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he wants, and not to preach a sermon. So he true"Lo, I am with you always, even unto begins, and perhaps he makes many blunders, the end." but he warms and improves as he proceeds. My good deacon was telling me this very day to prove that the LORD HIMSELF has called

There are three things absolutely essential of what a friend said on Saturday niglit, at a man into the ministry of the Word. prayer meeting ; he said, “O Lord, I don't know, I'm so ignorant, I can't put six words First, he must know for himself, and be together properly; but take the meaning, able, in some measure, to testify unto the Lord; take the meaning ! Well that was a church, that his conversion to God, his faith very sweet thing for him to say, “take the in Christ, and his hope of salvation, is of the

and he prayed for me in this operation of the Holy Spirit in his own soul. fashion, "Lord, bless our minister; help him Secondly, he must be led, not by the abwhen he comes to preach next Sunday, stract reading of authors; not by the outand may he preach the Lord Jesus Christ : ward hearing of the gospel, but by the Etergrant that he may set the Lord Jesus right a nal Spirit, he must be led, experimentally top of the Bible, and stand right behind him and deeply, into all the vital branches of new himself, so that we can see nothing but the covenant truth, and be so rooted in it, and Lord Jesus and him crucified !" Now when people hear a prayer like that breathed by him, as not only to deliver him from the de

it so powerfully and so preciously rooted in an earnest man, they say, “I'll go to prayermeeting : but you don't catch me going when lusions of men, but also so to keep him in I know what they are going to say; it is not the realization, liberty, and holy contention likely; I may as well stop at home and think for TRUTH, as that neither frowns nor smiles, it over.”

adversities nor prosperities, friends nor foes, The prayer meeting at Wycombe was no can ever remove him from it. of all the stereotyped, or cold expression of an un- sacred and deep sentences of Paul, concernmeaning phraseology; it was one current ing the real character of the ministry, we of solemn asking God to have mercy on us have thought there are none more emphatic, as a nation, to stop the awful massacres in none more expressive, none more conclusive, India; to preserve our highly favoured none more desirable, than those words to land, and to revive his churches “ in this Timothy, “Therefore I endure all things gospel Jerusalem." In the evening we had FOR THE ELECT'S BAKE, that they may also the chapel almost filled, and the Lord, I obtain the salvation which is in CHRIST JESUS hope, helped us to praise his dear name. with eternal glory." The collection was for The Sunday-school Thirdly, it is of great importance that a Lending Library; if any of my readers man's ministry be evidently employed by God have books, which are laid' by almost useless in calling in some of the vessels of merey, in to them, but which might be suitable and building up those who have believed, and in useful to the rising generation, they might comforting and confirming the sorrowful and be forwarded per post to Mr. Cawse, Baptist the

sickly. Chapel, New Land, High Wycombe, Bucks. We fearlessly ask the immense multitude

C. W. BANKS. of men who are now going forth in the pro

fession of the ministry, to produce these cre

dentials. If they have them, they have CONVERSION OF AN ISRAELITE. Heaven's broad seal; if they have not, we

fear they only burden the church, ruin their “THE TRIUMPH OF CHRIST ON THE Cross." own families, and bring the truth into much

By EDWARD SAMUEL, MINISTER OF FORD contempt, which consequences are very STREBT CHAPEL, SalFORD, MANCHESTER. serious indeed.

We have no fears but that the work before Last month we introduced this volume to us, and the fruits of Edward Samuel's minithe special notice of our readers, anticipating stry in many places, abundantly prove him some pleasing seasons in going over the to be a minister made by JESUS CHRIst, and sacred portions whicb make up this, to us, a blessing to some parts of Zion. By a furmost acceptable work. Since our introduc-ther notice of the work now issued by Mr. tory remarks were written we have visited Samuel, we hope more extensively to prove Farnham, and have there conversed with his bappy position. some, to whom the ministerial labours of Passing over several interesting chapters Mr. Samuel were very powerful and effectual of his early childhood, we quote the following in leading them to the Rock of Ages for a facts, leading up to the solemn period when shelter, and for salvation ; and not a few in the delightful command went forth,those parts would be thankful if it had “ Almighty love, arrest that man!" pleased the Great Head of the Church to Of his education, and upward training, have kept him in their midst. But how Mr. Samuel says, frequently are good men removed from the

“I was educated from a child in the Mishna very sphere where their work seems most and Talmud, I also read the Old Testamenti successful! We hope, however, our Israel- but this was only a secondary consideration, itish brother finds in Salford the promise the former was the principle. When seren



years of age I could repeat from memory the one and two fingers off from their right hand, whole book of Psalms and Songs of Solomon.* to disable them from service. At length it was reAt nine years of age I had to learn daily three solved that we should leave home, for the puror four pages of the Talmud, which consists pose of going to Konigsburg in Prussia; and of questions and answers of the various rabbis. as there were no passports allowed, we left in At my grandfather's annual visit, he always the middle of the night-a banker's son, my. examined us boys, to know what progress we self, and brother. It is a night much to be had made through the year. I recollect once remembered by me; my grandfather and in my presence he told

my father that I would grandmother, father and mother, brothers and become a rabbi, which was pleasing to my sisters, all weeping. My grandfather, who father. This was rather an unfortunate re- was seventy years of age, with a long white mark for me, as I was often kept more closely beard, placed his hands on our heads, and, with to my lesson. But God had soinething better tears trickling from his eyes, pronounced a for me in store; he has raised me to a higher blessing. Some of the words I have not fordignity than that. He has made me king and gotten, although so many years since. The priest unto the living God, and put me among words were these "May the God of our his family, although unworthy of the least of fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, bless and his mercies. Oh, the depth of the riches of his preserve you ; protect and defend you from divine grace.

all barms, keep you in his fear, help you to “ I continued at school until I was about study his laws, strengthen you to obey him, sixteen, when a circumstanco transpired in nor suffer you to forsake him. The last words providence that I left home. The cause of were these, 'If you forsake the Lord, he will my leaving home was fearing that I should be forsake you; but if you cleave to him, he will forced to be a soldier. When Alexander, the cleave to you. They then kissed us all affecemperor of Russia, was on the throne, he took tionately, wishing us the presence of the Lord, no Jews into the military service. He was and bid us farewell. Now began the prophecy rather a friend to the Jews than otherwise. of my grandmother to be fulfilled, that I After his death Nicholas his brother suc- should forsake the Jewish religion. My spiritceeded him. After his coronation he issued a ual birth was appointed by God to be in Lonlaw compelling Jews to serve in the army and don; place, means, and time are all by his dinavy. This law was a terror to all the Jews vine appointment. His will cannot be counin his dominions; and the reason was, that teracted, nor his council disannulled—My they must eat and driuk those things which council shall stand, and I will do all my pleawere prohibited by the law of God to them as sure.' As London was to be the place, so death & nation; break the Sabbath day, violate and hell could not obstruct the way, 'Oh the other festivals, and indeed deny their whole depth of the riches both of the wisdom and religion. They would rather die themselves, knowledge of God! How unsearchable are or follow their children to the grave than his judgments, and his ways past finding see them turn from their religion, which out." I had painfully to experience when called by We must not proceed further this month : divine grace. The law obliged them to serve but hope not to leave the work until we from fourteen years of age. They were sent have fulfilled our mission, constraining many to academies, where they were trained for the of our readers to send to the author, No. 1, army or navy, aceording to their abilities. Moliere-terrace, Lower Broughton, Man

The method they had of taking the Jews was so many from a thousand; the exact number I chester, for “The TRIUMPH OF CHRIST ON cannot remember: and the heads of the syna

THE CROSS." gogue were obliged to return the numbers. [Since this second notice of Mr. Samuel's At first they took the lower order, as already work was in type, we have received a letter said. The town we lived in was small, there from an aged London pastor, pointing out fore they were soon picked out. I witnessed some apparent errors. We hope to notice at sundry times when these young men were these in our next paper.-E..] sent away, that the cries and lamentations of parents and relations was most distressing “ SONGS IN THE NIGHT :" and heart-rending. I remember on one occa

OR, sion being so affected that I fainted away. DROPPINGS FROM THE PEN OF RICHARD EVE, They rend their garments on these occasions, as mourning for the dead. After the lower class were picked out, it of course came to the more respectable families, which was done by

(Continued from page 205). casting lots; and knowing that sooner or later

Thou shalt remember all the way which the it must come to our turn, my grandfather the wilderness," &c. Deut. viii. 2, 3.

Lord thy God hath led tbee these forty years in advised that I and a brother, a little younger, DBAR BROTHBR.-Since I last wrote you, should quit the country. My eldest brother being married was exempt, and the other too great has been my afiliction of body; I thought, young. When this law was issued, there ere this, I should have been employed in singwas also another law passed, not to give

any ing the high praises of Him that hath loved passports for males from fourteen years of age

me ; but it hath pleased God it should be to twenty, to prevent them leaving the coun- otherwise, so that I am helped by Him who is try. I have known fine young men chop of his gracious dealing with me, a poor, weak,

the strength of Israel to resume my narrative Some who have read Mr. Samuel's work unworthy sinner. After the death of my first question this ; but we have appealed to him. little boy, the Lord was pleased to try me


severely; my whole family (consisting then of into my harness room, and threw down the three little girls) were down with the meazles; saddles, and bridles, and offered me every inand my second child had the water and inflam- sult, so that nature could stand it no longer, mation on the brain, who, after laying more and'I turned him out of the harness room in than a fortnight in an insensible and delirious a passion. My strength was all gone, and all state, died, six months after the other. O, my free-will; and I felt myself a wretched my brother! language cannot convey to your being indeed; and as I stood at the dour, like mind, neither can I utter what passed in my a man drunk, and bewitched, Satan set in hard soul at that time. Deeply impressed with the upon me, and told me it was no use me trying solemnity of the state I then stood in as a lost to be religious, God's children were perfect ; sinner, without gospel hope ; ignorant of God's but "look," said he, "what a wicked sinner way of salvation : expecting soon my time to you are. Give it up! give it up!" He said, come, to endure the wrath of a justly offended "You must go to hell." O, I said, I will give God, í stood weeping with my sorrowing wife, it up; and I heaved a heavy sigh, as I found who was then equally, with myself, ignorant my hopes of heaven again' blasted. I shall of God's

's mercy, though she did not feel her only bring disgrace upon true Christians, and need of it, then as I did. I fear here to tell deceive my soul at last ; and I went to the the workings of my heart against God. harness room, but the thought darted into my Shame and confusion have often covered my mind to pray ; I fell down upon my knees to face since then for the hard thoughts I felt attempt it, but such awful blasphemies darted against God; but, though so utterly unworthy into my soul that I jumped up like a man beof notice, and ignorant of his love, it did not hin- side himself, and walked about the stable with der his compassionate heart from watching over my hands clenched, begging of the Lord to me. My long tried affliction made me very poor, have mercy upon my soul; when this little and much tried in providence; but the Lord, word dropped into my soul like honey from who has the hearts of all, sent my master to the rock, * Who can tell ?" and with it such see my suffering child, and its careworn mo- light, such love, such hope, sprang up in my ther, and his heart was melted to give me a soul, that made me almost leap from the sovereign, and sent my wife a bottle of wine, ground, it came with such power, “Who can and wroto a letter to one of the chief physi-iell,” but you may yet escape hell, and be cians of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, who was with Jesus Christ in heaven i Here lanthen residing on Clapham-common: but it guage fails me to tell out what I felt within; pleased the Lord to take the child. Many, I seemed in a new world for a time, but if you my dear brother, many at this time were the are not tired of following me in my zigzag cobweb dresses I spun, to cover my guilty path, you shall hear more in my next. soul from that damnation which thrilled

R. Eve. through my soul in the teashop referred to in my last, I reformed my outward conduct, I

A DRY AND THIRSTY LAND. slid away from my wicked companions, I set up family prayer; I remained at home with

A SINCERE believer in Christ, in the North my family, and to outward observers, I was of England, saysan altered man; but the arrow was within,

“ DEAR BROTIER BANKS, I take opportutho poison whereof was drinking up my spirit ; nity to express gratitude at seeing friends my flesh was consuming off my bones; and come forward to “ Vessel" Redemption Fund. many thought me goiug into a consumption. I should dearly love to hear of your entire “The spirit of a man may sustain his infirmity, freedom. I forward you these few stamps. but a wounded spirit who can bear?” Thus II wish we were blest with such a gospel as the went about for four years, as it were with a Vessel maintains; but never did I experience sword in my bones, striving for holiness of such a day as now; nothing scarcely in the heart and life, to make myselt fit for the com- pulpit but duty-faith preaching,. We expect passionate heart of Jesus. O, what fools we about 10 of us in the church, which I make a are! and how blind by nature! for with all part of, will be cut off, because we cannot my striving I appeared to get further from sanction the doctine advocated by our miniboth. I have even put my finger into tho I ster. What step to take we know not. My flame of the candle, so sure was I of being poor heart often cries out, “Lord, guide and damned, to see if I could bear the torments that protect me, that I sin not against thee nor thy awaited me, as I then thought. One morning, people.” Some times I think I will be silent Satan helped me to kindle a fire, and with the in the matter: then again, when I consider sparks of which I attempted to warm myself what the dear Lord hath done for me, in for awhile. I made a covenant as it were opening my blind eyes and unstopping my with the Lord, if he would be pleased to give deaf ears, I cannot be silent. His cause is me ease from my heavy burden, that I would like a burning fire within me which it seems live a holier and better life ; and this conceit impossible to quench." wrought pride in my heart, and self-conse. When and where the gospel is preached in quence; but through the mercy of the Lord, the power of the Spirit

, and so heard and he soon pulled me down, for my young master, who was a bitter enemy to me, and who has received, it is a blessed privilege indeed. since gone to his account, came into the stable, We rejoice to know in a multitude of cases and tumbled my horses' cloths off, and patted The Earthen Vessel is an instrument of the horses, to see it he could find any dust, great good to many of the Lord's hidden or rather to make me speak, that he inight ones. We hope for the writer of the above, have occasion aguinst me. He then went and his friends, " the Lord will appear." ED.



QUESTIONS ON BAPTISM. viz., water baptism, and the Spirits bap

tism and that he believed in the latter is To the Editor of the EARTHEN VESSEL.

undeniable from 1 Cor. xii. 13,, " By one

Spirit are we all baptized into one body.' Sir-I shall feel greatly obliged if you XI.-Why is the Christian's Sabbath, or will insert the annexed questions on Bap- the first day, called the “Lord’s-day,” Rev. i. tism in the VESSEL, hoping that some of 10, and the Supper called the “ Lord's Sup. your Correspondents will have the kindness per," i Cor. xi. 20 and water baptism not to answer them. Your's truly,

called the Lord's baptism ?" The phrase A VILLAGER, “ John's baptism " we meet with, but no

where in the New Testament do we find 1.—Why was Christ baptised alone, and named the “ Lord's baptism.” not any of his disciples with him, if he was not XII., and lastly-Why should we have baptised as the Head and Representative of recourse to Greek Lexicons, or the writings his people, but merely as an example for of learned men, either ancient or modern, to them to follow? Christ was not baptised ascertain the true meaning of the word with John, but by John, and for John, and baptize, when the Holy Ghost by the aposall the rest of the family of heaven.

tles, have told us in plain language that it II.- Why did Christ not once after his means "to shed forth,” Acts ii. 33, “ to Baptism, name it, nor make any allusion to it, pour out,”. Acts 2. 45, or “to let fall ?" nor give any directions to his disciples at any

Acts xi. 15. time to follow his example in being baptized

III.- Why are we to be baptized, and not circumcised, when Christ was both : and

BELIEVER'S SURE MERCIES. were they not both ordinances antecedent to SKETCH OF A FUNERAL SERMON FOR MR. LAY, Christ, or the gospel dispensation ?

IV.-Why did not Christ himself baptize, BY MR. JOHN PELLE, and where is the proof that his disciples during his ministry baptized by his authority

Of Clare, Suffolk. and positive command His first disciples are said to have been baptized by John, and

“I will give you the sure mercies of David." therefore as followers of John, and not of My text contains a promise of the greatest Christ, they baptised others : for when did possible magnitude that can either be conChrist authorise them so to do?

ceived or described : it embraces blessings V:—Where is it once commanded by temporal, spiritual, and eternal; it grants the Christ, that his disciples and followers, or promise not only of this life; but of that

which is to come. I shall noticebelievers, should be baptised in water ? In Matt. xxviii. 19, and Mark xvi. 16, water

1st, Whose mercies they are said to be

David's. is not named, neither is there any word ei- 2nd, Notice the mercies referred to. ther in our version, or in the original of 3rd, Their security, they are called those two texts, that has any allusion to mercies." water.

4th, Their personal application, “I will VI. -Why is nothing said in the four gos- give you the sure mercies of David.”. pels about the apostles, or the Samaritan 1. Whose the mercies are said to bo-Dabelievers (John iv. 39, &c.), and many others vid's. Many things that David speaks of in (John viii. 30, &c., x. 37, &c., and si45, the book of Psalms, which many think he &c.), being baptized ?

spoke of himself, conveys to us the idea of his VII.

Why did Paul thank God that he being a lively type of Christ, and that what had not baptized more than he had, if in its true import, can apply to none in its

he does speak, as in the language before us, baptism was a command of Christ and direct application but to the Lord Jesus Christ; who sent him to baptize, if Christ did not ? in a secondary point of view they might be 1 Cor. i. 14, &c.

David's, and sure they were ; they were his VIII.-Why has the Holy Ghost given by gift, but, mark you, they were not his to os such å particular account of the institu- give. I am certain that a greater than David tion of the Lord's Supper as in 1 Cor. xi. 23, is here, and while we may be disposed to view &c., and not any account of the institution him as a type of Christ, yet if we minutely of water baptism, &c.

observe the language of my text, we shall see IX.- Why is there not one command, the type swallowed up in the great Antitype. exhortation, or precept, to be found in all Our David will appear here but as a shadow, the twenty-one Epistles in the New Testa- prove just as easily for me this night to give

and Christ the great substance. It would ment relative to the observance of water salvation to you all, as for any one, or even baptism?

David himself, to give to any individual the X.-Why did Paul say, there is “one mercies here referred to. You will observe, baptisa” (Eph iv. 5,) if he believed in two-- by referring to the following passages of holy


writ, that the language will apply to none and eternal electing mercy of the other. How
but our spiritual David, the Lord Jesus great the mercies of redemption, pardon of
Christ. In the Prophecy of Jer. xxx. 9, " But sin, regeneration, salvation, and eternal life!
they shall serve the Lord their God, and David These all spring from the grace and mercy of
their king, whom I will raise up unto them.” God, as it is said, The mercy of the
Ezek. xxxiv. 23. 24. “And I will set up one Lord is from everlasting to everlasting to
shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, them that fear him." The term mercies
even my servant David; he shall feed them, in my text includes all the blessings of the
and he shall be their shepherd !" “And I covenant that is ordered in all things and sure.
the Lord will be their God, and my servant And, 0, how wonderful is God's preserving
David a prince among them, I the Lord have mercy to the heirs of salvation, during the
spoken it.” Ezek. xxxvii. 24, 25. “ And days of their unregeneracy, made manifest, in
David my servant shall be King over them, our departed brother, under the malignant
and they shall have one shepherd; they shall diseases with which he was visited. Why
also walk in my judgments, and observe my was he not cut off as a transgressor? Because,
statutes, and do them; and they shall dwell although he knew it not, he was interested in
in the land that I have given unto Jacob my the sure mercies of David; therefore, pre-
servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and served in Christ. After being called by divine
they shall dwell therein, even they, and their grace, how short and how rugged was his pil.
children, and their children's children for grimage from earth to beaven; but amidst it
ever: and my servant David shall be their all, he had upholding, sustaining, and sup.
prince for ever.” Hos. üii. 5.“ Afterward porting mercis, in which he greatly rejoiced,
shall the children of Israel return, and seek realizing in them a part of the sure mercies
the Lord their God, and David their King of David in which he was interested. Depend
and shall fear the Lord and his goodness on it, beloved friends, the mercies of God are
in the latter day.” I trust, beloved bestowed upon his people when most needed.
friends, you see with me, that David It may be the blessings are delayed in our
in my text evidently refers to the Lord Jesus judgment, but not as it regards God's pur-
Christ, our all-glorious antitypical David ; pose ; but it will be found in the end that our
and that all covenanted blessings are treasured visited time is the choicest part of the mercy.
up in him, the great covenant Head of a In the days of our pilgrimage the Lord has
covenanted people, even all the election of fixed our lot : the things we should enjoy, or
grace, for whom it hath pleased the Father love, all are ordered by the covenant in which
that in him should all fulness dwell. Aud is found all the sure mercies of David.
for the confirmation of the dear child of God, Could we, under spiritual guidance, and in
the Holy Spirit under whose divine ministry the light of the Spirit, always read truth, and
we are favoured and privileged to be found, the covenant in settlement, how it would cause
as was our dear brother, he being deprived us to triumph in our affliction! Our departed
of the ministry of truth, through the gospel brother thus experienced it, for when harassed,
of the Holy Spirit, was pleased to exalt his perplexed, and tempted, he realized the suc-
precious Head by giving out of his fulness, couring mercy of Christ, his Elder Brother,
these sure mercies, said to be “the mercies of who knows what sore temptations mean for
David, and so raise the precious standard, be bas felt the same; under which he was
when the enemy had come in like a lood, helped to say, " thanks be to God who gireth
endeavouring as it were to drown his soul, me the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
blast his hope, and remove him from the hope III. Their security-here called " sure
of the gospel.

mercies.” And well may they be called sure, II. Take notice of the mercies themselves. for they are sure as a Triune God could make Mercies signify blessings; and the question them. The covenant in wbich is treasured now to be solved is, what are the mercies, or the mercies spoken of, is an unconditional blessings referred to in my text? The mer. covenant of grace, and peace; its date and cies contained in my text are incomprehen- duration everlasting; if the Father's love was sible, and in number innumerable : a few from everlasting, Christ the Son was Medis. must suffice. First, there is the Father's tor of the covenant from everlasting, and its electing mercy; to this some may object; be blessings secured before the door of time this as it may, I feel sure and positive that was opened; therefore it must have an ever. my standing would not be worth a rush if it lasting covenant, and as it contains all the was not founded in the electing mercy of mercies to which 'my text refers, they must of Jesus Christ ; the Father's electing mercy, necessity be secure. How rightly then has the the Son's redemption mercy, and the Holy Holy Spirit called them "sure mercies ;" the Spirit's quickening mercy, is what our dear covenant being made with Christ, these merbrother, rejoiced in here below, but is now cies were put into his band for the wbole elecbasking in the full enjoyment of above; tion of grace, and come through his blood to for this trinity of the mercies of God, first them; hence, they are said to be sure ones ; being made acquainted with the Holy Spirit's they are in safe hands; Christ, who is entrusted quickening and calling mercy, he was then with them, faithfully distributes them: by his led to Christ for redemption mercy : " in death he made a way for the communication whom, says the apostle, we have redemp. of them, consistent with the justice of God; tion through his blood, the forgivenees of sins as also he rose again, and lives for ever, to according to the riches of his grace:" when distribute, them and to see that there is an apled thus far, he was enabled to discover that plication of them made to the persons for the whole sprung from the everlasting love,' whom they are designed.


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