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Great Britain:






Principal Agents:

Maskin- & Brobyggnads A.-B., 9, Somas Strandvag, Helsingfors
The British Volta Electrical Co., 16, Sentinel House, Southampton

Row London W. C. 1
Societe d'Electricitc Mors, 11, Rue Petit, Clichy (Seine)
J. H. van Andel, 59, Leidschestraat, Amsterdam
Hiti & Ljos Electric Co., Reykjavik

C. R. Dornfcld & Co, 1035, Avenida de Mayo, Buenos Ayres
H. H. Hinds, Ltd, Sydney (N. S. W.)


Skandinaviska Kreditaktiebolaget, Stockholm

Products Electric Cooking and Heating appliances of all kinds, including complete
kitchen outfit, from small cooking utensils to large ranges, water heaters, immersion
heaters, flat irons, etc.
Heating Ovens, Radiators

Continuous Ovens for bakers and confectioners
High- and Low-tension Steam Boilers

Salt-Bath Furnaces, Hardening and High temperature Crucible Fur-
naces, and Laboratory Furnaces


Electric household specialities

At the start the production of the company comprised merely electrical heating appliances for domestic use. When the industrial need for heating apparatus began to make itself felt, the range was extended to include also large immersion heaters, cireulation heaters, retorts, etc. The amalgamation in 1922 with the Hj. Lofquist Electric company brought about a further extension, in part by the acquirement of the very valuable patents of the latter firm of high and low tension steam boilers, electric furnaces for hardening, annealing and smelting, etc., distillation apparatus of capacities from 1 to 100 litres per hour.

The scope of the manufacturing thus covers practically the entire electrical heating line. Up-to-date works and equipment, competent engineers, and a well-trained body of workers are an assurance that the goods turned out by the Volta company are of the highest quality.


Apparatus for heating running water

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Nickel-plated cooking plate

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with repeated heating and cooling. Apparatus
stocked are for 110, 125, 150 and 220 volts D.
C. and A. C. (single phase), but the company
is prepared to supply apparatus for any other
voltages and cycles. Catalogues and quotations
are sent on request.

Radiators. For heating installations in dwel-
ling-houses, industrial establishments, etc. the
Volta company offers a large line of electrical
heaters for D. C. as well as for A. C. current
in various ratings.

The Volta electric storage battery range is the result of long experiments, and embodies many improvements not found in any other appliance of this kind. It is equipped with two intercommunicating cooking places, consisting of two connected cast iron cylinders having a joint battery of 500 watts, easily interehangeable. This battery stores up energy during the night hours, enough for cooking purposes for a family of 6 to 8 members. The range is equipped with a hot water heater and a baking oven of practical design.

By means of a thermo-
regulator of the Volta patent
the current is shut off when
t he temperature has reached
a desired degree of heat, and
couples it in again when the
temperature has fallen to a
certain point. This arrange-
ment excludes all risks of

Volta Apparatus for heat-
ing running water are handy
practical appliances and ad-
apted for continuous as well Klectric stora»c batter> range wlth hakoven
as alternating current. Made in sizes from 0-5 to 54 kw.
Sizes 9 to 54 kw. are especially suitable for hot water
heating installations. All types with the exception of 9,22-5,
and 54 kw. can be adapted for higher capacity if required.

Volta electric ovens for bakers and confectioners have met Baking ovens
with great favour for their superior construction and the
excellent results obtained. Standard sizes have 8 plates
450X600 mm.

The capacity of this oven equals that of 2 gas ovens of 6
Fire 84U., plates of the most modern type. The bread is uniformly

High-tension electric steam boilers

baked without necessitating turning of the plates.
This is a great advantage; time and heat being
saved as no loss of temperature occurs from the
frequent opening of the door.

Volta high and low tension electric steam boilers
have many distinctive advantages over rival
makes. The number of connections, one of the
weakest points in this kind of boilers, is here
reduced to a minimum. The boiler is equipped
with continuous regulation of the effect within
wide limits, differing from other makes, where
the regulation is effected by shutting off one group
of electrodes after another. A more constant
effect is attained in this way, and a greater possi-
bility of obtaining full pressure in a brief space
of time (about one hour) than in boilers without
continuous regulation. Built for tensions up to
12,000 volts and 5,000 kw.

This boiler is of special importance for power stations having a surplus of current.

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A few users The Volta high-tension electric steam boilers have found a
°tension industrial establishments of which only a few are mentioned
electric steam

Swedish Board of Waterfalls, Station at Viisteras

Stockholms Superfosfatfabriks A.-B., The Ljunga Works

Norrkoping Textile Works

Halden Spinning & Weaving Mills, Fredrikshald, Norway

Stockholm Electricity Works

Swedish Board of Waterfalls, Trollhattan Power Station

Gullspang-Munkfors Power Co., Mariestad, Sweden

A.-B. Sjuntorp, Upphiirad, Sweden

Morten Engebretsen, Christiania, Norway

Intendenturkompaniet, Karlsborg, Sweden

Gota Ingeniorskar, Karlsborg, Sweden

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The Volta salt-bath furnace produces a uniform and constant heat, the exact required heat for the steel. Tension uniform. Protects the steel from oxidizing.

Data required When inquiring for salt-bath furnaces, the following data should be given:

1) Current available, 2) Voltage and cycles, 3) Size of crucible, 4) Maximum hardening temperature, 5) Capacity per hour or working day.

It should be noted that the highest temperature for which these furnaces are made is 1,300° C.

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Telegrams & Cables: Postal Address:

Elektrokonsidt, Gothenburg

52, Kopmansgatan

Lines of business

Consulting Engineers

Experts on power stations, high tension transmission lines, substations of all sizes and voltages, electrification of all branches of industries, especially paper and pulpmills, flour mills, textile and sawmills, etc.

We maintain a staff of competent engineers for compiling specifications with drawings Organization and for testing of electrical machinery and transformers, electric meters and instruments, etc. Electric plants inspected. Correspondence in English or Swedish.

The Chief engineer is Mr. Per Frenell, a member of the Swedish Consulting Engi- Management neers' Association and a consulting engineer since 1906. He has had several years experience in high tension work, in designing and testing electric machinery and switch gears at some of the largest manufacturers in Great Britain and U. S. A.

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Max Sieverts Fabriks Aktiebolag



Established in 1888
Paid-up capital, Sw. Kronor: 2,400,000
Reserve funds, Sw. Kronor: 5,100,000

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Trade Mark

Manufacturers of Insulated Electric Conductors

Products High-tension cables. Cables and cords for telegraph and telephone purposes. Conductors for lighting and power installations. Cotton and silk covered wire. Enamelled wire, etc.

Principal Agents:

Norway: Erik F. Berg, 16, Stortingsgaten, Christiania

Great Britain and Ireland: James McMillan & Co., Clun House, Surrey Street, Strand,
London, W. C. 2.

Belgium: F. Lamenseh, 234, Avenue de la Reine, Laeken-Brussels
Argentine: Tellander y Lundberg, Casilla de correo 1870, Buenos Ayres

General From a modest start the Sievert Cable company has advanced to the position of incomparably the most important manufacturers of cables and insulated conductors in the North of Europe. The present large works have come into being to meet the increased demand, and each department is equipped with specially designed machines and appliances for the manufacture of the Sievert products. By means of such efficient aids to the production, the company's cables and electric wiring materials have acquired the highest reputation, all the more so as they have proven their worth in actual service under the severest .conditions. From comprising chiefly vuleanized electric wire the production has by degrees been extended to wire and cables for all electric purposes, such as lighting installations, apparatus and machines, telephone and telegraph plant, electric power transmissions, etc.

Sieverts have devoted special attention and enormous expense to the establishment of the department for high voltage cables, and this has led to improved methods in the production. It can be asserted, without fear of exaggeration, that the works, with their present resourees, stand in the very forefront of the world's cable industry. The company, too, holds several world's records especially regarding submarine cables both in respect to laying depth of high tension cables, and continuous length of such cables.

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