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cally an act of faith. Faith in the promise ordinance in one act of their lives, and then of God puts to silence the rebellious feeling of practically belie their convictions all their the heart. After a long exposition, singing days. They shrunk from such a mean and and prayer, Mr. Bloomfield read his text from truckling abuse of truth, and resolved by Di. the 45th Psalm, 13. “The King's daughter vine help to practise no sham, but stand tois all glorious within-her clothing is of gether in the good old paths, however few wrought gold." He said, it had been said their number. Two other members of the there will be but one man, and one woman in church came into agreement with them, and heaven, which at first sight appears limited the five made application to be dismissed on and untruthful; but in looking rightly and the ground of their change of views. As a clearly into the subject, it is not so. The man sample of Christian courtesy and good feeling, is the Man Christ Jesus and the woman is seldom witnessed under such circumstances, the bride, the Lamb's wife, which is his body we give the letter sent to them by their quonthe church, the whole election of grace as one dam associates :in him, and one with him, to all eternity: He spake of the inward glory in such a blessed

“ * This is to certify that Ed. Elliston, Dan. manner as, methinks, I could have sat all iel Hurrell, William Scandrett, Benjamin Nott, night to have heard him.

and Samuel Nott, are hereby dismissed from Many felt it to be a good day indeed. Very their connection with the Church of Christ solemn did the man of God speak at the close. assembling for Divine worship in the Large “Fifty years" he said " has this cause stood; Meeting, in Castle Hedingham. And in thus being preserved by the God of truth. How dismissing them from our communion, we do few are here now who were there at the erec- most fervently pour forth our supplications to tion of this chapel ; they are gone into the the God of all grace, that he may most abun. world of spirits. Some of which are inhabit. dantly bless whatsoever means they may see it ing a house not made with hands. How few their duty to attend upon; that they may all exthat are now present will live to see another perience a growing conformity to the image of jubilee in this place. Another fifty years with the church triumphant in glory.

his Son, and hereafter join us in communion many of you will never see. A hymn was sung and the good man concluded by prayer.

L. Z.


« Castle Hedingham, Feb. 21, 1801.' Beside the above interesting letter, we “The above letter reflects honour on both are favoured with a copy of a neat pam- parties, and might furnish a lesson to those phlet just written by our Christian and who think division on conscientious principles ministerial brother, Thomas Jones, of must be marked with an entire disregard of Dacre Park, Blackheath, entitled "Ju- good manners and Christian charity.” bilee Jottings. A Retrospect of the Past. In the village of Erls Coln, at that time, An Ebenezer of Praise. Passages in the Mr. Pudney was pastor over a Baptist History of the Baptist Church at Sible Church; and thither went the Hedingham Hedingham, Essex." The profits of this friends to hear the gospel, and to worlittle fourpenny book (if there be any) are to ship the Lord. Others were induced be given to the Sunday-school connected to unite with them; until, as the writer with the chapel; and as it is a most plea- of "Jubilee Jottings " records : sing and instructive narrative, we ex- “After many prayers and consultations, eight pect it will circulate far and near. The of the little band proposed themselves for memauthor has given us full permission to use bership, at Erls Coln. The church having as much of it as we can ; we therefore heard them relate their experience of a divine connect with our report of the jubilee ser- and on the 8th day of August, 1802, they were

change, welcomed them to their communion, vices a few extracts from the church's baptized in the name of the ever blessed Trihistory. The following paragraphs carry nity. They still continued their prayer meetus back to the circumstances that led to ings at Hedingham, and the Holy Ghost the formation of a Baptist Church in this wrought with them, and five more were conrural part of Essex. Mr. Jones says :

vinced of the duty and privilege of Christian

baptism, who followed their Saviour through " It was about the beginning of the pre- the flood on October 10th, 1802. The congre. sent century that three persons, members of gation being constantly on the increase, and the Independent Church at Castle Hedingham, the distance to Erls Coln, being too great for by reading the Scriptures, were convinced of the very old and the very young to travel the duty of believers baptism ; and having fre- weekly and inconvenient for all, they asked per. quently met together to pray for direction, mission of their brethren to hold Lord's-day sersaw the impropriety of living in the neglect vices at home, and their request was granted. of that ordinance. 'It was suggested to them But a new difficulty arose-- how could they obthat they could go and be baptised without leav. tain a suitable place to meet in ? Prayer preing the church to which they belonged. They vailed in this case also, and a door was opened were attached to their brethren, and could not for them where they least expected, and lightly withdraw from them; but they felt it though the building assigned them (and which would be inconsistent of them to observe the they entered upon Nov. 9, 1802,) was of the plainest order, the Most High consecrated at gospel to every creature," that therefore it by his presence, and made it a Bethel'. to is no part of the gospel ; 80 (by this rule) the people. Their worship consisted chiefly neither is the atonement any part of the gosof prayer, reading the Scriptures, and conver pel; for the word atonement is not mensing upon the same; using, as common stock, tioned in the command. for mental instruction and edification, the wisdom and knowledge bestowed upon

them by Satan by subtlety get rid, some of one part

You thus see how the various agents of with the little flock; and the union, love, and of the gospel, and some of another part, and peace, enjoyed by those means, might suggest so you may go on down and down, until you to the living in Jerusalem the propriety of come down into Atheism, and thence down holding fellowship meetings, where all shall be into hell. equal ; where they who fear the Lord might Election is as essential to salvation, and is speak one to another ; where fitting questions as essential to be received as is the atonecould be put, and the diversities of gifts, ment, the Godhead of Christ, or any other wrought by the same Spirit, yield their sav. essential part of the gospel. There is no oury fruits. This need not prevent, or super- right knowledge of, or reception of, or con. sede a divinely ordained and qualified minis. formity to the atonement, without eternal try, wherever God supplies the men ; which pertains to the important service of the election. If Christ be a Priest after a cerpreacher and pastor may be done without leav. tain order, so must we be vitally and truly ing the other undone. If there be danger of conformed to his Image, that is, to his form fostering pride, pertness and conceit, by such and order of things. No man can be a social gatherings, then is there the more need Christian but by the forming hand of God; for them, that such stinking weeds may be and those whom he creates he creates in rooted up, and humility, modesty and meek- Christ Jesus, and are conformed to new coveness, be cultivated, where the meek and lowly nant shape, form, and order, but you will Jesus is professedly loved and served.” find but very few who have heard the voice

We should have bright hopes of more of the eternal Father, or seen his shapepeace and prosperity in our churches, if that is, his new covenant paternity ; this is these valuable suggestions could be prac

his shape, to which all his children are contically adopted. In fact, there are three formed, and shall ultimately in this filial things which we should be most happy

order be perfect, even as is the Father in his

paternity to see perseveringly maintained, and if they could be brought into full play, our tion order ; and the Saviour as the express

Thus we have the Father in eternal elecstrength and success as gospel churches, Image of the same, is as clearly shewn in would be—under the Divine blessing the eternity of the perfection of bis Priest-more vigorous and pleasant. But in hood. We, then, in accordance with this, the present fearfully divided state of have the Holy Spirit with the saints for ever. things we feel it useless even to name “He shall be with you for ever," and to this them.

order-if God be true, we must be conformed How William Scandrett was raised up or be eternally lost. as the first pastor of the Hedingham Having said thus mnch, I now proceed to church-the tribulation which attended lay before my good Theophilus the second his path, and the long continued tri. rule I propose noticing of ultimate judgment umphs of the gospel in these parts, we -namely, that of personal character. Now purpose to give in detail next month. you know, from happy experience, that the

grace of God effectually teaches you to deny

ungodliness and worldly lusts, and to live EPISTLES TO THEOPHILUS. righteously and soberly in this present evil LETTER XXXV.

world. You, therefore, are not of the

world, but belong to that better country to MOST EXCELLENT THEOPHILUS.-You will which you are hastening. You know, also, not, after what I have said in my last, forget, that again and again it is written, that every por fail to see and feel, that eternal election man shall be rewarded according to his is an essential part of the gospel, and there works; that only those that have done good fore essential to be believed, received, known, can come forth to the resurrection of eternal loved, and honored. You will often hear life; that only those who keep his commandpeople say that election is no part of the ments can have right to the tree of life ; gospel, and that the Saviour did not say, that not every one that saith, “Lord, Lord,

Go and preach election to every creature," shall enter the kingdom of heaven; but he but, “Go and preach the gospel to every that doeth the will of my Father which is in creature." Now, your answer to this wily heaven; for we must all appear before the remark of the adversary must be this—that judgment seat of Christ, that every one may if because the word election is not mentioned receive that he hath done in the body, in the command, “Go ye and preach the whether it be good or whether it be bad."

And, “Only he that overcometh can inherit can he truly praise the new name of the all things.

Lord, which he does not know? So true it Now, all these apparently difficult Scrip- is that they that are in the filesh cannot tures become perfectly easy when read in please God. gospel order.

Now, to do what I have here described, is * They that have done good.Now, this to do so far the will of the Father; this is to sentence has a two-fold aspect, one towards keep his commandments, and so to bare God, and one towards man. 1st, Towards (evidential) right to the Tree of Life, and God. In this aspect it will mean love in thus enter in through the gates into the opposition to enmity. Now the Saviour city; for all who are not thus born of God, being supremely endeared to you, you can do and made one with the truth, will be judged nothing against the truth, but stand out for by their first Adam characters, which are it, hold it fast, trade with heaven by it, in those of dogs, and sorcerers, and whoreproportion to the amount of living truth ad- mongers

, and idolators, and whosoever loveth ministered to you; and you as a believer and maketh a lie.” This is what men are (for they must be works of faith) feel that without Christ; for “ there is none righteyou could not give up one particle of his ous, no, not one; there is none that doeth truth. Thou hast, saith the Lord, a little good, no, not one. Who, then, maketh strength, and hast kept my word, and not thee to differ? and what hast thou that denied my name; you are but an earthen thou didst not receive ?". And if thou didst vessel, but yet by you as a vessel of mercy receive it, it was according to the purpose the truth is to be unto the last preserved in of eternal election, purposed in Christ Jesus. you. This is a good work, and it is by your Well, now, of the good works of which I possessing the truth in the savour of it, that have spoken you will have to give an acyou are a part of the salt of the earth. Give up, count; and it will be, or may be, thus as many basely do, all, or any part of the summed up: “Gather not my soul with sintruth, and you at once lose your savour. ners, nor my life with men of blood, for I

Now, to love God in trath, by the truth, have loved the habitation of thy house, and is a good work; and to hold fast to the end, the place where thine honor dwelleth." to endure to the end, is a good work; and

But this doing good bas another side to it, to stand out for the truth, nor say a cople- its aspect is towards men. Now, you must deracy with any of the yea and nays, is a “walk not in the counsel of the ungodly, good work; to suffer for the truth, even if nor stand in the way of sinners,” (enemies to it be unto death, is a good work; to profit the truth), nor sit in a free-will or duty-faith by the truth, is a good work; to grow in seat, or any other seat of the scornful; for grace, by the truth is a good work; to re- such scorn the really poor and needy; but ceive the messengers, the ministers of the your delight will be in the law of Liberty, as gospel, is a good work; to receive babes in it is by that law you are to be judged. Christ, the little ones, is a good work; to cleave unto the truth with a ready mind, a tical love to the brethren ; you must pray

Now you must, then, I say, walk in pracwilling heart, is a good work; to seek the for them, abstain from slandering them, as Lord by prayer and supplication, is a good there will be plenty of people to do that, work, and to give thanks unto his holy without any of your assistance. You must name, is a good work.

forgive unto seventy times seven. You But now, who is the man that can per- must honor the Lord with your substance, form these good works ? Not the natural and with the first-fruits of all thine increase; man, for he “receiveth not the things of or how can the Judge say to you at the last, the Spirit of God.”

“I was hungry, and ye gave me meat ; Thus, most excellent Theophilus, for your thirsty, and ye gave me drink ; sick, and ye personal character to be good, you must visited me; in prison, and ye came in unto stand well with new covenant truth; you me; a stranger, and ye took me in; naked, must be conformed to its order. Can and ye clothed me." Nor must you think the mere natural man really receive the this a bardship, but bless God that you have truth in the love of it? can he trade with a heart to love those whom he loves. He heaven by the truth ? can he hold it dearer loveth a cheerful giver; he giveth us all than mortal life? can be truly and spirit- things richly to eujoy. You are with all ually receive the ministers of God? can he your might and means to favour his righterefuse strangers or flee from them ? can he ous cause. “ Remember them that have receive in heart and soul the humbled, the (not a lordship or Popish, but a pastoral) broken-down sinner, who is so completely rule over you.” You are to esteem them brought to free-grace terms that he is called very highly for their work's sake; nor are a little one, and his very life, or rather the you to slight the house of God, but reverence nourishment of it, is the sincere milk of the his sanctuary, “not forsaking the assembly word? Can the natural man seek God on of the saints." truth's ground by prayer and supplication ? Also you are to do evil to no man, but do all the good you can to all men ; you must nor from this law in the members, this thorn mortify selfishness, for a little, or rather, a in the flesh, this plague in the heart, this le

But great deal of work in this way is essential to prosy in the house, can any relieve us. prove that you do partake of the spirit of do you mean to say that we are not to expect the gospel; and when you have done all, to get better? I do mean to say that you you are to go and tell the Lord that you spiritual condition. Well, what is the mercy in

never can by any human effort better your áre, after all, but an unprofitable servant; this misery ? “ Ye bave sold yourselves for that you have merited nothing; for that nought ; and ye shall be redeemed without you have done only that which was due

money. They shall not be required to pur. from you to God, in gratitude for his never- chase their own freedom. And as Cyrus, not ceasing mercy to you.

only redeemed them without money, but also I hope next month to sum up this part of endowed them with valuable gifts to take to the solemn matter we have in hand, some- the holy city; so our blessed Lord will not what to your satisfaction ; and believe me, only take us out of sin without price, but He your sincere servant in the Lord,

will also furnish us with every essential for A LITTLE ONE,

the holy city.

If an Israelite was murdered, his kinsman, JESUS CHRIST

was to avenge his blood. “ The revenger of

blood himself shall slay the murderer." This OUR KINSMAN – REDEEMER. word “revenger," signifies a blood avenger,

or, a vindicator of violated rights. Jesus is By MR. SAMUEL COZ E N 6, the Vindicator of our violated rights. Satan Of Somerstoon.

was a murderer from the beginning. He has

in all ages deceived men, and been the cause Ir it were possible to make too much of the Sin is of the devil : death is by sin, and 80

of their spiritual, coporal, and eternal death. types--if the offices, names, characters, and death passed upon all men, for that all have excellencies of the dear Redeemer could be sinned."* Satan stung with malicious resenttoo highly or too fully declared, or too ment and rebellion against that avenging elaborately defined and delineated—if undue Christ, who hurled him from the heights of enlargements in such subjects could possibly glory, down to darkness and despair ; and be given, we should say Mr. Samuel Cozens filled with malignant enmity against him who had over.stepped the bounds in his Thought bore the image of that God from whom he Book-the first part of which is now in bad revolted, struck death into his immortal course of publication. But too much of HIM soul, and murdered all the human race in the in whom dwelleth all the fulness of the God- person of Adam their federal head. Now in

order to vindicate our cause, to punish the head bodily can never be said by angels, murderer, and to avenge our blood, our dear ministers, or saints. Mr. Cozens evidently Redeemer assumed our nature, pursued our finds in every branch of his work, not only a murderer into all his strongholds ; yea, and river which cannot be passed over, but an followed him even down to death, and through ever-flowing ocean of Eternal Truth. And death, “He destroyed him that had the power herein he revels and launches forth, some- of death, that is, the devil.” The glorious times most gloriously. The following speci- avenger of our blood has not only punished mens are from the paper beaded, "The the murderer, but he has restored life to the KINSMAN."

murdered, that in their own persons they may

overcome the wickedone." If an Israelite had sold himself into slavery, “ For I know (that my Goel, my Kinsman) the kinsman was to redeem him of his master. my Redeemer liveth.” Job had an interest We not only forfeited our inheritance by dis- in the dear Redeemer, and knew it ; which is obedience, but we sold ourselves to the most the greatest blessing that can be enjoyed this sordid vassalage, and became the servants of side of Jordan. It is possible to know Christ sin and the slaves of hell ; in which service wo

as a Redeemer, and have no interest in his were viligant in serving divers lusts; and redemption (devils know him to be such); and though that service was leading us down to

some may have an interest in Christ, and yet death, to ruin, to hell, and to eternal woe, we not know it :--" Interest is before knowoften grieved we could sin no more. And are all ledge." The babe has an interest in its mothose evil passions eradicated ? No! No!! ther's breast, before it knows, or desires, the No !!! We know that the law is spiritual ; « sincere milk." The child has an interest in but I am carnal ; but I Paul am carnal; but its father's

affections, before it knows or unI Paul an apostle am carnal ; but I Paul the derstands paternal love. The heir has an inchief of the apostles am carnal; but I who terest in the testator's will, before he knows have been in the third heavens am carnal ; it; so we have an interest in the Redeemer, bebut I who have seen the Lord Jesus am car-fore we know him ; and we are brought nal, sold under sin. This is strong language savingly to know him, because we have an into set forth the strength of sin. Paul with all est in him. This knowledge is too wonderful his grace and gifts, could not master it; but for me! It is so wonderful, tbat we can sin, like a mighty conqueror, took him a prisoner, led him captive, and bound him so fast

"-bid farewell to every fear, that he could not do the things that he would;

And wipe our weeping eyes.”


It is so wonderful, that we can
" --smile at Satan's rage,

And face a frowning world.”


WHOSE FEET ARE READY TO SLIDE. It is so wonderful, that it makes afflictions advantageous, and bereavements bearable. It is so wonderful, that it turns conflicts into [We have been intimately acquainted with the

following case. The Lord has, we hope, conquests and darkness into day. “I know,"

made us useful in some measure. We have yes," I know,'' I am confident, I am certain, * that my Redeemer liveth.” Job might have

felt the deepest sympathies, both of a sorrow. said to all his afflictions_“I know that

ful and of a joyful kind, in connection with

my Redeemer liveth; and ye afflictions shall cease.'

the travail of her soul who penned the follow. He might have said to all his losses—“I know

ing lines. We hope, indeed, that they may that my Redeemer (the unspeakable Gift)

be a blessing to many-not only in warning

the tempted, but in giving enoouragement liveth ; and what are my losses in comparison

to the downcast and the distressed. -Ed.] with such a Gift ?" He might have said to his persecuting friends, who charged him with & want of godliness, with hypocrisy, with DEAR PASTOR.-Having read with deep inwickedness—" I know that my Redeemer liveth terest, and I trust some profit, a piece in the to disprove your falsities." He might have VESSEL entitled, “ The Backslider's Woe and said to sin—"I know that my Redeemer liveth, Warning,” I feel a great desire to write a to blot out all my transgressions." He might short account of the faithless part I have acted have said to the world“ I know that my as a Sunday-school teacher, which may be of Redeemer liveth, to deliver me from this pre- use as a warning to others. I give it into your sent evil world." He might have said to the hand, do with it as you think fit. law—"I know that my Redeemer liveth, to At the early age of fifteen, I was engaged screen me from your curse.” He might have said in the labours of the Sunday-school in the counto Satan—" I know that my Redeemer liveth, try, and I believe the Lord had bestowed upon to shield me from thy fiery, fatal darts." He me great gifts, for although so young, my might have said to death—“I know that my class was à Bible class. I was at that time Redeemer liveth; and now, oh death, where under deep convictions of sin, and in great is thy sting?" He might have said to the concern about the salvation of my immortal grave-"I know that my Redeemer liveth; soul; and I believe this made me very earnest and I will demand, oh grave, where is thy in my work, for I felt deeply the importance victory?" He might have said to hell-"1 of my charge, and sought, by earnest prayer, know that my Redeemer liveth ; and the gates assistance from the Giver of all grace to teach of hell shall not prevail against me." I know the dear children rightly; and many sweet that my Redeemer liveth.' He lives! to look and solemn seasons we then enjoyed. But after us; to listen to us ; to love us. He lives! circumstances occurred which caused the reto plead our cause; to provide for our necess- moval of my parents to London, and with ities; to pardon our souls. He lives ! to deep rezret and many tears, I was separated cleanso us from all unrighteousness; to com- from my beloved class and Pastor, who had fort us in all our tribulations; to conduct us been in the Lord's hand the instrument in all our goings. He lives! to support us in through which I believe I was first brought the greatest afflictions; to succour us in the truly to seek the Lord; and his great kind. Borest temptations, and to save us from all our ness to me during the time I remained, while enemies.

in deep distress of mind, I never shall forget ;

and my rebellious heart murmured greatly “He lives! the great Redeemer lives ! against the Lord, when by his providence I (What joy the blest assurance gives !") was removed from his pastoral care. I kner

not then that the Lord worketh by what and Are you afflicted with disease ? Job's whom he will, but he taught me shortly afterRedeemer lives to heal your diseases. Have wards by working a great deliverance for me, you lost your property ? Job's Redeemer can in bringing my soul out of the deep sorrow, restore that which is taken away. Are you that nothing previously could remove, and bereaved of all your children ? Job's Re. leading me to Jesus by the powerful applicadeemer is more than all these. “Am I nottian of his own word, while reading it, that better to thee than ten sons p" Are you so ob- his work was not hindered by any circum poxious to the companion of your bosom, that stance that could occur, and that it was the you are wished to insult the Most High in power of the Holy Spirit alone that could take such a manner as to provoke his wrath to your of the things of Christ and reveal them destruction? Job's Redeemer can silence the unto those whom he hath quickened. Thus, foolish woman. Is the devil multiplying the Lord taught me a great lesson, and my his temptations upon you? Job's Redeemer own soul being filled with peace and joy, I can hold your soul in life. Have your friends could not rest without my beloved work, for forsaken jou ? Job's Redeemer is more than I longed to encourage others to seek the dear all to you. Are your friends persecuting you? Redeemer, who was then so precious to me ; Job's Redeemer will gag them in eternal and besought the Lord to open a way for me, silence, and they shall never open their mouth which request ho granted me very shortly any more.

afterwards ; and again I became teacher of a

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