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Elis Bo?£cus Axel F. Enstriim
Amos Kruse Alf Larson

J. A. Leffler Axel Lindblad
Karl Nystrom J. A. Sundin
Bertil Traneus K. Welin-Berger

Valdemar Waldenstrom


Oscar Lev in


This Book

was printed and bound in the year 1923

Wald. Zachrissons Boktryckeri Aktiebolag

l'aper for this book made at the Mills of
A.-B. Papyrus, Molndal

Paper for the cover made by
A.-B. Molnbacka-Trysil. Forshaga

Printed in Sweden

Copyright by

Wald. Zachrissons Boktryckeri Aktiebolag
Gothenburg, Sweden


The near future will of necessity be a time of reconstruction not merely for the countries that were directly engaged in the war but also for the whole civilized world. Many trade connections were broken off during the war years, and industrial progress was turned into other paths than the normal by the necessities enforeed through the war. The subsequent crisis has played havoc with many of the enterprises in trade and industry built up during these years, and the effects of their destruction have extended to legitimate commeree and production as well. The industrial and commereial situation now appears to be becoming brighter. The work of reconstruction has commenced. All nations must participate in it according to their several resourees. The character of Swedish industrial production enables the country to take a large part. The demands made by the work of reconstruction are just for the articles which comprise the chief Swedish export products, viz. wood and wood products, iron and steel and products of these, tools, implements and machines. The present book has been published to give an idea of what Swedish industry can accomplish in the way of producing these and other goods.

The publication takes place in connection with the holding of the Jubilee Exhibition at Gothenburg in the summer of 1923.

»Industrial Sweden», as the name indicates, is a work containing a description of manufacturing in Sweden. The object is entirely practical; it is to assist in disseminating knowledge about Swedish concerns and Swedish products beyond the borders of Sweden, and in that way promote and develop the exchange of commodities between Sweden and other countries. This object has been the guiding principle in the planning of the book. The introductory articles give concise and authoritative accounts of the most important export industries and their products without historical details and statements of a puffing kind. On this follows the main part of the book, containing descriptions of industrial establishments. A sort of standard schedule has been adopted which enables the business man or manufacturer to learn at a glance what he desires to ascertain about Swedish export industries and export goods. All unnecessary descriptive writing and personal accounts are left out.- Furthermore, the »Exporters' Section» gives a foreign buyer the required information about Swedish exporters, and the »Export Service » section particulars regarding firms and institutions at the service of the export trade, such as banks, forwarding agents, shipping companies, etc. Finally there are also maps by means of which all the establishments appearing in this book can easily be located. The maps besides give information in regard to communications, ports, etc.

It will be understood that the descriptive section of the book does not embrace all establishments of the different branches of industry nor do all exporters appear in the section following. In the first place, only works engaged in manufacturing export goods are included. And further, several industries are not very well represented owing to their special organization, and in particular to their selling organization. An appended list, however, contains the names of all manufacturers and exporters in the various branches who are members of the General Export Association of Sweden.



Introduction (precedes this page)

Index to Manufacturing Establishments and other Firms appearing in this volume IX

Index to Products XI

Brief Survey of the Principal Industries of Sweden XXI

By Helmer Eneborg, Ph. D., Editor in chief of »Kommersiella Meddelanden», The Swedish

Board of Trade Journal. Stockholm

Iron and Steel in Sweden XXV

By J. A. Leffler. Professor, Royal College of Technology, Stockholm

The Swedish Machine Industry XXXI

By Amos Krusc. M. E., Managing Director of the Swedish Machine Industries Association, Stock-


Some Special Mechanical Industries of Sweden XXXVII

By Axel F. Enstrom, Commereial Adviser of the Swedish Board of Trade, Director of the

Academy of Scientific and Industrial Researeh, Stockholm

Electrical Industries of Sweden XLII

By liertil Truneus. E. E., Managing Director of the Swedish Electrical Manufacturers' Association.


The Swedish Timber Industry XLVI

By ./. A. Sundin, Secretary, Swedish Wood Exporters' Association, Stockholm

Swedish VVoodpulp and Cellulose Industry Ml

By Karl Xyslriini, late Secretary, Swedish Cellulose Association, Stockholm

Swedish Paper Industry LIX

By Klis Bosceus Ch. E., Vice President of the Labour Council

Chemical-Technical Industry of Sweden LX1V

By Alf. Larsson, Ch. E., Stockholm

Swedish Banking and Industry I.XX

By K. Welin-Berger, Manager of Statistical Department, Svenska Handelsbanken, Stockholm

The Foreign Shipping of Sweden LXXVI

By Axel Lindblad, Chief Inspector of Ship Surveying


Group A, Mining. Iron and Steel. Non-ferrous Metals A 1—70

Group II. Engineering. Shipbuilding, Metal-working trades B 1—10-t

Group t', Special Industries C 1—37

Group I), Electrical Industry D 1—25

Group E, Timber and Pulp Industries E 1—8

Group F, Paper Industry F 1—18

Group G, Chemical Industry G 1—18

Group Il, Miscellaneous Industries II 1—8

Group Exp., Exporters Exp. 1 —10

Group Es., Banks, Shipping, Travelling, etc Es. 1 —13

The General Export Association of Stceden:

Organization and activity 1

Members <»


Industrial Map of Sweden Precedes the title page

Map of Europe At the end of the book

Map of the World At the end of the book

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