Sidor som bilder

its place, and the law of life and liberty have, HOW WE LEFT GOSPEL OAK. its place.

This duty-faith doctrine feeds pharisees,and You children of prayer, I trust you may tips with poison the arrows that are sent at see the dealings of the Lord toward a poor men of God. Let those who luxuriate so much feeble one like unto me. A long time it had upon duty-faith, beware how they despise those been my wish that I might be enabled to with whom they pretend, in the free-grace attend the services of the Lord's-house, but part of their creed to be one. This duty: through the length of the journey, and the faith doctrine is no new heresy; it is one of afflictions of the body, many precious seasons the last leprous spots of popery, that marked were neglected. I have often asked my wife nearly all the Puritan Fathers; but still, it is if she would consent to give up business and high time that this black spot was taken away; live nearer to the house of the Lord; but she it ought to be cast to the moles and to the would not consent : finding I could not prebats ; it makes empty the soul of the hungry, vail upon her by fair reasoning, I betook and causeth the drink of the thirsty to fail. myself to prayer, in my feeble way, asking the It aims to tie truth and error together. But Lord if he would please to cause something to why then have some good men preached this occur that she might see with me in the matduty-faith doctrine ? They have preached it ter. The first event the Lord permitted to for these two reasons : first, because they have come upon me was affliction; which caused thought that they have found it in the letter me great difficulty to go and come. I hoped of the Word; and second, that they have not this would prove effectual in causing her to faith enough in God to trust him with his own leave the place; but her objection then truth, and therefore to make up this their lack seemed to rest upon our youngest son, saying, of faith in God, they exercise a little faith in " what would become of him, seeing he had the creature; and, fearing God will not begin no trade?" Since then, the Lord has per. the work soon enough, they appeal to the mitted another heavy stroke; by taking this creature to begin at once as it is, say they, his dear child by a sudden accident: he went duty to do. They feel that they ought to speak into a small factory opposite our house after to the dry bones as well as to the living bones, dinner, and fell in contact with two tooth and they are not content to prophecy as the wheels, and was, in a few minutes, launched Word commands, but must call upon the dry into eternity. He was a most affectionate bones to help themselves; and so, after con- loving child. A short time before this acci. fessing, tacitly deny the state men are in by ident, he caught hold of his mother by the nature, and though their duty-faith doctrine neck, and said, “Oh, mother! Oh, mother! be a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint, yet do let me have one kiss,” and that was the they still have great confidence in it, and last parting kiss she ever had; and hanging while they thus try to serve two gospels, they round me and kissing me was the last act he are faithful to neitter. The Lord open their did, a few minutes before his sudden death. eyes and set them right; so prays

My dear wife said, she thought in her own A LITTLE ONE. mind she would make a rod, to try to make

him leave off these fond ways, as he was

nearly twelve years of age ; but she told me “ HOPEFUL’S” ADDRESS since, in tears, the rod was preparing for her,

and she does believe it is the Lord's doings, TO THE CHURCH AT SOHO, OXFORD STREBT. though marvellous and painful in our eyes,

for we had no just cause to continue any lon[A correspondent requests the insertion of the

following. These sincere expressions for the well- ger at Gospel Oak, seeing the Lord has being of Zion, indicate the coming of times fore provided all temporal good for us; but we told by prophets, apostles, and good men since have now, after these sore afflictions, removed their day.---Ed.)

nearer to the desired place, (the Lord's house.)

and are both enabled to go and come to the DEAR CHRISTIAN FRIEND8-As the Lord sanctuary. Surely our God is a God hearing hath done, and still is doing, great things for and answering prayer, though in such a way you, would it not be well for you to set a part we little think, but we trust we can say with one hour for prayer some other evening, as

one of old, “He hath done all things well !" well as Monday and Wednesday evenings; say “Blessed be the name of the Lord." I did Thursday or Friday, (or both) and let it begin relate a little of my experience in the at 8 o'clock, so as to give them an opportunity EARTHEN VESSEL for August, 1854, and it who cannot be there at the 7 o'clock services; was entitled "The happy couple at Gospel for

Oak," I trust I can say it is the same now, “Who that knows the worth of prayer though we have seen and experienced many But wishes to be also there?”

scenes since then. Your's in Christian love, We see how many churches around us are

THOMAS & MARY JOIxson. devoting their leisure hours to the worship of their God, and to prayer that the Holy Spirit Christianity of the present seems to be a vastly

Truly, as far as practice concerned, the may be poured out upon all, and shall we be different thing to the Christianity of the past. the least and last of all, who have received 80 A captious, bitter, and unforgiving spirit is much at his hands ? Try one month, for why should we let his mercies lay forgotten in un.

opposed to the whole spirit of the Gospel. thankfulness, and without praises die? Your's Therefore the persecutor, the slanderer, and in heart, A LOVER OF PRAYER.

the revengeful man, cannot rightly be called a Christian.-Knapp's Sins of the Tongue."




Last month we noticed, in few words, the with so much solemnity, and importance, in recent circulation of a pamphlet written by the day when we shall give an account of our the Rev. John P. Wallis, and entitled, “A stewardship, as the saving of an immortal Plea for Kenilworth," &c.,

&c. This pam. soul; and I am made to feel that the coming phlet is published by W. H. Collingridge, of the Lord draweth nigh—the night when City Press, London; and furnishes painful our work must cease--the morning when we evidence of the existence of a species of per- shall appear with Christ in glory.” secution carried out by several dignitaries of the Church of England against a zealous

After Mr. Wallis was threatened with Curate.

dismissal from Kenilworth, he wrote to the We have been requested to notice this pam. vicar again. In that letter he says :phlet; which request we comply with, because we are fully persuaded that a Godly, truth. reveals such a sad state of things—that which

“ Your note has cut me to the heart! It loving, and faithful Gospel-preaching Curate in the Church of England, is, in many cases,

I feared would come-a very great dislike, not in one of the worst positions in which it is so much for the manner as for the matter of possible to place a minister of Christ : and we my preaching. The manner I have varied to hope that proceedings

like the present will, please them for their good; the matter I am in time, be instrumental in working a great the Bible a more

excellent way. God is my

also willing to vary if they can show me from reformation in the machinery of the Church

witness ! of England; and that the case of her ill-paid, hard-working, and sorely-afflicted Curates, will

" I seek nothing earthly for myself; I seek meet with such consideration as shall prevent not theirs, but them. I seek to win souls to a few wealthy Pharisees from having the Christ, by preaching Christ to them in the power of casting a devoted man out of her Spirit and with the Spirit. pale.

I can only say that I have been sadly deThe plot of this Kenilworth pamphlet lays classes in Kenilworth. They love not the

ceived as to the spiritual state of the upper in a very small compass, although the working: voice of Christ, because they are not the out of the same embraces many points of great sheep of Christ. I feel that I can in truth interest. Mr. Wallis was a hard-working, and un

use the words of St. John, 'He that knoweth

God, heareth us.' usually zealous, curate, under Mr. Cadman, the rector of St George's, Southwark. The

An average of seventy communicants out vicar of Kenilworth required a curate; Mr. of 3,000 people is a sufficient indication of the Wallis was translated from the borough of real state of this parish, to any discerning Southwark to Kenilworth; and here-because

person! of his efforts faithfully to fulfil his commission, them, and anxiety

for their souls, I am ready

“Nevertheless to prove to them my love for an attempt is made to cast him away. Among the many points in this pamphlet of sakes. I am ready

to be humbled in the dust

do anything, or become anything for their interest to the church of Christ at large, the first is, “What is Mr. Wallis himself?”. Is he rudeness, or humiliation ; I am ready to do all

for them, to suffer any amount of unkindness, a living, heaven-ordained, minister of Christ's that you command in your note. I know that gospel?' Has the Holy Ghost quickened, sanc, the common sense of Kenilworth is with me, tified, and sent him to preach the TRUTH?" and the hearts of all the really converted This is a question of immense consequence. If this could not be answered, we should have dark day for Kenilworth to the poor I go for

amongst the poor, love my preaching. It is a passed the matter by; but having suffered se- the present ; meantime having laid out all my verely ourselves from priestly bigotry, we deeply feel for, and cannot but sympathize take counsel with my dear friends, Mr.

sorrow and trouble before my Master, I must with, one whom the higher powers endeavour CADMAN and Mr. BROCK, and will let you to crush, and to cast away.

know the result. Expressive of Mr. Wallis's character and

“ Those who object to the bold, searching, spirit, we here give a paragraph or two: Mr; loving, spiritual, plain preaching of the gos, Wallis, in his first letter to the Kenilworth pel are not really converted people. You told vicar, says:

me you wanted this; through the grace of the “When I was led to give up my secular Holy Spirit I endeavoured so to preach-let calling, it was with the ardent desire of giving the people be my witness. You say rightly myself wholly to the peculiar and distinct that Burton Green and the School room, work of preaching and teaching the gospel of the people love my, preaching, for they will Jesus Christ. In this spirit I came into this not endure anything but the pure gospel. London parish to labour with Mr. Cadman; There is only one gospel, and one way of and every day my conviction is strengthened, preaching that gospel effectually, and that is that I must keep

to the one work of minis- with and in the #oly Ghost. It is for preaching tering to souls ; for no work will be invested this gospel faithfully, in and with the Holy Ghost, that I am condemned by the govern- , ister and pastor, he says, I have in mind ing party' in this parish."

such a person, a worthy man, no doubt; you

see that he is a minister, but you are reminded Is this really the caso? Is “the governing of Chesterfield, not of Paul. I can scarcely party

” in Kenilworth, strong enough to turn conceive of his saying a hard thing, unless be the Vicar's heart against a man he had cor. agrees with you, and then it is to please you, dially received as a fellow.labourer in the The terrible words of Scripture would sound work of the Lord? and has Mr. Cadman, the strange on his dainty lips. He would weild bishops, and the Archbishops, all joined hands the sword of the Spirit in the most graceful against a man whom the Lord has sent and manner, but will take care not to cut you. honored? If this be so; we shall hope that His whole manner begs your pardon for the the Great Master designs to employ this zeal- utterance of certain harsh truths. Indeed, ous servant in another part of the vineyard; he would not have spoken them at all but he and, but for the fact, that “the people" flock was a minister, and he hoped no offence is by hundreds to hear Mr. Wallis, we should taken-certainly he intended none. You feel advise him to follow our Saviour's counsel, that you would prefer the rough manner of “ if they persecute you in one city, flee ye into some uneducated but earnest thunderer. another." But there is much in the Kenilworth Vicar's must be in earnest, often terribly in earnest,

Would the preacher make others believe, he letters to Mr. Wallis, which breathe a brotherly from a deep conviction of the truth of the spirit, and a Christian feeling. Mr. Bick- gospel, of its being the only way of salvation. more, the Vicar, is either a Christian minister Any mixture of false gentlemanliness, which wrongly influenced, and frightened with Mr. savours of doubt, takes off the edge of his Wallis's thundering eloquence, or Mr. Bickdiscourse, and his hearers will go away

feeling more is one of those exceedingly pleasant and that, after all, it is an open question whether quiet ministers, who never having trembled Christianity be divine. Do ministers, as much under Sinai's terrors himself, thinks men are as they should, practice this divine intolerance to be wooed and won into a profession of which lays hold of sinners to pull them out of Christianity without being raised from the the fire, the real fire of God's righteous indig, dead; without knowing what it is to have nation Does not Satan artfully insinuate the sentence of death in themselves ; or, into society, especially cultivated society, false without being compelled to "fly for refuge to rules of propriety

and politeness, to make the Hope set before them.” We do not decide : earnestness in religion disreputable, and quiet further investigation into this subject will de men in sin pos velope the features of many characters who now stand in the ministry, and we are per

How awfully doth the foolish foppery here suaded this pamphlet may be useful in dis. referred to, abound even in our churches ! covering a great deal that must be purged out Mr. Wallis having appealed to his own of our Churches, before Truth can achievo Diocesan without success, put in a powerful those conquests she is destined to achieve. It appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury. One is due to Mr. Bickmore, to give one sentence portion of that appeal we here give in closing from a letter of his to Mr. Wallis : and the this paper. He saysnote which Mr. Wallis appends thereto. Mr. Bickmore to Mr. Wallis, says

“I have not been guilty of any breach of

eccleşiastical law or discipline; it has been my “I have always protested against your con- endeavour to work in harmony with my In. version sermons.' You may be as plain' and cumbent, and with all my heart and soul, in as simple as possible, bold,' searching,' and humble dependance upon the Grace of the

spiritual,' without raising such a commotion Holy Spirit, to act up to my ordination vows, as you have raised. It is not the gospel the by laying aside the study of the world and people are offended at, but the manner in the flesh, giving myself wholly to the work of which you present it. 'Bold, searching, winning souls to Christ, and by striving to loving, spiritual, plain preaching of the gos- frame and fashion my own life, and the lives pel,' is what we ought all to aim at; you ap- of my family, according to the doctrine of pear to have left out the loving element in Christ, that we may be wholesome and godly your sermons at the church ; and hence'illa examples, and patterns for the people to fola lacrymæ."

low; and this I have wished ever to do, in all We have neither heard nor read Mr. lowliness of mind, not forgetting for a moment Wallis's conversion sermons; but we shall be the parish."

the subordinate position I occupy as Curate of able to weigh them in a future notice. To the extract

we have made from Mr. Bick- Mr. Wallis further declares that such an more's letter, Mr. Wallis appends the follow. awakening, and such“ a great revival of real ng note :

religion had commenced, as no minister had “I am reminded here of a passage in Dr. thing for him. Mr. Wallis confesses in this

produced. But the Archbishop could do noArnold's Life and Correspondence, which may pamphlet that he is not an extreme Cal. be interesting to my readers :

vanist "--but we think he is in a fire which Speaking of a preacher who is devoted to will soon burn up all his half-hearted views : the cultivation of grace and dignity of address, and ere long we shall hear his bonds are bro. aspiring rather to be a perfect gentleman, than ken. We shall anxiously watch his future a kind, frank, sympathizing and earnest min. career.

Our Churches, their Pastors, and their people


« ANOINTING THE PILLAR" AT EATON BRAY. On! the amazing heights, fathomless depths, and quickening power of the blessed Spirit ? boundless lengths, immeasurable breadths of Untold millions of yellow dust, is not worth Almighty love, grace and truth, displayed in compare. Could I possess the crowns of the the salvation of a poor, black, depraved whole universe - grasp the empires of a sinner! Can I ever be pleased or proud with thousand worlds, and shine in earth's honours one so ugly? Did ever Tyburn put an end to more brilliant than the sun, it would not the mortal career of one more blackened with give me half the pleasure as the birth of the poison of every vice than I? Ah! this precious, precious souls. Oh! how blessed to is most decidedly true, that the heir of glory know the word is clothed with majesty and is immortal, till arrested by the eternal power; that the blood-dipped arrows from the Spirit, and brought to Calvary's blood; that eternal throne, drawn by him whose bow still precious, powerful deep, which drowns in abides in strength, are reaching the hearts of everlasting silence sins unnumbered as the the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and sands, and crimes more numerous than the making them say, 'Lord, what shall I do?" stars! By what motive could heaven's purity Ever since the dear Redeemer opened my be moved, to love eternally, one, of all Adam's mouth, which is now three years, I have felt sons, the most worthless? A debtor indeed such a burning thirst for the salvation of imto glorious grace I am, and shall for ever be. mortal souls, that, at times, I have felt over

Oh! Gethsemane, and Calvary, hɔw I love whelmed in longings, faintings, and cravings. thee! Where God and man, heaven and hell, Yes! as though come they must; saved they did meet. Eternity's fulness incarnated, must be, or I could not live; and, blessed wrapped in flesh like ours, sighing, groan- | be his dear name, he is granting me my ing, bleeding. The Almighty Traveller from request in such a marvellous way, that some heaven's heights of pure unclouded bliss : are almost ready to think, that it cannot be amazed, and in an agony! That cup-ah! my real. But, could they hear as well as me, the soul, in that cup was treasured up the dread- sweet melting strains of blessed experience, ful deep of bitters, which would have taken poured out in such child-like simplicity; 80 me an eternity to have swallowed. But mine Spirit-glorifying, and Christ-exalting; they was only a part; that vast, numberless throng must acknowledge it to be the finger of God; that shall the throne surround, must all be unless their hearts be adamant, and their souls washed in the precious fountain of his heart. iron. The deep soul trouble through which Death's sting must be drawn; its poison they have to pass ; and the blessed word must be extracted, for the many millions who meeting them in all their terrible straits, shall bathe with blissful pleasure in the shore. demonstrates the blessed fact, that Christ is less ocean of eternal love. See that blood- formed in them the hope of glory.' Feeling covered body, and hear the bitter cries : 'being sweetly humbled one day, thinking over what in an agony, he prayed more earnestly :' the the Lord was doing, I retired into secret, and blood-hounds of death are smelling out his asked the Lord how it was he chose me to lone retreat. Oh! the dreadful pangs that work by 2-one so weak, ignorant, and insig. rend his precious soul, and make hiin cry, nificant: the least in all my Father's house :

my Father!. I often think I hear him say, the greatest sinner in the world : when these .my Father! Then, O! how I hate sin! words fell into my soul with delightful power Thou dread monster! how. I hate thee! - for this very purpose have I raised thee Thou didst mar that lovely visage, and made up.' I could not speak another word: my his Father frown: put out the sun, and over- heart was too full : I washed his feet with my shadowed all the stars; thick darkness above, tears : beneath, and within. One universal frown! • Then leaned upon his breast : Jacob's mount was oncelighted up with Entwined my arms around his heart, heaven, but Calvary's hill, how dark! how dreadful! What an eternal tale of infinite I have my trials, but they are forgotten when

And felt it precious rest.' love does the cross tell!

Jesus smiles, and are as though they never • I would be at his feet;

I have been settled down at Eaton Or near his bleeding side,

Bray about fifteen months; fourteen have Feel how his heart doth beat

been added ; seven more will be buried beAnd see the crimson tide!

neath the flood on Lord's-day, October 3rd , Count all the wonders of his death, making twenty-one in all ; a nice little sprin

Aud sing his love in every breath.' kle. Yes! I believe there are as many more, He shall see of the travail of his soul, and be and I shall be very much mistaken if I don't satisfied.' Thanks! eternal thanks, to his have the privilege of baptizing them. Should infinitely precious name, for what he is doing it turn out to be so, I will write you again. in this corner of the earth. What! Oh, what I would just say by the way, that we do not can be so delightful as to see precious souls bury any but those we have every reason to raised from the dead by the mighty energy believe are quite dead. My old master grum.


bles very much sometimes : but, while we Beside Mr. Gosling's three-fold defence, Mr. have the ark of the everlasting covenant, the W. Harding also entered his protest against rock flowing with living waters, and manna the vile assumptions of the ‘Colebrook;' at last, falling from heaven, I cannot see how we can Mr. Henry Banks himself, the minister of Carfear. My earnest desire for Zion, through mel Chapel, Woolwich, published his thoughts all the length and breadth of the land is, that and feelings in a penny pamphlet, entitled 'As she may prosper, while it is our privilege to Acknowledgement to Mr. W. Gosling, and Mr. pray, for her peace. I am, dear brother, W. Harding.' This is a most excellent exposiyour's in the bonds of glorious love,

tion of the 'malicious invectives' of the ALFRED COUGHTREY. Colebrook ;' and a beautiful testimony to

the power and preciousness of Divine Truth. SATAN DEFEATED

We are not sorry now, that even such an

AGAIN !! effort was made to defame the gospel ; it has OK, THB “ COLEBROOK CONTROVERSY

made Henry Hanks sharpen his sword afresh;

and so severely, yet so nobly, has he used that AT WOOLWICE SILENCED FOR EVER. holy weapon the sword of the Spirit—that

these deadly boughs from the brook' will never, Satan has again overshot the mark, and is we think, líft their poisonous heads again. Alactually fallen into the very pit which he had ter Mr. Hanks has indirectly criticised his himself digged for the righteous. Not content opponent, and thanked his friends, he speaks with transforming himself into an “angel of of his own convictions touching the gospel

of Christ, in the following manner. Mr. light,' (and in this he is, we fear, driving an Hanks says:immense traffic in the professing world) not “And now with regard to the doctrines you content with this, and being unusually en- have defended-viz, ---Eternal Election, Preraged at the steady progress the gospel is destination, Particular Redemption, Irresismaking at Woolwich, through the ministry of tible Grace, Final Perseverance, and the Cer. the much-esteemed pastor of Carmel Chapel, tain Glorification of every individual member Mr. Henry Hanks, --he determined to make of the mystical body of Christ, (Eph. v. 30,) I an open, violent, and foul assault upon the most unreservedly avow my belief in them, truths of the gospel, and also upon those who and my love of them: and, moreover, that I preach them; and for this special purpose, the have never preached a sermon in the whole old adversary took possession of a dark, dis- course of my ministry, but in which one or mal, and dreadfully deluded place, called other of them has been extensively diffused. • Colebrook,' a most significant name to be I begun with them, or rather they begun sure; and from thence issued a kind of fiendish with me, and with them I hope to end." I proclamation, entitled Reflections, &c., in have known their power and influence in which he endeavoured most frightfully to mis- my own soul now for many years, and I have represent the gospel of Christ, and to defile seen and admired their effects in innumerable it with some of the basest aspersions that ever instances upon others. They have done me were forged in the lowest chambers of eternal good and not

evil through the greater part of death and woe. There are three things con- my life, and having got on so well with them nected with this deadly doing of Satan, which thus far of my journey I feel not the least have surprised us, First, that any man with possible disposition to lay them aside. In a grain of common sense in his possession, fact, they are essential to my spiritual lifecould ever consent to become Satan's tool in they are the bulwarks of my hope in things a work so dangerous and wicked. Secondly, beyond the grave, whither I am going, and, that any man could be found willing to print as they meet in the person of the dear Saviour such an unholy libel, is another fact surpri- as their source, are the living springs which sing to us; and lastly, that the thing was not supply the streams of all my real joys. They permitted to die a natural death, without note are the green pastures into which the or comment from any one, is equally surpri- Great Shepherd leads his flock, and to which sing, did we not know that there is still a he brings ihe lambs of his fold in his arms; large amount of zeal, and holy decision in our they are the still waters' by which at noon churches for the defence of those great truths' they lie down and there rest, in his infinite in which are contained the elements of our love; they are the strong drink' prescribed peace and everlasting perfection in another, for the ready to perish; the flaggons of and in a brighter world.

comfort' for the sick of love;' they are the This paper-pellat from the gloomy dungeons ! • beams of cedar,' and the rafters of fire'in of the Deceiver bad not long been sent forth, the house he has built for his beloved, and the cre a bold champion, in the person of Mr. bed of green' on which he causeth her, when W. Gosling stepped forward, and published weary, to rest. They are my boast and my three pamphlets entitled “Truth Defended song in this house of my pilgrimage. To take and Error Erposed.' Nos. 1, 2, and 3. These them from me, or me from them, would make pamphlets may still be had of Messrs Partridge me poor indeed, would leave me a wretch and Co., 34, Paternoster Row. It is grateful undone. to find men willing and able to maintain the “ Such are the names and such is the nature honour of His name, and the glory of His of the doctrines, which on Scriptural grounds, cause, who is the ONLY REAL FRIEND of poor we athrm to be true, and these are they which helpless sinners; and who is able to save unto our opponents assert to be false. That each the uttermost, all who come unto God by him. regard and embrace the same persons there

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