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Established in 1840

Telegrams and cables:
Grand, Gothenburg

Code used: International Hotel

The leading hotel in Gothenburg

Rebuilt and refurnished throughout

Accessibility This old and well-known hotel has always been a favourite with travellers. It has an excellent situation in the very hearth of the city, within easy distance of railway stations and boats, but, above all, it is the excellent service, that has won the reputation for the hostelry; a reputation maintained unimpaired a great number of years.

Comfortable The rebuilding and complete refitting
accomodation hag made it the most modern hotel in

the place as well. All that conduces to
the comfort and agreeableness of the
guests has been amply provided for.
Not only have the guests rooms up-
stairs in most cases private baths,
telephones, etc.; they are of good size
and furnished with taste and comfort
in the best English style, but without

arraSngeCments The many Public apartments are

spacious and pleasing of arrangement. The large diningroom is lofty and handsomely decorated. Orehestras play afternoons and evenings. A very attractive wintergarden restaurant is arranged in the basement, and first-class grills, a cafe-restaurant, smokers and private diningroonis complete this department. The culinary adjuncts enjoy a high reputation.


Affiliated hotel

Out-door dining

Adjoining the Grand is the Savoy Hotel, a first class family hotel, newly refitted, and having moderate charges. Telegrams: Savoy Hotel.

Guests who wish to dine in the open air in summer-time can do no better than patronize the »Tradgdrdsfbreningewi Restaurant under the same management. It is situated in the beautiful Horticultural Society's gardens not far distant. From the fine terraces there one overlooks the gardens while listening to afternoon and evening concerts by first class military bands.

Grand Hotel is the headquarters of the Royal Automobile Club and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Managing director: Carl hinder.



32—38, Kopmansgatan, GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN

Established in 1886

Cable Address: 4 Gold Medals

Wezaela, Gothenburg QrSM c i i i

b W*2^\ Stockholm 1897

Code used: 4^*7? Helsingborg 1903, Lund 1907

Bentley's complete phrase Leipzig 1914

Printers and Publishers

Lithographers, Steel Die Printers, Engravers, Electrotypers, Bookbinders

The WEZATA printing establishment is one of the largest and best known in Sweden. The facilities for industrial and commereial printing are the most up-to-date and complete, with catalogue work, block-making and machine-retouching as a speciality, and a very great proportion of the advertising literature of leading Swedish manufacturing establishments has been printed by the firm. Among the large orders carried out in this line may be mentioned the standard catalogue of the Swedish Ball Bearing Company S. K. F. (Skefko), printed in 10 different languages and issued in an edition of 250,000 copies, the total weight being 176,000 lbs.

The firm has at its disposal a large technical staff and artists of experience in advertising and publicity work.

Translations undertaken.

Offset and litho printing.

Designs and quotations furnished.

This book is published and printed by Wezcita. All the matter icas set up and kept standing till the whole book was O K'd a good testimony to the capacity of the establishment.

This Association is a state-aided institution composed of Swedish merehants, manufacturers, shipowners, and their representatives, its object being to promote and develop the trade of Sweden with foreign countries.

The sphere of the Association's activity has been continuously extended, ever since its formation in 1887, and new departments have been added to the original ones.

At present the work at the office of the Association in Stockholm is conducted by ten different departments of which the Information Department, Eastern European Department, Credit Enquiry Department, Publication Department and Advertising and Translation Department may be assumed to be of chief interest to the subscribers abroad; their organisation and functions will therefore be briefly outlined here.

Information Department.

This Department is devoted to the collection and dissemination of commereial intelligence, and forms the nucleus of the Association's organisation. Whereas other branches of the Association have been reconstructed in essential parts at different times, the Information Department during its 30 years of existence has merely expanded on the lines laid down at the founding of the Association. The work of the Department is purely disinterested, and consists in furnishing information to Swedish or Foreign firms or individuals alike about all the conditions and cireumstances in connection with the industries and export trade of Sweden. It is through the work of this Department, partly by the voluminous correspondence it carries on with businessmen in all parts of the world, that the General Export Association of Sweden has become so widely known.

Swedish merehants and manufacturers apply to the Information Department of the Association for directions in appointing representatives for their firms and suitable markets for their products abroad, while importers of other countries obtain information from the same souree when they desire to enter into business relations with Swedish houses. The Department also furnishes the necessary particulars in regard to customs, marking, packing and other trade regulations, shipping documents demanded by different countries, shipping routes, ere

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dit information, Fairs and Exhibitions of home and foreign industries, decoding of cablegrams, etc.

A special sub-section in connection with the Information Department has been established for handling all trading matters connected with the Far East, in charge of an official intimately acquainted with the conditions in those markets.

In consideration of the growing trade interests of Sweden in Russia a special department was evolved from the Information Department as early as in 1915; the

Eastern European Department.

The work in this department is conducted on the same lines as in the Information Department. The staff there have the special experience required for dealing with the complicated economic conditions in Russia and the border countries, separately and collectively. Up to the time of the Bolshevick revolution the department acted in cooperation with a Swedish commereial commission in Petrograd and Moscow. In 1921 the General Export Association sent out a trade delegation to Soviet Russia, and is thus enabled to maintain close contact with Russian affairs, and keep in touch with the developments in the economic situation there. The information thus obtained is used for the benefit of Swedish merehants engaged in or intending to open up business with institutions or individuals in that country.

Credit Enquiry Department.

The Association has from the very first furnished credit information concernind firms and business men in Sweden, as well as in other countries, by means of its Credg Enquiry Department. Of late years this service has been very much extended, anti has now assumed respectable proportions as evidenced by the number of reports sent out during the last few years, the annual average being about 33,000. The staff of the Department numbers about 20, and the correspondents and representatives in Sweden and other countries about 700. The files of the Department contain information about some 400,000 firms and persons.

A list of charges and terms, and order form, will be sent on application. When books containing 25, 50 or 100 enquiry forms are bought at one time the price for enquiries is very much reduced. The reports are written in the Swedish, English, French and German languages.

The private code of the Enquiry Department is sent to each subscriber together with the forms. Cable enquiry from a non-subscriber should be accompanied by pre-paid reply.


The Association at present publishes three reviews. »Svensk Export», which entered on its 29th year of publication 1923, is issued fortnightly, and its aim is to furnish information to its readers as to developments and conditions in trade and industry. A special section is devoted to enquiries received by the Association about Swedish goods from merehants abroad. Such enquiries are inserted as merehandise required, and are very carefully scanned by Swedish firms. Foreign firms who write to the Association, desiring to be put in touch with Swedish houses in a certain branch, can have their wants inserted free of charge; on condition, however, that the firm, if requested by the Associa

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