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Our CHURCHES, (continued)

Reviews of Books 27, 33, 52, 75, 99, 148, 199

Loosley Row
259 Revival meetings in Englanä

London Churches and their Movements 192 Reign of Grace

Little Moorfields

92, 120 Remarks on Mr. Cozens's Word for the
169 Precept

Liniply Stoke
212 Smitten Shepherd, the

97, 154 Satan Defeated Again

241 Sin against the Holy Ghost

168 Smith, Mr J. Life of

320 254
Mile End, Hephizibah Chapel 248 Some more work for John Andrew 158
194 Suffolk Association

Norwich Orford Hill
95, 167 Seven-fold Study of the Bible

Poplar, William-street 26 169, 240 Six Questions Touching Eternal Punish-
194 ment

Plymouth, the Churches at 92, 157 Seven Arguments in Favour of Strict
192 Communion

Red Hill
, Opening New Chapel . 215 | The Old Man versus Self

With engraving-see Frontispiece. The Great Mystery and Perfect Glory of
194 217 the Gospel Dispensation

171 196
Swallowfield, Formation of Church

70 The Spirit willing, the Flesh Weak 110
75 191 The Coming Revival

Southwark Unicorn Yard
96 239 The Three Crowns

St. Pancras Goldington-cresent 119, 266 The Power of Grace

218, 263 The New Song

Thaxtead, Essex
71 The Rending of the Veil


239 The Way to the Pit

26 The Greatest Sinner ever saved by the
120 Precious Blood of Christ

Walworth, Rise and Progress of the The Wonderful Dealings of God to one of
216 the most unworthy

51 United Ministerial effort

Walworth, opening of the New Unity in the Churches

School Room, East Lane
165 Voice from America

Yately, Hants, History of the Church.. 193 What is Baptism, and from whence 37

What do we want in the Pulpit

Bloomfield's, Mr. Annual Meeting 72 Webster, Mr and the Church at Hartley
Brunt, Mr, at Hungary-hill
190 Row

Carpenter, Mr. at the Cause at Duns- Word, a, for the Precept

94 Work Done, by J. A. Jones...

Jones, Mr.J. A. Jubilee
262 282 Warning to Backsliders

Moyles, Mr. Tenth Anniversary 142 Young Draper, the

Murrell, George...

202 Zion afflicted with Wave upon Wave 132
Pells, John, and the cause at Soho 260
Philpot, Mr J. C.on London Religion & 275

Samuels, Conversion of E.
120 A Dialogue on the Unpardonable Sin

Wells, J: in the Surrey Gardens, 45 Australian Echo Rebounding

Progressive movements 179 Believer's Exercises

Wilkins, Joseph, and the cause at


49 Come unto me ...

Wyard, Mr G. welcome to Deptford .. 69 Divine Preservation

Peter, the Great Pioneer
267 Distant Land

Power of the Pulpit

10 34 Freedom from the Law and Redemption
Plea for Sabbath Schools
211 by Christ

Proposed Association for Berks and Lines in Memory of H. Lees


265 on the Death of John Keeble 209
Prayer by J. Bloomfield


Mrs Barnes .. 210
Prayer and Praise

122 Man's work weighed in the balance 116
Questions on Infant Baptism
16 Nearer to Thee

266 Nothing to Pay

92 Prayer Answered

Cracknell, J. E.
214 Rest for the Weary

Cozens, S.
288 Sorrowful, yet always Rejoicing

Drake, T.

89 Sin shall not have Dominion over you 152
Inwards, John

21 The cup which my Father hath given
Marston, c. H.

149 me shall I not drink it
Palmer, Joseph

291 The Pulpit and the Godly Minister 143
Perrett, Mr

219 The Noble Army, The Faithful Band 84
Pascoe, E.
216 The Secret Disciple

Pells, John
293 The Pastor's Chief Desire

Reflections on the Ramsgate Sands 101 The Right Way


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Jud Christian Becord.

A Ilew Year's Address,


FELLOW-MORTALS, AND CHRISTIAN MEN, Christianity, but who might be induced to In commencing the fourteenth volume of this read such notable stories as we this month work, there is a large variety of subjects give of the martyrdom of the Christian which present themselves as candidates for woman of Chipping Sudbury; and, thereby, our contemplation and discussion ; but as our under God's blessing, might be led to conlimits are scant, and the demands upon our sider of their ways, be pricked in their hearts, columns overwhelming, we are compelled to and to cry. out, “What must I do to be hold in the reins of our thoughts, and simply saved ?” And to meet such an inquiry, we address ourselves, in a few practical words, to are deeply concerned at all times, that the five distinet classes of persons.

Holy Spirit should enable us, ministerially First, To our Readers.

and editorially, to "go through the gates,". Secondly, To our Correspondents.

that is, to open up the way of salvation as Thirdly, To our Fellow-labourers in the purposed in the covenant of grace; as fully Ministry

accomplished by the dear Redeemer; as deFourthly, To our Benefactors.

clared in the gospel, and as revealed in the Lastly, To Ourselves.

hearts of the whole election of grace by the 1. To our Readers. Ve confess we are Eternal Spirit himself ;-to gather out the sensible of the imperfections of our work, and stones, and to lift up a standard to the peo. therefore, that so many of you, - perhaps ple, that so we might, as Paul says “by all more than ten thousand monthly,— should means save some. have continued to look upon us, and still Are any of our readers of this class now hold up our bands, is a marvel; especially saying, “Oh, but my sins, my sins are greater when we know that not a few of the than can be forgiven! The difficulties of my pastors of our churches use all their in- salvation too great to be overcome ?" We fluence to denounce us ;-when we reflect would say to such, as John Flavel once said,upon the immense number of other publi- " There is merit enough in his blood, and cations constantly issuing, and when we con- mercy onough in his bowels, to justify and sider the huge difficulties under which we have save such as thou art.And if thero is in laboured, we are anxious most unreservedly one corner of thy poor penitent heart the to thank you for the patronage you have be- smallest grain of grace that can be, if there stowed upon us; and as we have testimonies, be in thy poor weeping eye the most imperfect not a few, that Tub EARTHEN VESSEL has looking unto Jesus for a full and a free salvabeen an instrument of good to many souls, we tion, although thy sins burden thee, and Satan earnestly crave your continued and persever. hindors thee, yet certain it is, ing support, beseeching you, not only to read The time of love will come, it yourselves, but that you circulate it in your

When thou sbalt clearly see neighbourhoods, among your friends, and that Not only that he shed his blood, you send it to other shores, and other climes,

But you shall say, FOR ME. where multitudes of our countrymen are now Self-deceiving souls, is another class of migrating, and are truly pleased when tidings readers we would labour to be useful to. This from British Zion come to their hands. is an extraordinary day for making the gospel

There are, at least, six different kinds of amusing, pleasant and suited to the natural readers for whose soul-profit we would labor. desires of the natural mind. We have the

(1). Such as are yet strangers to Christ, and gospel and tea-gardens, religion and bazaars, have no saving knowledge of his dear name. preaching and public excitement, all so assoWhen we commenced this EARTHEN VESSEL, ciated together, that the old-fashioned way of one desire we had, was, to publish the essential taking up the cross and following the Saviour truths of the gospel in such interesting and is almost unknown; and the pathway of triattracting forms, and by such soul-stirring bulation is despised; and those who contend facts, as might catch höld of the minds of for that salvation which begins in broken many who would not read dry arguments, or hearts, and is evidenced by a suffering for naked essays on the doctrines and duties of Christ, are looked upon as enemies to the

VOL. XIV.-155.


ommon weal; they are denounced as bigots, | a guilded napkin, and then turned them off and scorned, shunned, and shut out of the into hell. Ministers, Deacons, and gospel pale of the fashionable Christian circle, as the professors all!-- Many of you have slandered Ieper was in olden times. The number is not us because we bave been over willing in trying small in these days, " who easily take up a to do good-and we have been too often in satisfaction of their interest in Christ;' and error, we will confess—but unto many of you, immediately, many of them become zealous we dare to say-(for we know some of you teachers, lecturers, preachers, or missionaries, better than you think we do—we say), beware, while there is much cause to fear they know lest, at last, it be said to you—Remember, neither the terrors of the law nor the sove- thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things," reign remedies of the gospel. “Remember, &c., &c. Oh, covetous professors, beware. friend (says a Devonshire deep taught scribe), There are also loose and careless hearers of remember, whatever plausible encomiums men the gospel. The Lord help us, to contend for a may pat thy dark head with, however much holy faith, and for fruits becoming the real thou mayest flatter thine own soul that disciples of Christ ! heaven is thine, remember, thy final sentence There are some who have been great sinners is not yet come from the mouth of thy Judge ; — but they have obtained mercy; we would and what, if after all thy self-flattering labour to stir them up to give full proof of the hopes, and groundless confidences, a sentence verity of that word, where much is forgiven, should come from him quite contrary to that that much forgiveness produces an abundance. of thine own heart, and to that of thine oun of love to the Great Forgiver. There is one favourite minister, WHERE ART TIIOU THEN? more class of readers, they are those who live What an awfully confounded sinner thou then on Christ—with Christ and for Christ. Oh, wilt be! Christless, speechless, and helpless, happy men! to cheer you, and comfort you, all at once !" Oh, be not deceived ! if thou art shall be our constant aim, by all the mind and building for cternity, be sure that our poet's material our Lord shall give. words must be the vitalizing expression of thy Secondly, In addressing our Correspondents, very soul,

we are confounded. Their liberality has so On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;

far exceeded our limits, that our arrears are All other ground is sinking sand.

dreadful to look upon. Many are offended,

and consider we deserve to be driven from our In olden time, God appointed three lend- editorial chair; we are often of the same mind; ers, to lead his ancient people safely-Moses, but as there is a difficulty in finding another the law.giver, led them out of Egypt through Issacbar-(please to read Genesis xlix. 14,) the sea to Sinai; Aaron, the priest, led them we must continue to do the best we can, so to the bleeding sacrifice, and to the tabernacle, long as the Providence of God, and the pato seck for the blessings of pardon and peace; tience of the people, permit us here to toil. David, the king, led them to victory, to the We have a number of valuable papers which ark of the covenant, and to the kingdom. we hope to give shortly—and communications The law must be our schoolmaster until Christ experimentally, and historically, illustrative comes,

of the Grace of God in Zion, will at all times To be of sin the double cure,

receive our most careful attention. To cleanse you from its guilt and power.

Thirdly, To our Benefactors—those kind

friends who bave responded to the proposition Then--and only then, can he say to you of the committee for the redemption of tbis “Come, yo blessed of my Father, inherit the publication, we are specially grateful. Somekingdom prepared for you from the foundation thing like £80 has been subscribed towards the of the world.”

We are exceedingly jealous : £250—the price at which TAE EARTHEN because we fear soul.deceiving work is now VESSEL was transferred again to us. The rampant : and to unmask the mere letter- sums contributed have been, for the most part, preacher-to undeceive the priest-ridden, small; but the testimonies of usefulness forshould be our aim, and the great aim of all warded with those sums, have oncouraged our who are ambassadors indeed for Jesus Christ hope that our labour is not in rain. There

Covetous worldly-minded professors are an. are few, if any who know the painful position other class of readers we would labour to reach. we occupy, in pecuniary matters.

Our prinWe boast not. No.-God forbid. But we cipal desire for time, is, to live and labour, may say, we have spent the greater part of until it shall be seen that our faith in the proour life and many hundreds of our own- mises which lay at the end of the ninety-first and of other people's stores-in endeavouring Psalm, has not been of a false and fatal to publish THE PURE GOSPEL OF CHrist. character. We have been dashed hither and thither, while Fourthly, To our Brethren, the Pastors and sailing in the gospel ship, and all that has been Ministers of the word, we are disposed to given us, we have as freely given again. But, write at some length, but space cannot be Oh, what wretched clenching of fists; what allowed: this privilege is deferred; although covetous souls; what defrauders of Zion, have The Present Character and Condition of the we known and seen! To them we would say-Gospel Ministry is a subject which an able and Beware! Jest the dust of the earth so get an impartial mind might discuss to great adinto thine eyes that thou never see the beauty vantage. or the necessity of Christ. There have been A few words must suffice. And first of all, thousands, who have had their pews, their we would express our most hearty thanks unto places, and their pompous persons in the vis. all who have in any measure co-operated with ible church, over whose oyes Satan has drawn us in labouring to disseminate the truth as it is in d'osus: and even to those good and gra- all sailing in one ship--and on our banner is cious men who do not recognise us, we can inscribed, most heartily say-as the sainted John did to his well beloved Gaius—“beloved, we wish

Sovereign grace o'er sin abounding! above all things that thou mayest prosper, We are all sailing under one Captainand be in health." The times which have

JEHOVAH JIREH_Immanuel God with us! been passing over our churches in London, have been severely trying. An extraordinary We are all looking toward one portand an unusual excitement like a whirl-wind,

The desired haven. has been driving through us: nearly every church in the metropolis has been sifted and Wo are all anxious to enter into ono cityshaken: some few' ministers have been

The city of the living God. shaken too. The excitement has been enough to scatter our churches to the winds; We must all pass over one Jordanbut it has not done so : with one or two ex

The narrow stream of death. ceptions, every minister of truth has stood his ground and the greater portion of the We shall all descend to one levelliving in Jerusalem have stood fast by their Dust thou art-and unto dust thou must return. ministers; and although we are far from a very, prosperous state of things, still, upon the We all hope to appear in the likeness of His whole, there

a great cause for thankfulness, resurrectionand we trust that the sanctifying and the sav.

The dead in Christ shall rise first. ing TRUTH of the New Covenant will be seen We all pray to be received with one welcomoto be more triumphant than ever, after these exciting influences have found their level;

Come ye blessed of my Father. and we by no means wish to insinuate that the excitement has boen productive of evil; it has And then we shall all unito in one songstirred all the churches to their very centre; and we hope the best results will follow. Albeit

Worthy the Lamb, that died, we'll cry,

For he was slain for us. we must speak again.

Ministerial brethren, let us be heard for Now, then, brethren-whether we be noblo one moment. There is gathering around us Foremen – deep Wells-men pre-existerian a large amount of the profession of truth Murrel-men-high minded Milners- logical without the power of it. There are many who Palmers-pithy and pleasing. Bloomfields are running, and many more are seeking hard sturdy Williamsons determined Joneses to run, who have a clear sounding bell, but | Baptist-despising Abrahamses—witty Bowleses we fear it is not the golden bell ; neither is -steady Attwoods—wing clipped Birds-afthere the pomegranate with it; the conse-, flicted Nunns---fine-threaded Chiverses-proquences are divisions, dissatisfactions, and found Cozenses--argumentative Boxers-fruitweaknesses. We want living, soul-feeding, ful Butterfields-lively Davises—affectionato edifying, ministers. The churches, from one Hankses – meditative Hazletons — sterling end of the land to the other, are crying out Flacks--angry Gunners-out-spoken Greens for ministers who have weight and sterling --timid and trembling Whitteridges-loudworth about them ; but they are rarely to be trumpet Haslops - courteous and kindly found. Brethron, we want that "double. Wyards-sharp and sbrill little Meereses portion" of the Spirit's unction, which shallen, patient and particular Moyles-hot-hearted able us to open up two deep places--the word Parkers — Lutheran Stringers - attracting of God- and the sinner's heart. It is not talk- Vaughans-high and holy-minded Luckinsing about the word, nor talking to the people, teaching Ponsfords - literary Wilkinses that effects the vital change: we must carry-all-before-ye Corbitts- soft and savoury through God enter into the word and through Wigmores-learned Brunts :--Yea, whatevor it into the souls of the people ; then, and not may be our natural cast, or our Gospel posi, till then, will our Churches revive. We have tion, let us, one and all, “Cease to do evil, and some men of this character; and their min- learn to do good.” Let us study to shew our, istry is a great and a growing blessing: The selves approved unto

God, workmen that need Lord long spare them, we pray. Brethren- not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word pray for us--and aid us, in contending for all of truth; and if we cannot love one another that is vital—for every branch of Truth which as, perhaps, we should aim to do, let us strive comes from heaven--and for that ministry to provoke one another unto love, and to good which commends itself to the consciences of works, and that with the great apostle we may men-driving, out Satan with all his base de- say, "And his graee which was bestowed upon lusions. As instruments in the hands of the me was not in vain, but I laboured more abunAlmighty, it lays with you, brethren in the dantly than they all; yet not I, but the grace ministry, to give us an immense amount of of God which was with me.” Whatever others help in the year now commencing. You can may do, we say, Good Lord ! let this be the send us communications of a valuable character one great aim of THE EARTHEN VESSEL. drawn from your own studies, from your own Lastly, A word to Ourselves. We have experiences, and from your own observations: looked into the glass of the Holy Word to see and you can speak for us, if the Lord shall so if there was any confirmatory resemblance. stir up your pure minds, as to constrain you in the distance, we saw something like it in to remember THE EARTHEN VESSEL. It we the builders of the seeond temple; but our are ministers of Christ's own making, we are views thereof; and our views as regards this





our darling employment, must be left until the late David Denham, some years since, in February. Ye see how large a letter, and how Unicorn Yard Chapel. He was considered little therein, we have written. The finale a sound hearted Christian man, and some is reserved. 'But, in parting, of every friend prophesied that he would live to oecupy Mr. we ask this one favour-give us your prayers, Dowling's pulpit whenever it should please your persevering aid, and that 1858 may be a the Lord to call him home. But alas ! how good year for Zion-for all her sons, and for every one of her faithful servants,—is the rain are all our thoughts, many times. We prayer of their willing servant,

rejoice to know this catastrophe was bat a

THE EDITOR. chariot to take him and his beloved wife bome Early in the year it is proposed to hold an to glory. Oh! what a sudden transition ! aggregate meeting on behalf of Tub EARTHEN | Ah! who can tell what that is, to be “Ab

sent from the body, and present WITH THE

Our Australiau Jails. We give, first, the following communica-

tion from the Junior Mr. Dowling, the THE FATAL

Mayor of Launceston. It is headedWRECK OF THE “ DUNBAR,”


On the night of Thursday, the 20th ult., through WITH SPECIAL INFORMATION LETTERS

the melancholy wreck of the sbip Dunbar, near FROM MR. 1. DOWLING, SEN., BAPTIST | the entrance of Sydney harbour, after a previously MINISTER, OF LAUNCESTON; FROM I. prosperous voyage from London-Mr. Kilner WalDOWLING, JUN, ESQ., THE MAYOR

or ler, aged 41 years, son of the late Captain Edward LAUNCESTON; AND FROM OTHER

Waller, of H.M. 87th Regiment Royal Irisb Fusiliers, and brother of Mr.J. G. Waller, of Wynard

square, Sydney; also Hannah Maria, his wife, and Last month we recorded the terrible calamity daughter of the Rev. Henry Dowling, of Launof the loss of a vessel, called “ The Dunbar,

ceston, Tasmania ; also their six children, Mary

Dowling, aged 13 years; Edward Kilner, aged whereby 139 passengers sank to rise no more 9 years: Kate Elizabeth, aged 8 years ; Maria in this time-state, and among them the eldest Theresa, aged 6 years; Arthur Henry, aged 4 daughter of the venerable Mr. Dowling, her years and three months ; John Leonard, aged 3 husband, their six dear children, and servant. Sears; and the servant accompanying them, were

all lost. From the following deeply interesting letters, Extract from a letter from M. G. Waller, Sydney: much comfortable information is derived as

" I discovered my darling Maria thrown up in regards the family bere referred to. Indeed, one of the bays of the harbour, about three miles it is to us very plain that Mr. Dowling's from the scene of the disaster. She was decently

clad in ber night dress, and having all the ap daughter was deeply convinced of the near

pearance of a placid death, and a cheerful and conness of her departure, although sbe never, it fiding submission to the will of a wise and never may be, thought that it would be in such a erring God., Poor Polly (her daughter) lying close

beside her." way. Ibis is proved by the verses she sent to her brother, and which are given below.

MANT friends of my late sister and her

beloved husband, will feel an interest in this (To the Editor of The EARTHEN VESSEL.) melancholy recital. On a very recent occa

DEAR MR. EDITOB.-ENCLOSBD aro copies, sion, writing to a christian friend here, she and extracts, of letters received from (Laun- expressed an apprehension that she should ceston) Henry Dowling, Sen., and Henry Dow-not live to reach her adopted country; and ling, Jun. ; they will be read with much inter- gave utterance to some desires in event of her est and sympathy by many friends who know husband and children being deprived of her Henry Dowling, Sen., and his family ; it is maternal care. In this letter she enclosed a wonderful with what resignation the grace of paper, with her initials attached, which, to God enabled the dear old man to bear such her family, possesses much interest, for in her dreadful tidings.

letter she expressed her appropriation of the Henry Dowling, Jun., was in his official ca- verses to her own experience and desires. pacity, as Mayor of Launceston, engaged re- The one subject-"Nearer to Thee"lieving emigrants on the Sunday alternoon, seems poculiarly and almost sublimely adapand had just sat down from prayer and praise ted to associate with her recent departure and to God for their safe arrival, when a letter present employment. The other subject is a was put into his hand from Sydney, contain- fitting exhortation, as from her sainted lip to ing the dreadful intelligence of the wreck of her sorrowing relatives and friends, that they the “ Dunbar," and loss of 139 passengers bow submissively to her Heavenly Father's and crew, out of 140 (only one man, Johnson, will.

HENRY DOWLING. remained alive); among those were eight of Launceston, 8th Sept. 1857. his own family ; a sister, her husband, and six dear children, within sight of the harbour. lines she enclosed :

The following two beautiful pieces are the You have doubtless seen all tbe particulars, in the papers, therefore I need say no more.

“NEARER TO THEE.” I leave it in your hands, and remain, yours in

NEAREK, my God, to Thee, Christian bonds, Thos. STIDSTONE,

Nearer to Thee !

E'en though it be a cross 7, St. George's Place, Brixton, Dec 12, 1857.

That ra iseth me; Mr, Kilner Waller, the devoted husband of

still all my song shall be,

Nearer, my God, to Thee, pastor Dowling's daughter, was baptized by

Nearer to Thee !

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