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much to the satisfaction of some present, EPISTLES TO THEOPHILUS. whose mouths seemed ever open to receive, and heads ready to assent to all the preacher asserted. Mr Godwin is a portly built man verging fast on three-score years ; though My good Theophilus, I now come to another time has but slightly furrowed his brow, yet part of personal character-namely, that dehis head is nearly bald. Eloquence and or-partment in which every one of us must give atory are both alike strangers to him. In an account of himself to God (Rom. xiv, 12). deed he is the rudest ram's horn that ever You have to give an account of yourself to we heard sound forth the praises of Emanuel; God now, and if you can give a good account and although we desire not to pick out a man's of yourself to God now, then the Saviour faults we cannot resist the temptation to give will give a good account of and for you at one of Mr. Godwin's " select "

the last day. When about commencing the second head of his discourse, he asked the following question,

Infants, and those who are called in the “What use' 'ood the bread of God be on, if eleventh hour, will come under our notice, there war none to eat on it ?" Doubtless this when we come to some other rules of final mode of expression may be very well to some judgement, of which we have to speak; but of Mr. Godwin's village hearers ; but we do in this letter I wish to describe to you what think that a minister who has spent so many it is to give a good account of yourself at years in the gospel vineyard as Mr. Godwin the judgement seat of truth now, and eshas, should make some attempt at improve-pecially as that your present account belongs ment, so that he may place what he has to to final judgement; and “as the tree fallsay before his hearers in something like an eth, there it must be," Eccles, xi. 3. acknowledged form. Our esteemed friend, the pastor of the Surrey Tabernacle, has set an

I scarcely need say to you, that the first excellent example in this respect ; he has las essential of a good account is, that it must boured immensely, and not in 'vain; but, be a truthful account. You must, therefore, alas ! multitudes prefer ignorance, and almost give a true account of yourself as a sinner; consider learning a sin. There is one particular but this is what no man ever yet did, until habit which Mr. Godwin has, that immediately convinced by the Holy Spirit of what sin is, reminded us of dear old Mr. Allen. It is that and what man before God by sin is. This of repeating part of his sentences, as thus : Mr. is so self evident that I will not detain you Godwin, speaking of Jesus, said, sinner, you long upon this matter, should speak of him as a Friend, I say as a The account that Saul of Tarsus gare of Friend." There is much pure gold in Mr. himself before his conversion, and the account Godwin's discourses ; but he gives it you he gave of himself as a sinner after his conmixed with a deal of rubbish. His notion of version, were essentially different. It was “religious " London is very small.

It is not before, but after his Divine conversion evident he does not think that all who pro- that he gave us the 5th and 7th chapters of fess the name of Christ are Christians, which the Romans; and it was by the power of the may be inferred from this fact. Speaking of Eternal Spirit that Isaiah felt bimself to be professing London and her ministers, he said, “a man of unclean lips;” that Joshua saw that were he able to put off the yoke of the himself in filthy garments, and as a mere ministry and come to sit down in London he firebrand, which the fire of sin had burned did not think he could hear anybody but Mr. and blackened, both the ends, the heart, and Shorter! Poor London! How is thy fine midst thereof, so that he was "not meet for gold become dim! at least in the eyes of Mr. Godwin. Never mind ; we dare say there any worki”. Ezek. xv. 4. It was by the are plenty that do profit under his ministry, grace of God that men and women were on and for their sake we say, Long may he be the day of Pentecost pricked in the heart, spared to blow, though ever so roughly, the --not merely to the heart, but in the heart. gospel trumpet.

A LOOKER ON. Thousands have been cut to the heart (Mr. Philpot next month).

(Acts vii. 54), but not so as to alter what is

in the beart; but every one tanght of God is ENQUIRY.

pricked in the heart; it is an internal wound, opening up the evils of the beart,

“They shall know every one the plague of To the Editor of the EARTHEN VESSBL.

his own heart.” (1 Kings viii. 38), and shall DEAR SIR.-My attention was directed by a friend to the words contained in John i. 30, loathe themselves in their own sight, and "This is he of whom I said, There cometh shall thus come in with the 51st Psalm; not after me a man that is preferred before me, looking at that Psalm as a mere penitential for he was before me.' I would ask your Psalm, as the religions of this world call it, correspondents to give me a few thoughts but a Psalm descriptive of what every truly upon it by way of exposition. What is convinced sinner is made to feel and to pray striking, is, that the word “man" in the for. It is true we are told in the unautho. original is aner, not anthropos, being empha- rised superscription to this Psalm, of an octically man. I am, dear sír,

casion upon which this Psalm was written. ONE OF THE LEAST. Well, perhaps it was so; but this has never

yet been proved, and perhaps David never say apon this matter. I will first take saw the Psalm; but be that as it may, there Deuteronomy xxvi. You, I am sure, will not is the Psalm, and a most glorious Psalm it be at a loss to recognise the spiritual meanis, although Pharisees, led by the superscrip- ing of the same. tion, chuckle over this Psalm finely, and First, then, here is the position of the man conclude that none but such crimes as those who is to give a good account of himself to committed by David can make it needful for God,—“When thou art come into the land them to adopt the humble language of this which the Lord thy God giveth thee to in: Psalm,

herit, and possessest'it, and dwellest therein." I once visited a man, who by intemperance Thus, my good Theophilus, you are come had brought himself, to all human appear- into a land which the Lord your God giveth ance, to an awful end. The wife of this you. “ Fear not, little flock, it is your faman was a blind Pharisee (not that I ever ther's good pleasure to give you the kingyet knew a spiritually seeing Pharisee); she dom;" so then it is a given land; a given assured her husband that if David had kingdom; not offered, nor merited, nor bought, not committed what he did, he would not borrowed, nor stolen, nor hired; but given. have written such a Psalm as is the 5lst; What say you to this? Do you not both feel she also assured him that although he could and see, that if you have a good hope, that it not come in with the best of good people, must be a given hope; and so it is written yet he might come in with David. However, that "he hath loved us and given us ever. I went as far as I could to the root of the lasting consolation, and a good hope through matter, and tried to shew him that, bad as grace. (2 Thess, iii, 16.) And so you live in was his state by his outward sins, there was the land of good hope"-a land of promise, something yet infinitely worse in his heart; flowing with milk and honey. But you are that his heart (as is the heart of every man to possess this land by the good pleasure of by nature), was worse than the devil; for your father which is in heaven. Are you the heart was deceitful above all things, satisfied with this tenure ? this title for and the devil is one of those things. And with him is no variableness, neither shadow 80 I laboured to lay open to him his real of turning." state before God; that bis sin and sinful Also, by completeness in Christ Jesus the state were against God and against him, Lord you possess this good land; so it is only, that the bloodguiltiness spoken of in the written, " Thy people shall be all righteous, 14th verse of the 51st Psalm was expressive they (thereforej shall inherit the land for of the deadly enmity against God under ever.” which all by nature are, as is shown not only Also, it is given to you by promise, - by in so many of his servants being slain, but sworn 'promise ; and "as he could swear by above all in the slaying of the Lord of life no greater, he swore by himself, saying, In and glory, a deed to which all by nature blessing I will bless thee." have virtually and relatively consented ; and Also, by faith you now possess it, and from this bloodguiltiness the Psalmist prayed this faith may well be called “precious faith.” to be delivered, especially as God was the How precious the thought that daily needy God of his salvation. “ And my tongue sinners as we are, yet still receiving the truth (saith the Psalmist) shall sing aloud of thy in the love of it, we have peace with God righteousness."

through our Lord Jesus Christ, The young man I visited seemed to be But you not only possess, but dwell in this brought into real soul trouble, and to some good land. “ When (saith the word, verse, knowledge of the truth, and walked well the 1st) thou dwellest therein." It is even now little lime I knew him; but he was removed your nearest, dearest, and best home; and by Providence to some other part of the you can'afford better to give up for ever all world, and I have heard nothing of him other homes than for one hour to give up since.

the home of eternal truth. Thou dwellest Now, my good Theophilus, you will, I therein, and thou' findest it to be a land besay, find this 51st Psalm the very experience ginning with brooks of water, and ending and language of your soul, so that, like the with fountains and depths, that spring out of Publican and all others who are taught of the valleys and hills-à land beginning with God, you will give a truthful account of the finest wheat, and ending with the sweetyourself as a sinner before God.

est honey. (Deut viii. 7, 8.) Now the Is But while it is essential to give a true ac- raelite, when thus blest, was to come and count of your sinnership before God, yet we give an account of himself to God: “When must not stop here; we must go on, and thou shalt come unto the place which the look for some other proof of Divine life in Lord thy God shall choose." This place that the soul beside that of true conviction of God chose, was, first, the tabernacle, then the sin ; for he that begins the good work will temple. And with safety, we can look upon carry it on; we must, therefore, be satisfied the temple as a type of the one final meetwith nothing short of the fruits of the Spirit, ing-place of God and man; the Mediator of

Bat I shall not be able, in the short space the new covenant. All their offerings were of this letter, to set before you all we must' to be at the door of the tabernacle; and so

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Jesus hath said, “ I am the door;" there is no other way of access to, or acceptance with God. This is the place the Lord hath chosen to place his name there. Here it is that his name is safe; no where else but in this ultimate meeting-place are the honours of his name perfectly and finally established. This is what the first temple could not do. He is the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, in an everlasting covenant. The great high priest of this covenant hath established the same, while nothing belonging to this covenant can be lost; not a hoof shall be left behind. Here, then, the new covenant Name of the Most High, with all its import will be eternally carried out. So then, God is your father in Christ, and Christ is your life in God; that is, in God's love to you,

and counsels concerning you. The Holy Spirit reveals life to you, and works life in you, and makes you lively in hope in no other way. Here, then, it is that you may glory in his holy name.

But again, let us look at this heavenly door of hope, where alone we can give a good account of ourselves to God-the place which the Lord thy God shall choose. It was a sacrificial place. How delightfully suited was this! the sin offering; the burnt offering, the peace offering ; all to enable a poor sinner to give a good account of himsell to God. Be assured of this, my good Theophilus, that you can never give a good account of yourself by the works of the law; it must be by faith that it might be by grace. This meeting place is by grace; therefore it is that here is a mercy-seat; and here is the high priest making reconciliation for the sins of the people ; and the high priest was to present the people as on his breastplate before God, but he was not to go into the holy of holies without the blood of atonement for that would leave room for the sins of the people to go in, and then that would be a curse and not a blessing for the people ; but he was to go in with the blood of atonement; so that no sin could go in with him ; and therefore none could return with him. We thus see that the Israelite who had to give a good account of himself to God, was first brought into a good land, and into a good position, and was well furnished with good things, suited exactly to the taste of my good Theophilus, and also to the taste of,


Behold in the distance the feet
(On the mount of election divine)
Of him who lost sinners will meet
In kindness, with bread and with wine.
Behold him come leaping on hills,
In earnest to be where we are,
While all that is lovely he wills,
That we his blest likeness may wear.
As seal on my heart, and my arm,
His loviest name would I bear;
No fear in my soul should alarm,
My friend, my beloved is there.
Behold him abonnd as the roe
On mountains eternal, on high,
Yet dwells in the valley below,
The rose and the lily so nigh.
He is kind, and he stays me with love,
And keeps me in sweetest repose ;
And from him I cannot remove,
Nor go from this mystical rose.
Prophets of God, servants of his,
0, tell me what Jesus hath done,
Why he came to a world like this?
For what purpose to heaven he's gone ?
Ye heralds of God and the Lamb,
Ye lovers and friends of my soul,
Oft, when I am weary and lame,
And fear I shall ne'er reach the goal ;
Ye brought me some word of relief,
And helped me to press on the road;
Ye have brought me to Jesus, the Chief,
And left me rejoicing in God.
I love you, ye valiant for truth,
Who still abide faithful and free!
Yo who honor your heavenly birth,
From the conflict ye never must flee.
Bethlehem's well is still hid by the foe,
To keep us poor thirsty in awe;
The servants of David will go
And break through this Philistine law.
The servants of David will go
And drive these intruders away,
And bring of the waters which flow
To the joy of the weak by the way.
The servants of David will go,
And readily hazard their lives;
The thirst of the needy they know;
Their God to them victory gives.
We drink of the waters ye draw
From Bethlehem's heavenly well;
We glory in freedom's sweet law,
And defy all the powers of hell.
The servants of David shall go
(And with them my soul shall be one)
From glory to glory below,
Until every conquest is won.
Then as the stars, so shall they sbine,
In brightness surpassing the sun ;
Shall range in their orbits divinc,
Proclaiming what mercy hath done.
He who a true prophet approves,
Shall share in a prophet's reward;
And when from this earth he removes,
Sball enter the joy of his Lord.


THE TRUE PROPHET'S REWARD. “ He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward." Mat. 2, 41.

He who a true prophet approves
Shall share in a prophet's reward,
And when from this earth he removes,
Shall enter the joy of his Lord,
O may I by tidings of good,
Which tell of the mercy I need,
Still look and live unto God,
And that with the holiest heed.


PUSEYISM AMONG THE weather was exceedingly favourable, and the

attendance very numerous. The proceedings

commenced with an early prayer meeting at MANY of our “respectable Baptist 7. It was a solemn and blessed season to all Churches in London are without pastors ; present ; every heart seemed full to overflowand many who have pastors, are declining ing; and the Holy Ghost

seemed to be maniinto weakness and a wintry state.

festly speaking in and through every brother

that engaged. In the provinces things are not generally

At 10.30, the more public services of the any better. On anniversary days we get a day commenced. Mr. C. W. Banks read little buz, and a cheerful appearance for a Isaiah, lxiii., and 1 Thess. i., and engaged in few hours; but it soon passes away. The prayer; after which Mr. Bloomfield preached vital power of godliness is departing, and from Eph. iv., first clause of 4th verse, – fashionable forms, and delusive errors, are There is one body." He very neatly defast taking its place. Yea, many men-who, scribed the relationship, position, duties, and in creed, are somewhat sound, are as cold, offices of the several members of the church; and as careful, as though they feared to that while the pastor, deacons, elders, and frighten the folks. Here is one extract out members, each occupied a special and specific of many letters, which we give as an illustra- place, they were each and all necessary to each

other'; that while each maintained his proper tion of the lamentable state of things among placo'without intrenching the offices of the churches called Baptists.

others, peace and unity would be preserved; A most intelligent correspondent, who is that it was only when the little finger visiting many parts of England, writes to us sought to become a thumb, that there was a letter in which the following paragraphs danger of discord. The discourse was to the are found. He says, —

purpose, and was neat, compact, sound, and “In the evening I went to the Baptist


After the service 127 persons sat down to place, and found a young man dressed like a Puseyite priest in the pulpit. I asked to be dinner in the large room of the Literary Insti.

tution, which had been hired for the purpose, placed close to the pulpit. The last sentence of his discourse fell upon my ear as harshly as reckoned on; but still there was enough and

being above double the number that had been thunder. It was this:--To conclude--let me

to spare. tell you it rests altogether with yourselves

In the afternoon, Mr. Bloomfield opened whether you pass from the grave to heaven.' The service was formal

, and the preacher the service with reading and prayer, after full of the stiff starched mannerisms of the which c. W. Banks asked the usual quescollege. He first read a long hymn, which Vinden replied on behalf of the church in a

tions of the church, and brother Wale. Brother was sung

through by the choir ; then read a clear, succinct, and satisfactory manner; and long chapter; then prayed some twenty brother Wale having also answered satisfacminutes, then they sung again; then another torily the questions put to him, a show of chapter was read; then another long prayer; hands was asked for from those who were in then a third hymn was sung, and then fol- favour of brother Wale's pastorate, and of lowed the sermon, which he read badly. I those members who were opposed to it. On could hardly think I was in a Baptist Chapel! the show being taken, there was not one hand

"I got the pamphlet by McCarthy. What held up against it. Brother Wale was then folly for a fly to buzz round the head of a called upon to signify his acceptance of the giant! I think McCarthy did not count the cost before he madly rushed into the arena of pastorate; which having done, Mr. Bloomfield conflict. James, or, Technical Wells," as he joined the hands of the pastor and deacons, is designated, will be able to scatter all Mc- in token of the union being completed, and Carthy's statements to the winds with a few then offered the ordination prayer, with which

the afternoon services terminated. strokes of his pen. God pity us, we live in strange times. Truth seems to lie bleeding in Literary Institution, when 287 sat down to

The friends then adjourned again to the our streets. O, for a host of men like the tea, a far greater number than had been exTabernacle' servant of Jesus, that the mists pected. London-street was quite alive with with which the fair face of truth is covered

by people, going to and fro from the chapel to Bacterians, Neologists, Arminians, &c., &c., the hai. might be scattered!”

In the evening, Mr. Wilson of Wycombe,

commenced the service with reading and ORDINATION OF MR. B. B. WALE prayer. Mr. Beacock of Wantage, gave out AT READING.

the hymns, and C. W. Banks delivered the

charge to the Pastor and the church; taking TE 8 ordination of brother Wale as pastor for his text in his address to brother Wale, over the church at Providence Chapel, Lon- Paul's charge to Timothy. (2. Tim. iii. 5), don-street, took place according to announce- “ But watch thou in all things ; endure ment on Monday, the 10th of August. The afflictions ; do the work of an evangelist;

shut up,

make full proof of thy ministry.". Among came in a forcible and conclusive manner, and the “ all things” he said was included :- of what the good news consisted, and repudia. 1st, Constant closet prayer.

ted the horrible and false idea, now, alas! so 2nd, Deep searching of Scripture.

much preached-gospel-condemnation. 3rd, Preaching the gospel.

In the evening, Mr. Foreman again preached 4th, Visiting the sick.

at some length. Dinner and Tea were provi5th, Examination of candidates.

ded in a barn as last year. The place was 6th, Administration of ordinances.

filled at Dinner, and crowded at Tea. 7th, Conduct of church meetings.

Things have of late looked, to human eyes, Under the second head he spoke of the afflic- rather dull and lowring in our little place; but tions arising out of the ministry; the Bible this like a midday burst of the brightest sunbeing sometimes a sealed book, the minister shine, as a fire from heaven to consume the that he could not come forth.

sacrifice. We cannot see what the Lord is Under the third head he shewed what the doing, nor his way of working, It is true, work of an evangelist was ; that the word

« Blind unbelief is sure to err, meant a flying messenger-moving, earnest,

And scan his work in vain;" zealous, auxiliaries to the ministry. The charge throughout was earnest, heartfelt, but, nevertheless, seen or unseen, rev aled or clear, solemn, and practical.

hidden, the Lord is just as surely working all With a short address to the church and things together for good to his people, and congregation, based on 1 Cor. xvi. 13, 14, doing everything that is necessary for them the day's proceedings terminated. It was a too; and he has given us a proof of it ; blessed day that will not be easily forgotten by the be his holy name! He says, " Children, be Reading friends, the Lord seemed to be so still, and know that I am God, as well as manifestly in the midst from first to last. w. Father ; that my tender love is the same yes

terday, to-day, and for ever ; that I will never

leave thee, &c.” We all, I trust, felt the SAFFRON WALDEN ANNIVERSARY. presence of Immanuel. I never remember a

more refreshing meeting here ; it was a "taste (To the Editor of the EARTHEN VESSEL). of the brook by the way in the wilderness of

DEAR SIB,--Every true Israelite must be this world. God hath not forgotten us; “ he glad to hear what our sovereign

and our God hideth his face, and we are troubled; he smitis doing for his people, be it when and where eth, and Zion rejoiceth in her God." it may; therefore, I will endeavour to give

Oh, bless the Lord my soul, you a short account of the anniversary of the

Nor let his mercies lie London-road Chapel, Saffron Walden. It

Forgotten in unthankfulness, took place on Tuesday, July 7th. The day was And without praises die.” very fine, and we had many strangers and friends from the neighbourhood, lovers of make us wait patiently, though he tarry, being

This 1 hope will hush our murmurings, and truth. Eternal, and well wishes to our little thankful for the gracious mercies we have re

I may say the apostle's advice to en: ceived; but we want to see the Lord make tertain them was not forgotten, and truly, if bare his arm, and ride forth conquering his in time long gone bye, angels were entertained enemies, bringing dead sinners to life, and unawares, so I am quite sure that one angel adding to our number such as shall be saved; was entertained at our anniversary, even the

to see him quickening those who already angel of the covenant ; for Jesus said," whoso know him, causing them to manifest burning receiveth you, receiveth me;" and if we en- love, and fiery zeal to bud and blossom and tertain the Lord's dear children, we please, bear fruit, to the glory of him who called them honor, and entertain him too. Mr. Foreman and plucked them as brands from the burning and Mr. Murrell preached as heretofore, the Dear sir, pray for us, and may the churches former morning and evening, the latter in the of truth in our land do the same. afternoon. The morning discourse was from thnt grand and awful, yet to the Christian, with auspicious gales.

The Lord prosper you and your VESSEL delightful description of the position and

FAREWELL. power of Zion's King, as given in the 29th Psalm, and 10th verse, " The Lord sitteth

RUSHDEN. upon the flood, yea, the Lord sitteth king for It was a sermon that would greatly

To the Editor of the EARTHEN VESSEL. encourage the doubting and downcast soul : DEAR SIR-My name having several times and be shewed that the Lord sitteth upon the appeared in the EARTHEN VESSEL, with varifloods in a literal and spiritual sense, both of ous remarks and references drawn, by some. errors, tribulation, enemies, dangers, distresses, body, therefrom ; perhaps you will not objeet and temptations, which his people are exposed to inform the readers of the EARTHEN FESto, and that it should silence murmuring, for he SEL, and others through them, that at Succoth sitteth king upon them, ruling, governing, Baptist Chapel, Rushden, Northamptonshire, permitting, and using them for the good fre- on Lord's-day, August 30th, 1857, I had the quently of his people.

pleasure of immersing thirteen persons, in Mr. Murrell spoke with much of his cus. water, in the Name of the Sacred Three ; and tomary depth, earnestness, and affection, from immediately after these solemn acts, in the Proverbs xxv. 25. “Good news ;” and he name of God and of his church there assemspoke of the characters to whom this good news bling, I gave the right hand of fellowship to



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