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Historical Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags Aktiebolag, abbreviated »Bergslaget», dating back to the 13th century, may claim to be the oldest industrial enterprise not only in Sweden, but even in the whole world. The first object of its activity was the old Copper Mine at Falun, famous in the history of Sweden. This mine, which has now been in work for 700 years, played for centuries an exceptionally important part in the economical life of the country. Its most prosperous period was in the 17th century, when the Company was the greatest copperproducer in the world. After that time, however, its yield of copper gradually declined, although

later on science and tech- Ullfors Walloon Iron Works. View taken from an aeroplane in 1922

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The oldest existing original purehase deed referring to »Stora Kopparberget J. Issued by the Bishop Peter Klofsson on the

16th June 1288, and relating to 7s of the Company

nics made it possible again to utilize the products of the mine, especially the pyrites, upon which is now based an extensive chemical industry, making the Falun Mine and Copper Works an important part of the concern. Gradually interest was transferred to the Iron and Timber Industries, with which the Company had always been in close contact, owing to the need of iron

Blast furnace at Ag. View taken from an aeroplane in 1922 ano* timber at the mine. A. IRON ORE


Mines and Products




The "Roof-fall" at the Dannemora Mines

Grangesberg Lump Ore

Dannemora Concentrates
Blotberget, etc. Briquettes

The Company is the owner of a large number of iron ore mines in Central Sweden, the so called "Mining District". It possesses for instance half of the Grdngesbergs fields, a considerable part of the Blbtberget mines, and about 30 % of the famous Dannemora mines. The ore is mainly used at the Company's own works, but to a certain extent also exported, and this export is herein

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The first iron works was erected in 1735, and it was followed in due course by many Historical others. In 1873 this industry was concentrated at Domnarvet, near Falun and situated jjfjj^%iee\ in the »Mining Districts and the Company closed down most of its smaller works. Industry In the succeeding years the Company expanded, and at the present day it operates the following seven Iron and Steel Works, each of which has its own specialities.

Soderfors Steel Works
High Speed Steels »Rekord Extra» & »Rekord
Superior», Dannemora Toolsteels, Hollow and Solid
Drillstcel, Filesteel, Springsteel, Magnetsteel, Anvils,
Vises & Steelcastings, etc.


Electric Tool Steels, etc.


Largest manufacturers in Scandinavia of soft Open Hearth & Bessemer steel, Steelcastings, etc.

Elfkarleo Factories

Springs for locomotives and railway coaches &
trucks, for automobiles and carriages, etc.; all kinds
of spiral springs, teeth for rakes, harrows and
cultivators, ploughshares, complete magnets, etc.
Hammered Lancashire iron, blooms and bar ends.

Hammered Lancashire iron.

Hammered Walloon iron.

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HAMMERED LANCASHIRE STEEL IRON, brands (Q) and (^) , manufactured

at Stromsberg Works, of pure Dannemora ore, supplied in a standard size of S"xb/8"; also in other dimensions if required. Owing to their purity these irons are used extensively in the manufacture of high grade Crucible Steel.

Swedish High Quality Steel Manufactures


High Speed

Original Dannemora Tool Steels

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The extraordinary and astonishing results obtained with our Irekordi Steels are due to the superior raw materials used and to the skill and care in their manufacture. They satisfy all the demands of the modern elaboration of metals and guarantee a maximum cutting service between grindings.

Supplied in all current sizes and sections, including bevels, also cut to specified single and multiple lengths. Discs, die blocks and rings of all shapes are manufactured.

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Spring Steel

These are superior brands, representing the highest quality of tool steels obtainable. When ordering Tool Steel, the purpose for which it is to be used should be stated to enable the selection of the proper grade.

Brand: \^ X^. SODERFORS

»Double Crane» steel is recognized to be a superior spring steel. It is delivered in flat, ribbed | Zl~ I. or any other section desired.

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