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Manufacturers of

Direct and alternating current generators and motors. Electric transformers and apparatus. Electric locomotives, street railway cars. Electric elevators, hoists and cranes.

Contractors of Power stations, power transmission plants, electric railways and plants for power distribution in steel rolling mills, cotton and paper mills.

Branch offices in Sweden:


Daughter Companies:

Belgium: Sociel£ Belge d'Electricite^ Asea, 21. Rue

Grelry, Brussels.
Denmark: Elektricitets Aktieselskabet Asea, Bred-

gade 45, Copenhagen.
Finland: Allmiinna Elektriska Aktiebolaget i Finland,

Citypassagen. Helsingfors.
France: Sociel6 Kraneaise d'Elcetricite' Asea. 114, Bid.

Haussmann, Paris 8e.

Great Britain: Swedish General Eleetric, Ltd., 5,

Chaneery Lane, London W. C. 2.
Norway: A/S Per Kure, Norsk Motor- og Dynamo-

fabrik, Universitetsgate 24, Christiania.
Russia: Societe Kussc d'Electricit^ Asea, Uliza

Gogolja 7, Petrograd.
Spain: Sociedad Espanola de Electrieidad Asea, Calle

Montalban 13, Madrid.


Australia: Unbehaun & Johnstone, Ltd., 37, King
Street, Perth, W. A.

Unbehaun & Johnstone, Ltd., 100, Currie Street,

Adelaide, S. A.
Thomas Bros,201/3,William Street, Melbourne, Vic.
Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd., Wireless

House, 97, Clarenee Street. Sydney.
Intereolonial Boring Co., Ltd., 450/460, Ann Street,


Bolivia: Graham, Rowe <fe Co.. Alianza 581, Oruro.

Canada: Swedish General Electric. Ltd, 107, Duke
Street, Toronto. Ont.

Chile: Graham, Rowe & Co., Cochrane 825, Valpa-

Graham, Rowe & Co., Bandera 267—275, Santiago.
• » » » San Martin 362, Antofagasta.

China: Henry J. Moysey, 64. Peking Road, Shanghai.
Esthonia: Linke, Martinson & Co., Kinga tan 10,


Greece: A. Stavrides, 43, Bld. de TUniversitd, Athens.
Holland: Groeneveld, van der Poll & Co., De Ruijter-

kade 41, 42, Amsterdam.
India: McLeod & Co., McLeod House, Calcutta.

Branch Office: Bombay.
Japan: Gadelius & Co., 41, Akashi-cho Tsukiji, Tokyo;

Gadelius & Co.. 58 B, Naniwa-machi, Kobe;

Gadelius & Co., 45, Yu-ku, Satsumaeho; Dairen. Latvia: Alexander Herrmann, Bremerstrasse 5, Riga. Mexico: Electromotor S. A., 43, Av. Isabel la Catolica,

Mexico D. F.

New Zealand: Turnbull & Jones, 19—23, Blair

Street, Wellington.
Peru: Graham, Rowe & Co., Villalta 282, Lima.
Portugal: Jayme da Costa L:tda, 16, Rua dos Correiros

26, Lisbon.

South Africa: Reunert & Lenz, Consolidated Buildings, Johannesburg.


Ret respective

and development

The ASEA company was formed in the beginning of 1883, one of the chief objects being the utilization of the great inventions of one of the founders, Jonas Wenstrom, now recognised to have been one of the foremost pioneers in the field of applied electricity.

The first plant was built in Arboga on a very small scale, with a share capital of 81,000 Sw. Kronor and a production of a few dynamos per annum. Since the removal of the works to Vasteras, however, in 1892, the expansion has been continuous and fairly rapid resulting in the present position of the company as the largest electrical firm of Northern Europe.

In addition to the large electrical establishments at Vasteras and Ludvika Asea is also the owner of mines, blast furnaces and iron works, for the working of which the forests and waterfalls of the company give the necessary fuel and electric power.

The ownership of these natural resourees and subsidiary works and plants safeguards the supply of first-class and homogeneous raw materials for the various requirements of the Asea works, and offers a guarantee that the ready products will be of the best quality.

The Vasteras works rank as one of the greatest manufacturing and engineering establishments in Sweden. The ii r M workshops recently built

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