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Established in 1862
Paid-up capital and funds, Sw. Kronor: 22,500,000

Cable Address: Codes used:

Steelworks, Sandviken

A. B. C. 5th Ed., Lieber's, New Business, Bentley's, Mareoni

Makers of the
Celebrated Sandvik Charcoal Steel and Steel Specialities

Representation abroad:

Norwich Union Chambers, Birmingham.

U. S. A.: SANDVIK STEEL INC., 2001, Woolworth Building,
233, Broadway, New York City.


2, Square de l'Opera, Paris.

Representatives in most countries.

Retrospective The history of Sandviken, perhaps one of the best known steel works in the world in its special line, coincides with the period of the tremendous expansion of the world's steel and engineering industry from the middle of the last century onward. The carburization and puddling methods were known, but the increased demands on the iron and steel industry at the commencement of that period made them too slow and costly. It was then that Henry Bessemer conceived his revolutionizing idea of »steel-blowing». The first to make his discovery useful for practical steel-making was G. F. Goransson, the founder of the Sandvik Steel Works.


The new process was more rapid, cheaper, more dependable, and — above all — produced larger ingots. The success was unique. To meet the demand for the new product the Sandvik works were erected by G. F. Goransson in 1862 at Sandviken on the Gefle—Dala railway about 14 miles from the Baltic seaport Gefle.

Thanks to the excellent raw materials, and great skill and care in their treatment, the Sandvik steel very early acquired a high reputation both in Sweden and abroad for superior quality. Bessemer steel nowadays does not, of course, occupy the prominent position it once did, and most of the Sandvik steel is produced in Siemens Martin furnaces, and also to some extent in electric furnaces, but the position of the Sandvik production at the very top has remained unchanged.

The Sandvik company is now one of the largest steel works in Sweden, and the Present largest devoted exclusively to high quality steel products. In normal times 75% of standin8 the Sandvik products are exported to other countries.

The town of Sandviken is a prettily situated community, really a garden city of about 10,000 inhabitants.


The Sandvik iron and steel works comprise the following departments, viz.: departments

Blast furnace department with 4 blast furnaces.

Steel works department with 6 open hearth furnaces, 1 electric furnace and 2 Bessemer converters.

Rolling mill for hot rolling with blooming mill, finishing mill, strip mill, wire mill, tube mill, hollow drill steel mill, and shops for finishing tubes, etc.

Forging department with steam hammers from 15 tons downward and a 2,000-ton hydraulic forging press.

Cold rolling mill and cold drawing mill with hardening plant.

Silver steel factory; Saw factory: Spring factory.

Research department with chemical and physical sections.

In addition there are COmplemen- First successful blow of Bessemer steel in the world, July 18th, 1858. , ii* This achievement of G. F. Goransson led to the establishment of the

tary departments, such as machine Sandviken steel Works


Metallurgical laboratory

Ores and

Open hearth and Bessemer steel

shops, plate-working shop, carpentershop, etc.

The company has lately erected and equipped a new Laboratory which is strictly up to the latest requirements in this line. The engineers and metallurgists of the company have here every facility to exereise the rigid control demanded by the management, and to pursue researehes in regard to treatments and processes.

The Sandvik works are of old financially interested in some of the best Swedish iron mines whence the works obtain the high-grade ore used in the pig iron production. Charcoal only is used in the pig iron production.

As mentioned above, the greater part of the Sandvik products is now based on open

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Casting pig iron. All the Sandvik steel is made from chareoal pig iron produced at the works

Hot rolled steel, carbon and alloy Brands SANDVIK & | GFG

Hollow blooms for cold drawing of seamless boiler tubes, bicycle, motor car, aeroplane and other tubes.

Seamless rolled boiler tubes, steam tubes, bake oven tubes, chrome-steel tubes for ball bearing races.

Drill steels Hollow rock drill steel, in round, hexagon, octagon, quarter-octagon, and wing sections.

Solid rock drill steel, in round, hexagon, octagon, quarter-octagon, cruciform, wing and rhombic sections.

Tool steel, etc.

Tool steel, File steel, Keg steel, Magnet steel, Stainless steel, Construction steel for the motor car, aeroplane, and allied trades.

Bar steel and wire rods for wire ropes, ball bearing balls, etc.

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