ing, so few churches who need serving, that can make it certain. Many a female has contempt is frequently cast upon men whose been sore distressed with this risk. In vain motives are pure, but whose minds are not has she looked for aid, and her swelling fruitful enough for the times in which we heart, unrelieved by abundance of tears, has live. Beside all this, we know that some of sobbed through the lone night, Will no one our Itinerants, instead of carrying the Gospel quide me? Morning has dawned; it has into the pulpits, and Christian conversation bruight light to all the world; light to guide into the parlours where they go, carry a jealous and a backbiting spirit, and thereby me, that what I stated was God's truth—that injure themselves, and their fellow-labourers when the evening came, I could lay my head too. We are prepared to give proofs of this on my pillow in ease and comfort in reference sad state of things--a state of things we are to the samne, though I went to rest that night determined to expose, because, like a canker- with an aching heart. It is true I was young, worm, it eats up the peace and the prosperity and might not have spoken as I should do of Zion. Why should one man set himself now, yet it was truth, and it was their peril above or against another? These things to reject it; and if they were disappointed, ought not to be.

surely they could behave as moral, respectable The writer of " The Church Meeting" gives men. a specimen of another leaf in the history of " Patience.-Surely, brother, they did that. our rural churches. We give the following “ Booth.-You would have thought so; when extract, hoping it may check the manifesta- I was asked what church sent me out, they tion of such a spirit; and also draw out a behaved in a most rude manner; and, to spirit of sympathy toward those men who crown the whole, the deacons put into my forsake houses, wife, children, and home, on hand a book, asking for a subscription for the the only day of rest they have, to go forth cause. To give you an idea of the people, with the tidings of salvation.

they had the imprudence to send for a man The chapter from whence this extract is three hundred miles off, with a large family, taken contains an account of a convocation to preach to them, and starved him out in a held by “ The Itinerant Society;" the Presi- few months, only because he was not of their dent called upon William Booth to address the clique. And to close the scene of wretchedMeeting; and hence the good man said:- ness and misery, after supper, I asked the

“ Christian friends. Not expecting to be man of the house, who had been a hearer in called upon to be the first speaker, neverthe- the course of the day, if he would read and less, as far as in my power, I will detail a pray. The answer was—let every man pray little of what I had to endure. And in refer- for himself. But, beloved ! is not this one ence to my first going out, I was written to cause of the lukewarm and barren state of by a Baptist church many miles from London, Zion? Where was the love of truth? Was and after travelling some hours in an open the spirit of Christianity to be seen at all? carriage, I arrived at the end of my railway Where was the affection for the brethren? journey late on the Saturday evening, when Lord, what is man!" having to travel another seven miles in an We purpose to offer some thoughts for the open cart, consequently it was between el ven establishment of “a Gospel Itinerant Society." and twelve o'clock before I sat down to a We want men better qualified and better cold supper, in a cold house-no fire, and treated. Who will aid such an effort? It is almost wet to the skin (it having rained for indeed essential to the happiness of our many hours), for it often happens you are to churches and the success of our brethren sleep at houses where there is not the best who preach. accommodation; some persons think any treatment suitable for itinerants; consequently you may imagine what my feelings were, when

“ THE TWELFTH YEAR OF OUR I tell you, that the occupants were like the CAPTIVITY.”—EZEK. xxxii. 21. house itself, all cold and dismal together. On Our editorial year of 1856 is now finished. sabbath morning, I entered a neat building, For twelve long years have we laboured in on a common, where I found a few persons the publication of The EARTHEN VESSEL congregated, and a deacon asked me many questions; and the people looked extremely The whole of the responsibility in compilshy, for all wanted to know what works I ing, in printing, and in the expenditure, had read, and among the first questions was ---had I read the Standard ? and when I told hands of one of the weakest and, perhaps,

has laid on the head, the heart, and the them-No, you would have been surprised to see the effect on their countenances. And most dependent of all God's creatures. when service commenced, to have beheld the During the period of twelve years some lordly conduct of one man, who thought he hundreds of thousands of this work have knew everything, and another walking about gone into all parts of the civilized world ; the chapel as if the vilest blasphemy was and abundant evidences have we that the being uttered, it was truly appalling. Here was an evident proof that they knew not how labour has not been in vain. to restrain their rage, because, what was de- To support and establish this work, clared was not according to their preconceived houses have been sold, and many bun. notions. And, I afterwards found, that in- dreds of pounds have been sunk; but in stead of God's truth, they expected a Standard the loss of all things we rejoice, counting set up-how far a child of God could sin, and it an honour to suffer reproach for a cause yet be a child--which is, perhaps, the most solemn point in all the experience of the so great, so good. The end of Ezekiel, church. And it is a great mercy for tried xxxiii. suits us in many points. We only children, that it is not stated how far a man ask one favour: Receive no reports which of the world may go in a form of religion, the tongue of wicked slander giveth forth. even to be a deacon or a preacher, and yet a child of the Devil. And how far a child No injury has been done to any; and ere of God may walk in darkness and in sin long the Lord himself will plead out But, my dear hearers, what a mercy it is for cause.




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