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1st Group.
Sulphuric Acid
Pyrites (38/42% sulphur)
Sulphate of Copper
Sulphate of Iron
Acetic Acid
Red Ochre
Sulphate of Alumina

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4th Group.
Thomas Phosphate
Oxygen Gas

3rd Group. Wood Tar

The products of the first group are all made at the Falun Mine & Copper Works, based chiefly on the pyrites extracted from the Falun Mine.

The other groups consist of by-products obtained at the various works, those of the 2nd group at the Chemical Works at Skutskar and Kvarnsveden, of the 3rd group at the Chemical Works at Bysjon Chareoal Kilns, and of the 4th group at Domnarvet Iron and Steel Works.


Sulphuric Acid:
Sulphate of Copper:

Acetic Acid:

Red Ochre:

Ethyl aleohol:

100/120,000 Tons. Free from arsenic and selenium.

14,000 Tons. Free from arsenic and selenium.

Chiefly exported to the wine-growing districts of Southern and
Central Europe for use against the Phylloxera.

98/100 %, chemically pure, used extensively for the coagulation of
rubber in the rubber-producing countries.

20/30,000 barrels, known for its preservative properties, and consti-
tuting the beautiful paint of the wooden country houses in Sweden.

Production recently taken up.

1,300,000 litres (ab. 165,000 gallons), of the purest quality and

Ports of shipment



Annual Production and Qualities



Liquid Rosin:
Wood Tar and
Wood Tar Oil:
Wood Xaphtlia:

Bullerforsen Water Power Station. 30000 HP

Quite water white.

Excellent quality, suitable for soap and similar manufactures.
Excellent products for the preservation of wood, branded


Exported as pure Methyl Aleohol and as miscible wood naphtha for denaturating purposes. Thomas Phosphate: ab. 200,000 bags of 100 Kilos each. Used for fertilizing purposes.


The Company owns a number of waterfalls, with 200,000 potential HP., of which 107,000 HP. are already equipped (sec illustrations), and supplying the motive power, not only for the Company's own industrial establishments, but also to a great extent for the adjoining rural districts.

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The Company's Offices at Falun


The Company has a considerable interest in the railways which transport the materials to and from the various works, and to the ports of shipment (see map, p. A 21).

The Company devotes itsel f to farming on a considerable scale on its various estates. The land is partly under the Company's own cultivation, partly leased to a very great number of tenants.

For centuries the Company's offices were established at Falun. In the year 1918 the selling, purehasing and book-keeping departments were removed to Stockholm.

Extensive measures have been taken for the social welfare of the Company's employees. The majority of the staff and workmen live in houses built and administered by a separate department of the Company, which also endeavours in every way to assist its workmen to acquire dwellings of their own. Furthermore, the Company's stores at the different works supply provisions and other commodities at the lowest possible prices obtained by means of wholesale purehases in Stockholm. The hotels, clubs, and canteens conducted by the Company at the various works are also deserving of mention.

For medical attendance and hygiene the Company has its own doctors, nurses, hospitals, country homes for children, recreation homes and baths. Special Welfare Offices have been established for the care, wholly or in part, of the economic interests of the employees. All officials and foremen are granted a pension upon retirement, and lately pensions for workmen have also been arranged to a certain extent. Every employee is also insured against accidents. Last but not least, may be mentioned schools of household and domestic economy for girls and young women,

and special industrial Managing Director's IKaiuence at Falun





Social and Welfare work training schools for boys — this last branch of social work has been made possible by a donation amounting to several hundred thousand pounds.

Other features of educational work are assembly halls, reading rooms, a central library at Falun and cireulating libraries. The Company has also arranged for the provision of athletic grounds. School of Household and Domestic Economy for Girls and Young Women at SkutskSr

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Map, illustrating the various centres of farming, forestry, mining and manufacturing of Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags Aktiebolag

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