How to Manage it: A Novel, Volym 1


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Sida 306 - Is this a time to plant and build, Add house to house, and field to field, When round our 'walls the battle lowers, When mines are hid beneath our towers, And watchful foes are stealing round To search and spoil the holy ground...
Sida 117 - I believe there is no God but God, and Mahomet is his prophet — that is enough for me.
Sida 227 - It looks deuced like issuing them, any way ; for the last hundred years the men have been biting off the end of their cartridges, and now they are taught a new platoon exercise, by which they break them off without putting them to their mouths at all; and yet they are told there is to be no change whatever. It is enough to make them mutiny,' 1 Curse their mutiny — they never do anything but mutiny.
Sida 227 - I can say is, it is a damned shame the government making us take an oath to the men that the cartridges are not greased, when they are.
Sida 38 - Our prestige and so on, really, depends upon the fidelity or otherwise of a huge overgrown monster of a mercenary army, who, if they chose to act unanimously against us, might in one day destiny every vestige of our race in India.
Sida 63 - The sound of the horse's hoofs had scarcely died away in the distance, when the figure of a man...
Sida 194 - Graham had solaced himself with an early dinner at home, and went early to bed. How long he had been asleep he knew not...
Sida 159 - If it is written in the book of destiny that we are to perish, why should I attempt to save my life?
Sida 86 - Ramchurn's face ; the man hesitated in his answer, though he could not have had the slightest doubt as to the identity of the person who had been talking to him only a few minutes before. ' Surely, Ramchurn, that must be the man,' said the brigadier, in a tone of growing assurance.
Sida 212 - Ramchurn, and not seeing him, got up and began to pace nervously up and down the room. ' Meerut ! ' said Colonel Wetherall, who had not heard the report before, and was thunderstruck ; ' why, they have the 60th Rifles and Carabiniers there.

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