Memoirs of George Monk, Duke of Albemarle ... translated and edited, with additional notes and illustrations, by The Hon. J. Stuart Wortley


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Sida 93 - There be, that tell me, that there is a certain cunning fellow in Scotland, called George Monk, who is said to lie in wait there to introduce Charles Stuart : I pray you use your diligence to apprehend him, and send him up to me.
Sida 181 - And he led them forth by the right way, that they might go to a city of habitation.
Sida 240 - Lords ; and yet yesterday he told him, in a great passion, he would spend the last drop of his blood rather than the Stuarts should ever come into England ; though I hear from other hands, he was in good temper again the same night.
Sida 125 - For my own part, I think it the duty of my place to keep the military power in obedience to the civil. It is the duty of us all to defend the parliament, from which you receive your pay and commissions. I rely, therefore, on your obedience. If, however, any one of you dissents from this resolution, he shall have full liberty to quit the service, and receive his pass.
Sida 304 - Rupert, that what con" cerned him should still remain a secret, and prince " Rupert be understood to have that command alone. " For if his wife should come to know it, before he " had by degrees prepared her for it, she would " break out into such passions as would be very un...
Sida 304 - Monk still retained his thoughtful and embarrassed air, and suddenly said to the chancellor that " he would tell him now what the true cause was that had made that pause in him upon the first discourse of the business, and that it would be necessary for him, after all things should be adjusted with the king, and duke, and Prince Rupert, that what concerned him...
Sida 260 - French ambassador, who had the night before sent away an express to Mazarine, positively to assure him that things went here as he desired, and that Monk was fixed by him in his resolution to take on himself the government, was not a little...
Sida 260 - ... army, and appoint others, and that before he left the room. Monk consented ; a great part of the commissions of his officers were changed, and Sir Edward Harley, a member of the council, and then present, was made governor of Dunkirk, in the room of Sir William Lockhart ; the army ceased to be at Monk's devotion ; the ambassador was recalled, and broke his heart.
Sida 220 - ... written in the spring of 1646. In the second place, though the representatives of the nation in 1689 applied the name convention to themselves, this was not true of the body which in 1660 restored Charles II. That body was elected in accordance with writs issued, by order of the Rump Parliament, in the name of the " Keepers of the Liberties of the Commonwealth of England.
Sida 259 - Ambassador to take the government on himself ; by whom he had a promise from Mazarin of assistance from France. This bargain was struck late at night: but not so secretly but that Monk's wife, who had posted herself conveniently behind the hangings, finding what was resolved upon, sent her brother Clarges away immediately with notice of it to Sir AA...

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