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Office: 18, Dobelnsgatan
Works: 5, 15, 17 & 19 Tulegatan ff^^^\. Codes used:

A. B. C. 4th, 5th & 6th Ed.. Union,
Cable Address: ^VSJI Wostern UnT_.? if*!'leber'8' A 1

Mikrofon, Stockholm

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Designers, Manufacturers and Contractors of

Telephone Exchanges and Networks, and Fire Alarm


Branch Works in Great Britain, France, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Holland, U. S. A. and Mexico.

Branch Offices in Finland, Czecho-Slovakia, Poland and Argentina.

Representatives in all countries.

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Range of activity


The telephone industry in Sweden

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The company designs, constructs and installs the complete equipment of telephone exchanges and networks, as well as operates such installations for owners or on concession. Its speciality is telephone exchanges and apparatus on different systems of the company's own design: local and common battery exchanges, exchanges with manual or automatic distribution, and semiautomatic as well as full automatic exchanges. Another department of the company is devoted to the construction and installation of Telephone Nets and Fire Alarm systems.

Magneto wall and table telephones
Battery-ringing wall and table telephones
Common battery wall and table telephones
Automatic wall and table telephones
Secret intercommunication telephones
Amplifiers for wire telephony
Field and portable telephones
Fire alarm instruments

Also, all parts for telephone installations, cords, cables,
and accessories, meters, time checks, protectors, etc.


Common battery wall telephone

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Multiple switchboard with lamp signalling


Automatic table telephone


Secret intereommunication telephone

tractor of telephone instruments to the Stockholms Allmanna Telefonaktiebolag, established in 1883 with the object of installing and operating entire telephone exchanges and networks,the business expanded rapidly. In the early nineties the concern began to interest itself in the introduction of its appliances and system outside of Sweden. The first to come under its influence were the neighbouring countries Finland, Norway, Denmark and Russia. Other European and overseas-countries followed in rapid succession as users of the Ericsson inventions.

Of complete exchanges and networks supplied and installed abroad by the company may be mentioned those of Warsaw, Moscow and Mexico City. A great many of the central exchanges in important towns of the world are built by the company: Copenhagen, The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Calcutta, Johannesburg, Singapore, Shanghai, etc. — to mention only a few — and at the present the Ericsson telephones have penetrated to the most remote countries.


Exchanges and networks

Automatic wall telephone

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StOckholmS Allmanna Tclefonaktiebolag Laying-out of cables in Mexico-City

and Aktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson & Co.

jointed under the name of Allmanna Tclefonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson. Later, or 1921, Allmanna Industriaktiebolagct H. T. Cedergren (formerly Aktiebolaget Stockholms Telefon), makers of electric cables and telephone fittings and appliances, was absorbed. The concern is also controlling telephone systems in some large European and American cities. The consolidation of the interests of these large firms brought about an increase of the capital to the present figure: Sw. Kronor 80,665,000, in addition to a reserve fund of Kr. 13,765,481: 26.

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(The New Volta Electric Co., LTD)


Established in 1916
Paid-up capital, Sw. Kronor: 3,000,000

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Manufacturers and Exporters of
Electric Heating Apparatus for every purpose

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