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Established in 1901
Paid-up capital Sw. Kronor: 4,003,000

Cable Address: Postal Address: Code used:

Kanolds, Gothenburg Gothenburg, 5. A. B. c. 5th Ed.

Manufacturers and Exporters of

Cocoa, Chocolate, Confectionery, etc.

By appointment to H. M. The King and H. R. H. The Crown Prince of Sweden.

The founders of the firm are Anton T. Kanold and Fred. G. Kanold who in 1901 started Historical a modest confectionery factory at Garda near Gothenburg. The business increased rapidly, however, and soon made an enlargement necessary. In 1911, therefore, the firm erected the factory at Jacobsdal, near Gothenburg, which was still further enlarged in 1915. New machinery of the most modern pattern was bought and installed enabling the firm to cope with the ever increasing demands.

Branch Factories:
Berlin, Leipzig, Niirnberg, and Essen.


Various The Wax-paper needed for wrapping is furnished by the firms own factory erected for that purpose in 1910, being the first of its kind in Sweden. The output of this factory leaves a large surplus for export to the Continent as well to overseas-countries.

The firm subsequently added a lithographic and printing establishment to the factory as well as a candy-box factory to make it independent of outside supplies.

Depeiulen- In 1905 the Velanda estate was acquired and converted into a fruit orehard for sup

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plying the fruit and berries needed in the factory's production.

At Velanda have further been erected a flour mill and a saw mill, the latter supplying the necessary boards for the packing cases made at the firm's case-factory.

Export Among the products listed in the firm's catalogue may especially be mentioned DevonSpecialities snire cream caramels, which the firm were the first to make in Sweden. Suitable for export to all countries are also the excellent qualities of chocolates such as: »Manark» chocolates.

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Established in 1898


Cable Address:
Konserv, Gothenburg

Codes used:
A. B. C. 5th Ed., Bentley's

Paid-up capital and funds:
Sw. Kronor 3,200,000

Manufacturers of

Swedish Fish Preserves of all kinds

By special appointment to H. M. The King of Sweden

Aktiebolaget G. J. Sundberg, Hiilsingfors, Finland.
Fyrtaarnets Konservesfabrik A/S, 31 Korsgade, Copenhagen.
Agents in all European and Overseas-countries.

Swedish Anchovies and Appetite-Sills in tins and kegs;
Smoked Sardines — Svea Brand, special packing for U. S. A. —
Smoked Mackerel and Salmon; Fishballs, Caviar, Canned vegetables.

The Swedish Preserving Union was formed in 1898 by the amalgamation of the ten leading anchovy-packing and canning concerns on the Swedish West-Coast, just north of Gothenburg. All the factories are interested in the company as shareholders, and the fusion was mainly brought about to permit the members to specialize in their own particular lines and thereby perfect their processes and products. Whereas no change was made in the management of the factories, the sale and distribution was to be handled entirely from the company's head office.

The company in addition to the fish-preserving carries on an important vegetablecanning enterprise for peas, haricots verts, beans, spinage, asparagus, mushrooms — to mention only a few of the products — all grown on the company's own farm near Gothenburg.

The products of the company are guaranteed to be made from sound and pure materials. The manufacture is controlled by a specially appointed Government analyst.

The company's products have met with great favour not only in Sweden but abroad as well. The great number of customers in Europe and in overseas-countries and the many awards are distinct proofs of the high quality of the products.

All shipments are made from Gothenburg.




Canning of vegetables


Expansion of trade


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Export Specialities

Cultivation of seeds

Breeding and

Reg. Trade Mark

Raisers and Exporters of selected farm seeds

OATS — Wasa, Victory, Golden Rain, Black Bell III, Great Mogul ete. SUMMER
WHEAT — Fiskeby, Extra Colben etc. WINTER WHEAT — Iron II, Sun II, Svea etc.
BARLEY — Golden, Algot Hull-less, Selected Six-Rowed. WINTER RYE — Steel,
Star etc. TARES, HAIRY VETCHES, RED CLOVER — Algot Original G6ta Red G.
E., Algot Original Greyish Red G. E. SWEDISH ALSYKE and SWEDISH TIMOTHY.

The seed farms co-operating with the firm are mostly situated in Central Sweden north of the 58th line of latitude. While the climate of these regions is favourable enough to ensure full development and maturity of hardy and thriving varieties, it is sufficiently severe to kill off anything that is weak.

All seeds — even though of constant and resistant varieties—-are subject to such Regeneration (lCgencrattion as results from admixture and infection. The firm counteracts this tendency by making a fresh selection whenever this seems to be necessary. Apart from the task of regenerating existing varieties, extensive breeding work is carried on by Gosta Eriksson, agriculturist, the scientific expert of the firm, notably with Red Clover with a view of producing new varieties of oustanding merits as regards yield, quality of the hay, resistance against disease and drought, endurance of cold, etc. Two such varieties, the Gbta Red Clover, and the Greyish lied Clover have lately been placed on the market by the firm.

The Control Office co-operating with the Seed Laboratory is charged with the work of

constant supervision. Every pareel of seed has to pass examination at least three times before being approved for sale as best seed: 1. on the field shortly after the formation of the grain; 2. after threshing; 3. after cleaning.

Correspondence invited.



Cleaning premises and stores at Fiskeby







Skandinaviska Kredit A.-B.,

Established in 1893

Cable Address:
Cementa, Malmo

Codes used:
A. B. C. 5th & 6th Ed..
Western Union, Bentley's,

Shippers of Swedish Portland Cement

Representatives abroad:

Great Britain: Warholme, Smith & Co., 11, Old Jewry Chambers, London, E. C. 2

Telegrams: Warsmiko, London
Germany: Max Ender, Raboisen, 40, Haus Elbeschiffart, Hamburg 1

Telegrams: Ender Raboisen, Hamburg

The company are the distributors for the following Swedish Cement Works:

Skdnska Cement Aktiebolaget, Malmo Glands Cement Aktiebolag, Stockholm

Works: Limhamn and Hellekis Works: Degerhamn

Ports of shipment: Limhamn and Port of shipment: Degerhamn

A.-B. Visby Cementfabrik, Stockholm Maltesholms Cementaktiebolag, Tollarp

Works: Visby Works: Maltesholm

Port of shipment: Visby Port of shipment: Alms

Klagshamns Cementverks Aktiebolag, Ifb Cementfabriks Aktiebolag, Bromolla

Works: Klagshamn Works: Bromolla

Port of shipment: Klagshamn Port of shipment: Solvesborg

The export chiefly takes place over the ports of Limhamn, Alius, Klagshamn and Export Solvesborg in South Sweden, all of them having good shipping facilities and open water all the year round. The ports of Limhamn and Alius can accomodate the largest steamers.

The company have acted as sellers and shippers of Swedish Portland cement to all Experience parts of the world for the past thirty years. The quality of the cement from the above works is much appreciated and compares favourably with the finest grades obtainable from any souree. The Swedish, British, German, and United States specifications for Portland Cement are taken as the standard, and test certificates produced on request.

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