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The company's sawmill and planing mill at Hastaholmen, Hndiksvall


Deals, Battens and Boards, Firewood ends, Staves and Broomhandles.

Planed boards.

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About 25,000—30,000 standards Red and White.
Hudilcsvall, open water from april to december incl.

The first sawmill was erected at Iggesund in 1572, merely for the requirements of the surrounding country, and in order to supply the iron works with their need of chareoal. This little ancient mill was the progenitor of the present large wood products industry which now forms so important a part of the company's establishment. The Hudilcsvall Sawmill Co. was merged in the Iggesund in 1903, and the company is now operating several sawmills and planing mills. The total number of frames is 24, of planers 5 and 8 edgers besides all the necessary auxiliary machines. The timber is supplied by the company's large forests which cover an area of about 518,450 acres.


Shipping marks

Yearly production Shipping port General



Products and Extra Strong sulphite, »Anchor» brand, about 15,000 tons

production Kraft sulphate, »Anchor»brand, about 15,000 »

Wet mechanical pulp, »Anchor»brand, about 15,000 »

Sulphite Spirit, about 1,320,000 gallons (500,000 litres)
By-products: turpentine, rosin and special oils.




Shipping port

Mills equipments


Iggcsund, open water from april to december incl .

The Woodpidp Mill, built in 1905, has 6 grinding machines for hot grinding and 9 cardboard machines.

The Sulphite and Sulphaie Mills, erected in 1915—1916, have, besides auxiliary machines and appliances, the following machines: 4 sulphite digesters, each of 130 m3 (4,600 cub. ft) volume and 4 sulphate digesters of 40 m3 (1,410 cub. ft) volume. In addition to these are 2 drying machines for 110" working width, each equipped with 2 felt presses, 1 high pressure press, and 30 drying cylinders.

The Sulphite Spirit Factory was added in 1918.

From the waste-lyes at the pulp mills are obtained as by-products, turpentine and rosin and certain oil products.




Paid-up capital and funds, Sw. Kronor: 4,050,000

Cable and Postal Address: Codes used:

Jernverket, Kohlswa A- B- C. 5th Ed., and Bentley's

Manufacturers and Exporters of
High Grade Charcoal Steel and Steel Eroducts.

Kohlswa is situated by the river Hedstrommen at Kohlswa station on the KopingUttcrsberg railway. The works ship their products cither by rail over Koping or Krampen railway station to the principal ports of Sweden, such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oxelbsund, etc., and to a very great extent, by steamer on Lake Malar to Stockholm, or by direct steamer to ports outside of Sweden.

The exact date of the establishment of the Kohlswa Works is not known. It may be taken as certain, however, that the manufacture of iron was carried on at the place as early as the ICth century. The first recorded date in the history of the Works is 1641.

Annual production:

Chareoal pig iron

Siemens Martin ingots, acid

Siemens Martin ingots, basic

Rolled products, rolled merehant iron and wire rods ....

Steel castings

Machine and ship's forgings

Ordinary and shrapnel shells

Value of annual production about 8,000,000 Kronor.

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about 11,000 tons

» 5,000 »

» 12,000 »

» 6,000 »

» 4,000 »

» 2,000 »

» 400 »


Brands: [SQLt] and

4 Siemens Martin Furnaces, 2 acid and 2 basie; one of these oil-fired.

1 Electric Steel Furnace.

2 Steel Foundries with shops for annealing, cleaning and pattern-making.
Blooming, Intermediate, and Finishing Rolling Mills.

Forging Press and Hammer Works with 2 hydraulic presses of 800 and 360 tons, 4 steam hammers, spring and drop hammers.

Machine Shop equipped with modern lathes, planers, and other machine tools.

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Kohlswa High Grade Charcoal Steel. Ch|teT'

Ingots — Billets — Bars. In carbons from 0 08 — 1-10 %. Wire Rods, soft and high carbons. Specialities Horse-Nail Rods, Horse-Nail Plates, H-iron, Bundle Iron. Drill Steel, rolled and hammered. Tool Steel, Keg Steel and Case Steel, Fagot Steel. Special Chisel Steel, rolled and hammered, for pneumatic tools, etc. Anti-Magnetic Steel.

Alloy Steels: Nickel steel, Chrome steel, Chrome-Nickel steel, Manganese steel.

Steel Castings.

All kinds, in cast weights from less than 100 grammes (31/2 oz.) up to 30 tons, for iron cag^ngs works and engineering shops, such as connecting rods, cylinders, pistons and other parts of steam engines and turbines, etc.; for shipbuilding yards, such as steams and sterns, rudders, propellers, davits, etc.; all sorts of steel castings for electric generators and motors, blacksmiths' anvils, etc.


Propeller. Dim. 561;) ", Weight about 9720 kg. Part of Francis Turbine.

The following special steel castings call for mention, viz: High-percentage manganese Special steel steel castings to be used for parts exposed to heavy wear, such as cones and jaws for ore castin<-s and stone crushers, plates for ball and tube mills, railway crossings, etc., Soft steel cast

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