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of the Mother of Harlots, go forth inviting her invasion, and at the same time that they embrace nearly all her erroneous and persecuting tenets, with but a slight alteration assume also her name. In the quietude of their richly furnished studies, and reposing on their silken couches, they have ransacked from forgotten folios dogmas long exploded, -dark sentiments of dark ages, and investing them with the tinsel of modern verbalism, they venture to propagate follies repugnant to common sense, and which they cannot find a word in the pages of inspiration to establish. Such men should have lived in the ninth instead of the nineteenth century. When ignorance and superstition, beneath the fostering care of Romish cruelty, brooded over the nations, error might scatter her wildest absurdities ; but light hath gone into the world,--the moral light of more matured civilization,—which will prompt even the natural man to revolt at the haughty priestcraft and intolerable bigotry of a papistical Puseyism.

“ There are many devices in the heart of man, but the counsel of the Lord that shall stand.” If it be, as some of the wisest and greatest of men have considered scripture plainly to declare it shall be, that the Papacy will once more obtain dominion, and fill up the measure of her iniquity, by becoming yet again drunken with the blood of saints; then it may be, that Puseyism, by breaking down the partition walls which our forefathers erected, and by striving to render by degrees palatable the black draught of Rome's wretched superstitions, is permitted by God to lull the nation and the nation's rulers into a slothful and lamentable security. Very much to be admired, therefore, is the conduct of those who, uniting themselves into a Protestant Association, uplift heart and soul in renewed protests against a system which, falsely though it may be, claiming infallibility, shuts out even from itself, the pretension of being otherwise than it was when the stake, and the rack, and the dungeon, became chariots to convey martyrs to their heaven. As far as our influence may extend, we would urge all around us to strive, in God's strength, to avert from England-Protestant England!—the foul mark of the beast from her forehead, the foul mark which we fear too surely hath been already impressed on her hand.

Amid all the uncertainties and changes of this time-state, how delightful is it to reflect that God, our own God, “ sitteth in the heavens, and doeth as he pleaseth among the inhabitants of the earth ;" that all vicissitudes are overruled by him to his own glory and the real good of his people ; and that tlie world, with all its complicated machinery, is but the scaffolding for the erection of a spiritual temple which shall eternally celebrate his praise.

Dear brethren, in ascending the hill of observation and looking back over the pathway of every year's pilgrimage, we shall not only find abundant eause to bless our God and Father for numberless manifestations of his protecting and preventing grace in behalf of his church and people, but individually, in the survey of our own personal experience, we shall eavh of us remember many seasons of affliction and danger, when an unseen hand was present to shield and to direct—when in answer to the scarcely uttered prayer of faith, the Almighty sent deliverance, and light, and joy. And could the believer but know, as most assuredly he one day will know, the hidden traps, and snares, and unthought of dangers which the great adversary of souls had prepared, and from which, all-unsolicited, his kind and ever-watchful Lord hath delivered him, he would indeed exclaim with the Psalmist,“ Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty, how great are thy mercies, who can tell the number of them ? "

In a confident reliance on this same Almighty Deliverer, let us, dear brethren, pursue again another year's pathway, looking unto Him to uphold, to guard, and to guide; and ascribing to Him, as is most due, all the praise.






For there are Three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the

Holy Ghost: and these Three are One."-1 John v. 7. Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”—Jude 3. “Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.”'1 Tim. iii. 6.

JANUARY, 1840.



prayer of Christ was more important than now; when every descrip

tion of organized plot against the true LIVING CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, church of God is maturing with saAt the Opening of the Year 1840.

tanic art: and the little flock of

Christ, against whom earth and hell BRETHREN, beloved in the Lord, are confederating, is divided and subpermit the “ less than the least of all divided by petty distinctions, so as to saints to greet you, as the choice of make themselves an easy prey to their God the Father, predestinated to the enemies. adoption of sons by fixed, irrevocable Brethren, we are one in essentials : decree, and made heirs of an eternal -one body, -one family,

-one fold. inheritance. Yea, permit me to greet Our life is the same, it is divine and you as the redemption of God the hid with Christ in God; our faith is Son, standing complete in him as the same, it is a grace of the Holy your covenant Head, divine Surety, Spirit, fixing upon, and resting in the and Substitute. Permit me also to person, offices, and work of Christ: greet you affectionately as the work, yea, we are one fraternity of spiritual manship of God the Holy Ghost, the heaven-born souls, so that what is the regenerated family of the Most High interest of one is the interest of us God, distinguished from the world by all, and the interest of us all is the special grace, and described in the interest of Christ our Head. word as “the household of faith.” We enter upon this new year in

Grace, mercy, and peace be with the enjoyment of our sacred public you, from God our Father, and from privileges, sitting under our vine and our Lord Jesus Christ. May I pre- our fig tree unmolested, but you cansume to give you a watch-word for not now be ignorant of the fact that the new year, or rather, to recommend the beast (popery) and the dragon that which our glorious Lord has infidelity) are in league with each given ? Take it then from the 17th other to destroy our privileges and to of John,

set up antichrist with all the horrors ONE.” Never was there a period in of his reign: nor can you now be the history of the church when this blind to the rapid progress which

January, 1840.]

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these combined conspirators against lxii. 7. Who knots, whether God God and man are making toward their may not, in answer to prayer, work diabolical purpose and end.

deliverance for his church in this Look which way we will the clouds land as he did for his people when gather blackness and threaten the Haman of old had plotted their desstorm of persecution upon the true truction (see Esther iii), though the and living church. In the political diabolical plot of a modern Haman world papists and infidels have every may be as nearly matured as was that thing conceded to them. In the re

of his prototype. Let us, brethren, ligious world degeneracy from pure with one heart and voice cry“ Spare gospel truth, and the revival of popish thy people, O Lord, and give not dogmas proclaim the speed with which thine heritage to reproach, that the they are journeying towards Rome; heathen (papists) should rule over and the division of the religious world them; wherefore should they say between national and nonconformist among the people where is their God. is widening and increasing in every Then will the Lord be jealous for his respect, save one, they are awfully land and pity his people,” Joel ii. 17. agreed, for the most part, to reject I have felt it an imperative duty to the doctrines of free-grace and set up call upon the dear people of my the idols of universal redemption and charge to unite with me in this sacred free-will, the two main pillars of po- exercise, and we commenced a special pery.

prayer-meeting on the fifth of NoNor is the scene less gloomy if we vember last, to be repeated on the look into the moral world, for there first Tuesday evening in every month, the demon of insubordination stalks for the deliverance of the church of forth at noon-day, threatening anarchy God in these realms from the popish and confusion on every hand. Indeed yoke, for which purpose one hour is the foundations of the earth are out set apart after the usual evening of course from the court circle to the lecture; and I rejoice to add, we were cottage fire-side; but, our mercy is favoured with much of the spirit of that “the foundation of God standeth prayer at both the meetings which sure.

What then is the course have been held. which the elect family of God ought If every God-sent christian pastor, to pursue under such circumstances ? and every spiritual christian church, Shall we join with political agitators? would, in this sense, adopt our new God forbid! rather let us suffer paa year's motto and ALL BE ONE” in tiently. Shall we form allegiance supplicating the throne of God on with nominal christians and hypo- this subject, we might confidently crites ? our affinity with Christ dis- expect the same success, as when dains it! Shall we petition infidels Abraham pleaded for Sodom—when and papists? it is hopeless and vain, Moses held up his hands against as was proved in the fatal year 1829. Amalek — when Samuel cried unto

But, brethren beloved, there is one the Lord against the Philistines—and door of hope open to us yet; the when Jehoshaphat pleaded with God throne of grace is accessible, with no against Ammon and Moab; for the popish guards around it to shut out spirit of prayer would be to me the our prayers from the royal ear of pledge of the blessing prayed for. Jesus : let us than adopt our new Surely, my brethren, you will no year's motto That they all may be longer chew the opium of “no danone," and with one accord surround ger,enlightened age," liberal printhe throne of God, “ giving him no ciple," and “ march of intellect ;are rest till he establish, and till he make not all these the scriptural signs of Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” Isa. the approaching persecution ? Is it

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not expressly declared that the last isters of truth and many of their perilous times should be ushered in flocks, to meet at some central place with many running too and fro and in London once a week, say Wednesknowledge increased, Dan. xii. 4. day morning, or any other convenient “ Let no man deceive you with vain time, for special prayer on this words,” Eph. v. 6. “Let no man de subject ? ceive you by any means,” 2 Thess. i. 3. For that day is even now preceded by a general falling away from the truth, and if the decree is already gone forth, and popery must have its last short reign of three years and a

Behold, I stand at the door and knock ; half, yet, the consciousness of having if any man hear my voice, and open the resisted, by faith and prayer, this door, I will come in to him, and will sup

with him, and he with me."--Rev. iii. 20. sworn enemy of Christ as long as we

It is the voice of my Beloved that could, refusing to wear the mark of knocketh.—Sol. Song v. 2. the beast; will afford us peace of conscience when called to suffer pri

We live in a day of much boasted vation or martyrdom for Christ, which light and reason; in a day when those who have aided the growth of much is said about the spread of the popery will be denied.

gospel, and the increase of the dear Finally, my brethren, stand fast in Redeemer's kingdom; but alas! upon the Lord; contend earnestly for the reflection we find that we live in a faith once delivered to the saints; day of rebuke and blasphemy, of proclaim, embrace, and live the doc- coldness and indifference to all the trines of electing love, divine surety- truth as it is in Jesus: a day wherein ship, and invincible grace, as the

error abounds, and love to truth is best and firmest bulwarks against indeed waxed cold. Truth is fallen popery and infidelity.

Love one

in our streets, and very few dare to another with a pure heart fervently plead her cause : the very few names -shun formal professors and licen- in Sardis who have not defiled their tious religionists as you

would garments, are represented in a most pestilence—maintain your high and odious light, as men of dangerous holy distinction from the world, and sentiments, enemies to the law, and pass your watch-word throngh all inimical to holiness; branded with your ranks,

the reproachful epithet of antinomiBE ONE!!!"

anism, and encouragers of licentious

To set these few faithful at The very God of peace sanctify ness. you wholly, and your whole spirit

, nought, to degrade such, and perand soul, and body be preserved petually to misrepresent them to the blameless unto the coming of our

church and the world, is the work of Lord Jesus Christ,” when he shall many of our master Babel-builders. deliver


the kingdom to the Father While error is propagated from the consecrated to his use by the Holy pulpit and the press, calculated to Ghost, and God, even our own God poison and destroy immortal souls, FATHER, son, and Holy Ghost—be and professors love to have it so;

the blind leading the blind, and cryPeace be with you all, prays your ing · Peace, peace,' where God never brother in our glorious covenant Head, spoke it, forgetting it is written,

“ Cursed is he that causeth the blind Camberwell.

to wander out of the way :” and Christmas, 1839.

surely if he be cursed of God that P. S—Is it practicable for the min- does this, to what a curse must that



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man be entitled, that gives him his body else, although he makes no hand to lead him into the ditch, profession of religion: thus he is

Some of God's own dear people, quietly and securely slipping into who are weak in judgment, vainly hell. But the errors in the professing suppose that there was never such a

church are alarming; the awful disday of truth as the present; but I affection to the sacred doctrine of the am grieved at heart to assert, that adorable Trinity, not merely from the perhaps there never were such times Socinian (who is only a Deist a little for the abounding of error. It is garnished), but from those who protrue, that through mercy we are pro- fess some very high and very precious tected at present by our excellent truths, yet having never been humlaws, for which we cannot be too bled by the grace of God, cannot bow thankful to the Lord: but, though to the most solemn, sacred, and subthe lions of outward persecution are lime mystery of the Tri-une Godhindered from destroying, or that there are three sacred, divine terrifying the church ; yet are we not persons, or subsistences, in the gloin greater danger from serpents in rious Godhead. How they stumble the grass, adders in the way, and the and take offence; stumble at the viper that appears outwardly beautiful essential and eternal Godhead of the in his pretended holiness, good works, Lord Jesus and of the Holy Spirit. and zeal for the conversion of persons This is the snare laid for many high, to their own party, but are secret bold, presumptuous professors, who enemies to the leading doctrines of are totally destitute of the humbling the gospel, haters of truth, and of power of grace upon the heart

. course of the God of truth : this is There are others who may soar high, evident from their preaching, writings, and on doctrinal subjects talk well, and the conversation of such mere but who are strangers to the work of empty, noisy professors. The infidel God the Holy Ghost upon the soul, is at open war against the Bible, and who know nothing savingly; yet they in his mad rage for reason, most un- think all is peace, because they know reasonably opposes the only hope of the truth in the theory, and their an immortal soul. Some characters, conduct in life is perhaps very decent it is true, have written in defence of and moral. Certainly these are two the Bible, some of whom are equally good things, but may we not say to as blind as the infidel they have such, thou lackest one thing yet, even written against: one carnal man op- the genuine work of the Spirit to posing another, like two blind men break up the fallow ground of the quarrelling about the beauties of the heart, and to bring such feelingly as rainbow; but the open infidel is not a poor sinner to Jesus, manifestatively so much to be dreaded, with his to receive in the conscience the parwooden sword of reason, in opposition don of sin. The doctrines of pardon, to the sword of truth, the word of justification, adoption, and perseveGod. There are far more awful ene- rance, are but of little avail merely mies to truth under the garb of floating in the brain, however corchristian profession. Nor have we rectly, without this divine influence. inuch to fear from the dead formalist, " For the kingdom of God is not in who attends his church sometimes on word, but in power.” Sunday, and never troubles his head But while we thus lament these abont religion ; he considers he has delusions, have we not equal cause to done his duty, is a good neighbour, regret the wretched system of freea honest man, and, as he thinks God will, the walking of arminianism? is all-merciful, he hopes he stands as The system of arminianism is in digood chance of being saved as any rect opposition to every precious doc

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