Appendix to the Assembly Journal, Volym 5

State Printer., 1900

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Sida 109 - Commonwealth, the board shall, upon application as hereinafter provided, and as soon as practicable thereafter, visit the locality of the dispute and make careful inquiry into the cause thereof, hear all persons interested therein who may come before them, advise the respective parties what, if anything, ought to be done or submitted to by either or both to adjust said dispute, anil, make a written decision thereof.
Sida 111 - ... may, if it deems it advisable, investigate the cause or causes of such controversy and ascertain which party thereto is mainly responsible or blameworthy for the existence or continuance of the same, and may make and publish a report finding such cause or causes and assigning such responsibility or blame.
Sida 81 - One of them shall be an employer or selected from some association representing employers of labor, one of them shall be selected from some labor organization and not an employer of labor, the third shall be appointed upon the recommendation of the other two...
Sida 109 - Board shall cause public notice to be given of the time and place for the hearing thereon, but public notice need not be given when both parties to the controversy join in the application and present therewith a written request that no public notice be given. When such request is made, notice shall be given to the parties...
Sida 52 - ... to proceed, as soon as practicable, to the locality of such strike or lock-out, and put themselves in communication with the parties to the controversy, and endeavor by mediation to effect an amicable settlement of such controversy...
Sida 74 - In the department of the business in which the controversy or difference exists, or their duly authorized agent, or by both parties, and shall contain a concise statement of the grievances complained of, and a promise to continue on in business or at work, without any lockout or strike, until the decision of said board, which must, if possible, be made within three weeks of the date of filing the application.
Sida 89 - ... to continue on in business or at work without any lock-out or strike until the decision of said board, if it shall be made within three weeks of the date of filing said application.
Sida 96 - ... or by the parties submitting the same; and such writing shall contain the submission of the decision thereof to the umpire by name, and shall provide that his decision thereon after hearing shall be final...
Sida 110 - Said decision shall be binding upon the parties who join in said application for six months, or until either party has given the other notice in writing of his intention not to be bound by the same at the expiration of sixty days therefrom.
Sida 60 - ... within ten days after the completion of the investigation. The board shall thereupon proceed to fully investigate and inquire into the matters in controversy, and to take testimony, under oath, in relation thereto, and shall have power...

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