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The following interesting work is abridged. from "THE STUDENT'S GUIDE," by the Rev. JOHN TODD, D.D., of North America.

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THE human mind is the brightest display of the power and skill of the Infinite Mind with which we are acquainted. It is created and placed in this world to be educated for a higher state of existence. Here its faculties begin to unfold. The object of training such a mind should be, to enable the soul to fulfil her duties well here, and to stand on high vantage-ground, when she leaves this cradle of her being, for an eternal existence beyond the grave.

There is now and then a youth, who, like Fer guson, can tend sheep in the field, and there accurately mark the position of the stars with a thread and beads, and with his knife construct a watch from wood; but such instances are rare. Most need encouragement to sustain, instruction to aid, and directions to guide them. Few, probably, ever accomplish anything like as much as they expected or ought; and one reason is, that students spend a vast amount of time in acquiring that experience which they need. As I look back upon the days when I was a student," I can see that here I went wrong, and there I mistook; here I missed a golden opportunity, and


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