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Graham Brothers A.-b.


Paid-up capital, Siv. crowns: 1,500,000

Codes used:
A. B. C. 4th and 5th Ed., Lieber s
Western Union and

Engineers, Manufacturers and Merchants

Electric Passenger and Goods Lifts Electric Hoisting Blocks Manufacture Electric Measuring Instruments Push-button Motor Control

Lifts, Cranes, Blocks, Machine Tools, Oil Engines, Pumps, Hard- Export ware, Wire Ropes, Hollow Drill Steel, Cement, etc.

Metals, Cast & Wrought Iron Pipes, Electric cables and material, import Labor saving machinery, Structural Iron, etc.


Electric Lift Engine

Graham Brothers is originally a Scotch firm, established at Perth in 1835. As Historical the firm rapidly developed, new fields for its activities were sought in the Scandinavian countries, and in 1860 a branch office was established in Sweden, dealing

Cable Address:
Grahams, Stockholm


in machinery and sawmill products. In 1871 the head office was removed to Stockholm, a branch office being retained in London until 1879.

Some 36 years ago the firm took up as a speciality the lift business comprising hydraulic and belt transmission lifts. In 1894 the electric lift was brought out and proved so great a success that it has superseded all other types.

To cope with the ever increasing demand for »Graham Lifts» large works were built and fitted with modern machine tools. After repeated extensions the present capacity of the works represents about 600 complete new lift installations annually, besides maintenance of the many thousand »Graham Lifts» working in different parts of the world.

The unprecedented success of the »Graham Lift» is due to its high qualities embodying safety, reliability and economy. It is looked upon as the standard lift not only by Scandinavian authorities, but also by many foreigners who have had the opportunity to study the lift practice in Sweden.

These gratifying results have been achieved mainly because the firm realized the importance of manufacturing the complete lift in order to ensure harmonious working between the mechanical and electrical parts. The firm manufactures all the motors, specially designed for lift service, also the complete operating system, comprising controllers, switches, push buttons, electromagnetic locks, etc.

The »Graham Lift» is made for a great variety of capacities from 5 kilogram to 20,000 kilogram loads, with lifting speeds up to two meters per second, and fitted with the most modern systems for operating either by hand, rope, electric lever, automatic push buttons or a combination of push buttons and electric lever.

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Graham Push Button System,

for starting and stopping motors in a factory from one central point.


With this system one man can simultaneously start up all the motors in a shop from one central point and also stop any of them independently of others. Should the current be cut off by accident, the motors are automatically cut out from the cireuit thus preventing burning out when the current is again turned on.

This system is also used to great advantage in operating large machines run by separate motors. Below is shown a large lathe fitted with three push buttons, one for starting, one for quick return and one for stopping.

Push button system

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