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Rolling Mills for round, square and flat bars; output per annum .... 8,000 tons

Steel Foundry; castings per annum 4,000 »

Pig Iron and Brass Foundry; castings per annum 2,000 »

Tempering and hardening department for rolled, hammered and cast steel, all sizes and qualities. Most completely equipped.

Physical, chemical and metallurgical laboratory and testing department.

Forging department with hydraulic presses of 1800, 1000 and 750 tons.

Pressing department for the manufacture of heavy projectiles and steeltubes, and for the cementation and treatment of armourplate.

Forging department for heavy and light goods.

Shops for the machining and assembling of guns, gun-turrets, projectiles, fuzes, Diesel engines, etc.

Machine tool department.

Iron and Steel

Charcoal pig iron of different brands Products
Ingots, iron, steel and alloy-steel up to 60 tons weight.

Rolled products, billets, rolled iron and steel, wire rods, special steel and tool steel.
Speciality: chrome-nickel steel.

Rolled products





and tempering plant


Hardening tower (Photograph taken during process of hardening)

The Bofors rolled products are for the most part manufactured of the best acid open hearth steel. Basic open hearth steel is also manufactured to a certain extent and used chiefly for certain soft products, such as ordinary hammered iron, tube-material, etc.

The manufacture comprises all grades of
carbon steel, from the softest hammered to
the hardest tool steel; further a wide range
of special alloy steels, especially chrome-
nickel steel.

Gun and Ordnance Works
Guns, from the smallest up to 30-5 cm. bore. S£
Air-defence guns.
Projectiles, all calibres.

Whaling guns.

The ordnance department of the works is by far the most important. The high standing of the company in this branch is borne out by the very large orders of war materials delivered to all parts of the world.

The machine and assembling shop for the gun department is one of the largest shops in Scandinavia, covering as it does over 25,000 sq. metres.

The gun hardening and tempering plant consists of a 75 tons electric crane resting on 4 masonry walls, 22 metres high. Below the crane is a cylindrical gas furnace for heating the largest guns, a large hardening cistern 18 metres deep, built of concrete and filled

with oil, and also a 10-metre well for mantling or coating guns. There are further in the hardening establishment and the new press-house 3 hardening cisterns for small guns, shells, armourplates, gun shields, etc. The four hardening cisterns hold together about 180,000 litres (22,250 gallons) of oil, and are connected by a system of pipes. When large pieces are being hardened, the oil is kept circulating between the cisterns

15 cm. (6 inch.) double gun-carriage M 12 by means of a pump.

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The hardening plant comprises also gas furnaces for heating the ingots, well for coating guns, and a 1000-tons hydraulic press, the latter used for adjusting armourplates and gun castings warped during treatment, and for bending armourplates.

The company possesses excellent, well-equipped testing ranges for carrying out all stipulated shooting and other tests, with even the largest guns, before acceptance and

shipment from the works.

The guns are made of unforged cast steel. In order to increase the toughness, strength, and resistance to wear, the material contains suitable portions of nickel and chrome. Thanks to the care taken in the preparation of the steel the guns have proved to be quite as good in these respects as if made of forged material, and the Bofors guns come out exceedingly well in comparison with guns of any of the world's famous makes.


Testing ranges

Points of gun manufacture


Ore Crusher

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Great attention is paid to the construction of gun carriages. Large carriages are built of cast steel, whereas the smaller sizes are made of pressed steel plate. Cast steel Bofors also uses cast steel for various kinds of armouring; comparatively thin sheets armour ^ board ships, such as casemates and fighting turrets, shields for guns, etc. and heavy armoured domes for land forts, etc.

Steel Foundry

General The Bofors Steel Foundry covers an area of 6,000 sq. metres and is an all-round, up-to-date establishment with a number of specially designed arrangements.

Among commereial castings produced by the steel foundry may be mentioned stems, sterns, rudders, propellers, etc. Among special castings are parts for ore crushers, breakers and gear-rings; also locomotive wheels, railway car castings, ingots and billets of special steel for rolling mills, and connecting pinions, taps, necks and covers for digesters in pulp factories, heads for water turbines, etc.

Machine tools department
products Bolt and Screw machines, complete range
Milling and Slotting machines
Pneumatic Hammers, etc.

Bolt and B0n and Screw Automatics are designed to meet the requirements for speed and efficiAutomaties ency in up-to-date bolt and screw production. These machines have gained a very high reputation, and the standing of Bofors is a guarantee of the material and constructional features.

Capacity These automatics are made for the production of

Cold pressed rivets of all kinds and sizes up to 16x85 mm. (5/8" x 33/8")


Screw Automatics

Wood screws of all sizes up to 7-5x90 mm. (5/16" x 39/i6")

Machine screws of all sizes up to 6-5x38 mm. (V*" X l1/*")

All the maehines are of standard type and can be supplied from stock.

The company also prepares plans and submits estimates for complete equipment of Service plants for the production of bolts, nuts, rivets, screws, and wood screws of all sizes as well as bright finished bolts and nuts up to 2" diameter.

Catalogues mailed on request and enquiries promptly attended to.

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