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Manufacturing scope

Special Powder



Established in 1898
Paid-up Capital and funds: Sw. Kronor 2,925,000

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Reg. Trade Mark

Manufacturers of

The works comprise departments for the manufacture of nitroglycerine, nitrocellulose, (smokeless) nitroglycerine powder, nitrocellulose powder; dynamites; acetone and ethylic ether; further a trotyl (TNT) factory, with department for the manufacture of compressed and cast TNT shell charges, and for filling of the shells; a fuse factory with fulminate of mereury and cap departments, and fuse-loading department.

The manufacture carried on by the company thus embraces smokeless powder, high explosives, ammunition, and explosives of every kind for military purposes and the trade.

The company has made a speciality of smokeless powder of the »NK», or »Nobeh brands representing nitroglycerine powder of a special composition, unsurpassed in chemical stability under adverse storing conditions (for more than 4 years by a temperature of 65° cent); low erosive effect, and high as well as regular ballistic effect.

Another speciality is an especially pure TNT with a point of solidification of 80-2° C. containing not over 0-04 % of ash, and with a solubility in benzol of at least 99-95 %.

The company for more than 20 years have been the principal contractors of explosives to the Swedish Navy.

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4, Kornhamnstorg, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Established in 1871

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Luled for the Porjus Works, Sundsvall for the Ljunga & Alby Works, Gefle and Stockholm for the Mansbo & Bollnas Works, Stockholm for the Gaddviken Works, Gothenburg for the Ceres & Trollhiittan Works.

30,000,000 Sw. Kronor.

A.-B. Goteborgs Bank, Stockholm; Skandinaviska Kreditaktiebolagct, Stockholm.


Capital Bankers Products

Special features



17, Beridarebansgatan, STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

Cable Address: Telephone: Bankers:

Furnos, Stockholm 20190 Skandinaviska Kredit A.-B.,



Denmark: Jorgen Ohlsen, 34, Lyngbyvej, Copenhagen.

Norway: S. Haug Ellingsen & Co., 9, 0vre Slotsgate, Kristiania.

Finland: A.-B. Fahlens Ingeniorsbyra, Borshuset, Halsingfors.

Wood-Impregnation by a new patent method

Impregnation appliances Creosote oil

Poles can be impregnated as they stand and sleepers where they are stacked alongside the railway line.

This method has been found to pay in Sweden, where timber is plentiful and cheap. It must therefore prove still more economical in other countries, where wood is neither plentiful nor cheap. It has already been introduced into Norway, Denmark and Finland with splendid results.

In Sweden it has been adopted by the Telegraph Administration and Board of Waterfalls. The forester of the latter writes in »Skogen» (The Forest):

"As the method is simple and cheap, etc."

It is therefore a matter of economy, even for owners of a small number of poles, to have the equipment necessary for the maintenance of these by this new method of impregnation.

Our illustrations below show the impregnation of poles on lines belonging to the Boyal Swedish Board of Waterfalls.

Please send for details and quotations.

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Established in 1889
Paid-up capital, Sw. Kronor: 2,000,000
Cable Address: Postal Address: Codes used:

Benmjol, Stockholm Stockholm, 1. Bentley's, A. B. C. 5th Ed.

Manufacturers of

"Sandvik" Glues, Bone-meal, Bone-Grease

List of agents:

Norway: J. C. Schmidts Efterfolger, Christiania.

Denmark: Victor Dalberg, 21 Longangstraede, Copenhagen, B.

Finland: A.-B. Wilh. Bensow O/Y, Halsingfors.

United Kingdom: Henderson, Craig & Co., Ltd,

67, 68 & 69 Watling street, London, E. C. 4.

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France: A. & H. Feret, 19, Rue du Pare Royal, Paris (IILe).
Spain: Miguel A. Roca, 358, Aragon, Bareelona.
U. S. A.: Paul Ingenlath, Monument Buildings, London, E. C. 3.
Atistralia: Mareard, Lund & Co., 9, Gresham street, Adelaide.

General Stockholm Bane-meal Manufacturing Co. Ltd occupies the leading position in this industry in Sweden, the output of the glue alone being more than half of the requirements of the country. The factory, on the shore of Lake Malaren in Stockholm, occupies extensive premises, enlarged at different times to cope with the steadily increasing Swedish and foreign demand.

Glue Sandvik »Extra» glue and Sandvik nGriffim glue. These are suitable qualities for joiners and cabinetmakers and preferred to other makes because of their moisture-proof and lasting qualities, especially the »Griffin» glue, which also is well adapted for glueing kerosene barrels, and for book-binding purposes, where its elasticity, even after it is dry, are highly appreciated.

Sandvik Foamless »Y»-glue is produced especially for the manufacture of sand-paper, emery-cloth and emery-wheels.

Superfine Sandvik »Buffalo» glue, Sandvik Match-glue »S. I. T.», Sandvik Papermill-glue »S. I. La Blues free from acids and foam. Used for fine cabinetmaking and in high-class book-binding, and also by organ and piano factories, for matches, by paper mills for fine papers, and for gilt mouldings to mention only a few uses. They replace, in fact, real Cologne glue and similar glues of the very highest order. It was formerly considered that bone-glue of as fine a quality as hide-glue could not be produced, but the factory has succeeded in disproving this assertion, and now produce bone-glue of every whit as fine a quality as hide-glue, if not finer.

Users who previously thought it necessary to buy hide-glues are using the brands of bone-glue produced by the Stockholm factory, and save considerable sums in consequence.

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The annual production of the company amounts to:

Capacity About 1,500 tons Glues.

» 4,500 » Bone-meal for fertilizing and fodder purposes.
» 100 » Horn-meal.

» 600 » Bone-grease for use as raw materials in the manufacture
of stearine and soap.

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