Sidor som bilder

took my place in a vessel. There were only tween. There is no doubt, that if short a very few rough fellows in the vessel, and hymns were sung, and four or five were to they were intoxicated, besides the manager of take up the time, instead of two, prayer the little sailing boat. The men seeing by meetings would be better attended, especially my dress that I was a Jew, and a foreigner, as the word of God is so pointed to the subbegan to tease me first, and then ill use me; ject, as, “ let your words be few,” &c. they at last resolved to throw me into the river; and they would have done so, had it

May the Lord pour out upon his living not been for the interference of the manager. family a spirit of grace and supplication When we arrived at the other side, we got out, for if ever there was a time for Zion to be and they all walked off and left me; I felt too on her watch-tower, and pray, surely this is ill to walk; and it being late at night, I re- the time. Oh, for more simplicity and less mained by the river side. Being in the sum- form! mer season, early in the morning, a gentle- From one who knows the privilege of man, taking his walk on the river side, came attending a prayer meeting. to me, and seeing me very ill, asked me how I came there ; I related to him the circumstance. [It Certainly is time that some consideration He was a Jew, and recognized me as one: he be given to this subject. It has long been took me to his house, and there I remained a matter of much thought with us.-ED] for a full month under medical treatment, with little hope of my recovery. Here again BRIEF LITERARY NOTICES. I was "plucked like a brand" from the jaws of death. Upon the mount of danger the dear Lord appeared — his ways are past “GOD 18 LOVE: OR, GLIMPSES OF THE finding out. The holy apostle speaks of perils FATHER'S INFINITE APFECTION POR of robbers, and I have experienced somewhat His PEOPLE." By the Author of “The of the same both literally and spiritually, Brother Born for Adversity." London: Sin, 0, what a robber it is, it robs me daily of Darton and Co., Holborn-hill. 466 pp. my heavenly comforts, it robs me of the man.

12mo., price 58. ifestive presence of my dear Redeemer. Sa- There has, for many years, been a kind of tan also is another robber who spoils my mist over our mind, with reference to that heavenly peace. The world is another rob- most emphatic and descriptive sentence, ber, which steals my better joys. I feel that “GOD IS Love!" We never questioned the I am in danger of these robbers daily.. I am fact; but in contemplating the character, sensible if it were not for the power of God, counsels, attributes, doings, and developethe Holy Ghost, keeping me every moment, ments of the Deity, we have scarcely ever I should fall a victim, and bring a disgrace thought of the words, “GOD is Love," but upon the dear Redeemer's name and cause.' difficulties have immediately presented them.

Since our first notice of this volume, some selves which would so becloud the spirit, that queries respecting its truthfulness have been if any one had said, “ Expound clearly to us forwarded to us.

We laid the queries before that most mighty sentence, GOD IS LOVE,” Mr. Samuel; he has answered them in a For many years, in hundreds of places, and to

we should at once have replied, “We cannot." Christian spirit, and with satisfactory evi- thousands of people, we have attempted to dence. Before we take a final farewell of unfold the beauties and blessednesses of the the book, we may notice both the queries gospel of Christ; but

in no one case could we and the answers.

ever, with perfect satisfaction and clearness,

enter upon a subject so profound and mighty PRAYER MEETINGS. as this, that “God Is Love." It is (we

have sometimes said) a relative term. In the

everlasting covenant of grace, in the glorious To the Editor of the EARTHEN VESSEL. Person of the dear Redeemer, in the essential DEAR BROTHER BANKS. I hope the remarks work of the Holy Spirit, in the gospel dispenyou have made respecting the prayer meet- sation, and in all his providential dealings ing at New Land Chapel, High Wycombe, And in each, and every one of these grand

with his saints on the earth, “GOD 18 LOVE. may have a salutary effect among the churches mediums of Divine manifestation, we are perin general. That prayer meetings are Scrip- suaded it is a most sublime reality that " GOD tural, and of the greatest importance, no is Love." Nevertheless this silent thought spiritual-taught soul will deny. But, alas ! would arise again, “That is not all that is how often instead of a lively soul-anima- intended by that most decided and compreting prayer meeting ; may not the meetings hensive sentence, God Is Love.'” be termed prating meetings; it is a fact

The other morning we saw the announce individuals will occupy twenty, twenty-five ment which stands at the head of this brief and thirty minutes of the hour set apart for notice. What! we said, has the author of

“The Brother Born for Adversity" (that & prayer meeting, to the discomfiture of those that are obliged to keep their seats purely spiritual balm for afflicted minds) until the Amen; and thus through one per- is Love?" Yes, he has. Presently the book son occupying three times the length of was in our hands. We have begun to seek time he ought, only two individuals can en- for something from it entirely to chase away gage, especially if long hymns are sung be- the mist referred to, and we have an hopeful expectation that we sball not be disappointed. deal to learn before he will be an able min. The author is a powerful, conclusive, yet ister of the New Testament. When he has easy writer; he is one of the most laborious been to Joshua's school (Zech. 3) he will know literary men of the day; his works have been how to distinguish "Things that differ," and eagerly sought for, and much honored. The instead of lisping sibboleth we shall hear him present volume, “GOD is Love," has been shout shibboleth (Judges 12. 6). favourably reviewed already, and the demand for it has been considerable. We purpose thoroughly to investigate every particle of the DR. CUMMING'S “BAPTISMAL FONT." work (the Lord permitting), and if this pre

It is singular that our attention should be cious Bible-sun,' “ God is LOVE," shines called to Dr. Cumming's work on Baptism, more clearly in our souls through the instru. and to "A

Villager'8" Questions on Baptism mentality of this beautiful volume, it will be at the same time. The quantity of papers to us a pleasure to endeavor to comfort our which have rolled in upon us this month have readers with the same consolation which we put the break" upon our progress with the ourselves hope to enjoy.. We would extend Doctor's “ Font.” Two letters are already this notice, but cannot this year.

in this number on the subject. We must not

occupy more room now. We shall carefully “ THE TWOPOLDNESS OF DIVINE TBUTE:" | Cumming's volume, and peruse them as op

tie up all the papers we receive, with Dr. by R. GOVITT. London: James Nisbett portunity serves, giving our readers, and the and Co.

Doctor too, the full benefit of those valuable Unquestionably reviewing religious publi- communications with which our brethren cations is not the least responsible depart- have favoured us. There is so much that is ment of an Editor's duties. If the work true, and so much that is contradictory and placed in the Editor's hands be of God, it is unproved in the Doctor's work, and in the an insult to the Most High to throw it aside views of our opponents, that we feel too as waste paper ; 07, if in animadverting upon much care and prayerful caution cannot be it, we speak disparagingly of its contents, and exercised in dealing with the subtle and popu. tbus hinder its circulation, we damage that lar advances made upon us by adverse powers, interest whose God is the Lord. On the other hand, if we should patronize, by our Editorial recommendation, that which is not of God, MR. JAMES WELLS'S NOTE BESPECTING we do thereby promote the interest of anti

"PLAIN PAPERS ON THE MILLENNIUM." Christ : for, all evangelical publications whose father is God, is identified with Christ : while

[We have had these “Plain Papers" by us all other religious works, however fine the some weeks, intending to notice them. Our title page-however flattering the preface brother Wells has stepped in before us with however flowing the language--however fa- the following note, which we cheerfully cinating the contents—however philological give, although we consider Mr. Palmer's the composition--- however logical the argu. Papers worthy of a more extended notice. ments, whose pedigree is not Divine, ignores The subject itself

, the views now in existence Christ, and is, to all intents and purposes, upon that subject, and the ablo and compreAntichrist. With these convictions we feel hensive manner in which Mr. Palmer has it an important and difficult task to discharge brought it before the churches, all demand our reviewing responsibilities.

what we hope to give a more enlarged re. The work before us is evidently written by

view.-ED.) & clever and educated man, and from his DEAR MR. EDITOR. — Could you kindly philosophical style of writing, we are inclined afford me a little space in the December numto think his talents might have been more ber of the VB88BL, just to say that Mr. advantageous to the scientific, than to the re. William mer, of Homerton, has published ligious world. He ignores arminianism and eleven successive tracts, or “Plain Papers, calvinism; and yet hugs both. He lives be- as they are called, to be had of Houlston and tween Sinai and Zion; he hears the sound of Wright, Paternoster-row, and by order, of thunder, and the voice of mercy ; but he is so course, of all respectable booksellers ? remote from Zion, and so distant from Sinai, These Papers are upon the Millennium; that he cannot define the sound of either. He the object is to shew the reign of Christ is is a spiritual polygamist; and, while, he would not temporal, earthly, or local, but spiritual. retain Sarah, he will not let Hagar go. He And what I can but wonder at, is that these is the servant of two masters, and loves Moses Plain Papers” should not, ere this, have as much as Jesus. He wears a linsey-woolsey been read by every lover of the Bible throughgarment, because he lives so far from the tor- out the land, especially by everyone who berid zone; there pure linen is enough. He lieves that the kingdom of Christ is not of 8ows his field with mixed seed, that he may this world. I say nothing of the unbounded insure a crop; even, though it be of tares. researches of the author, or of his uncommon He ploughs with the ox and the ass, because industry, or of his full acquaintance with all two are better than one; even, though one the millenarian theories, from the first of the should be an ass. Hence the peculiar apt- ancient fathers, down to the present day, ness of the title page which is indeed prophetic I say nothing of the literary excellencies of of what was to follow. We would not say these Papers. I trouble not myself to make that Mr. Govitt is not a good man, but he has any remarks upon the strength of the lan


guage he employs, the force of his sentences, fited by them; and the apostle says, “It is a the propriety of arrangement, clearness of good thing that the heart be established with diction, and sonorous collocation of words ; grace.” A good thing! well, then, if it be a nor will I stop to notice the masterly way in good thing, it is a gospel good thing; and goswhich he sets principle by the side of princi- pel good things are the best of all good things, ple, leaving them both room fairly to struggle We cannot be too well established in the with each other; nor will I describe the ter- truth; we shall yet have plenty of trials, and rible plight into which the earthly-millennium plenty of adverse winds to shake us; and it principle is brought.

takes but very little to shake some; it is then I have read these Papers with much in a good thing to be rooted and grounded in the terest, and have been edified and confirmed truth as it is in Jesus. in what always have been my feelings and I do not speak of the “Plain Papers" from sentiments upon the millennium. I can the impulse of the moment; weeks bave imagine three chief causes of these Papers elapsed since I read them, and I have marked, not being universally read.

learned and inwardly digested. May every First, they are not in their real value much lover of the truth be enabled to do the same. known. Secondly, many who would like to I dear Mr. Editor, yours sincerely in read more, really have not the time to spare the truth,

JAMES WELLS. 80 to do; the world, of necessity, absorbing 6, St. George's-place, Brixton-road, nearly all their time. They have to struggle

Nov. 18. hard for the bread that perisheth. Great al. lowance must be made in this department.

LINES But the third cause of good substantial books ON THE DEATH OF MISS ELEANOR BAILEY, -requiring close attention and some little

BY HER NEPHEW. labour to understand-one reason such books are not more read, is the almost universal cus- To mourn for dear departed friends tom now of reading almost exclusively books Is sorrow most sincere; and periodicals of mere gossip and compara. However strong--the friendship ends tive trash; our theological skies are covered

When God the solemn message sends, with these clouds without rain; and these

And loved ones disappear. wells without water are found everywhere ;

Yet weeping o'er the tear-drenched grave

Will not restore our loss, those upas trees overhang and poisonously Rather rejoice--thank Him who gave shade thousands of professors, who deal so His life--yea, more, the soul to save, largely at these sweetmeat shops that the Expiring on the cross ! purity and healthiness of their taste are gone; The coffined dust of one now lies wholesome food cannot be enjoyed by them; Mouldering in death's embrace, it is enough to tempt one to think that the Whose spirit lives in yonder skies churches are being prepared for some fiery

• Midst all the joys which heaven supplies,

Where Christ unveils his face. judgment. We all no doubt like a little bit of light reading now and then; nor shall I

Though short her illness, yet her soul

Travailed with hopes and fears; be either so fastidious or hypocritical as to

She felt how hard was sin's control deny this ; but then, to take a little bit of And longed to reach tbe heavenly goal, sugar candy now and then is one thing, but To rest with Christ's joint heirs 1 to attempt to live upon it is quite another Nor did she linger long in vain, thing. Therefore I wish I could see, in place Nor did she once despair, of so much light reading, a little more solemn For soon was snapped the mortal chain, laborious reading; it would be better for

And life resigned its feeble reign ;us all.

The Saviour's hand was near !

Now she rejoices near the throne, Now, my .object in speaking so highly of these '« Plain Papers,

The radiant throne of God; written by Mr.

While mourning friends are left alone : Palmer, of Homerton, is that I wish others

Until, O Lord, “Thy will be done," to be profited by them, as I myself have pro- We wait thy sovereign nodi F. B.

R E D E M PTION FUND, FOR ENTIRELY EMANCIPATING "THE EARTHEN VESSEL.” Sum announced last month, £73 188. 8d. Hill, Horsham, ls; Kettering, John and Eliza

Miss Clark, Sandwich, 18; Mrs Wild, Hayes, beth Keyston, and a Friend, 28 6d; Friends at 38; Mrs Moore, 18; Hyde-park, 18.60 ; A Lover Hanslope, by brother Joseph Cartwright, 5s; of Truth, with Questions, 18 ; Mrs Hacker, Bil- Friend, by Mr Cox, 61; Two Friends, by ditto, deston, Suffolk, 28 60; E. S. L. 8., Lewes, 18; 58; Mr George Burrell, ls; Thos. Drinkwater, C. H., 38; W. F. (Bexley Friend), 28; A Con- by Mr J. D. Rees, 18; Mrs Bryant, by ditto, 18; stant Reader, 6d; A Minister, Berkhampstead, Mr J. D. Rees, 108; Liverpool, Priend, 28; T. 58; Friend C., Tring, 68; G. Peppitt, Poplar, Barnes, Northampton, 6d. Per Mr Abraham 18 6d; Another mite, not to be acknowledged, Howard :-Mrs Frost, 18; Mr Ayres, 18 ; Mr 18; W. Z., Walthamstow, 60; A few Friends Partridge, ; Mrs Howard, ls; A Friend, Is. from Sturry, dear Canterbury, by Samuel F08- By Mr Greenslade, Devopport:-Mrs Bell, Southter, 48; Two Lovers of Truth, 28; Hopeful, by street, 28; From south-street Chapel, two Mrs Bowser, 18 ; Mrs Boys, ls; Mr W. Pimm, Friends, 28; M. 8., 28; Friend B. Stoke, 1s; J. Baptist Minister, Newport Pagnell, and a Friend, Greenslade, 1s. 78 6d ; Mrs Moore, Stoke Newington, by Miss By Mr James Wells :-Mr Thompson, 106; King, 28 6d; J. Cheshire, Hoxton, 18; Mise Friend at Wantage, 28 6d; Mrs Lodor, 2s 6d; Cheshire, 18; M. C., 6d; R. C., 6d; Mr Thos. I Mr Rose, Barroy Tabernacle, 2. 6d.


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to Mr. T. Poock

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