Dramatic Works of John Ford ...

J. Murray, 1827

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Sida xl - tis most certain, Iras. Saucy lictors Will catch at us, like strumpets ; and scald rhymers Ballad us out o' tune : the quick comedians Extemporally will stage us, and present Our Alexandrian revels : Antony Shall be brought drunken forth, and I shall see Some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness I
Sida 124 - t be possible) of blood : Beg heaven to cleanse the leprosy of lust That rots thy soul ; acknowledge what thou art, A wretch, a worm, a nothing : weep, sigh, pray Three times a day, and three times every night ; For seven days...
Sida 300 - Pen. I must leave the world To revel in Elysium, and 'tis just To wish my brother some advantage here ; Yet, by my best hopes, Ithocles is ignorant Of this pursuit : but if you please to kill him, Lend him one angry look or one harsh word, And you shall soon conclude how strong a power Your absolute authority holds over His life and end.
Sida 179 - A lightless sulphur, chok'd with smoky fogs Of an infected darkness : in this place Dwell many thousand thousand sundry sorts Of never-dying deaths: there damned souls Roar without pity; there are gluttons fed...
Sida 275 - But know then, Orgilus, what honour is : Honour consists not in a bare opinion By doing any act that feeds content, Brave in appearance, 'cause we think it brave ; Such honour comes by accident, not nature, Proceeding from the vices of our passion, Which makes our reason drunk : but real honour Is the reward of virtue, and acquired By justice, or by valour which, for bases, Hath justice to uphold it.
Sida 153 - I'll find a time when he and she do meet, Of which I'll give you notice ; and, to be sure He shall not scape you, I'll provide a poison To dip your rapier's point in ; if he had As many heads as Hydra had, he dies.
Sida 122 - Twixt my perpetual happiness and me ? Say that we had one father; say one womb — Curse to my joys ! — gave both us life and birth ; Are we not therefore each to other bound So much the more by nature ? by the links Of blood, of reason ? nay, if you will have't, Even of religion, to be ever one, One soul, one flesh, one love, one heart, one all ? Friar.
Sida 71 - Corax,9 for the gift Of this invention ; but the plot deceives us : What means this empty space ? [Pointing to the paper. Cor. One kind of Melancholy Is only left untouch'd ; 'twas not in art To personate the shadow of that fancy ; Tis nam'd Love-Melancholy. As, for instance, Admit this stranger here, — young man, stand forth — [To PARTH.
Sida 88 - tis a spirit in his likeness ; answer I can get none from her : you shall see her. Pal. The young man in disguise, upon my life, To steal out of the land. Rhe. I'll send him to you.
Sida 259 - Zelmane protested that the fit prey for them was hearts of princes. She also had an angle in her hand, but the taker was so taken that she had forgotten taking. Basilius in the meantime would be the cook himself of what was so caught, and Gynecia.

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