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documentary credits, etc. will be gained from the Industrial Map of Sweden (inside of front cover). Having in mind the Bank's numerous points of contact with other banking institutions all over the world, the reader, on consulting the map, gains a clear insight into the outstanding position wich the Handelsbank holds in Sweden itself by means of its extensive branch organisation. Incidentally, this complete network of branches is a great convenience to the traveller from abroad equipped with cheques or a Letter of Credit payable at the Handelsbank. It will be observed how particularly well represented the Bank is in the districts where the staple industries of Sweden — wood and pulp — are most in evidence. This is in part due to the Bank having grown up in close interrelation with the exploiting of the great natural resourees of the Swedish forests, and explains the unique position of the Bank with regard to Sweden's timber and allied industries. The Bank is also intimately connected with all the other important spheres of industrial life, such as mining, iron and steel, machinery, match, textile, chemico-tcchnical and other industries as well as with practically every kind of business and agricultural enterprise, and is therefore prepared to serve as the logical intermediary for import and export transactions of every description.

Upon the celebration of its 50th anniversary in 1921, the Handelsbank could point to the progress by which it had developed into the leading bank in Sweden as regards total assets, number of branches, number of depositors, and total deposits. Since then a very trying period of economic readjustment has been experienced in Sweden no less than in the rest of the world, and the Handelsbank has had to bear its share of the burden. Nevertheless, in all the essentials just mentioned the Bank still retains its place as the leading financial institution of the country.


Goteborgs Bank

Head-Office at Gothenburg

Cables and Telegrams: »Gblabank» to Head-Office and all Branches.

Codes used:
Lieber's, Lieber's five letter,
A. B. t'. 5th Ed., Bentley's,
Peterson's Int. Banking

Every description of Swedish and Foreign Banking Business transacted

Paid-up Capital Kroner 43,750,000
Reserve Funds » 35,000,000

George Dickson, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Gust. Ekman, Manager at the Head-Office, Gothenburg
Krmt Bovin, Manager at the Stockholm Office

The Bank was founded on the 2nd of February, 1848, with a capital of 3,000,000 kronor. This capital was increased to 5,000,000 kronor in 1857, and to 7,690,000 in 1897. Subsequent increases, corresponding to the steady expansion of the Bank's business, have brought the capital and reserves up to the present figures.

The following Banking institutions have been incorporated with the Bank, viz:— Bohuslans Enskilda Bank and Hallands Enskilda Bank in 1904, A.-B. Stockholms Disconto Bank and A.-B. Marks Bank in 1917, in part A.-B. Nya Banken, Stockholm, in 1920, A.-B. Orebro Liins Bank in 1921, and Kopparb ergs Enskilda Bank in 1922. The following figures give an idea of the growth of the Bank's business: 1910 Dec. 31st Kronor 138,196,452: 34 1919 Dec. 31st Kronor 474,521,723: 85 1915 » » » 178,838,349: 03 1921 » » » 495,870,700: 27 1917 » » » 348,008,562: 41 1922 Nov. 30th » 583,002,930: 06 In addition to the Stockholm office the Bank has over 100 Branches in Sweden. The principal correspondents of the Bank in Great Britain and America are the following: England, London County Westminster & Parr's Bank Ltd, Hambro's Bank Ltd; America, Bankers Trust Co., National City Bank of New York, State Bank of Chicago, National Bank of Commeree of Seattle, Northwestern National Bank, Canadian Bank of Commeree.

The Bank numbers among its clients:

Exporters of Timber, Woodpulp, Paper, Iron, Steel, Pavingblocks, Granite, Machine-tools, Motors of all kinds, Chemicals, Preserves, Fish and Agricultural Products.

Importers of Cotton, Coffee, Colonial Produce, Grain, Salt, Fodder, Coal, Chemicals, Rubber and Paints.

Contractors, Proprietors of Shipyards, Engineering Works, Shipping Firms, Glass Works, Margarine Factories etc.

From early days the bank has been entrusted with a large share of the business of Swedes residing in the United States and in other foreign countries.








General banking and foreign exchange business transacted.

General Aktiebolaget Nordiska Handelsbanken was founded in 1897 as Aktiebolaget Goteborgs Handelsbank. In 1919 the Aktiebolaget Industribanken was absorbed, and the name changed to the present one. The amalgamation brought a very extensive connection to the bank, trough a great number of branches and the district offices at Stockholm and Malmo, besides augmenting the financial resourees of the joint institution. The branch offices now number 125 all over South and Central Sweden.

Develop- The development of the bank in the course of the 25 years of its existence is illustrated by the following statements:


Correspon- London Correspondents:— London Joint City and Midland Bank Limited; London County Westminster & Parr's Bank Limited; Barelay's Bank Limited; Hambro's Bank Limited.

New York Correspondents:— National Bank of Commeree in New York.

The Bank's Office at the Gothenburg Exhibition in 1923 will be found opposite the Export Hall.

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Codes used:

Cables & Telegrams:

Head-office: Amerline, Gothenburg

_, , , „ , W A. B. C. 5th Ed., Bentley's Complete

Passenger dep.: Hemland, Gothenburg \\ Phrase, Scott's, and Private

Direct Regular Passenger-, Freight-, and Mail Service between Gothenburg and New York

89 day's passage. Magnificient steamers. Perfect appointments. Exquisite cuisine. p^ures Unsurpassed service and up-to-date accomodations for passengers in all respects and all classes.

Quick, prompt, and careful handling of freight.

For detailed information apply to the Company's offices or agencies:

For Passengers: For Freight:

GOTHENBURG: Svenska Amerika Linien: Svveden

Passenger Department: Hotellplatsen. Freight Department: 5, Packhusplatsen

Stockholm: Svenska Amerika Linien A.-B. Brostroms Linieagentur

16, Gustav Adolfs Torg. 16, Gustav Adolfs Torg.

Malmo: W. Pehrsson, 11, Skeppsbron Simon Edstrom, A.-B., 8, Skeppsbron

Hdlsingborg: Rycen & Co., 24, Drottninggatan. Witt & Co.

New York: Swedish American Line, 21—24, State street. U- S' A<

or to your nearest local Agent.

General Passenger Agencies:

Chicago: M. Maurd, 70, East Jackson str. Minneapolis: Nils Nilsson, 127, South, 3rd str.
Seattle: Brattstrom & Co., 115, Cherry str. San Francisco: Leon. Georges, 268, Market str.
Portland: Lidell & Clarke, 105, 3rd str. Winnipeg: A. Hallonquist, 396, Logan Ave.



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Regular Cargo Service
From Scandinavian, Finnish and Northern Continental Ports
To Egypt, British India, Ceylon, Burma, Straits, China and Japan


Stockholm: Aktiebolaget Brostroms Linjeagentur, Gustav Adolfs Torg 10.
Telegrams: Brostrbmia


Escombe McGrath & Co., 13, Fenchureh Avenue, E. C.
Telegrams: Escombes.


J. H. Wackerbarth & Co., Ltd (for outward service)
26 A, Billiter Buildings, Billiter Street, E. C.
Telegrams: Wackerbarth.

F. W. Heilgers & Co. (for homeward service)
7, Gracechureh Street, E. C.
Tel egram s: He ilgers.

General rplK> Company was established in 1907 and has a paid up Capital of Sw. Crowns 16,000,000.

Sailings The Company operates

I. A FORTNIGHTLY CARGO SERVICE to STRAITS, CHINA and JAPAN from Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Continental ports by their own modern and well equipped fleet of motorvessels and steamers, ealling at Port Said, Suez, Singapore, Hongkong, Shanghai, Yokohama, Kobe and Moji, taking cargo at through-rates to all ports in the Far East.

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