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for the production of small standard electromotors have alone a floor area of 20.000 square metres.

Products -rne manufacture comprises not only electric machinery but practically all appliances and fittings used in high-tension electric installation, from small switches up to giant generators for the highest outputs. The engineering and construction departments, besides, build and equip complete power plants for hundreds of thousands HP capacity, electric railways and tramways, electric locomotives, cranes, hoists and elevators, etc.

Contracts \ speciality in which Asca occupies a leading position is the construction of large generators for high voltages, and amongst power stations equipped with such machines may be mentioned the water power works Rjukanfors in Norway, the largest in Europe.

A more recent contract is for the Norwegian Government power station at Glornfjord, to which Asea has delivered two three-phase generators, each of 22,000 KVA, for 15,000 volts, 25 cycles and 300 r. p. m., and one generator of 24,000 KVA.

Among installations of this kind are also the three waterpower works of the Swedish Government at Trollhattan, Porjus, and Alvkarleby, of 165,000, 65,000 and 50,000 KVA, all completely equipped with Asea generators. In addition to numerous other power stations in Scandinavia, a great number of generators have been built by Asea for plants in most of the other countries of the world as for inst. Canada, Australia, England, Spain, etc.


Electric Manufacture of cars for electric railrailways ways and tramways, and installation of

complete electric railway systems is

another branch in which Asea has

made enormous strides, and has exe-
cuted a number of contracts in Sweden

and abroad.

The Swedish Riksgrans (Border)

Railway, the largest section of which

runs north of the Aretic Cirele, is now

completely electrified from the Gulf of

Bothnia to the Atlantic Ocean. This

is one of the largest electric railway

undertakings in Europe, and was

commenced in 1910. The construction

works includes the power plant at

Porjus, several substations, trans-
mission and overhead lines and a full

equipment of locomotives of a very powerful type for hauling the heavy ore trains.
The main part of this equipment has been delivered by the Asea works.

The electrification of the Drammen Railway, a section of the Norwegian »Westbanen», comprising overhead line and substation has been carried out by the company, who has also built twenty-two 950 HP locomotives for the same railway.

Organization The products of the Asea company form a very important part of Swedish exports of machines. The selling and manufacturing organization consists of branches in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, England, Spain, Belgium, France and other countries; works in London, Christiania, and Jaroslavl, and agents elsewhere. This extensive organization places the Asea products within reach of users of electrical machines and appliances practically everywhere, and their high quality ensures them a secure place on every market.

Standard induction motor type MK

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Established in 1907

Cable Address:
Eckmotor, Gothenburg

Manufacturers of Electric Machinery


Finland: A.-B. Tekniska Byran Scppo 0. Y., Skilnadstorget 2, Helsingfors
Norway: Wilh. Willumsen, 2 C, Prinsensg., Christiania. Telegrams: Richard, Christiania
Great Britain, India, Persia, Sudan and South Africa: G. S. Pcckham & Co., 4 & 5,

New Compton Street, Charing Cross Road, London, W. C. 2. Telegrams:

Switches, London

Netherlands and Colonies: N. V. Technisch Bureau v/h Nicrstrasz, 62 Plantage
Middenlaan, Amsterdam. Telegrams: Nitek, Amsterdam
Branch office: Djokjakarta, (Java)

Spain: Construeciones Electricas y Mecanicas A. de Ortueta, Ibanez de Bilbao, 22 Pral, Bilbao. Telegrams: Ortueta Bilbao

China: The Ekman Foreign Agencies, Ltd, Shanghai. Telegrams: Ekman, Shanghai


A. C. Motors and Generators from % to 1,500 HP; D. C. Motors and Generators from Yu to 1,500 HP; Transformers up to 5,000 kVA; 0/7 Circuit Breakers from 500 up to 130,000 volts for outdoor service and for breaking capacities up to 200,000 kVA; Extra H. T. Switchgear; Electric Supplies and Control Devices

Port of shipment: Gothenburg


Trade Mark

Paid-up capital:
Sw. Kronor 6,000,000

Codes used:
A. B. t'. 5th and 6th Ed.,

General view of the Eck Electric Works at Pnrtille.

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