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name of the Lord and speak such God dis- HEALING STREAMS. honoring things. Young Ryland in his essay, truly describes them. “ Such purblind seers, they make the Son of

God Wholly in vain to have shed his sacred blood, DEAR FRIEND.-I will endeavour to proHeaven free for all, their velvet lips declare ceed according to promise given in my first Were their schemes true, no mortal could letter. The little portion of Scripture which get there.

drew from me the remarks which you hoped They call us cruel, who election teach, All must be damned if that were truth thes“ Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ

might be useful, was Romans xv. 7 preach. What boot if Christ a freedom full did buy, I also received us to the glory of God." This If it must be bought of him by such as IP

very little verse stood up before me that He sells that cheap, which he so dearly evening, as containing a four-fold beauty. bought.

First, in its connection, Wherefore." Well still’tis sold, and I can give him nought. Here we are led back to the whole line of A farthing, or a world, 'tis one to me, gospel truth and practice through which the

If I have life it must be wholly free.” apostle had been passing ; and you will reNo form of Godliness will satisfy those souls Epistle to the Romans, opening up the

member that we found the apostle, in this his who are born of God: they must have an heartfelt union and communion with Jesus :

seven-fold mystery of the gospel, each this only can give comfort to his heart, and branch of which I hope to notice

distinctly rest to his soul. And that child of God, that and severally, as time and Providence may is led into these paths, which God hath chosen permit. Secondly, there is a beautiful spirit for him, will meet with every opposition to his breathed forth in the exhortation itself, walking therein ; infidelity, unbelief, rebellion, " Wherefore RECEIVE ye one another." false friends, secret and open foes, the frowns There are ten thousand evil things suggested of God's children, the delusion of satan trans- and urged by Satan, through the weakness forming himself into an angel of light, all and sinfulness of our fallen nature tending of these are entailed upon him that will walk to divide the churches, to separate Christian in the strait and narrow path that leads friends, and to set even the most devoted to life eternal. whom I became acquainted, when the Lord servants of Jesus Christ at variance one with first made known his love and power in my called into the kingdom of grace, that ever I

another. I never thought, when first I was Boul? I have seen some dropping into Arianism, then into Socinianism : others I have known should have witnessed and known so much to become Irvingites: one with whom I walked of cruel jealousy, of sinful and carnal envyto the house of God, and the first that directed ings, stabbings and bitings, as have come my footsteps to hear true men of God, is gone within the reach of my knowledge. Under into open rebellion against the God who made these circumstances, how most delightful him, into avowed infidelity, and is a lecturer the exhortation, “Wherefore receive ye on Owenism. Two others embraced Mormon. one another." ism, after a glaring profession, and now they are at Salt-lake, as elders of the sect, another tial Pattern, “ As Christ also received us :

Thirdly, there is a beauty in the referenone error and some into another. What then wherefore receive ye one another (how ?) A8 kept me, preserved me? Why this solemn Christ also received us.” Nothing can exconviction, which I trust the Lord hath im- ceed the majesty, the glory, and the fulness planted, to cleare close to God's word, to be of this mighty sentence,“ As Christ also constantly crying unto him, to keep and pre- received us. Who did he receive? From bērve me, to undertake for me? I believe he whom did he receive? How, in what way, hath stamped something of himself upon our on what grounds, did he receive? Ah, all consciences-he hath brought some testimony this I wish to lay before you, and the concerning himself in our hearts-he has dis- churches, with much patience and clearness. covered himself to our souls, that we see and feel we have to do with an heart-searching the text,' “ TO THE GLORY OF GOD.". The

Lastly, there is a beauty in the climax of mocked or trifled with, that every secret of great design, the glorious end of all, was, our heart is before him; when we are brought

the glory of God.” to the right spot and in a right mind to trace

Dear friend, I have now given you the out the Lord's dealings with us from the title-page, or door of entrance into the dis.

course. Before we enter in, we must rest I must conclude; may the dear Lord bless awhile; but, I trust you will look in faith these few lines to some poor cast down, dis- and prayer for a full and comfortable entressed soul, and then the praise and the glory trance into these little chambers of Divine will go to the Lord.

truth next month, with your companion and A Poor IGNORANT CABMAN. friend,



THE LOGBOOK. laws; these laws have been as so many tests

of the sincerity of the people's faith. In the

days of Moses, of Solomon, and of the proMARCH 2, 1857, Monday morning. To my phets, it was so. In the days of Christ it was long-loved brother Robert, at Bridge, near the so; in these gospel times it is so. I must not clerical city of Canterbury, these lines are (for time's sake) go back to Moses, or Solomon, sent, in the hope that himself

, his spouse, and or the prophets, but take my stand for one his dear children are all well.' I am now fast moment in the history and mystery of Christ's nearing the polished city of Bath, being on humiliation, and then at the beginning, in the my way to Plymouth, where this evening, and middle, and at the end of his great day's work. the whole of this week, I hope to lift the ban- He gave out laws unto his church. In the bener high, and vocally inscribe thereon, “This ginning, there was “ Baptism"-" Suffer it to man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them.” be so now, for thus it becometh us to fulfil all

Yesterday, with me and my dear friends at righteousness." Cbrist himself put immersion Unicorn-yard, was a good day. I arose yes at the very entrance into the visible gospel terday morning weary from a heavy week's kingdom, and wrote up over the gates leading work; and as regards the sermons and ser- thereintó “ Thus it becometh us to fulfil all vices of the day I was as dependent upon the righteousness.” That“ becometh” is a word promise, power, and presence of God for sup- of great import ; he does not lay life on it, or plies, as the babe is upon its mother to death in the lack of it, but it becometh us, it is pourish and watch over it. A sense of much meet, right, and expected of us; and when a inward desolation, and a lack of power either living faith in a living soul sees this so, and is to pray, or to meditate, was found in my soul. careful publicly to honor Christ, it says "In However, to my study, to my Bible, to my this will we run after thee.” In the middle of knces I went ; and a beautiful little text was Christ's day's work he went down toward fixed upon my mind, and from it I spoke with Jericho, and had compassion upon a poor man somo happy freedom in the morning.

who had fallen among the thieves; and he The evening service was a more solemn, and healed him ; he helped him; he took care of I hope profitable one. The text was in John him; and there set up a pillar, as we might xix.-"They shall look on Him whom they say, and wrote thereon, ** Go thou and do have pierced.After a few words on the heal-likewise ;"and when the love of Christ doth ing and happy effects of deep and frequent powerfully constrain, when gospel sympathy contemplation on the cross of Christ, I was and spiritual affections do reign in the heart, led to three things specially : 1, The descrip: that heart says-" In this way, too, will we tion given of the persons who “shall look, run after thee.” The London Strict Baptist as recorded in Zech. xii. ; 2, Where, and in Union publicly says—" It will not so run after what manner do such souls look on a pierced Christ, but that awful decision will perhaps Saviour ? and, 3, How Christ was really be its death blow. Again, the Master took a pierced in his own Person, and how he may towel, and washed and wiped his discibo pierced in the persons of his dear people on ples' feet, and engraved more deeply than in earth. But as I am being rapidly drawn into eternal brass, that beautiful sentence, “I have Plymouth, and as I must, if the Lord permit, given you an example, that ye should do almost jump out of the railway carriage into as I have done unto you." And when his the pulpit, I wish to draw a little from the practical work was finished, just as he was words now resting on my mind. The Bible is stepping off the lower world into the swellings our dear Master's great banking-book. When of Jordan, he took his disciples aside, gave he gives us a text, it is like writing out a them bread and wine, two emblems of the cheque and putting it into our hands; but the life and love he gives to his church, and said, banking house is the chamber of meditation ; " This do in remembrance of me;" and when there, if things go well, we get the cheque things go well with believers in Zion, they say, cashed, and in the pulpit we pay over to the * In all our Lord's appointed-ways parties for whom it is intended, the full value. We'll follow only him.” The draft I now have in my hands is this- “We will run after thee." An entire con. Draw me : we will run after thee. The King secration of heart, head, and hand, I would hath brought me into his chambers. We ever give to him ; and thus to the end we'll will remember thy love more than wine. The run after our best Friend. upright love thee." This draft contains five I come to the second leaf; it is a relation of special leaves from the heart- book of every past experience--" The King hath brought me true believer. The first leaf registers that into his chambers." Here is an assurance, holy determination and desire which grace with three strong cords. First, the soul is cer produces in regenerated and heaven-born souls tain it knows the King. Secondly, it is confi—" Draw me, we will run after thee.” Look dent it has been into the King's chambers. at the determination of grace, it says, “We Thirdly, it is well persuaded Christ himself bas will run after Christ.” Grace is, at least, a brought it in. In the believer's experiences trinity of good things, it is faith, hope, and and assurances there are many changes; and charity, and other fruits of the Spirit béside, there are times when these assurances tremble and they all agree in the matter to stir up the and are very weak; still, the morning comes soul to run after Christ. This term “ run after as well as the night; and in the morning, thee' means a willing obedience, an entire when the Sun of Righteousness doth arise and consecration, a persevering endurance. In all shine on the soul, then it sees, and feels, and ages of the church, God has given to his people says, “THE KING HATI brought me, de. leaders; to those leuders" he Lath given 'Therefore, being experienced deeply in the


fact, that " without the Saviour it nothing ing and the Offender, before alienation obgood can do,” it cries out, as in the dark and tained. Marvellous Ocean! oh that my every dreary distance now it lays, “ Draw me, we power may be more and more absorbed in the will run after thee ;” for “ the King hath contemplation of thy endless fulness, to supbrought me into his chambers.”

ply every want, to gather with thy rich variety While meditating on these things the train to redress every grievance, pain, and sorrow

into the Plymouth station ; there my occasioned by sin. kind friend and truly Christian brother Green. In redemption how sweetly this Ocean apslade met me, and conducted me to the beau-pears deeper to drown guilt, sin, and shame, tiful chapel belonging to Mr. Babb, in the to blot out or remove iniquity, than all the Portland Villas; there was a good congrega- powers of sin, Satan, or unbelief are; to mag. tion singing the praises of the Lord, under the nify our enormous transgressions, or multiply leadership of brother Easterbrooke, and to our innumerable iniquities. Say, my fellow them I spoke as the Lord enabled. Mr. Babb sinner, didst thou not (with me) find it deep was originally a curate with Dr. Hawker; indeed, when by the power of the Holy Ghost but, on leaving the Establishment, he built a thou didst taste in solemn, vital power, its new and most substantial chapel, with house, precious flow, as recorded in Jer. 1. 20, so that and here he dispenses the word of life. He thou wast constrained to sing and say of thy (Mr. Babb) is the author of Goodwin's works vile transgressions, condensed; a most laborious service he has “ Lost as in a shoreless flood, rendered in re-writing and re-publishing the Drowned as in a Saviour's blood,” whole of Goodwin's works, omitting only repe- feeling it rising above all the mountains of tions and superfluous matter, rendering the thy guilt, and covering their every top when writings of that holy giant in divinity much the vengeance due to thee fell upon thy Jesus, easier in the reading, and cheaper in the pur- thy Redeemer's Head ? and all the waves chase.

and billows of Almighty wrath due to thee Through the sufficiency of grace I was en fell upon him. Yes, my soul, in the sweet apabled to fulfil all the engagements made for prehension of the tide of pardoning love and me; and I labored under the solemn convic- grace, through redemption, sings, “ Roll on, tion that good was done.

C. W. B. roll on, ye precious waves," till every lawTHE SEA SIDE.

wrecked vessel of mercy reach the sweet haven of peace, nearness, and acceptancy this

sacred Ocean imparts.' Eph. ii 13–17. In RAMSGATE.

justification what

can compare with this " Rollon, ye waves, roll on, and waft the anxious sacred ocean's illimitable lengths, and mariner to bis desired haven.”

breadths ? Truly here the everlasting CreThus I mused while gazing upon the vast ditor appears “ beholding the things that are expanse of waters stretched before my eye, equal," Psal. xvii. 2. So that our sentence and decked with the white crested waves, comes forth from his presence-Isa. lxii. 21; foaming and mingling their roar to heighten lxv. 25 ; lxii. 20, with songs, Isa. iv. 7; the scene ; filling my mind with contempla- Ephs. v. 7; Col. 'ii

. 10. So that while the tive wonder, till my thoughts turned from 6 heavens are not clean in his sight,” (Job the material element before me to gaze by xv. 15,) “Out of Zion, the perfection of faith upon that richer, deeper, wider, and beauty, God hath shined.” Psal. 1. 2. infinitely more glorious ocean, the love of Lastly, among other sweet thoughts flowGod. There all my thoughts were lost in this ing from this exhaustless subject, is commuunfathomable sea, rich in all the blessings of nion—" Wonder, O heavens, and be astoneternity, and full with the unutterable reali- ished, O earth, for the Lord hath done it." ties of grace and glory, connected with the Yes, he hath taken our nature in order to everlasting blessedness of the whole church communicato with such poor worms of earth. elect; 80 that with the apostle my soul ex- These sweet, endearing, heart-melting, soulclaimed, “ O the depth !" Sovereign in its comforting, Satan-overcoming, and sin-subduflow admitting of no ebb, unchangeable in its ing tokens of unspeakable blessedness and facharacter, and incomprehensible in the riches vour, which cause us to love, wonder, and it contains ! almighty in its source, never fail. adore, even here in our lowland state, with ing in its streams, breaking forth in a variety all that now perplexes and distracts. What, of ways for the good of poor fallen, oh what will it, what must it be, when we get serving sinner : and also for the everlasting home, free from all dross, and superior to every glory of its great author, covenantly existing ill? We shall see his dear" face in bright in the mind of Jehovah before all worlds, ness, and be satisfied, so waking up in his (Jer. xxxi. 3 ; Deut. vii. 8; Isa. lv. 3 ;) likness,” dwell for ever near the fountain, and securing the election of grace from all the do no more evil ; while the Holy Ghost shall damning consequences of sin and the fall, magnify his office indeed in the eternal exthus in purpose Divine defeating all the ma- emplification of the precious truth, God is chinations of satan.

Love. May writer and reader swim in the Precious ocean of provision, in which a Surety ocean here and drown our sorrows; and when was provided before the debt was incurred; time with us shall be no more, eternally and salvation in purpose accomplished, ere bathe in it at home, singing his high praises. ruin had entered; a reconciliation effected Rom i. 5 ; xv. 2, 3 ; and xix. 1, 6. (not of God to the church, but of the church

Isaac. to God—2 Cor. v. 18, 19,) betwixt the offend- Ramsgate, May 14th, 1857.



(To the Editor of the Earthen Vessel.) with the things which accompany salvation, Dear Sir-I have, of late, seen much in and with salvation itself. He has travelled your magazine from Mr. J. Wells reviewing thousands, and thousands of miles to serve Mr. Spurgeon's preaching, and though

all the churches and ministers of truth in never could see much in Mr. S.'s published this kingdom whenever any important bussermons to justify Mr. Wells; yet I have iness in Zion required an able and decided observed that the effect upon the minds of man.

Multitudes of souls have been called, many of your readers (who had not heard comforted, set at liberty, and built up through Mr. Spurgeon,) was to prejudice them very

his instrumentality. In short, he has been strongly against him.

one of the most powerful witnesses for, and Mr. 'Wells is a good preacher, but I am ministers of, the gospel, with which the living sure he is in the wrong respecting Mr. Church of God has been favoured during the Spurgeon. I heard Mr. Spurgeon twice last last half century:, In one of the most popTuesday, at Wellingborough, and I am pre-ulous and accessible districts to be found in pared to tell Mr. Wells that two sermons this kingdom, the providence of God placed more full of gospel truth, or more free from him, the power of God has supported him “ deceptive rhetoric" I never heard, either -the presence of God has cheered him, in London or out of it.

the Spirit of God has honoured him, and all Dear Sir, will you oblige me by giving in the churches of Christ in Christendom, nearly sertion to this brief note in your next num- with one voice, have welcomed him. In ber? and if you do not, of course I shall that position he has stood, enlarging his know the reason. Yours truly,

chapel to its utmost possible extent, increas

Thos, CORBY. ing the church far beyond any Particular Weston Favell, Aug. 13.

Baptist Church either in the Metropolis or in

any of the provinces, and multiplying his We insert this note because many of a congregation until neither crook nor corner similar character have reached us ; and we could be found for more. And all this, let it wish to record our conviction that, in review- be remembered, has gone on gradually, and ing Mr. Spurgeon's ministry, Mr. James steadily extending, while an untold number Wells has had but one object in view, the of ministers and churches have waned into PURE,

GOSPEL nothing.
Mr. Wells is no stranger. He is Now, then, we ask, in a spirit becoming

He is not an untried man, the gospel; we ask, in grateful recollection of During the whole course of his public the immense service God has enabled him to ministry, thirty years or more, he has never render unto the cause of truth; we ask, caubeen known, in the slightest degree, to tioning our antagonistic brethren to beware, deviate or to depart from one iota of essential lest they be found fighting against God; we truth. He was evidently raised up by God, at a ask-is it compatible with our character as time when many living souls (who had fed under Christians, to turn round and charge James the ministrations of the late William Hun- Wells with jealousy, with cruelty, with tington, the late Henry Fowler, and some bigotry, and with a " determined design to other blessed men of God), were left as sheep prejudice people against Mr. Spurgeon," without a shepherd. At that critical and simply because he has discovered in Mr. eventful period – when dry talkers were Spurgeon's ministry some deficiencies, and springing up by shoals-when law-men and has not feared to express his mind openly letter-men, and not a few very light-men and frankly? thereby exposing himself to the came before the church as candidates for the criticisms and cutting rebukes of all who ministerial office – in that day- James will not allow a man the liberty of practiWells was brought up out of obscurity-out cally acting out that essential injunction of of darkness,-out of ignorance, -out of all the apostle, “Beloved, believe not every Arminian fetters and free-will delusions, and spirit, but try the spirits, whether they are stood forth like another David to face the of God.". In trying and testing. Mr. SpurPhilistine-foe of Israel. James Wells com- geon's ministry, Mr. Wells has aimed at the menced his ministry in defence of New Cov- good of Zion; and, although we have neither venant truths-he has continued a defender seen nor heard from Mr. Wells now for some of the same from the first day until now; he time, yet, in all our communications with has increased in wisdom, in popularity, in him, he has invariably, spoken most kindly real usefulness, and in a deep acquaintance ! of Mr. Spurgeon, breathing the highest es


no new man,



teem of his abilities, and the deepest desires the gospel Mr. Spurgeon preaches, and sneer that, in sanctified gifts, and in & happy even at him when he is gone, and they have growth in grace, he might be found to an- secured the money he has gathered for them; swer, in every branch, that great charge when facts of this kind have come repeatedly which Paul gave to Timothy, * Watch thou before our eyes, we have been shaken, and in all things ; endure afflictions ; do the work afflicted too. We have much more to say, of an evangelist ; make full proof of thy mini- but the time is not yet come.-Ed. stry." Mr. Wells has long felt himself to be a dying man; his ministry cannot last an

FRUIT-BEARING BRANCHES: other thirty years; and we venture to be- A NOTICE OF THE EIGHTEENTH REPORT OP lieve he would be only too glad to have in- THE NEW ORPHAN HOUSE ON ASHLEY Down, disputable evidence that another ambassador for Christ, with all the talents and decision A $IXPENNY pamphlet, published by James which, at times, have marked Mr. Spurgeon's Whereat's,

Corn-street, Bristol, has been sent

Nisbet, in Berners-street, London, and at W. career, was destined to be found in the per- us for review. son and ministry of the New Park-street Narrative of Facts relative to the New

It is entitled “A Brief pastor. We contend not for perfection in Orphan House, on Ashley Down, Bristol,Mr. Wells. We have sometimes wished he

By George Müller; and contains a could have written otherwise than he has large amount of interesting matter. There done; but, notwithstanding all the apparent has always, to us, been something exceedingly extravagancies and infirmities attached to singular and striking, in the existence of that him, as well as to every other mortal man Institution, where three hundred orphan on the earth (and broadly and boldly de- children have for many years been supported, claring that we are not either bound or in- trained, and fitted for the various stations in fluenced by him), we must confess it is life unto which they have been subsequently the judgment of our most sober moments, instead of being under the distinguished pathat tauntingly to charge us with merely tronage of royalty and nobility, instead of being " the tool of Mr. Wells,” or to reproach, being maintained by a long list of annual fully charge him with sinful, carnal, and subscribers, Mr. Müller professes to look unhappy motives, is cruel, ungrateful, anti- alone to the Lord, and to live a life of faith Christian, and altogether at variance with upon him for all that is required to carry out that zeal for the glory of Christ, and the the immense operations over which he has maintenance of gospel truth, unto which been led to preside. Those operations are inall the sent servants of God are most solemnly creasing with rapid strides, so that he is now bound. We are grieved to know that, for nearly or quite in possession of funds sufficient some weeks now, Mr. Wells has been hinto erect another orphan house, for three hundered, by, bodily illness, from following dred more orphans; and beyond that he purhis much-loved work, The churches can ili poses to have another for four hundred, mak

ing a total of one thousand to be supported, spare him, in times like these.

entirely from the free, the unsolicited, the We cannot close this hasty and spontaneous spontaneous gifts of charitable persons sending comment upon Mr. Corby's note, without one their donations from all parts of the globe. word respecting Mr. Spurgeon. It is very There are some weighty questions suggested well known, we favourably noticed his ad- to our minds by the careful perusal of this vent into the ministry in 1854, We have work : and we are anxious to investigate the had close converse with him, in his chamber, avowed principles, and evidently much honwhen a temporary sickness laid him prostrate, oured practice of Mr. Müller, with great care we prayed with him, and in Christ, loved bim and diligence, because there is one feature in with a love that can never die, we think. this Report which, if it can be established We have heard him expound the Scriptures upon truo Bible authority, illustration, and

evidence, is one which Christians of every with a soul-melting power; and through his

grade should be called upon more fully to ministry have been led up to the cross with consider. But we have not room this month tears and deep contrition. We have also to enter upon the enquiry. We hope to do heard him contend for the distinguishing doc- so in October. trines of grace most vehemently and compre- We may add, that the subjects and suggeshensively. We have bidden him Godspeed in all tions above refered to, led us very recently that was Godlike, and of a true gospel charac- to preach some sermons from those good ter, In these things we have had an advantage, words of our Master: “Yo have not chosen perhaps, over Mr. Wells, who has, we believe, me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, never either seen or heard Mr. Spurgeon. that ye should go and bring forth fruit,” &c. A hope that the Great Head of the These sermons are to be printed, if sufficient for great good, is not dead. Nevertheless, tween Lifeless and Living Branches, with a Church has set Mr. Spurgeon upon the walls means are found, under the following title :when we have known bim visit towns, and description of the Fruit produced by the passing silently by God's poor persecuted Saving Grace of God.The substance of servants, go and preach for men, wbo scorn Three Sermons, by Charles Waters Banks.

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