Sidor som bilder

cannot be the shadow of a doubt in the mind white as snow though red like crimson, they of any one who believes the following aposto- shall be as wool,' and that whosoever cometh lic statement, 'Whom he did foreknow, he he will in no wise cast out.' None would look also did predestinate; whom he did predesti- abroad with more eagerness than they, for nate, them he also called ; and whom he called, examples of the mercy of God, in the case them he also justified; and whom he justified, of other sinners, as vile or more than he, for them he also glorified. What shall we then the encouragement of his smitten, trembling say to these things? Who shall layanything heart. None would more readily place them. to the charge of God's elect? Lay anything selves on a footing with him, and declare their which he will regard to their prejudice, any own vileness and guilt to be at least on a thing which will induce him to withdraw any par with his own, -and none would remember one of the blessings above enumerated from him at the footstool of mercy with more in. his chosen Nay, in all these things we are terest and earnestness than they." more than conquerors.?. (Rom. viii. 29.) Thanks, everlasting thanks, be unto his holy name for the inseparability of his love from

UNITY IN THE CHURCHES. its objects. “Faith in Jesus Christ is not a human, but

DEAR BROTHER BANKS-I CONGRATULATE it is a Divine product; it is not the work of you upon the amount of interesting and innature, it is the gift of God. (Eph. ii. 8.) structive matter contained in this month's Divine ordination in purpose, and the grace of VESSEL : certainly a decided improvement upsaving faith, though remote with regard to on former numbers; and I feel sure the several time, were simultaneous in eternity as the readers cannot (with truth,) read, and say spontaneous issues of the love of God. They structive. I should like to see it become a are the links in the one chain of salvation which can never be broken. They are as first-class periodical, as well as an organ of closely allied as cause and effect. Ordination our particular denomination--expressing the to life insures the grace of faith to the or- views and sentiments of our denomination in dained. As many, in every age of the world, all their truthfulness and purity, yet with as were ordained to eternal life have believed. Christian fidelity and affection. “I trust all And so it will be in spite of the cavillings of narrow-mindedness and bigotry may be kept mortals till ages shall be no more ; (Acts xiii

. from its columns, and that you may concede 48,) when the

the number of the finally glori- to others, of different denominations, the fied, and of the ordained unto life, will be privilege you claim for yourself—the liberty found to be personally and numerically the

of private judgment, &c.

The remarks of brother Bloomfield on “ To charge men, holding our sentiments, and if the pastors of the several churches

• United Ministerial Efforts,' are excellent, with having no feelings in common with their fellow creatures, as having no sympathy to would labour more faithfully in their several wards any but the elect? few to which they spheres, and study to comprehend more fully belong, is a libel as unmerited as it is false. the whole of the doctrines contained in that To represent them as regarding with callous Book of books; and to prepare themselves indifference, the moral and spiritual conditions have learned from that Book, and from their

beforehand, to speak out

what they know and of all others, is, indeed, a gross injustice; refuted alike by their public ministrations, and their hearers without any mixture of coarse,

own experience; so that it be presented to their private petitions at the throne of grace. ness or vulgarism; so that an intellectual and Few men feel so strongly as they-none re- refined mind be 'not disgusted or offended; joice more at the conquest of a sinner-none more ready to meet him, when awakened, our congregations would increase; the truths

more, I am certain would be accomplished with the invitations and promises of the gos- would become attractive, even to an unregepel-none more anxious to answer his des: nerate hearer, and the ministry held in more pairing cry, What must I do to be saved ?" esteem than it now is in many places. None more solicitous to direct him to the

The remarks of brother Palmer I would fountain supplied from the cross-none would meet with more readiness the objections, day schools connected with our denomination,

recommend, especially to all teachers of Sun. which, on the ground of his own guiltiness, as being truthful and intellectual, and such as he opposes between himself and his Maker. I have entertained for years; may the Lord Does he think or declare himself to be too bless him and prosper him where he is, and vile, too guilty, too great a sinner for the God make him eminently useful in leading souls of heaven ever to regard ? None, in that case, to Jesus. would more joyfully tell him that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin,' or rehearse our denomination are very narrow and con.

The views entertained by many teachers of in his hearing the pleasing story

tracted in regard to this important work; and • There is a fountain filled with blood, I fear from what I have observed, their hearts Drawn from Immanuel's veins,

are not engaged in their work, they seem to And sinners plunged beneath that flood, me as though it was impossible to lead souls to Lose all their guilty stains.'

Christ; as though the soul of the child was too “None would assure him with more confi- young to be saved, and next to an impossidence, and delight of Christ's ability, and bility to convert a soul from the error of its willingness to save unto the uttermost, that ways. Now, dear sir, I think that teachers 'though his sins be as scarlet, they shall be should labor as though the salvation of the


soul depended upon their efforts, knowing, at HEPZIBAH CHAPEL, MILE END. the same time they can do nothing without the Holy Ghost. Let the teacher aim to gain On Tuesday, July 27th, 1858, the friends at the confidence and affection of bis children, Hephzibah Chapel, Darling-place, Mile End, and exhibit the character and perfections of held their annual tea meeting; the attendance Jesus in language suitable to their youthful was good; the provisions excellent; and all apminds, seeking earnestly at a throne of grace peared to be satisfied. Before seven, the pub. for a blessing to accompany such efforts, and I lic meeting commenced; the pastor in the chair. verily believe that the blessing will descend, The proceedings were opened by the pastor giv. and that a vast amount of good will result to ing out that precious hymn of Toplady's,'Comchild and teacher. Can you tell me, dear sir, pared with Christ in all beside.' &c. Prayer was why it is there are so few intellectual preachers offered by brother Read; we trust he is one (in our denomination) but those settled over a of those young saplings that is to take the place church ? There appears to me a great dearth of of one of our aged cedars when the Lord sets such material; certainly many supplies I have fit to fell them. The chairman read a short heard are not suitable for public teachers, and report of the state of the church, from which it I fear only tend to bring the work of the appeared--that our numbers last September ministry into disrepute. I should like to see were fifty-two; of which number seven had your views upon the subject in a future num. withdrawn : leaving forty-four of the original ber. And now, dear sir, I close, lest I weary number; since which time the pastor had you, and believe me to remain a lover of truth, baptized twenty-nine; the greater part the and your's sincerely,

E. B. P. fruits of his own labors in the Lord : received Western Villas, Hounslow, Sep. 6, 1858. by letters of commendation thirty-two, leav.

ing a total at the present tim, of one hundred GLEMSFORD.

and five in communion : 8 ven or eight are Mr. Jonathan Mose is expected to supply waiting to cast in their lot by the public prohere during October. Here is plenty of work fession of Christ by baptism. As a church and for an able and useful pastor. Our late ex. people they are blest with peace and proscellent brother Barnes scattered a large quan- perity; the pastor and the people are as the tity of good gospel seed here; gathered in many heart of one man. Not a sitting to let in the precious souls ; and we hope they will be fed; place; at least fifty would willingly take their number increased, and the glorious work sittings were they to be had. The brethren J. continued. The anniversary of our Sunday P. Searle, Cave, Kirkness, and Hawes, spoke School was holden on Lord's-day, September well. All the speakers seemed to think a 12th. Our chapel was not near large enough large measure of Divine blessing had been to hold the people-it was cramned all three poured out; certainly when the circumstan. services, and hundreds were outside ; cot ces of the past eighteen months are taken into much under a thousand people were anxious account, the depressed state of the cause then, to hear the word. Our School debt was over and its increasing prosperity now, it forms a six pounds; and the collections were nearly pleasing and striking contrast. The church nine pounds. The children sung in connec- and congregation are in treaty for a more tion with the congregation in a manner which commodious place of worship, their present rendered that part of the service pleasingly place they are anxious to retain for a free powerful. In the morning C. W. Banks church, for the accommodation of the very poor preached from those words of David in the where the distinguishing doctrines of free and first of Kings, The Lord liveth who hath sovereign grace may be preached, without redeemed my soul out of all distress.' Con. money and without price, to the perishing sidering we have 80 recently lost our long- multitudes who surround this sanctuary. esteemed pastor, Robert Barnes, this discourse

X. Y. Z. was solemn and comforting to very many who heard it with feelings not easily erased. In the afternoon, Mr. Banks stood up again

BRIDGE STREET, GREENWICH. amidst a dense mass of people, and preached from Psalın 119th, 'I bave longed for thy sal, DEAR BROTIEB.—You will be glad to hear ration, O Lord; for thy law is my delight." our anniversary passed off well. ”Mr. C. H. And in the evening he gave us a farewell Spurgeon preached on Friday, August 27th, from Micah's prayer, 'feed thy people,' &c. a good practical sermon. Brethren Flack Our beloved sister, Úrs. Barnes, feels her loss and Bloomfield kindly preached for me on the with deep anguish and pain; in which ler Lord's-day; and on Friday evening, a public beloved children, and the whole church and meeting was held : addresses were given by congregation, sympathize with sorrowing brethren Attwood, Cracknell, Wyard, Russell, hearts. I am glad to hear that the late Mr. Bloomfield, Pells and Field. 'Brethren Flory, Barnes's work, is to be re-published for the of Somersham ; Short, of Cheltenham; and good of Zion at large, and for the temporal Walters, of South Chard, were also present. benefit of the bereaved family. I hope the I am still unchanged in my doctrinal sen. ministers and churches throughout the king. timents, and never will by God's help, give dom will help to circulate Evangelical Re- up one iota of God's truth. vivalism ; or, the Reasons of Spiritual Declen

BEN. DAVIES. sion Negatively and Postively Stated. By the late Robert Barnes.- I am, poor Naomi, We have omitted much of our brother A WELL WISHER TO ALL GOOD Davis's letter, because we wish to exclude all

EARTHEN VESSELS. non-essential matters-Ed.)


to do, and believe, the further she was off:

sunk in sorrow, and trouble. Through going “THE WAY TO THE PIT." to this lady's, she learnt many useful lessons :

that it is not all geld that glitters,' that there DEAR BROTHER-I was preaching at Da- was true and false religion : the one worth cre Park, Blackheath, the last Lord’s-day in every thing the other worth nothing. She August; and trust it was not without the was now brought in close contact with some Divine blessing. One fact I desire to call friends who took in the The EARTHEN attention to. On coming out in the evening, VesseL;" from reading which she was lead brother Buckenham was talking to a young to hear Mr. Hazelton : the word was blessed member, and after I had spoken to her, bro. to her soul ; enlightened her in the sure way ther B. and myself walked away: he said, of lifeand salvation by and through Jesus

that young person is, I believe, a true child Christ. According to the purpose of a Triune of God: she was called in a very remarkable Je bovali—'all! all!! of grace! grace!! way. She gave a sweet account of her call This was a blessed change-sin; the pit ; by grace when she came before the church !' death, and bell, she hoped were gone! I said, “indeed! how was her conversion through and by the one offering of the body brought about? My brother answered in of Jesus. Our young friend, in the order of the following manner : "sho was very gay; God's providence, was removed to Blackheath ; and lived in gay families that had no objec- the word was with power; she was baptised tion to their servants attending the various by brotber Boxer; and she now appears to places of amusement! She went one night to be happy in the Lord. the theatre; and after having obtained her The Lord bless this testimony to the called, ticket, she turned her head and read—the that we may rejoice in the power of grace way to the pit.' She went on; thoughts being the same as ever to call, enlighten and rushed into her mind, the way to the pit ! lead in the way of life and salvation ; and may buill sounding in her soul. Light entered : some be led to think and feel that the way she felt it was the way to hell, the pit of end to the pit' is the way to woe eternal! less woe. She thought she would leave. No! Eternal ! Eternal! Your's, dear brother, in not she ! she would stop! would not give way Jesus,

JOSEPH FLORY, to ber melancholy feelings. Could not tell Somersham, Hunts, Sept. 17, 1858. what was the matter. She found she could not drive it away. Sin was revealed in its

[We thank brother Joseph for this testi. dreadful powers.

She went home : still, mony; and hope the Lord may soon open a there it was: the 'arrows of the Lord stick way for him in the ministry where he may be ing fast in her soul, drinking up the vitals of made a lasting blessing-Ed.] all sinful merimert. She said to herself, 'I am too young to be religious yet ; God is Cov8.-A few moments' walk from the Farn. merciful, and if she did a fow things wrong, borough station (in Surrey,) stands pretty little he would forgive,' &c. All this lumber of a Cove Chapel, quietly retired from the noise of tba darkened understanding, could not now stand world. Henry Allnatt, now of Brockham, once the light of truth, which had entered her poor laboured here ; and many good men bave preachsoul. When God the eternal Spirit begins a ed Christ's gospel in this place. For some ten work of grace, we see the blessed exempli- years or more, our present pastor, Richard fication of those words of the Dear Redeemer, Hetherington, has laboured among us. “if the Son make you free, ye shall be free Lord has bonoured him with seals, and signs ; indeed.' Free from the blinding, deadening and the church is preserved in peace.

Our influence of sin, and sinners : when 'shall anniversary day, the 25th of August, was a time come' gets hold of the soul, it is not all the of mucb refreshing. The Lord helped our brobawling of sinners can keep the soul in dark- ther C. W. Banks to be useful to many. ness, nor in the bondage of sin. The ser

A POOR DAMSEL. vants saw that their lively fellow-servant was Frimley, Surrey, dull; they said, she was 'mighty religious now. a-days. Well our sister thought she would

Taino:—The Ordination of Mr.W. R. Long, as cheer up; and put away gloomy thoughts pastor of West End Chapel, Tring, took place, on about sin, eternity, and God; and so she went Tuesday, August 31st. The brethren Flack; off again to the theatre: and again she caught Webster, of Trowbridge ; Moores, of Berkhampthose fearful words, "THE WAY TO THE terd; C. W. Banks, of London; R. Searle, PIT. I believe our young friend entered; of King's Langley; and others, took part in the but could not stop, such were her cogitations services. We bope to see Mr. Long's Confessions of soul that she fled home: her soul" was in and testimonials in print. more trouble than ever. She had now added to her awful catalogue of sins that of wilful on Lord's-days, September 12, and 19, we

UNICORN YARD CHAPEL, TOOLKY STRRET.sin against light, and conviction. Now there

were favoured to hear Mr. Ed. Samuel, of sala was no meroy, she concluded ;) there might Pord, preach to us, salvation by Christ. The Christhave been before ; but none now. So our ian Cabinet gave an interesting account of Mr. young friend was in a sea of soul trouble. Samuel's ministry. Many bore testimony to the she was obliged to leave her situation, and precious savour, with which they beard our went to live with a lady who professed the Israelitish brother; the author of that sterling religion of multitudes' or millions. She book, The Triumph of Christ on the Cross,' so could not get on. The more she was exhorted

many times noticed in this periodical.



Deal, Philip Flight, Deacons. This stone was laid

by Messrs Foreman and Wells, August 24th, 1858, INDIA ROAD, POPLAR.

assisted by the following ministers of the same

denomination :-George Wyard, T. Attwood, d. The Church and Congregation under the pastoral Butterfield, J. E. Cracknell, J. P. Edgecombe,' w. charge of Mr. R. Bowles, now meeting in William Haysman, J. Whitteridge.' It was then rolled up, St., Poplar, have commenced the erection of a put into a bottle, sealed, and deposited in a cavity commodious chapel and sunday school, situated in of the stone. Mr. Foreman then proceeded to one of the best streets in Poplar ; their prezent lower the stone on to the brick work, shewing he place having become too strait for them. Tues- knew how to handle both trowel and mallet. Mr. day, August 24th, 1858, was the day fixed for the Edgecomb, gave out a hymn. Mr. Flack concluded laying of the stone; the weather was fine and fa- the service by beseeching the Lord to speed the vourable for the occasion. Soon after 3 o'clock, a work, to preserve the workmen, and to crown the number of friends had assembled on the ground to whole with a lasting blessing. The friends then witness the ceremony. The scbool room being be adjourned to the Chapel in William Street, and neath the chapel, ihe walls were built up some partook of a comfortable tea which they seemed to height; the joisting of the chapel floor was laid, appreciate. After tea, they removed to the Wes. and rough boards nailed down for the occasion. leyan Chapel, East Road, (kindly lent for the evenBeneath where the pulpit is to be, was suspended | ing. Soon after half-past six, the public meeting the stone, bearing the following inscription, · Erect- commenced, Mr. Bowles in the chair; after sing. ed 1858. R. Bowles, Pastor, A. Deal, P. Flight, ing, Mr. Attwood supplicated the throne, Mr. Deacons.' Mr. Attwood commenced the service, by Bowies, stated the motives that bad induced them giving out a hymn. Mr. Wyard implored Jehovah's to take the steps that had been taken : suffering blessing. Mr. J. Wells, then addressed the people, much inconvenience from the straightness and shewing the necessity of decision for truth; say general unsuitability of their present place of ing,' while half-way men made the most noise, we, worship, the friends had expressed an earnest high Calvinists did the most work, and work that desire to arise and build an house for God; and would bear the test of ages.' No minister could they think that hitherto the Lord hath helped them rejoice more in brother Bowles's prosperity than and will enable them to complete what they have he did; it was by the truth he had prospered; he put their hands unto. The following ministers in had known him for some time, and knew he had a pleasing and profitable way, addressed the multaken a decided stand for the truth. God had titude-Messrs. Chivers, Wyard, Bloomfield, Wells, blessed the plain and positive testimony of his Davies, and Butterfield. Mr. Edgecombe conclo. word by him, and this was the result. He hoped ded the happy services by a few words of prayer. he would live long; and that in course of time truth. Our work is indeed a great one, the entire

P. S. Dear friends, we have begun in prayer and the chapel uow erecting would become too small. Mr. Wells then proceeded to spread the mortar, cost being quite £1500. We are poor in this making some cheerful remarks, at the same time. I world's goods, but rieh in faith. Who will help The following hymn composed by one of the friends us? Either Stamps, Post Office Orders, or Bank was then sung :

Notes will be acceptable. The widow's mite will Our eyes are unto God the Lord ;

not be despised. Let us bave to acknowledge the Do thou thy gracious help afford,

receipt of some donations in the next month's

“ Earthen Vessel.” Direct to the Pastor, Robert
And while this Corner Stone we lay,
Thy blessings grant, we humbly pray.

Bowles, William Street, East India Road, Poplar.
The silver and the gold are thine ;
Thou canst the hearts of men incline,

And fire with holy zeal, to raise

DEAR BROTHER-Observing on the cover of last
This earthly temple to thy praise.

month's VESSEL, the announcement of a meeting But while we would no effort spare,

at the Surrey Tabernacle, having for its object the In thy great name this house to rear; best means for the increased proclamation of the Our hopes depend on Thee alone;

Truth, was much delighted to find that it was Thou art our soul's Chief Corner Stone. resolved to commence open-air preaching; and In thee, dear Lord, by faith we view,

supported by sereral ministers of sterling truth,

with the valued pastor of the above place at their Our Corner Stone and Top Stone too; And in thy temple walls between,

bead; and having subsequently heard that our

beloved brethren, Bloomfield, of Sobo, and Wale, May we as living stones be seen,

of Reading, had already gone forth uader the W. TAFFS.

canopy of heaven to declare the unsearchable Mr. Foreman, came forward and said : it was a riches of Christ, 1 felt an anxious desire to imitate great and important work that had brought him, them in this dark cathedral city. I had some mishis brother ministers, and so many Christian givings as to the reception I might meet with, but friends, together; even the

erection of an house seeking direction and assistance of God, and bav. of God, where the truth of God in its parity and ing previously given notice in my place of worsimplicity was to be proclaimed from time to time; ship, on Lord' afternoon, Aug 29th, I went which was doing good to the Church, to the world, (accompanied with a few of my friends) and I took and to the immediate neighbourhood. It gladdened my stand close to a large gun taken from Sebastohis heart to see causes of truth florish. He referred pol, in the late Crimean war, and recently placed to the state of things when he first went to Mount in a wide space, at the east end of the town. The Zion, Dorset Square : the few friends; the great weather had been sbowery, but cleared up, and debt, the apparently insurmountable difficulties; remained ine during the service. I gave out a But he went on to preach the truth, the numbers bymn; read 51st Psalm, and prayed, after which, increased, souls were profited, difficulties vanished, I gave out for my text (Judges iii. 20,) 'I have a the debt was paid, Christ exalted, and there he was message from God onto thee.' I commenced by now as happy and as prosperous in the work as saying, if an angel had been commissioned from erer. Previous to lowering the stone, Mr. Bowles, heaven, bad descended to this eartb, entered this read the following declaration which was beauti- city, and taken up his position on this spot, doubtfully inscribed on vellum-Zoar Baptist Chapel, less vast numbers would bave flocked hither, with Manor Street, East India Road, Poplar-as the anxious eye and with profound attention would have foundation of a chapel to be used for the worship listened to the statement made by him. I have a of the Glorious Trinity, by a people maintaining message from God unto thee; but instead of an and obeying the doctrines and ordinances of the uncreated spirit, a poor sinner, like yourselves, New Testament, as held and practiced by Particu- appears before you ; one of like passions with you,


who, through Divine grace, has found mercy, and of Camberwell; and Bowles, of Poplar, mere to from the purest motives has come with his creden- assist in the services.' (We omit further comment tials in his hand (the Bible) to declare God's on these movements. Our only answer to our message unto you, I divided my subject into six correspondents .C. E' and 'B. Y.' is this. different parts; each descriptive of character: to aim never to hold up an evil thing; wbile we pray the profane; to the careless; to the formalist; to to be preserved from in any measure opposing, or the contrite; to the backslider; and to the be. speaking ill of any who fear God, and sincerely liever. The service occupied a little more than an love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.'—ED.) hour; there was a very large attendance; and the atmost quietude and attention was manifested

CLARE, SUFFOLK.-We hope brother Wilson's during the whole time.

removal from Saffron Walden to Clare, will be

One of our London On Lord's-day afternoon, the 12th of September. manifestly owned of God. I went again. It was a most delightful day, and Churches wished to obtain his services; but they the congregation assembled was computed to be

were too late. nearly, if not quite, treble there was on the former occasion; and it was overwhelming to witness the very great attention observed by so large a THE LATE MR. EVANS. body of people; the windows of some of the houses were thrown open, and several were seen OUR dear Father is now no more: he left this sitting at them, listening to the word of Life. world of sorrow for the mansions of bliss on After singing, reading and prayer, I took for my Thursday last, August 19:h, after a painful ille text, (2 Kings x. 15,) 'is thine heart right?' I endeavoured to draw a picture of one whom, on

ness, in wbich he was a great sufferer. His end Scripture premises, it might be concluded the was peace; he was composed : quite resigned to heart was right in the sight of God; such as had the Lord's will. Dear mother was with him to experienced a divine change; as were humbled on the last; and when asked if he was bappy ? be account of sin; as had panting desires after Christ ; said, 'as happy as he could be. But, poor dear, as had a good and substantial hope through grace; be was so weak, he could not speak much ; as were by a given faith brought to believe in and his whole soul seemed tuken up with the Christ; as had real love to the means of grace ; as had frequent communion with God at a throne, thoughts of Jesus, Wbile death was upon him, of mercy; and not a few conflicts of soul as to his lips were going as if be was preaching: a whether the heart was right in the sight of a just work be loved, and to the last, when able to and holy God. Then, appealing to the conscience, ascend the palpit, he tried to speak of him who to know whether such things abounded in them, died to save from sin and hell. The last time and whether they answered to the description given, plainly inferring, that if such was not the he preached, he spoke from John ili. 16; the case, it evidently shewed their hearts were not love of Christ was a theme he loved to dwell right. Several were observed in tears, and it was upon; and for the space of thirty-four years he exceedingly gratifying to find not a few were at

was enabled the chapel in the evening of each Lord's-day. In both of the services, I have much cause for

"To tell to sinners round, thankfulness, for the assistance I was favored with What a dear Saviour he had found.' in speaking, and especially in being enabled to keep close to the solid truths of the everlasting

He was early brought to know the Lord, under gospel;, and from the encouraging reception i that very excellent minister of Christ, Mr. John met with. While the weather permits, I purpose Hyatt; indeed he was made willing in the day continuing; and only regret I did not commence of God's power; and was made a willing servant earlier than I did. Beloved brethren! go forth in of Christ, although when called by grace he your great Master's name, and do likewise ; and may he encourage and bless you in your

under could not read a word. My dear father found, takings, by making you instrumental in bringing by painful experience, that it was through much many of the

elect to God who now lay in the ruins tribulation be was to enter the kingdom; and of the fall. Your's for the truth's sake,

to the end of his life he had, as a minister, sor. Winchester, 13th Sept, 1858. W. CHAPPELL. row upon sorrow. Truly, it might be said of

bim, he died with a broken heart. But he is MALDON, Essex_On Monday, Sept. 6th, the

now beyond it all; he has finisbed his

course anniversary of Heybridge Baptist Chapel, was holden. Our good brother Bugg, whom the Lord

We feel his loss to be great ; but our loss is has placed over us, read and prayed at the com

his gain. Oh! that the Lord will comfort and mencement of each service, and my old pastor, support our sorrowful hearts as a family, and Charles W. Banks, preached three sermons, and raise up friends to pray for us, and especially special blessings attended them. Our chapel was among those whom he has been useful to; and full of kind people, and liberal contributions were made. Our pastor and our deacons desire to tbank

where he has laboured; it was his delight to see the friends and ministerial brethren who came

the Church of Christ as well as to pray for its from all quarters—the brethren Foster, of Witham; peace and prosperity. Ohi that the Lord will Bartholomew, of Coggeshall; Wheeler, of Brain be with us all, and help us to roll our every tree ; John Knight, and others came to the feast. burden upon him; that he may be a Husband to There was joy in our city on that day; Our min-the widow, and a Pather to the fatherless. ister, brother Bugg, is a sharply tried, bot a faithful man. The Lord is adding unto us, such as are one of Mr. Spurgeon's members, Mr. Silverton,

Pray for us. A kind word where you can. we hope, saved. that old Mr. Collins, is still living, at the great has a call here for three months. age of 89, and occasionally preaches now.

Father was buried on Monday, August 23rd, at SIBLE HEDINGHAM, EsskX.-"We are busy here Bedford Cemetry, his age was 54 years. in the profession of gospel matters. The friends

STEPHEN Evans. who have left the old chapel are building a new Carlton, Beds. one; and Mr Boxer is preaching to them. Mr. Charles Shipway has sent out bills announcing his ordination on Tuesday, Sept. 14th, on which day Believer, your God has given to you his the brethren Thurston, of Halstead; Edwards, of Christ and his promises, and in a day or two Cottenham; Brockleburst, of Colchester ; Attwood, longer, he will give you his heaven and glory.

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