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Brand. 1 N 2 Standard . . AHov Steels

Principally a case-hardened steel, recommended for machine parts, particularly for Constructor the steering mechanism of automobiles, for guiding levers, axle bearings, front pulses and rear axles, rivets, etc. Special cata

Like the foregoing, principally a case-hardened steel somewhat harder, more clastic, and allowing a higher degree of hardening. Suitable for cogwheels, levers, spindles, crosspieces, etc., or in general for case-hardened parts which require a comparatively high degree of strength.

tfrana. 3 N 2 c 5

Suitable for case-hardening or tough tempering. Case-hardened if a material of a harder nature than the two foregoing qualities is required.

Brand: 8 N g

This is a type of nickel steel, with high tensile strength and breaking strain, yet not in any way brittle.

Recommended for use for screw-bolts, etc. in high speed machines or motors, etc.

manci. 3 N g Q g

A steel of greater hardness, with greater capacity for receiving temper than the foregoing and with higher degree of strength, though its toughness is in no way reduced. Suitable for case-hardening.


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Owing to an air-hardening process this is a very hard quality, and hence difficult to work. Thus parts required for constructional purposes, and of such a shape that they easily warp when quenched in oil or water, acquire a sufficient degree of hardness simply through air chilling.

Soderfors This steel is non-magnetic, does not rust, and is remarkable for its toughness and 25 <stee]Cke' durability. It cannot be hardened. This steel possesses great power of resistance to electricity, 0-6—0*7 ohm per meter and mm2, which docs not vary much according to temperature, as is the case with ordinary steel. It has also high power of resistance to high temperatures, as well as to steam and oxydizing vapours, and is therefore the quality required for valves.

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kel steel, Chrome nickel steel, Vanadium steel, Chrome vanadium steel, in any proportion desired, and if a sufficiently large quantity is ordered.

The composition of the standard qualities (see special catalogue) is the fruit of expert experience during recent years. If a superior alloy constructional steel is required. Soderfors is therefore the right souree of supply.

Brand: $F Electro Tool

«V Steel

The works at Gysinge make Carbon and Alloy Electro Steel of excellent quality for tools of various kinds.

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Soft, tough, homogeneous, easily forged and welded material, not sensitive to heat; often used with good results as a substitute for Lancashire Iron. The Company's Siemens Martin Rods are used as a speciality for welding purposes and for making Horse Shoe Nails and Conducting Wire. Dead Soft Steels delivered rolled as well as hammered, or in wire rods.

Rolling capacity:

Bars: not below 3/16" round or square.

Wire Rods: from No. 6B. S. W. G. up to the thickest rods that can be wound in coils. Largest dimensions rolled:

Round: up to and including 9". Square: up to and including 10".

Straight flat: 1/16"— 1", up to 7%' in width and 26' in length.

Plates and Sheets of Thomas Chareoal Steel, as well as of Siemens Martin Dead Soft Steel of up to and including0-4 % Carbon and,when suitable specifications are given, in some cases harder (up to 0-50/0-60%). Bent, pressed, flanged, punched plates, spade plates, etc., boiler headers, flat and dished are also supplied,

Gysinge Electro Steel Works. View taken from an in aeroplane in 1922 as well as Bar Ends of

Charcoal Dead Soft Steels


Plates &


Steel Castings

Thomas & Siemens Martin Chareoal Dead Soft Steel, Off-Cuts of the latter, steel for tires with round edges, Horse Shoe Steel in current sizes, Handle Steel, and Fire Bars.

Angles and Bulb Angles, Beams, Channels, Tees & Zees, Rails and Switch-Point Blanks, Rails, Nails, Rail Spikes, Bolts and Screws, Axle Blanks for Carriages.

Of highest quality Open Hearth Steel on receipt of patterns or drawings.

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Where anvils of the highest efficiency and durability are required, the right souree of supply is Soderfors. They are manufactured from the best ore in the world, i. e. from the Dannemora Mines, situated near the works. This fact combined with experiments and improvements in various details of manufacture obtained from 35 years' experience, guarantees perfection in the anvils. The face is not welded on; the anvils are cast in a

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