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Established in 1915
Paid-up capital: Sw. Kronor 500,000

Cable Addresses: Codes used:

Tingstad, Gothenburg (for timber) A. B. C. 5th & 6th Ed., Bentley's,Westem

Konstlader, Gothenburg (for fibre boards)


Trade Marks

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Manufacturers and Exporters of
Sawn and Planed Woodgoods, and Manufactures, Boxboards, Wood
Wool, Staves, also highest class of Fibre Board

Principal Agents:

For Fibre Boards:

United Kingdom: Geo Harrison Agencies, Ltd, 32, Queen Victoria Street, London E. C. 4.

Commonwealth of Australia: Hyde, Gluck & Co., 58, Margaret Street, Sydney (N.S.W.). R. T. K. Hardinge & Co., 119 William Str. Melbourne, (Vic).

For Wood Wool:

United Kingdom: J. G. Duffel & Co., 48, Mark Lane, London E. C.

Commonwealth of Australia: Hermann Haege, Eagle & Globe Building, 379, Kent Street, Sydney (N. S. W.).

In 1922 Aktiebolaget Konstladerfabriken was amalgamated with the old timber exporting company of Tingstads Aktiebolag, under the joint style of Aktiebolaget Nol-Tingstad. The latter is now running both the fibre mill at Nol and directing its export trade, as well as the timber export of the Tingstad Co., which was started in 1897. The first mill for the manufacture of fibre boards was erected in 1914 at Nol. It has since been modernized in every way and is equipped with up-to-date machinery to meet the steadily increasing demands not only of the homemarket but also those of over-seas countries.

The output of fibre boards totals about 1,500 tons yearly. The average shipment of timber is 8—10,000 standards per annum, and the yearly production of the wood wool mill is about 600 tons.

Fibre Boards: Timber:

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The Haglund & Sons Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd received its present name Establishwhen the original firm was converted into a limited company in 1908. The company's ""capita"'1 capital is 345,000 Sw. Kronor and the reserve funds now total Sw. Kronor 117,843: 24.


The business of the company has been carried on at the same place since 1885. The General large factory is equipped with the latest and most efficient machines and appliances which together with strict control of the manufacturing processes ensure products of uniformly high class. Recent improvements have materially increased the capacity of the factory, and further extensions of the establishment are planned to meet the steadily increasing demand.

Products and annual production




Established in 1889 Paid-up capital, Sw. Kronor: 225,000

Cable Address: Head office:

Nissastroms, Halmstad Halmstad, Sweden

^18^89^ Mill at Johansfors, near Trade Mark Halmstad

Woodpulp Mill

Wet white woodpulp (

, . . j i about 3500 tons

Dry and wet brown woodpulp )

Pulp boards, about 1500 tons

Code used:
A. B. C. 5th Ed.

Machinery 3 cold grinders, each producing 4 tons of dry woodpulp a day, 3 glazing machines, 2 friction glazing machines, 2 drying machines besides all auxiliary machines required in a well equipped woodpulp mill. Raw material The raw material is chiefly taken from the forest districts in the province of Smaland, in South Sweden. The timber used is always of firm texture and good quality, a fact that contributes in a high degree to the excellent quality of the mills products. Shipping ports Halmstad and Gothenburg.


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