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Branch Offices: Brunn, Miihr. — Ostrau, Pilsen, Reichenberg, Troppau. Germany.

S K F-NORMA G. m. b. H. Head Office: Berlin. Branch Offices: Berlin. Breslau, Dusseldorf. Hamburg. Hanover. Leipzic, Nuremburg, Stuttgart. Austria.

S K F Kugellagergesellschaft m. b. II., Vienna. Poland.

S K F Szwedzkie Lozyska Kulkowe, Warsaw. Jugoslavia.

Dionieko Drustvo za Promet Proizvodima S K F, Zagreb.

II. Africa


Societc des Roulements a Billes S K F, Algiers. South Africa.

The Skefko (South Africa) Ball Bearing Companv, Ltd.

Head Office: Johannesburg.

Branch Offices: Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban.

IIl. North America


Canadian S K F Company, Ltd. Head Office:

Branch Office: Montreal. Que.

Compania S K F Golfo v Caribe S. A.. Mexico City. L*. S. A.

S K F Industries Inc. Head Office: New York.

Branch Offices: Atlanta. Boston. Buffalo. Charlotte, Chicago. Cincinnati. Cleveland, Detroit, New Haven. Philadelphia. Rochester, San Francisco, New Montgomery, New York City.

IV. South America


Compania Sudamericana S K F, Buenos Ayres. Brazil.

Companhia S K F do Brazil. Rio de Janeiro. Chile.

Compania Sudamericana S K F, Santiago. Peru.

Compania Sudamericana S K F, Lima.

f 'ruguay.

Compania Sudamericana S K F, Montevideo.
V. Asia


Nederlandsehe Maatschappij van Kogellagers SKF, Sourabaya. China.

The Chinese S K F, Co., Ltd, Shanghai.

Kjcllbergs Succ:rs. Ltd. Head Office: Tokyo.
Branch Offices: Tokyo. Osaka, Kokura.

VI. Australia
The S K F Ball Bearing Company, Ltd. Head

Office: Melbourne. Branch Offices: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane,

Adelaide. Auckland (New Zealand).

A. Europe


A B Axel von KnorringsTekniska Byra. Helsingfors Portugal.

Black. Lda, Lisbon. Spain,

Francisco de P. Ccrveto Corts. Barcelona. Hungary.

Greinitz-Pirkner A/G, Budapest. Roumania.

Dr. Schultze & Co.. Sibiu.

Jaques Paucker, Buearest. Bulgaria.

T. Toschko Kostoff, Sofia.

B. South America


II. Bryhn, Guvayquil.

Augusto Scharoeh.
Salvador. Honduras. Nicaragua and Costa liica.

Tinetti Hermanos, San Salvador.

C. Africa


Thomaides & Venieri, Alexandria.

The SKF self-aligning ball bearings, the SKF transmission accessories and the SKF Products split belt pulleys are so well known that a detailed description is hardly necessary here. The same applies to the SKF single-row deep groove ball bearing without filling notch.

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The more recent specialities of the S K F will, however, be briefly referred to here.

Foremost amongst these stand the S K F roller bearings which are the outcome of theoretical and practical tests made in the S K F laboratories, afterwards confirmed by experience gained from actual use in places where ball bearings or roller bearings of other designs have failed.

The self-aligning roller bearing possesses the following advantages over roller bearings of all other types.

It is self-aligning in the true sense of the word. It is a self-contained unit and is the only commereial roller bearing which combines these characteristics. It is designed so that the internal friction is reduced to a minimum without its load-carrying capacity being decreased. The high efficiency of the bearing is also due to the type of contact. This is not of the point-point variety as in ball bearings, nor of the line-line variety as in other roller bearings. It is a point-line contact; that is, a compromise between the two forms. The line contact is on the inner race, while the point contact which is designed with great conformity, is on the outer race. This important feature gives the S K F spherical roller bearing an anti-friction efficiency almost equal to that of a ball bearing and still a very great capacity.

Every tendency towards skewing of the rollers as in previous designs is fully eliminated. The retainer stresses are reduced to a minimum as the retainer is not called upon to guide the rollers. The self-aligning spherical roller bearing, due to its tapered construction, will take comparatively heavy thrusts in either direction and will do so without stress on the retainer.

The spherical roller bearing can therefore also be used in places where it is necessary to take considerable radial and thrust loads simultaneously.

The S K F cylindrical roller bearing on the other hand is the ideal bearing in places where heavy radial loads are to be dealt with, and where axial play in the bearing is necessary.

Together these two designs of S K F roller bearings are the ideal means of solving bearing problems of such a nature that ball bearings have been found inadequate to the desired service.

S K F roller bearing crankshafts. The marked tendency in motor car design to increase the speed of motors above the 3,000 rev./min. limit has made it imperative to find a suitable roller bearing design for the big end of the connecting rods. By the introduction of a patented roller bearing crank shaft this problem has now been solved. The manufacture of these crank shafts is the most recent departure of the S K F concern.

S K F precision taps. Few factories are so well adapted to the mass-production of precision steel products as a ball bearing factory. It might therefore be regarded as a natural development, that S K F has taken up the manufacture of precision taps. Taps have hitherto been one of the very few tools which have not been finished after hardening. With the new methods adopted by S K F it is now possible to produce precision taps which can be kept within the following limits: lead within 0-0025 mm. in a length of 25 mm.; diameter within 0-01 mm. — These taps are now put on the market for the first time.

S K F Roller bearings

Self-aligning roller bearings


roller bearings

Roller bearing crankshaft

Precision taps

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H olland:


Great Britain







New Zealand.

Manufacturers of
Ball bearings and Disc bearings

Foreign representatives:

Storm & Bull, Ltd., Christiania
A/S Nielsen & Winthcr, Copenhagen
N. V. NKA Kogellager, The Hague
Maskin-Aktiebolaget E. Gronblom, Abo

Northern Ball Bearings Ltd., 115, Gr. Portland Street, London, W. 1
L. G. Vallet y Cia., Bareelona

Storm & Bull, Ltd., 126/128, Calle Defensa, Buenos Ayres

Storm & Bull, Ltd., 604, Piedras, Montevideo

Storm & Bull, Ltd., Casilla 286, Valparaiso

B. Dieden & Co., Ltd., Tokyo & Kobe

John O'Neill & Co., Ltd., 496, Kent Street, Sydney

Alexander Mair & Co., Top of Elizabeth Street, Box 510, Elizabeth Street

P. O., Melbourne
Horton Lewis, Box 1169, G. P. O., Melbourne
Andrews & Beaven, Ltd., Christchureh

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