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Long Log Barking Machine

Chipping machine, built in two sizes with cast-steel discs of 2200 and 2800 mm. (87" Chipping

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and 110") dia. respectively. The smaller type will chip enough wood for an output of 15,000 tons of pulp per year, when working 20 hours daily, while the larger type is sufficient for about 25,000 tons on the same conditions.

Digesters and Diffusers, including stationary sulphite digesters, rotary sulphite digesters, stationary sulphate digesters, rotary sulphate digesters, diffusers, blowing pipes, and condensors.

Sulphite digesters, vertical and rotary types, are built in diametres ranging from 4300 to 6200 mm. (170" to 245"), corresponding to a net volume of from 80 to 350 m3 (2820 to 12,350 cub. ft) and suitable for a working pressure of up to 6 kilogrammes/cm2 (86 lbs/sq. inch). They are made of first class Swedish open hearth steel boiler plate, cylindrical in form, with taper end pieces, provided with cast-steel necks and cover plates of the same material.

Sulphate digesters, vertical and rotary, with diameter from 1800 to 3300 mm. (71" to 130"), corresponding to 20 to 60 m3 (706 to 2120 cub.ft) volume, and suitable for a working pressure of up to 11 kilogrammes/cm2 (157 lbs/sq. inch).

Screening machinery for sulphite and sulphate mills, including separators, knot catchers, patented screens system »Spangenberg», water extractors and edge runners.

Sulphite digesters

Sulphate digesters •Spangen- »Spangenberg» rotary screen erg. scree & capacity of about 15 tons

of air-dry pulp per 24 hours. The machine requires a relatively small space considering its output, and differs advantageously from rival makes by its practically noiseless running and low power consumption. This machine is extensively used not only in the Scandinavian and Finnish pulp and paper mills, but has found a ready sale also in Canada, U. S. A., Japan, and Germany.

Bleaching machinery for Sulphite and Sulphate pulp.

Complete equipment for the bleaching department, including crushing mills for chloride of lime, fittings for chloride of lime dissolvers, and outfits for various

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Rotary screen "Spangenberg*

Acid department for Sulphite mills, including rotary sulphur burners, pyrites burners, washing and cooling apparatus, sulphuric gas fans.

Rotary sulphur burners made in two sizes, 7,000 and 10,000 tons of pulp yearly production.

Pi/rites burners made in two types, the Herreshoff and Wedge furnaces. The latter are built in various sizes, the biggest sufficient for a production of about 20,000 tons of pulp per annum.

Soda House for Sulphate mills, including lye evaporators, rotary soda furnaces, melting furnaces, soda dissolvers, and lime mixers.

The rotary Soda furnace is usually made 2700 mm. (9 ft) in diameter and 7000 mm. (23 ft) long. One furnace is sufficient for about 6000 tons of sulphate pulp per year.

Pulp drying machines built according to the most modern principles. In recent years the works have supplied large types of 3700 mm. (146") working width, with 34 drying cylinders of 1500 mm. (5 ft) diameters which are probably the largest machines made as yet. Most of the drying machines are now provided with so called High Pressure Presses, which are feltless wet presses giving a much higher degree of dryness to the pulp sheet before entering the drying cylinder section of the machine.

C. Paper mill machinery.

During the 30 years of manufacture of complete equipments for paper mills all kinds General of paper machines have been built, from single cylinder machines, so-called »Yankees», up to modern fast running newspaper machines of great working width. The delivery list comprises more than 300 beaters, bleaching beaters not included; also 175 complete paper and drying machines, and, in addition, the more or less complete rebuilding of about 250 such machines.

Sulphur burners

Pyrites burners

Soda furnace

Pulp drying machines

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Jordan Engines Fourdriniers

Newsprint machines


Re-recling machines

Beaters are built in different types and sizes for the greatest variety of purposes. The newsprint beaters are of special design, giving a good circulation even with very thick pulp which is a necessary feature for good beating.

Jordan engines are built in three sizes; drive by belt or direct coupled motor.

Fourdrinier paper machines are built in many different types and sizes depending on the quality of paper to be produced, whether news, fine, wrapping or cigarette paper.

One of the recently delivered newsprint paper machines is illustrated on the next page. This machine has a wire width of 4240 mm. (167") and a production of 60 tons of 50 grammes/m2 (14 lbs demy) newsprint in 24 hours. The modern newsprint machines are equipped with all the latest improvements such as compressed air device for handling the paper, sectional drive for the whole machine, etc.

oYankee» paper machine illustrated on page C 14. This machine has a width of wire of 4250 mm. (168") and a drying cylinder 12 ft in diameter, and is probably the largest single-cylinder machine ever built.

Re-reeling machines are built in three types and in different sizes. The heaviest machine is designed for cutting and reeling newsprint paper, and allows a paper speed of up to 600 metres (2000 ft) per minute.

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