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Deje Paper Mill

Klarafors Paper Mill

Klarafors Sulphite Mill

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Ransberg Leather Boards Mill

Molnbacka Mechanical Wood Pulp Mill

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Hult, Dejefors and Edsvalla Saw Mills

Deje Sulphate Mill. Pulp made only for own use.

Dejefors and Frykfors, Power and Distribution Plants, 9,400 HP.

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machines Widths: MG 86", 96", 120", 128", Unglazed 84", 96", Glazed 50".

Selling agents U. Kingdom: Pulp, Paper: The Kellner Partington Paper Pulp Co., Ltd, 26, Cannon

Street, Manchester, Blackfriars House, London, E. C. 4. France: Paper: Agence Générale de Papiers d'Importation des Pays du

Nord, 67, Rue d'Amsterdam, Paris. » Bleached Pulp: Lorentzen & Gutzeit, 12, Rue Boissy d'Anglas, Paris, 8e.

U. S. A.: Pulp, Paper: The Borregaard Co., Inc, 200,5:th Avenue, New York(N. Y.)

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Skonviks Aktiebolag


Established in 1861
Paid-up capital, Sw. Kronor: 19,600,000
Reserve funds ('/, 1922): Kronor 5,000,000

Cable Address: Codes used:

Skonviks, Sundsvall wood 2nd E(1- New Zebra 3rd Ed.,

Bentley's with appendix,
A. B. C. 5th Ed., and A. B. C. 5th

Sawmills, Paper and Pulp Mills, Water Power Plant


For Sawn and Planed Wood Goods:

United Kingdom and Ireland: Foy, Morgan & Co., 11, Bishopsgate, London E. C. 2.
Holland: Eduard van Leer, 28—30, Damrak, Amsterdam.
Denmark: Laur. O. Petersen, 45, Raadhuspladsen, Copenhagen.
Spain: Hans T. Moller, Apartado 142, Bareelona.
France: H. K. Hansen, 53, bis, Rue Saint Lazare, Paris;

Sylvander & C:ie, 69, Boulevard de la Cordiere, Marseilles.

For Wood Pulp:

United Kingdom and Ireland: Palmer, Flygt & Co., Ltd, 110, Cannon Street, Lon-
don E. C. 4.

U. S. A: American Wood Pulp Corporation, 347, Madison Ave., Xew York.
France: Hansen & Cappelen, 19, Rue d'Athenes, Paris (9:e).
Spain: Nordling, Mace & C:ie, 11, Rue de la Pepiniere, Paris.

For Paper:

United Kingdom and Ireland: Henry Ling. 30/32, Ludgate Hill, London E. C. 4.
U. S. A.: Newsprint Paper Corporation, 33, West 42nd Street, New York.

The extensive forest domains belonging to the company, covering in all an area General of about 778.000 acres, supply the necessary raw materials for the company's various mills and factories. The average annual yield of the forests is 1,500,000 logs for sawing, 1,800,000 pulp wood logs, 2,800,000 cubic feet of charcoal wood, and about 2,120,000 cubic feet of waste used for fire wood. The timber, for the most part, is floated down to the mills by the rivers Indal and Ljungan.

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Output of


Ports of shipment

Sawn Wood goods: Deals, Battens, Boards, Planchettes. Planed Wood goods: Boards, Mouldings, Boxboards, sawn and

planed, Ready-made Boxes, Firewood Ends.

The company operates the following Sawmills:

THE SKONVIK SAWMILL, situated about six miles north of Sundsvall, is equipped with the most modern machines and possesses excellent transport facilities within its extensive yards. The mill is electrically driven throughout and equipped with 12 frames and 6 edging benches. It is connected with a Planing Mill with 5 powerful planers of highest efficiency, and a Boxboard Factory having an automatic matcher for the production of dovetailed mateh-boards.

THE TUNADAL SAWMILL, about 3 miles north of Sundsvall, equipped with 8 frames and 3 edging benches.

THE NACKA SAWMILL on Alno Island. This mill is equipped with 7 frames and 2 edging benches.

In addition to the above principal Sawmills there are others of less importance, including those at STAFRE and ASARXE in the province of Jamtland, and one at MATFORS, near Sundsvall. These mills have a total equipment of 7 frames, 4 edging benches and 1 cireular saw plant.

The joint production of the above sawmills amounts to about 30,000 standards sawn and planed wood goods yearly.

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Skonvik, Tunadal, Nacka (District of Sundsvall); all having excellent harbours with safe and sheltered anchorage for the largest ships. Open water April—December.

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