Sidor som bilder

parted from our midst; and if men can boast | the celestial. The most glorious of these, of numbers they are satisfied, and are not at set forth the ultimate glory of the resurrecall ashamed to glory therein. Never were tion body :-thus, as in the physical world, the Babel builders more numerous, or more life rises as it were from death, so shall of one language, than in the present day. every grain of heavenly wheat rise to glory, The time has not yet arrived for their lan- and range as sheep over the ever-green pasguage to be confounded. But nevertheless, tures of the new earth, and shall rest at ease, there is still a remnant, whose gospel com- and bathe in seas of heavenly rest, and fly munications are good — living, free grace in the open firmament of heaven, and shine communications, and which bring people into as the brightness of the firmament, and as good gospel manners, and whose spirit and the stars for ever and ever. manners shew that they are men after God's own heart. And God's heart of love is in Christ,

But there is another idea in this imagery and that after the order of an immutable which you do well to notice ; and I wish you covenant. And there are some few (and they to observe, that after the apostle reminde are but few) among us whose hearts are set ing us that whatever advantages are enupon the Saviour after the order of that im- joyed by the fruitful production of wheat, mutable counsel which the blessed God wills or of any other grain; whatever priviso abundantly to shew unto them.

leges men have, or, whatever freedom is Meeting you, my good Theophilus, on enjoyed by the beast of the forest; however these heavenly grounds, let me freely speak much the aqueous tribes enjoy the wide to you concerning the great truth that Jesus ocean, or with whatever delight the winged shall

change these our vile (Gr. weak) bodies tribes enjoy their atmospheric excursions ; and fashion them like unto his glorious body. and however much earth's surface may be You observe that the apostle supposes two adorned with arbocultural beauties; and questions, and he proceeds to answer the se- however gloriously the heavenly bodies light cond of the two first—“How are the dead up the concare of heaven; with whatever raised up, and with what body do they majesty they go their mighty rounds; how come?"

ever disdainfully they look down upon puny The apostle gives a fourfold illustration of mortals ; who would attempt to disturb their the nature of the body with which they spendour, or bring them in whole or in part

harmony, impede their course, tarnish their come, that is, he uses a fourfold comparison, under human, or even under angelic comrising as he goes along from the humblest to mand; or however brilliant their shining the highest. First , here is the grain of wheat ; so that however

laughingly they bold their high and

faces; however constant their smiles, or if wheat be sown, wheat will result. There is in the grave no change of character. The proud position ; however little they think Wheat, the good seed, are the children of the of a thousand years, or whatever their inkingdom now, and so they will be then.

dependence of earth, and the things thereof, The apostle, secondly, passes from the be carried out in the resurrection, and final

all that is meant by this, will, in perfection grain of the earth to the animal world, keep- glory of the saints. Do you then, my good ing up substantially the same idea, that as offspring accords in nature with parentage,

Theophilus, catch this part of the apostle's so the resurrection will be the youth of the meaning? namely, that the sum of the present waxing old, wearing out state of things produced and enjoyed by these visithings. And from Christ's resurrection, and ble things, is but a shadow of that wbich

is from the last great rising morning, we shall who are called to the marriage supper of

embodied in the ultimate blessedness of those for ever retain the dew of our youth.

the Lamb, The apostle has also another idea in this imagery, besides that of youthful produce. Now the other idea to which I have alluded I will set that idea before you presently, in addition to the above, is this, that as the after just noticing,-thirdly, the terrestrial blessed God has constituted a state of things bodies. These terrestrial bodies will, I here, having in it such a variety, has he not should suppose, refer to something visible, be- thus given open demonstration that he is cause the apostle is here teaching invisibili- able to constitute us as different from what ties, by the instrumentality of visibilities, we are now as one star differeth from another therefore the terrestrial bodies must mean star in glory. He has not yet done all be something visible, and perhaps means terres- can do, or all he will do ; so then let the trial bodies in general, both animals and variety of things in the visible world be a trees; and these all help to carry out the figure of the contrast between our present apostle's meaning; there is hope of a tree if and our future state, even as one star differs it be cut down, that it will sprout again, from anotber star in glory. The word glory and the tender plant thereof will not ceasë. here means light. Job xiv. 7.

So our present state is

compared to the less brilliant stars, and our But, fourthly, the apostle passes on to future state to the more glowing and glorious stars. Such is the change that the resurrec- THE CHURCH AT HOME. tion will bring about.

You must here, my good Theophilus, notice that the apostle is not here contrasting

"A rest remaineth."—Hebrows iv. 9. one glorified saint with another, but is con

To the weary, the wayworn, the fainting, trasting our present with our future state. how delightful is that one word, "rest.” It There cannot, from the nature of things, be is the goal, distant perchance, yet certain different degrees in glory. If there be, that encourages forward many a sinking trawherein does it lie? Not in holiness, for all yeller; the anticipation of which restores an. are equally holy; not in righteousness, for imation to his movementshope to his soul ! we are justified in one righteousness ; Jesus

“Rest!" there is an embodiment of happiness is Jehovah their righteousness to them all; in the very sound, for as it is only to these not in knowledge, for they are all to come weary ones it can be welcome, so to them it to the perfect stature of a man, and that contains all that is most desirable—all that is which is in part is to be done away; not in

refreshing-all that is inspiring!

And who so faint, so worn, so weary, as the happiness, for there is without exception, pilgrims on Zion's foot path! To whom so defulness of joy; not in capacity, for then they lightful the anticipation of rest? The very would not be perfect in knowledge ; not in road they tread 'impedes their progress ; honour, for all are kings and priests to God, again and again they encounter impediments, and all are equally the sons of God; not in and retrograde, instead of pressing upwards. reward, for the reward is of grace, and they A thousand fold on every side molest them if who laboured more abundantly, it was not they lie down in the treacherous valley; and they, but the grace of God in them; and they they are continually reminded that repose who were most devoted to God, it was not exists not for them in the road to the kingdom : them, but Christ was pleased to live and they must be up and onward in their journey, work more mightily in them than in some them there “ remaineth a rest;" they shall

unceasingly looking forward to the end ; for others. Nor can any degrees of glory be in eventually recline from their labours: the duration, for none of them can die any more; hot sun of temptation, the fiery darts of the not in worthiness, for no one is by nature enemy, the inviting seductions of sloth, shall worthy of the least mercy.

all be passed; and the glorious, bright, eterThe difference between the dying thief and nal rest shall indeed be theirs. the apostle Paul, between Moses and a saved And, wherefore ? Not that they have infant, between a mighty preacher of the nobly conquered over sin, the world, and the gospel and an obscure Christian, may ap- cruel machinations of the enemy. No! but pear, and does appear, very great to us, but that he who bought them with the unspeak. when viewed from and in comparison of the able price of his.own precious blood has desgreatness of eternal glory, appear as nothing. tance undefiled, and that fadeth not away."

an inheri. The Alps, the Pyrenees, the Andes, and the He would have his beloved bride in his own Himalaya mountains appear to us when viewed by themselves, or rather in connection travel worn, sullied by the dust of the wilder

pure country-no longer weary, fatigued, with mere undulations upon the earth's sur- ness through which he has led her, but face, these mountains, thus viewed, appear washed in his heart's fountain ; arrayed in the both in altitude and magnitude, most tremen- pure white linen of his righteousness; and dous, but the merciless matter-of-fact philo- basking beneath the sunshine of his smilessopher steps in and spoils our wonder, or ra- at length in the possession of “the rest that ther turns it into another direction, and shews remaineth!!” by facts which cannot be gainsaid, that these

And who can rend away the veil and disgreat mountains are no more interruptions cover all pertaining to that " Rest!" No to the spberoid, that is the globular shape of ye, hath seen, nor heart can tell

, what he

Yet the earth, in proportion to its magnitude, imaginations will picture, and it is sweet to than the tiny pimples of an orange are to its the fainting pilgrim to smile upon his heavy rotundity, and so when we come to the per burden and murmer to himself-“Time will fection of Mount Zion, inequalities will pass away, weary as I am, I will journey on, vanish. One spiritual equality, one univer- sustained by the delightful promise" For sal spiritual level, will appear ; mountains me a rest remaineth!" lowered, valleys exalted, crooked things

MATILDA. made straight, and rough places plain, and

Mount Backer, South Australia. the glory of the Lord revealed. So believes

A LITTLE ONE. When Israel were bitten by the fiery ser

pents, they did not look to the tabernacle and Spiritual life, comfort, and victory, are the its holy things, nor even into the Holy of effects of the faith that rests on the Word of Holies, where stood the cherubims, and where God, that trusts God's testimony respecting shone the glory of God, for if they had, they his Son; but placed anywhere else, faith is a would have died; but they looked at what bubble breaking every moment, and nothing God had commanded at the brazen serpent; but enthusiasm and madness come from the just so must we, who are bitten by the old delusion.-Romaine.

serpent, the devil, look simply to Christ.


Memorials of Departed saints. yourselves, it is the gift of God.”


He was lately greatly attached to the reading of

Hawker's Portions, and Joseph Irons' sermons THE LATE MRS. IRISH

but gave a special preference to the Bible. DEAR BROTHER.-I just write to say I Sometimes he would remark, " I fear we neg. bave received a note

from our good brother lect the reading of the Bible for the works of Irish, of Ramsey, informing me of the death men. As he was dying, a friend remarked of his beloved wife. He writes thus,

to him, “I hope we shall meet in heaven, “My dear wife departed this life on Tues

“I hope so, never to part again," he day morning, at half past three o'clock, April replied. After a night's extreme sufferings, 6th, For five weeks her sufferings were dis- he fell asleep on Monday morning, March

22nd. tressing: But, Oh! the triumphs of divine grace ; her soul was firmly fixed on the Rock of On Monday, March 29th, his remains were Ages, so that in the midst of the greatest agon. conveyed to the chapel at Wivenhoe, a neat ies Jesus so manifested himself to her that she and beautiful building erected at his own er. was full of faith, love, peace and joy.

pense exclusively, at the cost of nearly £2000, "Satan was permitted once to sally forth when the service was performed by Mr. Cola from his den furiously, I told her it was lins, of Colchester. It was then removed to Satan who was distressing her, and making the cemetery, and deposited in the family an effort to annoy, although he cannot destroy. vault

, to await the archangel's trump on the After this, she complained no more of dark. morning of the resurrection. A very large ness, but begged the Lord to take her home. concourse of people assembled to testify their She did not fear death in the least; she was respect for the deceased, while the closing of indeed the greater part of her life more spirit the shops of the townsmen, gave evidence to ual perhaps than many of God's saints. She the esteem in which he was held. was a good and proper companion for a min

On Lord's-day, April the 4th, a sermon was ister of Christ. My loss is her gain.”

preached upon the occasion, in the chapel at Thus writes our brother in this bereave. Wivenhoe, by Mr. Collins, of Colchester, to a ment bis God and Father has called him to crowded and deeply attentivo congregation, bear, I know he will have your sympathy from Ephesians i. 8, 9. “Blessed are the and prayers, and also the sympathy and pray- dead which die in the Lord, even so saith the ers of those who know and love him much for Spirit, for they shall rest from their labours, the truth's sake. Your's in the Lord Jesus,

and their works do follow them," D. ASHBY.



“Altogether lighter than vanity." Thomas Sandford, Esq., of Wivenhoe, Essex, departed this life on Monday, March 22nd, after an illness of about three weeks, POOB soul! and dost thou think that thou aged seventy-five years. He has left behind

can'st turn two beloved sisters and a numerous circle of With thy own strength that pond'rous load ? friends to mourn his loss. For the last three

discern years and a-half he has attended the ministry What' in the other scale : leave off to try of Mr. Collins, of Colchester. His regularity Thy puny weight, more light than vanity. was exemplary; his seat never vacant except Here's sin original, and actual guilt, when illness prevented his attendance, and which all the blood of rams and' bullocks that only once or twice during the three years

spilt and a half. The Word was blessed to the In Jewish sacrifice, could not outweigh. profitting of his soul. For some time prior to Cease, cease, and throw thy bubble weight his death, he was accustomed, after retiring

away. home on the Sabbath evening, to talk of the

Vain man, not satisfied ! then have thy fill : sermons he had heard during the day, and Put in more weight; the wanting balance fill how greatly he had enjoyed them, and state with all the deeds of goodness you have done, to his friends that until he went to Colchester If these wo'nt counterpoise the scales, then he knew nothing savingly. Here it was he was made acquainted with his state as a sinner, Bring all the righteous acts of righteous men and the way of salvation through faith in our To help your weight, and then get in again. Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of Truth stript What! still too light? Go now to Calvary, him of all confidence in the flesh, and brought Fetch but one drop of blood from yonder tree. him down as a helpless sinner to seek salva. 'Tis in! see!

see! the beam begins to fall! tion in Christ alone. During his affliction he One drop of Jesus blood out weighs the mighty manifested great patience in the midst of deep all! suffering, and whenever his suffering was re

W. PEARCE. ferred to, he would remark, “ See what I deserve; this is nothing to what I deserve; look at Job's sufferings, and see what Christ has who sees the depravity of human nature, con

The man whose eyes are enlightened, and suffered for me. Oh! I never saw myself such fesses " the more I converse with mankind, a great sinner,” and then exclaimed, after a the more I perceive the Scriptures to be true, pause, with emphasis and power, “By grace and that man is not a whit better than tho are ye saved, through faith, and that not of word of God represents him.


Our Churches, their Pastors, and their people.

Letters ta Emigrants.

for there is room in Chelsea for the gospel yet--the late John Stenson's pulpit still re

maining unoccupied by any settled pastor, To those Ministering Brethren, and Lovers although it is well known that some desire of Gospel Truth, who, having left their Warboys, perhaps he may settle in the West

to see John Austin there, and as he has left native land, and are settled in the New for a short time. Last Sunday evening, the World, in the Colonies, and in other re- following words were sufficient for my textmote quarters of the earth,

“HOLD IIM PAST.” Considering they were DEARLY BELOVED IN THE FAITH AND the words of Judas, they might appear barren FELLOWSHIP OF THE GOSPEL - I cannot words to preach the gospel from, but they thank you individually, or write you se

furnished some useful hints. After noticing parately; nor can I answer all your questions Judas, as one of the twelve; and Flaveli touching the stato of our Zion, privately; says, the Apostles were described by three but as I am travelling hither and thither,'i terms" the feet of Christ, the eyes of God, will endeavour to furnish you with a few and the breasts of the church ;” and this high notes through the medium of this little Ves- office which Judas held, seemed to the SEL, and this is a small earnest of the future. highest aggravation of his sin; after noticing -ED.

Judas, we reflected upon three things as pos

sible. First, it is possible for a believer to PETERBOROUGH.- April 3rd, 1858. I heard hold Christ very fast : I mean, there are again this morning, of some of the little times, when faith, love, zeal, and prayer, jealous and saucy black coats, who speak and help the soul to come very near unto him, write critically and sarcastically of my notes, and to embrace him with the deepest affection, which would be totally unworthy of my and much intensity of desire. It is also quito notice, were it not to express my pity for possible for believers to hold Christ very them, and to assure them that their labour loosely; and in this cold, indifferent hold of is in vain; and I would advise them to spend him, and in a lukewarm state of mind, many, their time, and use their talent in more de- very many, I fear, are living. It is also votion to the Master they profess to serve. possible for a man, who is a believer in Christ With this brief word, and wishing them all to be so far sunk as to lose hold of Christ good bye, I purpose, while riding from Peter- altogether, so far as sense, enjoyment, and the borough to London, to write a note or two of exercise of faith is concerned. But the vital this journey, in some parts of Cambridge - bond of union between Christ and all the shire. These little notes are useful in three Father gave him, never can be broken, ways. First, they are memorials of good days although in seasons of declension; in times spent in the vineyard of the Lord. Secondly, of soul desertion; and in nights of spiritual they furnish information of the position and darkness, all our realization of the union may prosperity of some of our brethren ; which is be lost. To be enabled to hold Christ fast acceptable to many thousands in Zion, not in the power of the Spirit, in faith, in prayer, only in England, but in America, Australia, and in gospel obedience, is a great mercy; and other parts of the earth ; and if, and thus to “HOLD HIM" is my inmost and through the medium of the EARTHEN VESSEL, earnest desire. I can run into a poor isolated believer's cot, Last Wednesday, I left home by Eastern in some far-off corner of the earth, and give Counties Railway, for Somersham, being inhim a report of what his dear friends are vited by Mr. Joseph Flory to preach in the doing at home; I certainly rejoice in a work | Old Baptist Chapel, in Somersham, which I so humble.-Then, thirdly, these notes some- was permitted to do; although I was not so times lead up the minds of my readers to a happy in my work as sometimes. Cambridge, contemplation of some precious portion of shire is called “the Granary of England;" God's word; therefore, while such privileges a large quantity of corn is grown in that are given to me, may I be humble, grate County; and in that County, too, there is & ful, diligent, and devoted to the good cause, very large amount of gospel preached, and a and desiring more than ever, to have my great many churehes are flourishing there. heart right with God, and filled to overflowing Somersbam bas, at present, two Baptist inwith love to the Saviour, and a holy zeal for terests; but, it is hoped, the two will come the glory of his name. Last Lord’s-day together when Mr. Flory leaves his chapel; morning, I had a good time in Unicorn Yard and this he purposes to do this year. ChatChapel, and the congregation looked cheerful. teris is not far from Somersham; in that I hope good was done. In the afternoon I town there are two Baptist Chapels; Mr. went to the re-opening of the old Baptist Joseph Wilkins is minister of one, and Mr. Chapel, Cook's Ground, Chelsea ; this was Griffiths of the other. I know both these the text-"For Christ is not entered into good men, and my prayer is, that they may the holy places made with hands ; but into both be very useful-especially as there is a heaven itself, there to appear in the presence Puseyitish sort of Cole" "gather"-ed there, of God for us." Mr. Wheeler is chosen the popish fumes of which, are by no means pastor there; I wish him much good speed; good. I hope the red-cover party will not allow their unhallowed prejudice to move there was no Hotel : it was two o'clock in the them, to divide, disturb, or distress the Bap- morning; all was as still as death; we walked tist interest in Chatteris—it is high time that into the town of Whittlesea; not a soul was that species of modern Popery—that Anti. to be seen; not a sound was to be heard; Christ of recent origin-that cruel serpent all appeared to be sunk into a profound dead rolled up beneath the folds of a pretended sleep. My companions went first to one Inn deep sanctity, and assumed high pitch of and then to another, knocking, and looking ministerial faithfulness – I repeat, fearless -tapping, and calling-walking, watching, of all that insincere men can do, it is high and waiting; but all was in vain : we were time, this “stand aside, I am holier than like “THE THREE MEN WHO SEARCHED THB thou,” was exposed; for it is exercising a CITY AT MIDNIGHT,” but our searching only much more withering and delusive tendency sunk us deeper in dismay, for it appeared as among our churches than many are aware of. though, throughout the whole province of The most awful onslaught recently made in Whittlesea, there was not a living soul to be Chatteris, upon an honest Christian workman, found-neither friend or foe-neither watch. is a first-rate specimen of what some pro- man, policeman, workman, or wayfaringman fessors would do, if they were permitted, could be seen; and although my companions

On Thursday morning: myself and Mr. knocked, rattled, rung, and flung, still, all Flory, set off for March, in Cambridgeshire; I was of no avail,' and none of us knew where in the original and first Baptist chapel of the Baptist Parsonage was, so to walk the that town, I preached that evening. Mr. David streets like so many Wandering Jews, apMale is chosen the minister of that place for peare our doom ; the sleepy inhabitants in. one year, with a hope that the Great Head of directly said—"there is no room for you the church may pour upon him such a mea- preaching men here ;” and really there was sure of anointing power, and so crown his something in all this very much like unto labours with success, that for many years he the spiritual condition of the place ; for, sare may be there settled, as a good gospel preach. in Zion chapel, there appears little more than er; and a devoted pastor over å holy flock of a sleepy profession; churches and chapels in the true sheep of Christ ! he has a work to do Whittlesea are far sunk down, except in if he makes a permanent stand ; and every brother Ashby's favoured Zion. The thought lover of Zion must pray, that David Male's to me is pleasing now, that during these hours work may be pure, powerful, and of extensive of vainly searching for a bed, I was kept in a good to souls. think the Lord has given measure of quietness ; and this most singular him some seals. Oh! may he have many; circumstance appeared to help me to underwe shall all watch him closely, and pray for stand the text on my mind, better than any him with deep concern. The chapel is very commentator could have done. In my text neat and compact; and I had a good time in the Church said " I sleep, but my heart wak. speaking from the 46th Psalm. Mr. Forman, eth.It was so with me. I had been preach. the pastor of the other Baptist cause in March ing and travelling all the week; and I was is still growing in every sense. He is one of weary, faint, and sleepy; but my heart was the few in these days, whose ministry con- awake to much sweet meditation.

My bre. tinues to be a great blessing unto his people, thren and companions were much disturbed : and whose earnest sowing of the good seed, they thought they could soon find me a comis followed by a copious ingathering of very fortable resting place ; but they could not : precious souls. We exceedingly rejoice in they ran from Inn to Inn, and from house to this.

house, but dead disappointment met them at The next day (Good Friday,) I was en- every turn. I looked on. I neither knocked gaged to preach, Morning and Evening at nor called; but I thought it was all well, beWhittlesea-brother David Ashby's “Zion," cause, although no human voice was to be and, as it was impossible to get there by heard, but the complaints of my companions, train in the Morning, it was agreed that the yet, I heard, a whisper within, saying “it is brethren Male and Flory accompany me, and the voice of my beloved, saying, OPEN TO ME, that we take the Mail train that night-sleep my sister, my love, my doce, my undefiled, for at the Railway Hotel on the Station, and then my head is filled with dew; and my locks walk into Whittlesea in the Morning, Be- with the drops of the night.I thought the fore we started from March, we had supper night was the long dark night of the anti-dein the late Mr. Grounds's mansion ; after luvian age-the patriarchal, and the prowhich a hymn was sung, and the Scriptures phetic ages-yea, and all that night from the were read, and prayer was offered : while we moment the church fell in Adam, until that were on our knees in prayer, these words night when the angels ushered into our world, came to my mind; “My head is filled with "THE SAVIOUR, WHICH IS CHRIST THE dew, and my locks with the drops of the night." LORD.” Ah ! many thoughts went sweet into These words seemed at once so powerfully to my soul. I saw, in the eye of my mind, that lead up my mind to the Person of Christ, and every time Christ came in a type, in a prohis deep travail of soul, that I was sure I mise, or in a prophecy-he, in substance, said, must preach from them; but in what way, I “OPEN TO ME!" Oh! Yes! His heart, could not tell. About midnight, we set off from all eternity, was leaping and longing to for the Mail train, the moon shone bright; come and fulfil the covenant into which he air was very frosty; the roads good; and on had entered.

Lo! I come. Lo ! I come. the best things we talked, until in the Rail. OPEN TO ME! OPEN TO ME." These were way carriage we were safely shut. When we his own precious words; and in the most reached the Station at Whittlesea, we found endearing terms did the glorious bridegroom

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