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Jan. 10 and 11, Mr. P. W. Williamson, held

CLARE SUFFOLK. his anniversary, in Johnson-street, chapel, Notting-hill. The brethren Samuel Milner, DEAR BROTHER BANKS, – Believing you John Foreman, and James Wells, preached are ever anxious to freight the Vessel with the sermons, and the congregation presented such things as savour of the power and vitality their pastor with a very handsome pulpit Bio of the religion of the Son of God, I write to ble. The existence and growth of this church inform you that on Sunday morning, Nov. 1st, is a living verification of that encouraging 1857,

our chapel was densely crowded, when I promise - My word shall not return unto preached from the pulpit, and gave an address me void.” No young man in London has at the waterside, from Acts viii. 35–38, after more quietly and steadily progressed as a use. which I baptized eight persons—four males ful and honorable pastor, than has Mr. Wil- and four females-varying from 14 to 57 liamson.—On Monday, Jan. 11. annual ser. years of age ; four of whom are Sabbath vices were bolden in Beulah chapel, Chapel. School teachers. On Friday, January 1st, street, Somers-town. Mr. Thomas Field, of 1858, we had a public tea and meeting in beRehoboth chapel, Shadwell, preached an ori- half of the Sabbath School, which passed off ginal and wholesome sermon, in the after- capitally, suitable addresses being delivered, noon; and after tea, the public meeting was pièces sung, reading the Scriptures, and opened, by prayer (by C. W. Banks) and ad- prayer; and a unanimous vote of thanks to dresses from the pastur, Mr. S. Cozens, the the young friends, teachers in the school, for brethren Bloomfield, Boxer, John Garritt, and providing so comfortably. , Sunday, January John Pells, of Clare, touching the Christian's 3rd, after preaching from James ii. 18, (“:Yea, future prospects: the meeting was pro- a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have fitable in several ways.-On the same even works: shew me thy faith without works, and ing an over crowded meeting was holden in I will shew thee my faith by my works,'!) I John-street, Holloway: the pastor, brother immersed one young person, who gave satis. Webb, presided. Mr. Palmer, of Homerton, factory proof that she had passed from death gave a powerful address; after him little ser- unto life. Thus the Lord is blessing us, and mons with illustrations, were given by Messrs with such lively stones, he is building, up & Flack, Green, C. W. Banks, and others. This spiritual house, holy, and acceptable to himself little garden looked as fresh as ever.

by Jesus Christ. Now, Mr. Editor, allow me The anniversary of Mr. Thomas Chivers's to state that your correspondent, who signs ordination was holden at Christmas, in “Ebe. himself “A Peckham Plain Man," is in error nezer,” Webb-street, Bermondsey New-road. as it regards the Clare people not noticing Mr. Bloomfield preached. The brethren Fore-you, for were you to come to Clare to-morrow man, Wells, Flack, and Bowles gave some the pulpit would be at your service, and not a good discourses in the evening. All appeared murmuring word would be uttered by either happy and at home in the best things. We the pastor or deacon, or even a single member understand a building fund is raising to build of the church. One of my deacons told me a more commodious chapel for Mr. Chivers that the pulpit was at your service at the and his friends. Our young suburban causes time the people were destitute of a pastor; are holding on in spirit and in truth. and it is hoped that should you come to the

EBENEZER CHAPEL, BUTTESLAND STREET, Keddington anniversary this year, you will East Road, City ROAD.-The annual tea preach at Clare the evening previous to the meeting was held on Tuesday, Jan. 5th. Up- same. Sometimes at Clare we are called wards of 150 took tea. The public meeting Herald people. Well, we love the brethren was presided over by Mr. S. Green, the pastor. connected with the Gospel Herald, and are The chairman stated that during the past year glad to state that we have the promise of its 21 members had been added to the church; | fourfold increase circulation during the pretwelve by baptism, the other nine had been sent year. Now as it regards theVESSEL, every previously baptized, for which the church de- one knows you are the Editor, and í have sired to thank God, and take courage. Mr. spoken both of it and you from the pulpit, Foreman then addressed the meeting on the and during the present year, instead of eleven subject of the gospel armour, after which, the / subscribers we have forty-four, a fourfold in. pastor, Mr. S. Green was presented by one of crease. Thus, Mr. Editor, you see how vers the deacons in the name of the church, with a much you are disliked at Clare. Several baptizing suit, consisting of waterproof overalls friends have asked me which periodical I preand alpaca gown, as a mark of their esteem fer, the Vessel or the Herald? My reply and attachment to him. Messrs. Wells, Mil, was, “If you read them both, you will know ner, J. A. Jones, and Hazleton then addressed, which you like most;" consequently they gave the meeting on the subject of the gospel ar- me an order for a copy of each. Let other mour. Mr. J. S, Anderson closed the meeting ministers and agents do likewise, then our

worthy Editors will not have to complain 80 SHADWELL.-In Rehoboth Chapel, Victoria- much of their pecuniary difficulties. The street, Shadwell, one of the very best meetings Lord grant them success, and abundantly was holden on Tuesday, January 19th. Mr bless you, Mr. Editor, in your works of faith Thomas Field, the pastor, presided, supported and labours of love, is the prayer of yours in by his brethren Bloomfield, Samuel Cozens, Christ Jesus,

JOHN PELLS. and others, who gave some intelligent and en. couraging addresses. We sincerely rejoice to be able to state Mr Field's health is better ; and his ministry in Rehoboth is gradually prospering.

with prayer.


Onr Australian Mails.

should be called to work in this part of the church,-16,000 miles from that spot where the Lord was pleased to make me the

honoured instrument in the conversion of A LETTER

many who were obiiged to pray for them. FROM JOAN BUNYAN MCCURE, selves, and walk in the footsteps of the flock. OF AUSTRALIA,

I am sure it will give you great pleasure to

hear that the Lord is pleased, as a special TO MR. JOHN FOR AN.

favour, to give his poor unworthy servant a

message to his dear people in this distant land: MY DEAR BROTHER.—Grace unto you, and he has made bare his arm, and takes the peace, from him who was delivered for our prey from the mighty, and gathereth a peooffences, and raised again for our justification. ple around the standard of eternal truth, a

In looking over the EARTHEN VESSBL for people from all parts of England, Ireland, 1848, I was much pleased in again reading Scotland, and Wales, who fear his name, the outlines of that important charge you and some of whom are united together in the gave me, on the day of my ordination, as bonds of church fellowship. Through the pastor of the baptist church, Hadlow. The goodness of the Lord, we have been enabled text was “the work of the ministry.” It is to build an house for the Lord; a stone now more than seventeen years since the Lord chapel, that will seat between two and three called me to this great and honourable work : hundred persons : we have named it “Mount many have been the trials, losses, and temp- Zion Chapel," and propose opening it on tations through which I have had to walk; Lord's-day, November 1st. One of our friends notwithstanding, grace has reigned, and the will forward a report of the opening to the work of the ministry has been, and is more EARTHEN VESSEL. sacred to me than wealth, friends, or life. Mrs. McCure joins with me in prayer to the For I can say, “though I preach the gospel, Lord, that peace and prosperity may be with I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is thee, and with love to you and Mrs. F., laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me if I preach I am, my dear brother, yours in our precious. not the gospel : the precious, glorious gospel Lord Jesus,

JOHN B. McCURE. of salvation. The salvation of God's own Moorabool-st., Geelong, elect, through the blood of the everlasting Oct. 14. 1857. covenant, as the consequence of electing love and eternal union: God hath chosen you from the beginning to salvation, through 'sanctification of the Spirit, and belief of the truth. NEW BAPTIST CHAPEL, GEELONG, Jehovah, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, is our salvation; therefore, everlastingly perma

MR. J. B. MOCURE. ment to all the seed royal, the redeemed of the Lord. The manifestation of their cove- DEAR BROTHER BANKS.- Grace, mercy, nant character, and relationship, and standing and peace be with you and all who love our as dear children, accepted in the Beloved, is Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and truth. through the power and grace of the Spirit Doubtless you will be surprised to receive a Jehovah, being brought to Christ, under a letter from me in this part of the world, but I sense of sin, with felt need that corresponds cannot now enter into details; suffice it to say, with all he is; "who of God is made unto us that I have proved that God moves in a myswisdom, and righteousness, sanctification and terious way, and that goodness and mercy have redemption;" and need that can only be sup- followed me to the present moment, not only plied by that precious blood that cleanseth in providence but in grace, my soul having from all sin; need by which a poor child of been kept alive in the midst of famine, not God feels that he cannot do without a having had the privilege of a Gospel ministry precious Christ; to whom he is coming, from the time of leaving England until my Looking, hungering, in whom he confides, on arrival here in May last. I was most kindly whom he leans, and upon whom he calls, received by my good brother and present pas “Oh! visit me with thy salvation."

tor, John B. Ú'Cure, whose ministry is much Such being led by the Spirit of God, are the owned and blessed of the Lord to the convin. sons of God, and shall to the end stronger and cing and converting some who were in nature's brighter shine. O, my brother, what a special darkness, reclaiming backsliders and comfortfavour thus to have the witness within, in ing and building up in the truth as it is in the court of conscience, that we have passed Jesus those who are enquiring their way to from death unto life, and are thus evidenced Zion with their faces thitherward. I believe as the chosen and redeemed of the Lord; and I am right in stating that the present cause that, amid the trials and temptations, and was commenced about the date of the year reproaches, through which we have to pass, 1856 by the union of five persons, which num. that we have likewise our witness in heaven, ber has now increased to thirty-one. We and our record on high; therefore, in all have a nice little stone chapel built and nearly these things we are and shall be more than finished which we hope will be opened Novemconquerers through him that loved us. ber the lst (about 12 months from the first

When you gave me the right hand of fel- formation of the church), by brother lowship in the name of the Lord, as a fellow- McCure, and brethren Ward and Allen, 'from labourer in the gospel, I did not think that I Melbourne. We hope to have a good day. As


regards the temporal position of the chprch, there is not a pure gospel ministry. Will a the ground is bought and paid for (£150). I man leave the snow of Lebanon which cometh think by the time all is finished, the building from the Rock; if so, let him take heed that itself and the vestries will cost nearly £700; he find, not a famine of bread or of water, but this, considering that there is not one amongst of hearing the words of the Lord. Yours, for our number who can be said to be rich, you Christ Jesus' sake, John B. Evans. will say is a heavy burden, but though we are Since writing the above, I have received the poor, yet the promise is to the poor of this May VESSEL, as also a letter from brother world, rich in faith, and as the Lord has given Chivers, and brother Mead. G. Dyer's letter our brethren faith and confidence in himself is good, and, I believe, true. The congregathat he will bless and prosper the undertaking. tion he speaks of under Mr. Hewlett are one doubtless it must go on; though Satan, with in sympathy and interest with the “General all his enemies, try to stop the way, and though Baptist Missionary Society." Mr. H. may, for Balaam the false prophet may be eager to curse aught I know, be a good man, but as regards the people. It is the only cause of pure, yea and his duty-faith ministry it may be written, amen, gospel truth in Geelong.

It is to be “Tekel.” (Dan. v. 25.) “There is death in named, I understand, “ Mount Zion," and the pot.” The sheep cannot feed after their may the dear Lord command his blessing, manner. Since leaving Sydney, I hear there even life for evermore. I should tell you that is likely to be a cause of truth established there our brother McCure gives his services quite under the ministry of a Mr. Emery from one gratuitously, and that he keeps back no part of our English counties. An abundance of of the word of truth ; the trumpet gives a certain profession is to be found there, but I found it sound, and they come who are ready to perish, as regards the gospel of God to be a barren It is yea, and amen in Christ Jesus. "And land. Poor Mr. Turley struggled hard to whosoever thirsteth, let him come and take of raise up the tabernacle of David which was the water of life freely." I have felt con- fallen, but in vain. At Bathurst, beyond the strained to write from reading the July num. Blue Mountains, above 100 miles from Sydney, ber of the VESSEL, and while writing my spirit the Church of England, Romanists, Presbyyearns for the days that are past when I have terians, and Wesleyans have each a cause, but sat on an evening like this, (the Sabbath) and whether there be one individual who knows my heart has bounded within me when at the plague of their own hearts or the name of the Surrey Tabernacle, that highly favoured Jesus as the hiding place from the storm, I do servant of God, my dear pastor, who now signs not know. himself “ A Little One," has opened up the Scriptures and instrumentally led me over BAPTIZING AT HOUNSLOW.-On Lord's day again those paths through which I trust the morning, January 3rd, the first in the new year, Lord has brought me. And my dear brother two believers passed through the solemn ordinance Chivers : my wife and myself often think and of baptism. One of the candidates had been talk of him. We would, were it possible, be he has been settled here. How truly


awakened under brother Palmer's ministry since amongst those whom we did not think so dear are these seals to the ministry : the labourer's until lost to us, so far as this world is concerned, best hire. We cannot but trust a good work is perhaps for ever. While memory lasts I think going on at Zoar. We have good reason to beI shall never forget the impressive and search. lieve that several others are deeply wrought on ing solemnity of our dear brother Thwaites; long we shall have other souls desiring to foilow

through the word, and cannot but hope that ere from those words, “ And he was speechless,"

their baptized Head through the baptismal waters. at the little prayer meeting, Gloster Row, On the occasion, brother Palmer spoke from (brother Chivers's). 0! my dear brother, I can Matt. xvi. 24. He first noticed what it is to be a truly say that if any thing depends on me as a follower of Christ. 1, to love his person and creature for acceptance in the sight of God, I character ; 2, to receive bis spirit; 3, to imbibe

tread in his footsteps. shall be speechless to all eternity. But bless bis doctrines ; 4, to

Secondly, brother Palmer spoke of the necessary his precious name, though I may be, and am,

cross. 1, a family cross ; 2, a cross of heavenly from the sole of the foot to the crown of the pattern; 3, a significant cross ; 4, a sanctifying head, wounds, bruises, and putrifying sores, cross.

AN OBSERVER, and like Joshua clothed in filthy garments, yet HAPPY MEETING AT WuITTLFSBA:- Dear broJesus the Angel of the Covenant will rebuke ther, I know you rejoice in the welfare of Zion, the devourer for the sake of election's loving wherever you hear of it. I may tell you a very choice of the brand. I feel that in Jesus there happy evening was spent on Monday, January 4th, is, as it were a boundless peace. My soul an- by the church and congregation attending Zion ticipates the day when the Lord God shall been ministering the word amongst us four


Our brother Ashby has wipe away all tears from off all faces, when and God has blest that word with a signs follow. there shall be no more sin, no covetous or uning,"

as 40 have been added to the church since clean desire, but there shall be one song “ Unto January, 1854. And the chapel has been consider. him who hath loved us," and the name of the ably enlarged and improved at an expense of about

The meetcity is the “Lord is there." I should like to say ing was addressed by Mr. Whiting, of Needingmuch, very much, more concerning temporals wortb, and Mr. Foreman, of March. And the and spirituals, but want of space forbids. As friends with the ministers appeared to rejoice in regards the advisability or not of persons emi. the blessings of truth and peace. A very welcome grating, I cannot at this present time gift as a token of the affections of his people was say anything, but let every man be persuaded given to our brother Ashby, while many and in his own conscience in the sight of God, and hearty were the prayers presented to God on his so let him act, as the counsel of God may accompany the word of truth in that now enlarged direct; but let him beware of going where' and well filled house of prayer. A MEMBER.

BRIEF REVIEWS.-"A Reply to the Letter of the Roo. C. Smyth, by the Roo. J. Clements." Mr. Clements is the pastor of the Baptist church, at Woodford, near Thrapstone, in Northamptonshire. The Clergyman of Woodford, bas, in his blind zeal, endeavoured to repudiate the ordinance of Believer's Baptism. Mr. Clements, in a masterly manner, has done more in defence of that ordinance than any modern writer we have yet seen. Baptist ministers may do good by circulating this tract.

The Book of Books : a Lay Sermon by W. Tidd Matson." A pamphlet designed to urge the necessity of searching the scriptures. Mr. Matson is a talented Lecturer and Writer. We would ask one question-we wish he would reply-Does not fallen man need a Guide to direct him, and a beavenly Lamp to enlighten him, in bis search through the Scriptures? Why is it that nearly all our Lecturers, Preachers, and Divinity Writers, now leave out the Holy Spirit's Person. ality, and essential work in the matters of our Salvation ? We look in rain for this, in nearly all the productions of modern times. The faithful ministers of Christ's Gospel must more than ever insist upon the paramount necessity of the Holy Spirit's Office, Character, and Work. The omission of this is fast making way for Candles, Crucifixes, Creature-doings, and for anything and everything but the one thing needlal' without which the kingdom of God can never be seen.

A LETTER FROM SAMUEL FOSTER, OF STURRY, KENT. A LITTLE BANK Or Faith. My dear brother in to my back door ; it escaped from the fowler : the a precious Redeemer, I will try and dictate a few finest bird I ever saw " 0, what a friend, is lines to you; and tell you a little of the goodness Christ to me." The sofa that stands in my room and mercy of my ever loving and precious Saviour. was in answer to prayer at a time when most The poor bush is still burning, though not con- needed. “ Lord" I said, “ do send me something to sumed. I am ill indeed : still “it is well I" lie down on." In a few days it came : at another All must come, and last, and end,

time, when sorely tried about 9 o'clock one night, As shall please my heavenly friend.

a gig stopped at my door ; on looking out of the The Lord is gracious to me, floods cannot overflow something for you.” She ran down: the lady gave

window, a lady called my wife, and said "I have me, nor flames consume me. Never, my brother, her 28. 6d : asked after my poor body; and was did I experience before, since I have known the

gone. On the last day of August about noon, a Lord, so much of his love and mercy as I have in strange gentleman, knocked at my door, came in, my chamber of affliction. How precious at times and said, “I have heard of your case ; gare 2s.6d., is his most holy word! How sweet the commun- said my name is William ; with Christian love," ion and fellowship of my dear Redeemer!

and was gone. O that men would praise the Lord Sweet the moments rich in blessings for his goodness. He crowned the year with his Which before the cross I spend.

goodness. The last day was a blessed one. O The Lord has made this sick chamber a little may my last be like it. I had been musing of Bethel : none other than the gate of heaven.

his tender mercies to me through the past, when

these words dropped with power in my soul, “Thou Think, O my soul, if tis so sweet

shalt come to thy grave, full of days, as a shock On earth to sit at Jesu's feet, What must it be to wear a crown

of corn cometh in its season," with the lines of And sit with Jesus on his throne ?

As we draw near our journey's end, The Lord hath brought us through another year. How precious is our heavenly Friend ; He hath compassed me about with songs of deliv. And when in death we bow our head, erance. Baptized I have been in tribulation, afilic- He's precious on a dying bed. tion, pain and sorrow, yet how light, and but for My new years gift was these precious words, "Lo, a moment. My shoes have been iron and brass, and I am with you always, even unto the end." as my day my strength has been. A few things I will mention of his goodnesss to me. At one time I

My soul anticipates the day, wae longing for a partridge : it was the first of

Would stretch her wings and fly away; the season. What kind friend, I thought, would

To aid the song : the palm to bear send me one : I could not buy one. “Lord," I said,

And bow the chief of sinners there. thou canst if it please thee." In the evening of The Lord bless you is the prayer of your afflicted the same day, the Lord sent me one without hands brother in Jesus, or instrument. A gracious providence guided it

SAMUEL FOSTER. RED EMPTION FUND, FOR ENTIRELY EMANCIPATING THE EARTHEN VESSEL.” Sum announced last Nov. £80 98. 8d. Friends at Red-ditch Worcester, by Mr. Mrs E. Solomon, 5 0 0 H. Young

0 3 8 Priends from Woodlord, by T. C. 2 6 Basket and ls; from Sturmer

1 Mr Chirers.

1 0 Friend, at Saffron Walden, per brother T. A. B. 10 Dr, Wilson, Baptist Minister

0 10 0 Lincolnshire Lad, 0 1 0 Brother James Harling

0 5 0 Pawnbroker,

02 Mr John Sales, and friends Orpington... 8 i Friend, Unicorn Yard, from Holloway, 7 i o Mr Biddle, Baptist Minister, Brock. Mr R. Otterwell, 0 2 6 ham

0 5 0 Friend per Mr Butt,

05 0 Miss Winser, Margate Friend, Cave Adullam, given to C. W.

Mr G. Bartlett, Trowbridge,

0 2 6 Banks,

0 2 0
M J. Foale, Dartmouth

0 2 6 Given at Mr. Bowles's anniversary,

Friend, Mrs Gruitt

0 5 0 Widow Collyer, 0 1 H. B. C.

0 5 Christian brother (Peckhain) ..

W.S. A brother, per Mr Jas. Wells...

2 0 E. 8 F. B. 1 0 E. S.

0 0 6 Brother John Freeman Cheltenham 0 5 0 W. H. W. 8....

06 Mr Drake, pastor of Hungary Hill 0 10 0 K. E. S. G. G.

0 0 6 E. J.S. Mrs Moore, Connaught Street 05 0 Mrs Ford and Stonham friends

5 0

the poet,











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Ministerial Biography.







EXCEPT the Bible, there is no class of | as the tops of Gilboa? No, indeed we books so dear to our hearts as the bio- have not. Neither

at all graphies of truly godly men. We love happy in those hot contentions, and con-most vehemently we love--to read the troversial fires which burn up the little accounts they give of the travail of green leaves of fruitfulness growing in their poor souls of the fears of their our souls, and leave us as seared and as broken hearts, of the distress of their barren as the worst parts of an Hampagitated minds, and of the solemn sense shire heath. We would gladly away of condemnation they endured while be with all these deadletters for ever; and as neath the curses of God's violated law gladly would we leave all controversial they laid. We rejoice not in their sor- spirits to themselves; but, alas! alas ! rows in the abstract ; but three things we are no sooner out of one of these make us prize these genuine testimonies marely places than we fall into another, of a repentance that needeth not to be and to keep the Vessel, and ourselves repented of: the first is, because our own clear of them, seems impossible. Somesouls derive much comfort and confir- times, we hope that this fanning and mation from these living streams which sifting, this shaking and tossing, this from the wounded spirit of a quickened grieving and wounding of our ever deeply vessel of mercy doth flow: the second lacerated spirits, by cruel professors; reason is, because we are quite sure that controversial writers; and over zealous such souls will come into the bond of children, is designed to work out good to the covenant; into the banqueting some parts of Zion; and to develope house; and into the glorious liberty of certain truths, principles, and practices, the sons of God: the third reason is, be- which otherwise would be kept in obcause amid the multitude of professors scurity; and, therefore, we wish to bear around us, it is so rare a thing to find a with patience, the trials and the taunts man whose heart has been broken by the connected with an editor's life and labor. law, and healed by the love and blood of Especially when we consider that from Immanuel ; it is so rare a thing to find time to time, we are favored to enjoy even a gospel preacher whose spirit is fellowship with those who once mourned humble, contrite, devout, sincere, and as we do, but are now gone to glory; assimilating unto the mind of Christ ; we whither we hope, after all our battles are say, it is so seldom you can meet with fought, we shall go too. one whose secret breathings of soul tes- These remarks have rather spontatify that they are living branches of neously thrust themselves out of our Christ the living vine; these persons are minds, wbile we were about to commence so few, and so far between, that it re- a review of those two most precious joices our hearts in no small measure, volumes just issued by Mr. Henry to have even the written history of a Morgan, of the Crescent, Leicester, and really lieaven-bound servant of God. entitled : Do you think we have any fellowship A Selection from the Correspondence with mere speculators in divinity, or any of the late Rev. Joseph Chamberlain, delight in those fulsome pulpit-hunters Minister of Salen Chapel, Leicester ; which infest the churches, and split our and Sketches of some of his Sermons ; with Zion into ten thousand atoms? Do ye Brief Recollections of his Life and Last imagine we are at home with men whose Illness. By his Widow. In two volumes, brains are as active as the electric wires, with Portrait." but whose hearts are as hard and as dry And two very handsome volumes they

VOL. XIV.-No. 156.


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