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many eyes. We hope the emotions thus produced Providence Chapel, Church Street, Brighton, may be lasting. Our friend is quite a youth, only preached his farewell sermons on Lord's-day, June in his nineteenth year, and promises to be useful, 28th last, preparatory to his retirement, his labours if not spoiled.

having continued unweariedly for 46 years, he Mr. Nash was the last speaker : his motto was having succeeded Mr. Jenkins, who died in 1810. "Go forward." He spoke of the rapid progress in Mr. Vinall is the last surviving Huntingtonian general knowledge, in the arts, sciences, civiliza- preacher, as they were familiarly styled. During tion, and the tendency of all the surprising efforts this long period, Mr. Vinall has ministered to large of human skill and industry to some grand climax. congregations at Lewes and Brighton, and formerly He next contrasted the state of the Christian at Chichester, and surrounding places wbere his church with the energy of the men of this world, presence always excited much attention, and and urged the adoption of all scriptural means for attracted large assemblies. of late, severe bodily the bringing about the purposes of God. He dwelt affliction has prevented these distant journeys. upon the necessity of affectionate co-operation in But Mr. V. still retains the sincere regard of numerall the branches of Christian activity, and the ous friends in London, Brighton, Lewes, Chichester, application of all means by the effectual agency of &c., &c., where he has formerly ministered with the Spirit of God, to the accomplishment of the much success. promises of God.

In our boyish days, we can well recollect the I am happy to say that the meeting was well monthly lecture of Mr. Vinall, in the great metroattended. Sometbing like 160 persons sat down to polis. Several of the bearers of the late Mr. tea, and many others attended the public service. Huntington were his supporters. And although A very happy spirit seemed to pervade the whole. through prejudice he was excluded from old Provi

JOSEPH MOORE, Pastor. dence pulpit, many wished him to have occupied June 16, 1857.

it. In London, however, he did not draw large

congregations, but he was greatly beloved and RICUMOND ANNIVERSARY,

valued. His kind, fatherly, benignant counter

ance dwells upon the mind, while we write. He The chapel was well filled in the afternoon, when lives, and ever will live, in man's memory as a man our respected brother Foreman preached with great of God. And we believe this is not an isolated sweetness and ability. We were sorry to find him feeling. He was not a talented preacher, he was far from well; want of health will sadly depress not an attractive preacher, naturally speaking ; he and unfit him for his preaching tours, except the possessed neither eloquence nor animadversion; Lord shall, in mercy, answer prayer, and strengthen but he was gifted with that which is infinitely of and restore him. His affliction was evidently more worth, solemnity, fulness of matter, affection, attended with great savour on the word. At tea, a savour, power. He had the precious endowments goodly company assembled, and full satisfaction of a useful servant of God. His mission was not seemed to prevail.

to pander to the flesh, but to convince and profit In the evening the chapel was very crowded. the souls of his hearers. He was as a father Mr. James Wells preached. His brother Foreman, amongst them, and hundreds still survive, we he informed us, had forestalled him, and appro- believe, who retain filial teelings of love towards priated to his use Mr. W.'s intended text. But him. with our highly-gifted brother this was only of Mr. Vinall has two sons, who, in that locality at momentary consideration : the cruise soon flowed least, succeed bim in the work of the ministry. again. The sermon was a very talented and power. Time alone will discover whether it is the will of ful one, in which the distinguishing truths of the God that they shall possess their father's station gospel were boldly displayed and maintained. May and their father's ministerial success. We wish the Lord abundantly bless the message of his them every blessing and prosperity. They each servant, in this day of semi-declension from God's have their friends, and both, we believe, are men truth, to the confirmation of the minds of those of God. But it must be recollected that few of wbo heard him.

the servants of God attain such a successful and There was one striking fact narrated by brother continued circle of usefulness (amounting, in reForeman, at_the tea table, which deserves to be semblance, to a diocese) as the beloved pastor, recorded in The EARTAEN VESSEL. The subject John Vinall, who retires from stated ministrations, under notice was that of histrionic preaching. How encircled with the deep heartfelt sympathies and can such trifling consist with the fear of God ? Mr. prayers of those who have profited' by bim as an F. said, it was a fact that the notorious Robert eminently blessed servant of God. Taylor, the self-styled devil's chaplain, at one time Hounslow, July 15, 1857. J. PALMER. announced his intention to preach upon the sufferings of Christ. This he presumed to do with all

POPLAR. the pathos and dramatio effect of which he was capable. By this means the infidel succeeded in DEAR MR. EDITOR,- In perusing Mr. Bowles working apon the fleshly passions of his audience, account of his anniversary in the VESSEL for the especially upon the female part; his description of current month, I was exceedingly surprised at his those awful sufferings were so graphic and power statement regarding what was said, on that occaful that he drew tears from most in that infidel sion, by our brother Cozens, than which, nothing assembly. This was the point he was aiming at: can be more opposite to truth. I was close to Mr. he then changed his tone, and with blasphemous c. when he addressed the audience; and most disand derisive banter, told the people he did not tinctly heard him say, that a man COULD NOT possibelieve in what

he had been setting forth, but by it bly by all, or any, exertions he might make, attain he intended to show how soon converts 'might be to the PALACE: but by his sins and transgressions made after the meeting-house fashion. And he against God and his law he would very soon get laughed them to scorn.

INTO THE DUNGEON. He also said that men were Surely, the solemn impiety of this fact might damned by their own faults ; and if they are not, I well produce reflection. God's work of conviction would be glad if Mr. Bowles will enlighten as and conversion is not produced by rhetorical dis- whose faults they are condemned for. I believe God play affecting the fleshly passions, but is a sober, will never condemn any for anything but sin, and quiet, omnipotent work, wrought in the heart and this comprehends our state and standing in Adam, conscience by the blessed Spirit. Let not Zion be our corrupt bead, as well as all the sins and transdeceived.


gressions we ever commit. Hence, we find our Hounslow,

brother Wells, in his comments on Mr, Spurgeon's

Sermons, says, “As far as sin is concerned, con-

demnation, or damnation, is by our own fault.

And I would add, as far as sinning is concerned, The Rev. John Vinall, the highly-honoured and the fault is increased. But, Sir, those who cannot respected minister of Jireh Chapel, Lewes, and at make all this lie straight with effectual calling, and

all the great saving truths of the gospel, must have by brother Samuel Cozens reading and prayer; given rery little attention to matters of truth; after which, c. W. Banks came up in his usual otherwise they would know that the spiritual stand- way, in dependance on the Lord; and read for his ing of God's church can never be in the least text Jonah ii. 4—“Then I said I am cast out of thy affected by any condition of the lost. This is alto- sight," &c. He gave us a powerfully experimental gether another and very different subject. As to sermon, which was owned and blessed to the souls bat our respected friend Cozens said, I had present. In the afternoon, through storms and thought that matter was amicably settled by the tempest, (for the thunder 'rolled around us,) our remarks and explanations which took place between chapel was well filled with people, listening first to him and Mr. Wells at the time. And I am utterly brother Chislett, who read and prayed, then to astonished how any man could sit close to a speaker brother

Cozene, who preached from Deut. xxxiii, and so misunderstand bis words, especially as our 29: "Happy art thou O Israel." A really good friend Cozens never speaks in a whisper. And I sermon : be shewed many causes for Israel's happi. must say I was much surprised to see such a note ness. After this, a large party took tea in the inserted.

W. WALFORD. chapel; all seemed to enjoy themselves, for they 31, Marchmont-street, July 5, 1857.

had all things common : and in the evening the (We wish, in future, these good brethren would "Earthen Vessel" came up, I think, in his right settle their disputes without bringing them into mind, taking for his text Romans xv. 7. How Christ THE EARTHEN VESSEL. We felt assured, from received his church, his pride, as a gift from the brother Bowles's note, that there was a mistake Father ; in what state-in her sin, in her blood, in somewhere. In accordance with his wish, and her wretchedness and misery, was scripturally erer desiring to see our brethren stand clear in the declared : how all the curses of offended justice truth before the churches, we gave brother Cozens hung over her head, and were her merited due ; the opportunity of explaining himself. This he has yet he received her, when given to him, notwithdone in another part of this month's VESSEL ; and standing the great disparity between himself and Mr. Walford here steps forward to confirm the her: Christ loved her; gave himself for her ; truth of Mr. Cozens's statement. We must now washed her; cleansed ber; cloathed her; and now express our determination never again to admit gives her everlasting consolation and good hope; these quibbles into our pages, unless some very and as he received herwillingly and freely, 80 special occasion may demand it. We are deeply should his disciples receive one another. aillieted to find so much bickering and splitting of The collections were good ; quite encouraging to hairs among these men, whose only aim should the managers; it was a good day." The Lord be "the lifting of Jesus on high.” We know not hath done great tbings for us, whereof we are who would be Editors of Magazines in these days! glad.” We have peace in the church, and unity in The least thing that displeases these gentlemen of the congregation. We have also to record the the cloth, their tongues are set on fire; their goodness of the Lord to us at Dane Hill. We had pens are dipt in gall; their zealous old ladies are a happy day there on Good-Friday, Quite a revigoing to burn us, and Tue EARTHEN VESSEL too- ving to the cause. One lady, as a token of her love only, forsooth, they have not the power. We are to the dear Lord for what he had done for her soul, so thoroughly satisfied that too many of our presented a beautiful crimson drapery for the pastors and preachers" are walking in the flesh, pulpit, with a cushion for the Bible, also a few of and not in the Spirit, that our most sober deter- the friends at Newick bave followed the example, mination is, by God's help, to avoid them as much and cloathed the pulpit very beautifully. Our con. as possible, and try, with all our might, to keep gregations are good, and the dear Lord is evidently nearer to the feet of the Great Prince of Peace. - doing a great work here. Ep.)

“Oh to grace how great a debtor !"


NOTTINGHAM. town of Thaxted, and preached in the first Baptist The Jubilee services of the Sunday schools, in Chapel there on several occasions. The congrega- connection with Sion Chapel, Nottingham, were tions varied from 40 to 100 persons. The Baptist holden on Sunday and Monday, July 5th and 6th. interest in this place has, through a variety of Mr. A. J. Baxter, of London, (a member

of Mr. eireumstances, been brought very low. The mem. Luckin's church, and a young man recently thrust bers who are left are few and feeble, but very wish out into the vineyard,) preached the sermons, we fal to see, if possible, the good work revived. have not seen such cheerful days in Nottingham

There is evidently a spirit of bearing amongst for many years. Crowds of anxious bearers flocked those who attend, and it is more than probable that to hear this bold and gifted expounder of Christ's if the was a man of truth

and energy (who could, gospel ; that good is being done, I feel quite sure ; for a time, support himself), to step forward and but I hope, Mr. Editor, that a full report of these settle amongst them, the cause would, under the services will be sent you; and that your EARTHEN Dirine blessing, soon present a different appear. VESSEL will circulate much more in Nottingham aace.

than it has hitherto done, Sceing we bave such Being relieved from other engagements after the difficulty in getting it here, why do you not estabArst week in July, I intend spending the remaining lish for it an energetic agent? I am your old part of the month in that locality, when I shall friend, A BAPTIST ITINERANT AND PREACHER, have an opportunity of visiting some of the neigh- [Is there any one in Nottingham would act for bouring villages, and, if spared, be able to supply us as agent and correspondents-Ed.] you with some additional information Yours, fraternally, D, EVANS.


AFTER several years of anxiety, changes, earnest NEWICK AND DANE HILL.

prayers, and labours, TAE LORD, (we hope,) has DEAR MR. EDITOE, - There are many, in differ- given the church at London-street' A PASTOR, in eat parts of the country, and on the Continent, the person of our esteemed brother Wale. He who love to hear from Newick ; although we can- commenced his pastorate there the first Lord's-day not boast of great things, yet we have great cause in July ; his ministry for some months has been for gratitude to our God, who doeth all things well : the means of reviving the cause, and uniting the ** Blessed be his Name,“

people. He is a young man, highly favoured in On the 10th of June we held our anniversary; gifts and in grace; and there is a pleasing prospect the weather set in very wet; the rain came down before him and his people of many years of usein torrents: many people were disappointed; fulness should it please the Great Head of the bat our ministers arrived in safety, well watered church to be a wall of fire round about them, and by the rains of heaven, and a good number of the glory in their midst. We can most sincerely friends met them in the chapel. The service began pray it may be 80.

HEPHZIBAH CHAPEL, DARLING PLACE, own soul. Mr. James Nunn spoke of the ultimate MILE END.

glory : - its certainity ; its bliss, its exalted naMR. EDITOR.-On Wednesday, July 15th, our

ture, its Christ-like conformity. His solemn adhalf yearly tea meeting was held'; when about 150 dress was like the gushings forth of a soul ripen. friends sat down to an excellent tea ; well ma

ing fast for the inheritance of the saints in light. naged and distributed ; good feeling and abun

He appeared as though having taken his stand on dance being seen on all sides. At half past six, Pisgah's summit, the Jordan of death had dwinthe public meeting commenced. Our friená dled into utter insignificance, while he surveyed Charles Waters Banks in the chair, supported by the glorious prospect that lay beyond. a number of ministering brethren ; among whom

With a few elosing congratulatory remarks from we were pleased to see our minister, Mr, Vaughan, the Chairman, a bymn was sung; and the Benewho is at present supplying the pulpit, having re

diction being pronounced, one of the happiest ceived a unanimous invitation for three months. meetings we can anticipate on this side our The subject spoken to was “the Church's Union heavenly inheritance, closed. to Christ." The Divine blessing having been im

Hephzibah has passed through dark and por. plored by Mr. Porter,

tentous clouds since the death of the late la. The Chairman, in his usual happy mode, intro-mented. W. H. Wells, but it would appear as duced the subject, throwing out several excellent though the set time to favour her hail come : may and practical ideas. “ The Origin"

of the it prove that Jehovah's delight is in her : 80 prays, union was spoken to by Mr. Bowles ; shewing it

ONK WHO LOVES HER. originated in the councils of the great Three One Jehovah : that each and every person in the ever

CHATTERIS. blessed Trinity was interested in that great transaction.

MR. EDITOR,- We have been favoured with the “ The nature of the union was assigned to Mr. serviccs of Mr. Edgecombe on the 5th and 12th of Vaughan, who spoke of a anion of nature, seeing this month. The Lord, the Spirit, evidently was Christ possessed bumanity in common with every with him, and enabled him to speak from the member of his church, as well as essential Deity, heart, and sure enough it reached the hearts of and in a clear way shewed it was a vital, or life- many of my brethren, and sisters. We had no giving union : it was a spiritual, or life-sustain- yea and nay." No; bless the Lord, his dear ing union : and it was an eternal, and indissolu. servant preached discriminating discourses, faithble union. Mr. Hawes spoke cheerfully of "The fully, and with great affection. Our prayer is that Benefits resulting from the union :- pardon, we may sit and hear, in our future church meet. peace, love, and joy, in the Holy Ghost : giving ings, that his labours were not in vain. The Lord some excellent exhortations,

bless him in his own soul, and always stand by Mr. Porter, on the Evidences, gave us some pow. him, and make him yet, for many years, a tiding ferful and heart-moving testimonies--the result of bearer both to saint and sinner. So prays, the law and the gospel-Moses and Christ in his



[The spirit of the letters received during the last month, are most encouraging. The thoughts of many hearts toward us have been discovered; and some prospect of an entire redemption is still entertained. It is arranged for the Committee to meet early in August, after which they will issue their Report of our position, and announce the efforts they purpose to make. To those brethren who have kindly offered to open their places for public meeting3, the Editor tenders his grateful acknowledge ments, but as his services at anniversaries, &c., have alınost entirely occupied his time, he has thought it better to wait until harvest has passed away. If spared he will then gladly attend any meeting which may be convened for advancing the objects of the Committee.]

Sum announced last month, £29 178. 94d. De- Two Friends, Clapham, 18; Mrs. Gruit, 6d; Mrs. duct mistake _"Evans, £1," should be Evans, 18. Bailey, 1s; Mrs. Cook, 6d. This makes last month's £28 188. 9fd.

Per Mr. c. W. Banks :- Matthew Blakely and The following is not all that has been received ; Friends, Waldgrave, 58; Keddington, Deaf Chris but we could not spare more room this month. tian Woman, who wants plenty of good sermons, We hope the September number will announce 60 ; Sister Kindness, 2s ; Sister Wallace, ls; Bro every fraction received up to the 20th of August. ther Price, ls; Two other Friends, Is; A Lover Per Mr. James Wells:

W. Cattermore, Nor- of the Truth, 1s; Collection after Meeting at wich, 18; Bury St. Edmonds, 18 ; A Reader, Ere- Hephzibeh Chapel, Mile End, £1; One of the ter, 6d ; Lady in Manchester, per w. Horton, 61; Poorest of its Readers, Plymouth, 6d; Few James Bridgman, 2s 6d; Collected by Mr. Bird, Friends, Sturry, Canterbury, 4; Mr. Chivers, ls; Minister of Cranmer-court Chapel, 128; P. A. N., Mrs. Hannible, per Miss Farrow, ls; No One is Newmarket, 6d.

to know Who, 18; A West End Shoemaker, and From Liverpool, per Mr. Wells: – J. J., 58; Friend to Zion, 108 ; Henry Young, Clifton NeedleG, J., ls; G. G., 60; R. K., 1s.

Works, Redditch, 18; J. Pooton, 1, GlenfallFrom Halifax, per Mr. Wells :-Mr. J. Sheard, terrace, Cheltenham, 2s 60; Grace Taught, Is 6d; 58 ; Mrs. 8. B. Tillotson, 2s 60; Mrs. D. Smith, D. Dully, Wellingborough, 18 ; J. Baldwin, Crans2s 6d; Mr. S. Cockrift, ls; Samuel Magson, ls. ford, 60; James Row, ditto, 6d ; Ezekiel Hatwell,

Mr. James Cox, Surrey Tabernacle, 58; Mrs. Farnborough, Warwickshire, Is ; Mrs. Marlow and Bourne, per Mr. Cox, 61 ; A Friend, per ditto, 6d ; Mr. Billing, 1s; Mr. w. Collyer, Bexley-beath, Capt. Adams, 6d; Widow's mite, per R. Banks, 108 ; A Lady at Hephzibah Chapel, Mile End, £i; 28 ; A Widow, by J. W., 18; Mrs. Miller, 1s. T. Barnes and Friend, Northampton, ls; J. and

Per Mr. Williamson : - Collection at Garner T. G., Hastings, 18 ; “ Josiah," 10s; J. Dainty, 60: Chapel, Clapham, per Mr. Phillips, £2 68 6d; H. Mr. Sindall, Rotherhitbe, 18; John Vinden, Read. Webb, Merton, 6d ; Mrs. Bowyer, Notting-hill, ing, 68 ; James Hickmott, Frittenden, given to 6d ; Miss Sole, ditto, 60; W. May, Uxbridge, 6d; c. w. Banks at Egerton, $l; Ditto, per Mr. . Mrs. Brittain, Frome, 6d; Mr. Martin, Reading, Wells, 18; Mr. and Mrs. Shuff, 2s ; Mr. Mason, 28 6d.

18; Miss Tillett, 60; J. S., Sevenoaks, ls; P. Friends, per Mr. Channen - W. Healty, Houn- Fylcoat, Brighton, 6d. blow, ls; D. Channon, 6d; Mrs. Redman, 2s 6d ;

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DBAR BROTHEB.-By the request of my Christians, too; they thought this fire was much esteemed friend and brother, George to consume him, being all on fire, and espeInce, I write this letter to you, for. The cially as his own corruption took tire. EARTHEN Vessel. Brother Ince, with my. What, not consumed! This is a strange self, think that it may, in the hands of the sight indeed, to see a bush bedaubed all Eternal Spirit, prove a blessing to some poor over within and without with pitch, and tar, tempest-tossed, tried and afflicted brother or sister, who may be privileged to gain sight and oil, and spirits, and set on fire, burning, of it. The work from whence this is taken still burning, and not CONSUMED; there was written by J. Allen, called “A Disser. must be something, surely, very amazing. tation on the Glory and E.ccellency of the The poor Christian, all bedaubed with the Scriptures." It is a most blessed work; and combustibles of evil accusations, this meeting if you approve of this letter, we will send with the oil and spirits of his own corrupyou more.

tions, being all on fire, no wonder, like a Your unworthy brother and companion in man whose house is on fire, that in the conthe path of tribulation and in the kingdom fusion he acts like one confused, wild and and patience of Jesus Christ. Amen.

distracted, and does that which daily grieves Clare, Suffolk.


his soul like wormwood and gall at the reAug. 14.

membrance thereof, But the amazing thing is, he is not consumed; here lies the mystery and the strangeness of the sight: “ Did we

not cast three men into the midst of the ADDRESSED TO HIS FRIENDS IN LONDON.

fiery furnace ? Lo! I see four men ; and Dear BRETHREN.-May the good will of the form of the fourth is like the son or Him that dwelt in the bush dwell with you, God." Aye, there is the mystery; the and then you will find, though you are as a form of the fourth spoils all the designs of bash on fire, you will not be consumed; for men, and the rage of Satan. Ah! me, a the bush was as safe when on fire, as it was poor exile, a bush

on fire, but not consumed. when it was in full blossom ; and this is the What can be the matter? Surely, it must case of the poor believer, when he is as a be owing to the good will of him that dwelt bush in full blossom of profession and pos- ' in the bush ; aye, there it is, my brethren: session of the love of God, of union with this is my preservation and yours, there all Christ, and testimonies of his grace by the your safety lies; in the midst of all your Holy Ghost; then he is looked upon with a fiery trials and tribulations here you are pleasant eye; bat, lo, when this poor be- preserved as heirs, as children of the kingliever is all on fire with fiery temptations, dom; in the grace and glory relation you fiery tribulations, burning, all on fire in his cannot die, because Life always lives; name, in his circumstances, all on fire in his though a bush on fire, yet as safe as though mind, his hope on fire, his expectations on there was not a spark, because of Him, fire, all burning, all consuming; but, oh! whose grace is a well of water in you, this change makes an amazing change in the springing up to eternal life. views of all; they turn aside, let them be However, this is my hope, my strengtb, doing what they will, to see this strange my life, my all-viz.. “ The good wil of sight indeed! A poor believer, a lover of him that dwelt in the bush," or verily I had Jesus, a preacher of Christ, that was like a been consumed long ago; but his will was bush, pleasant, green, and in full blossom, in the way. 0, sweet barrier ! oh, precious now all on fire ; a strange change! a strange security!' His will, that is enough; there sight! "See (say they), what he has done is my safety; for "he is in one mind, and now!" One wags his head, and passes by; none can turn him; his will is a bulwark, another says, " Ah! we would have it so !"" higher than the beavens; who can reach it? A strange sight! but the most amazing of stronger than death ; who can overthrow it? all is, that he is not CONSUMED, What! His will is like his throne, unshaken, and distressed, oppressed, and afflicted on every like his name which endures for ever, side! What! and not destroyed! What! What is his grace in all its riches and glory, does he continue still? What! on fire and but a display of his omnipotent will ?. But, not consumed! What can be the reason of lo! to my great joy, it is not only his will, this ? Aye, that is the thing. This puzzles but his good will; there is the sweet source men and angels, and many of our wise and life of all; for it is his will that all

VOL. XIII.-No. 150.


mankind should be his creatures, and be worm of the earth to address a few lines to supplied by his providence; but it is his you, and if you think the image of truth is good will that his elect should be his chil- stamped upon them, and the feelings described dren, his heirs, his peculiar treasure, and be are produced by that light which maketh supplied with the provisions of grace and manifest the hidden things of darkness; and

think they will be of any use glory, being predestinated according to the to God's tried and persecuted family, you good pleasure of his will. But, oh, this is would give them a place kindly in your not all; it was the good will of Him: aye, VESSEL. there it is; had it been any other, it would

“ Though words can never paint our case, never have done for me ; for no other could

Nor all our sorrows paint; have borne with me. Mine is not a common This we can say before his face, case; my aggravations are too great, my That Christ is all we want." crimes are too deep for any to know what to The living family of God, like dear old Jacob, do with, besides Him: had all the angels in amidst all their trials, exercises, sorrows and heaven united in one, I had surely been temptations, cannot let go their hold. Their more than a match for them. Alas! then cry is, “I will not let thee go, except thou tbe bush on fire would have been consumed. bless me. I believe in my soul we never get But ob ! it was the good will of Him, of spiritually, feelingly, blessedly into any branch HIM whom my soul loveth, of Him of whom of God's blessed Word, but through tribulathe prophets sang; of Him whom the church tion, and when God is about to reveal ang adores : "To Him be glory now and for special blessing or special mercy to his people, ever;" of Him, whom the spouse enquires with it; I have seen it in a number of instances : after, “Saw ye HIM?" Him, and not an- and have proved it in my own experience. In other ; another would not do, it must be the very depth of our trouble, God sends us Him. Aye, there the matter lies. But this consolation; consolation greater than our is not all, for He dwells with me. Where, miseries; and we are brought to feel the do you say? Why, in the bush. That kept blessedness of the salvation of God as suited it from being consumed, Aye, this is life to our condition. In taking a retrospective indeed. It was his living in me, as my life, view of the way the Lord my God hath led me that kept me alive. He dwelt with me. in this waste howling wilderness, I can say he Oh, amazing! though it was in a bush on life. I look back to the time when

I first be

has kept and preserved me all the days of my fire. What shall I render to the Lord ? He still dwells with me, and I with him. came acquainted with eternal things, now His own arm hath brought salvation; he is truth preached by a living minister of God;

about thirteen years since. I first heard the good at healing diseases, and binding up the previous to which I had heard hundreds of broken in heart; for he hath, in love to my sermons preached, and considered at least some soul, cast all my sins behind his back, “who of them were gospel sermons, but when I healeth all my diseases, who crowneth me heard those men of God, Gadsby, Tiptaft, with loving-kindness and tender mercies. Warburton, Wells, Martell, c. W. Banks, and Bless the Lord, oh my soul,” &c.

others, I found a most wonderful difference : But when matters will be made up the Lord was then pleased to open my poor between me and the members of Christ, I blind eyes, I began to discern between the know not, though I long for it; many will living and the dead: many weeks, months, and never forgive me, and perhaps but

few love years, have passed away since then, but thanks me; still I know my Saviour loves me, still the work was bis, and my earnest desire is to

be to God, my soul is led unceasingly to feel I find an inward peace; the good will of cleave closer to him at all times. At this time him that dwells with me in the bush, is all I was a member of Mr. O., near Red Lion my hope, all my life. I little thought to Square, and when he visited me to know the have written an epistle on these words to reason of my absence, I stated to him the you, having fixed on another subject, but so barrenness of soul I was brought to mourn it came to pass; what I have written, I over; how temptations set in, and corruptions have written. I thank you for all your love arose, and I feared all my past mercies and to me in my tribulation. Great grace be enjoyments were all delusion ; sparks of its with you all, as though named. Pray for own kindling; how I was brought to cry to me.


the Lord to remember me with his favor, (We hope to give some most blessed testi: understood not my case ; spoke angry of those

and to visit me with his salvation; he monies of the life, labours, and writings of

men of God whom my soul had been blessed that greatly afflicted servant of God, JOHN ALLEN.]

on hearing; and the longer I travel Zionward

the more and more my soul feels the work was THE CRY OF A

his, and I feel satisfied the greatest enemies CHRISTIAN CAB M A N.

to God's dear people and his truth, are to be found covered with the mask of religion; they

are in abundance who say, “the Lord hath "All shall come and last and end, sent them." Yea and nay sounds forth, go

As shall please my heavenly Friend.” where you will, in abundance, and how my DEAR SIR AND EDITOR, -Permit a poor soul is grieved to hear such men get up in the

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