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menon was manifested, which in itself constitutes quite an epoch in the history of spiritual phenomena, replete as the records of spiritual manifestations are with what, under ordinary circumstances, would be regarded as impossible. After a short

pause, luminous coronet of star-like light points settled upon the head of Mr. — and remained stationary, resting on his head for several minutes. Then a semi-luminous appearance was manifested, which assumed the outline of a face with two starlike eyes; Mr. H said he felt as if this form was pressing against him.

Mr. Home had in the meantime arisen from his chair, and was walking to and fro complaining of pressure on the head; suddenly he said he felt a weight on his head. then 'noticed that a luminous crown, narrow at the base, and broad at the top, had been placed on his head. Tendrils and outlines of leaves were plainly visible, the leaves being vineshaped, fashioned into the form of a crown as already described. Mr. Home appeared greatly agitated, and repeated, “I am crowned," -I am free from pain, “I am receiving a new mission,"_“ The pain in my head is gone.” He then walked up and down the room, the excitement all but overpowering him. Finally the luminous crown was removed from his head, while sweet-toned notes were distinctly heard proceeding from it; after which it was gently carried towards those present, as though for their inspection, and then removed into the angle of the door, where it remained luminously visible for four or five minutesvisible as though it were from its own intrinsic light. The brilliancy of its star-like form had so deeply impressed all present, that after its disappearance they continued to gaze at the place where the beautiful luminous crown had once stood, unable to realise its disappearance.

I may add that Mr. Home has since that evening been quite restored to health. We have thus on record, a second instance of the curative power of Direct Spirit Mesmerism.

I have now to record the last group of manifestations which occurred at a friend's house, also at Great Malvern, towards the middle of last month.

In this instance the séance was held by appointment. Our object being that of investigation, we limited the number to three, and I must add used every precaution we could think of, to preclude the possibility of self-deception; we likewise guarded against any possible preparatory arrangement. Accordingly we changed from the library to the dining-room. We were soon seated at a heavy square table. Twenty minutes passed without any manifestation; then came gentle raps, followed by the table being lifted, tilted, and gently vibrated. Then raps were heard simultaneously in different and opposite parts of the room. At



my suggestion the lamp was partly turned down, when a cold current of air was felt to pass over our hands and faces. A pause ensued. The dining-room table-leaf stand in the corner of the room then commenced to vibrate, and one of the leaves being taken from the stand was passed between Mr. Home and the table at which we were seated. It was then raised straight up and passing vertically over my friend, gently touched him; in passing over me it struck me on the crown of the head, but so gently that I could hardly realise it to be the heavy leaf of the diningroom table; the touch nevertheless caused the leaf to vibrate all but sonorously. I name this to prove how delicately balanced and suspended in the air the leaf of the table must have been to have produced the vibration. It then passed over to the right, touching my shoulders, and finally was placed upon the table at which we were seated. The distance the leaf was carried I compute at nearly twelve yards (allowing for the circuit made) and at an elevation of six feet. A small round table was then moved from the corner of the room, and placed next to my friend, and in reply to his question who it was, he received the answer, audible to us all, “Pa'--Pa', deur-darling Pa'.An arm chair behind my friend, and at a distance of three yards, was raised up straight into the air, carried over our heads, and placed upon the dining-room table to my left-a voice clearly and loudly repeating the words, “Papa's chair.” We then observed the wooden box of the accordion being carried from the extreme corner of the room, up to my friend. In passing my right hand, I passed my hand under and over the box, as it travelled suspended in the air to my front. I did this to make sure of the fact of its being moved by an invisible agency, and not by means of mechanical aid. The box was finally deposited on the table in front of my friend. Mr. Home had in the meantime taken the accordion in his right hand, and given me his left hand. Words were spelt out that the spirits would play his life, from early infancy to the final drama “ Daniel in the Lion's Den,” evidently in allusion to his suit with Mrs. Lyon. The accordion immediately commenced playing, and continued so for fifteen minutes. What added to the interest was the accompaniment by voices imitating the clock in the hall, the rush of the waves, and when the “Lion's Den" was played, loud roars in imitation of lions were heard. I counted three or four voices. The accordion was then taken from Mr. Home, carried about in the room and played. Voices were distinctly heard; a low whispering, and voices imitating the break of a wave on the shore. Finally the accordion placed itself upon the table we were seated at, and two luminous hands were distinctly seen resting on the keys of the instrument. They remained luminously visible for from twenty to thirty seconds, and then melted away. I had in the meantime, and at the request of my friend, taken hold of the accordion ; whilst so held by me, an invisible hand laid hold of the instrument and played for two or three minutes what appeared to me to be sacred music. Voices were then heard, a kind of murmuring or low whistling and breathing; at times in imitation of the murmur of the waves of the sea, at other times more plaintively melodious. The accordion was then a second time taken by an invisible power, carried over our heads, and a small piece of sacred music played—then a hymn-voices in deep sonorous notes singing the hallelujah. I thought I could make out three voices, but my friend said he could speak to four. A jet of light then crossed the room, after which a star or brilliantly luminous disk, followed by the appearance of a softly luminous column of light, which moved up between me and my friend. I cannot say that I could discern any distinct outline. The luminous column appeared to me to be about five to six feet high, the subdued soft light mounting from it half illumining the room.

The column or luminous appearance then passed to my right; and a chair was moved and placed next to me. I distinctly heard the rustling as of a silk dress. Instinctively I put my hand forward to ascertain the presence of the guest, when a soft hand seized my hand and wrist. I then felt that the skirt of a dress had covered my knees. I grasped it; it felt like thick silk, and melted away as I firmly clenched my hand on it. By this time I admit I shuddered. A heavy footstep then passed to my right, the floor vibrating to the footfall; the spirit-form now walked up to the fire-place, clapping its hands as it passed me. I then fest something press against the back of my chair; the weight was so great that as the form leaned on my shoulder I had to bend forward under the pressure.

Two hands gently pressed my forehead, I noticed a luminous appearance at my right; I was kissed, and what to me at the time made my very frame thrill again, spoken to in a sweet, low, melodious voice. The words uttered by the spirit were distinctly heard by all present. As thr spirit-form passed away, it repeated the words, " I kissed you, kissed you," and I felt three taps on each shoulder, audible to present, as if in parting to reimpress me with the reality its presence. I shuddered again, and in spite of all my hero felt very “uncanny.” My friend now called our attentior being patted by a soft hand on his head. I heard a ki then the words, “ Papa, dear papa.” He said his 1 was being kissed, and that a soft child-like hand was c him. A cloud of light appeared to be standing at his le

Direct spirit writing, which has so often been questio


also manifested that evening in my presence. The writing ] have preserved, but cannot for serious reasons give its contents, startling and unusual as they are. A sheet of paper which had been placed before me at the commencement of the séance was rolled up into the shape of a speaking trumpet, the edge having been torn off and placed in a wooden box, which the spirits ha placed in front of my friend. Voices, raps, soft breathing, and music, were heard; finally after the hallelujah had been sung, words were spelt out, telling us they “could do no more.”

H. D. JENCKEN, October, 1867.

Kilmorey House, Norwood.

November, 1867. SIR-I have again to record some interesting facts in connection with the subject of spiritual manifestations, and which have occurred since I last addressed you.

The séances to which I now allude were held at my house, and I need hardly add that every means were resorted to to prevent deception or self-delusion.

At the first of the séances—and at which, as well as at those subsequently held, Mr. D. D. Home was present—I had invited a friend of mine to attend, who required to be more than ordinarily satisfied of the truth of the manifestations, owing to his utter scepticism. The manifestations commenced spontaneously whilst we were seated at the tea table in the dining room, the table at which we were seated being unexpectedly moved, tilted, and partly raised, and then followed by very loud sonorous raps. The fire-screen behind Mr. Home's chair was removed—laid on the floor, and glided as of itself towards Mrs.

My sceptical guest had in the meantime arrived, and we soon found ourselves seated round a square table in the drawing room. Raps and tilting of the table, at once occurred; sentences were spelt out; the names of near relatives of one of those present were given; then raps and vibrations of the room, 80 violent that the servants in the adjoining house felt the trembling: Mr. Home had by this time gone off into a trance state. Whilst in this trance he said he saw a spirit-form standing next to my guest. The form, character, and past history were so accurately detailed that the identity of the spirit-friend was unmistakably established, much to the surprise of the gentleman, whose departed friend had been quite unknown to Mr. Home. A few sentences were then spelt out, and the manifestations ended.

At a subsequent séance the physical demonstrations of spirit

power were very marked. On this occasion six of us sat down to a séance. Raps, very gentle at first, then increasing in strength, were heard; then the table tilted. After a while the curtains began to be moved, as though pushed forward by a hand from the window, into the room. This manifestation was repeated several times. The semi-grand piano now moved and vibrated. Three or four times in succession the piano was bodily raised quite two inches off the ground and carried from the wall, two to three feet, into the room. Raps were then heard in and on the piano, and the instrument literally trembled. The table next to Mrs. (not the one we were seated at) was now gently and elegantly raised and suspended in the air, as far as I could judge eighteen inches to two feet off the ground. It remained in this position for from one to two minutes; time enough to allow one of the party to lay down under the table and make certain that no mechanical means had been used. This manifestation was repeated. Three or four timesthe table being elegantly balanced in the air whilst not one of those in the room was seated at or even touched it. The accordion was now taken by Mr. Home, and, whilst held by him by one hand, a very beautiful hymn was played and followed by some pieces of sacred music. I noticed distinctly the movement of the keys of the accordion, and which, as the instrument was now horizontally suspended in the air with the finger-board end towards the lights, I was enabled to see; the keys were moved regularly as though pressed by the fingers of a hand.

In answer to the question how many spirits were present, the table tilted twelve times; this was repeated for several minutes, the twelfth tilt being marked by a loud rap or knock. Finally the sentence was spelt out, “ We can do no more—we have no more power.” The word "power" being spelt by tilting of the end of the semi-grand piano, at a distance of quite four yards from where Mr. Home was seated.

SPIRIT SEEING-SPIRIT VISIONS. I have also to record several very marked instances of spirit visions. On one occasion the friends present had only casually met; and were seated round the drawing table. Suddenly Mr. Home, who had all the while been engaged conversing with the ladies, changed the expression of his countenance, rose, and, having played a few chords on the piano, returned to resume his seat, but now in a state of trance; his face rigid, hands cold, and the fingers extended. He steadfastly gazed across to where Mrs.

was seated, and said, “L—Sis standing between you and Mr. I see her as she was in

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