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tion to do so, submits a bank and two business references before publication. These enquiries are highly valued by Swedish businessmen, and are besides an excellent means for a reputable importer or agent abroad to get his wants placed before the proper parties in Sweden.

»Svensk Export» has a large cireulation among firms engaged in foreign trade, and is therefore an exceedingly good advertising medium for firms in other countries who wish to enter into business relations with Swedish exporters and manufacturers. The subscription for a whole year, incl . postage, is kronor 30: — (in Sweden kr. 20: —, and for members of the Association, kr. 12: —).

»Swedish Export» and »Exportaci6n de Sueciao are issued once a month in the English and Spanish languages respectively. These publications are intended to disseminate reliable information regarding financial, industrial, and trade conditions of Sweden in the countries concerned.

Each number of the reviews contains a summary of the situation in the principal Swedish industries. »Swedish Export» is distributed to about 22,000 firms, hotels, clubs, consulates, chambers of commeree, etc., principally in English speaking countries, the Far East, etc.; »Exportacion de Suecia» to 16,000 addressees in Spain, South and Central America, Mexico, and other suitable countries. The subscription incl. postage is kr. 5: — for the whole year.

Advertising and Translation Department.

Among the functions of this Department is that of sending out information in regard to Sweden and Swedish affairs to all parts of the world, and especially of acting as adviser to the members of the Association in placing their advertisements and making propaganda for their products abroad.

Translation of all kinds of catalogues, descriptions, pamphlets, reports, etc. forms, in consequence, a considerable portion of the work of the department.

The Department is further registered as a recognized advertising agency, and as such has excellent connections with agencies and publications abroad, enabling it to carry out the advertising of its members in different countries in the best and most effective way.

Individuals or firms in other countries wishing to advertise in the Swedish press may confidently entrust such commissions to this Department, which has the best facilities for selecting the proper organs, and, whether a question of a simple insertion or the organisation of an advertising campaign, will act with sound judgment and absolute impartiality.

Membership and Subscriptions.

Limited companies, banks and bankers, associations and federations, business firms and manufacturers are eligible for membership in the Association, as well as private persons in Sweden and other countries interested in the aims of the Association.

The following trade and industrial organisations are members of the General Export Association of Sweden in their corporate capacity, and are specially represented on the Board of Directors by a delegate: Swedish Brewers' Association; Swedish Iron Masters' Association; Swedish Joinery Manufacturers' Association; Swedish Electric Industries' Association; Swedish Iron and Steel Works' Association; Swedish Engineering Works' Association; Overseas Exporters' Association; Swedish Papermakers' Association; Swedish Crafts' Organisation; Swedish Cellulose Association.

Members resident abroad pay a subscription of kr. 100: — and receive one of the reviews »Svensk Export», »Swedish Export», or »Exportacion de Suecia», gratis and postfree.

The Patron of the Association is H. M. The King of Sweden and H. R. H. The Crownprince of Sweden is the Honorary President.

The Board of Directors of the Association is composed of the following officers and members:


Herman Lagererantz, Envoy extraordinary and Minister plenipotentiary, Stockholm. Proprietor of Virsbo Bruk.

Vice President:

Emil Kinander, Barrister at Law, Man. Director, Swedish Iron Masters' Association, Stockholm. (Appointed by the Swedish Iron Masters' Association.)


Bertil Almgren, Man. Director, A.-B. Stockholms Bryggerier (Stockholm Breweries Ltd).

(Appointed by the Swedish Brewers' Ass'n.) Harald Almstrom, late Gen. Manager, A.-B. Rorstrands Porslinsfabriker (Rorstrand

Potteries Ltd), Stockholm. Axel Carlander, President of the Gothenburg City Council, Merehant, Gothenburg. Arthur Coster, Man. Director, Travaru A.-B. Fredrik Coster & Co., Uddevalla.

(Appointed by the Swedish Joinery Manufacturers' Ass'n.)
J. Sigfrid Edstrom, Man. Director, Allm. Svenska Elektriska A.-B., (Swedish General

Electric Co. [Asea]), Vasteras.
Carl Ekman, of Ekman & Co., Merehant, Gothenburg.

E. A. Enhorning, Consul, Man. Director, J. A. Enhornings Travaru A.-B., Sundsvall.
Baron C. Gripenstedt, LL. B., Ironmaster.

W. Goransson, Man. Director, Husqvarna Vapenfabriks A.-B. (Husqvarna Small Arms

Factory Ltd), Huskvarna.
Hugo G. Hammar, Man. Director, Gotaverken Shipbuilding Co., Gothenburg.
Berndt Hay, Lord of the Bedehamber, Director on Duty, Svenska Tiindstieks A.-B.

(Swedish Match Co. Ltd), Stockholm.
H. E. Henke, Man. Director, A.-B. Elektraverken, Stockholm.

(Appointed by the Swedish Electric Industries' Ass'n.)
B. A. Hjorth, Man. Director, A.-B. B. A. Hjorth & Co., Stockholm.
Erik Holmbcrg, Director, retired, Stockholm.

Kristoffer Huldt, Man. Director, Kohlswa Jcrnverks A.-B. (Kohlswa Iron Works Ltd),
Kolsva. (Appointed by the Swedish Iron and Steel Works' Ass'n.)

Sven Hoglund, of The Swedish Trading Co. Ltd., Consul General, Stockholm.
(Appointed by the Overseas Exporters' Ass'n.)

G. Jaeobsson, Man. Director, A.-B. Atlas Diesel, Stockholm.
(Appointed by the Swedish Engineering Works' Ass'n.)

Fredrik Jahn, Ph. Lie, Man. Director, Swedish Paper Makers' Ass'n, Stockholm.
(Appointed by the Swedish Paper Makers' Ass'n.)

Hemming Johansson, Man. Director, Allm. Tclefon A.-B. L. M. Ericsson & Co., Stockholm.

Axel Ax:son Johnson, Consul General, Rederi A.-B. Nordstjarnan (Johnson Line) and

A. Johnson & Co., Stockholm. C. J. F. Ljunggren, Consul, Chairman, Swedish Crafts' Organisation, Stockholm.

(Appointed by the Swedish Crafts' Organisation.)
Josef Sachs, Consul General, Man. Director, A.-B. Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm.
Chr. Storjohann, Man. Director, Billeruds A.-B., Siiffle.

(Appointed by The Swedish Wood-Pulp Ass'n.)
Vollrath Tham, Man. Director, Bergvik & Ala Nya A.-B., Soderhamn.

(Appointed by The Swedish Cellulose Ass'n.)
Arthur Thiel, Merehant, Stockholm.

Sven Wingquist, late Man. Director, The Skefko Ball Bearing Co., Gothenburg.
Nils Winkler, Merehant, Malmo.

The General Manager of the Association is Mr Erik Nylander, B. A., Member of the Second Chamber of the Riksdag, who has held the office of general manager since 1915.

Head Office of the Association: Vasagatan 12 (opposite the Central Railway Station) Stockholm. Tel.-address: Export.

General Export Association of Sweden




For a specified account of goods made or sold by the firms listed below, see "Swedish Industrial and Export Directory, Ed. 1923—24.», issued by The General Export Association of Sweden, STOCKHOLM.

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Balkanhandcl, A.-B., Goteborg, Surbrunnsgatan 6
Balle & Co., A.-B. O. S. S., Stockholm, Regerings-

gatan 45
Ballin, Garveri A.-B., Kjeflinge
Baltic, A.-B., Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg 2
Baltiska Handels-A.-B., Stockholm, Ostermalmsga-

tan 69

Bark & Warburgs Fornyade A.-B., Goteborg, Maj-

Barnckows Tekn. Kern. Laboratorium, A.-B. S.,

Bauer, Gustaf, Stockholm, Vasagatan 5
Becker, A.-B. Wilh., Stockholm 1, Box 229
Behrn, Johan, Orebro

Beijer, G. & L., Import & Export A.-B., Stockholm,

V. Triidgardsgatan -1
Bennet, C. Fr., Friherre, Stockholm, Hamngatan 2
Benson, A.-B. J., Malmo
Bergs Fabriks A.-B., E. A., Eskilstuna
Berg A.-B., Richard, Stockholm, Norrlandsgat. 8—10
Berg, Victor, Stockholm, Malmtorgsgatan 5
Bergendorff, P., Stockholm, Miistcrsamuclsgatan 3
Berggren, A.-B. Berndt G., Stockholm, Liistmakare-

gatan 18

Berghaus & Co., Paid, Goteborg, Spannmalsgat. 8
Bergmans Enka, A. U., Stockholm, Hogbergsgatan 62
Bcrgmark & Co., A.-B. Reinh., Goteborg
Bergstroms A.-B., Paul U., Stockholm, Kungsgat. 47
Bergvik & Ala Nya A.-B, Soderhamn
Berner, Christian, (Dircktor C. O. Bjorlin), Stock-
holm, Katarinavagen 9 B
Bctongbyran, Civilingenior Otto F. Fischer, Stock-
holm, Norra Kungstornet (Kungsgatan 28)
Billeruds A.-B, Siiffle

Bjorkman & Co:s Eftr., A.-B. A., Stockholm, Mii

lartorget 13
Bjorlin & Co., Stockholm. Tunnelgatan 3
Bleiweiss & Co.. A.-B., Stockholm, Birgerjarlsgat. 60
Blekingc Liins Hushallnings Sallskap, Karlskrona
Blidberg, Metcalfe & Co., Goteborg, Skeppsbron 5 & 6
Blomsholms Stenhuggerier, Hesscl & Co., Stromstad
Bodens Handcls A.-B., Axel, Stockholm, Drottning-

gatan 15

Bogren, Gustaf Theodor, Briikne Hoby

Bolin, W. A., Stockholm, Kungstriidgardsgatan 10

Boman, Emil R., Stockholm, Skeppsbron 44

Borlind. Bcrsen & Co., Goteborg. Hertzia

Boras Band- & Hangslcfabriks A.-B., Boras

Boras Bank, A.-B., Boras

Boras Kliidningstygsfabrik, A.-B.. Boras

Boras Mck. Vcrkstads A.-B., Boras

Boras Vafveri A.-B.. Boras

Boston Blacking Company A.-B., Hiilsingborg
Bovik & Co., Alfr., Lysekil
Boxholms A.-B., Boxholm
Boyd, John J., Goteborg, Surbrunnsgatan 8
Bratt & Co., Adolf, Goteborg, N. Hamngatan 2
Brodaty, Sigmund, Stockholm, Nybrogatan 68
Brodin, Carl Fridolf, Stockholm, Skeppargatan 35
Brusafors-Hiillefors, A.-B, Lonneberga
Brusewitz, A.-B. Fredrik, Limmared
Branahults Glasbruks A.-B., Stockholm, Regerings-
gatan O.

Broderna Ameln, A.-B, Stockholm, Vartan
Broderna Edstrand, Malmo
Broderna Engblom & Co., Kristinehamn
Broderna Frodell, Eskilstuna

Broderna Herrman, A.-B., Stockholm, Surbrunnsgatan 50

Broderna Jakobsson, Fabriks A.-B., Siiffle
Broderna Kesslcr, A.-B., Stockholm, Viirmdogat. 16
Broderna Sandstroms Skidfabrik, Stockholm, Got-
gatan 100

Broderna Soderbergs Metallgjuteri, Eskilstuna
Bangbro Rorverk, A.-B., Bangbro
Biickstadi, Carl, Stockholm 4

Bohlmarks Lampfabrik, A.-B. Arvid, Stockholm,
Hogbergsgatan 19—21

Calor, Viirmlednings A.-B., Stockholm, Arbetaregatan 32

Calvert & Co., A.-B., Goteborg, Kyrkogatan 38
Carlskrona Granit A.-B., Karlskrona
Carlson, Ingeniorsfirman Sven, Falun
Carlson & Co., A.-B. August, Goteborg
Carlson & Weslien, Stockholm, Osterlanggatan 29
Carlsson, Gunnar, Stockholm, Storgatan 10
Carnegie & Co., Porterbryggeri A.-B. I)., Goteborg 4
Ccderlunds S:cr J., Stockholm, Arsenalsgatan 6
Celsius, Viirmelednings A.-B., Goteborg, Rosenlunds-
gatan 4

Centralgruppens Emissions-A.-B., Stockholm, Gustaf

Adolfs torg 18 Centralvaruhuset, A.-B., Stockholm, Drottninggat.


Centrifugkiirnan. A.-B., Smalands Taberg Ccrvin, C. G., Bankirfirma, Stockholm, Malmtorgsgatan 6

Christensen, A.-B., Amanda, Stockholm, Kungsbroplan 3

Christiernsson, A.-B. Axel, Stockholm, Garvaregatan 5—7

Christofferson & Anderson, A.-B, Goteborg, Skeppsbron 1

Claesson, Hclge, Goteborg, Hvitfeldtsgatan 9
Cliff & Co., A., Goteborg 1, Kungsgatan 4
Cnattingius & Co., Th., Goteborg, Skeppsbron 1
Collijn, P. A., Stockholm. Drottninggatan 5
Corin & C:is A.-B., Fredr., Goteborg, St. Badhus-
gatan 1

Coster & Co., Triivaru A.-B. Fredrik, Uddevalla

Dahlander & C:is Tapetfabriks A.-B., J., Goteborg
Dahlberg, Lars F., Stockholm, Odengatan 35
Dahlgrens Efterfoljare, J. E. Jansson, A.-B, Karlstad
Dahlkarlshytte A.-B, Lindesberg
Danielson, Forssberg & Co., Stockholm, Drottning-
gatan 48

Dardel & Hagborg A.-B., Stockholm, Hamngatan 5 B

Davidsohn, Albert, Stockholm, Malmskillnadsgatan


Dejefors Kraft- & Fabriks A.-B, Dejeforsbruk
<le Lavals Angturbin, A.-B, Stockholm 1
Dickson, A.-B. Oskar, Stockholm, Hornsgatan 35
Dieden & Co., A.-B. B., Malmo
Diesel & Co. A.-B. E., Stockholm, Sveaviigen 23
Dietrichson, D., Stockholm, Vasagatan 6
Djupafors Fabriks A.-B., Djupadal
Doreh, Biicksin & C:is A.-B., Goteborg, N. Hamn-
gatan 21
Drags A.-B., Norrkoping
Drufvefors Viifveri A.-B., Boras
du Rietz. A.-B. G. A., Stockholm, Skeppsbron 10

Edsvalla Bruk, A.-B., Edsvalla
Eggers, A.-B. Hotell, Goteborg
Eklundhs Eftr., Axel, Goteborg, 0. Hamngatan 8
Ekman & Co., Goteborg, V. Hamngatan 7
Ekmans A.-B,. C. J., Goteborg, 0. Hamngatan 2
Ekmans Export A.-B., Goteborg, Packhusplatsen 2
Ekstroms Maskinaffiir, A.-B. A., Stockholm, St. Vat-
tugatan 10

Elefantens Droghandel, Hamner & Co., Stockholm,

Tunnclgatan 19 B. Elektraverken, A.-B., Stockholm, Ringviigen 98 Elektriska Svetsnings A.-B. i Stockholm, Stockholm,

S:t Paulsgatan 2 C. Elektrodkontoret, A.-B., Orebro Elcktrokemiska A.-B., Bengtsfors Elektrolux, A.-B., Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg 2 Elektrostal-Verken, A.-B., Stockholm, Skeppsbron 8 Eliasson, Emil & Co., Stockholm, Kungsbroplan 2 Elliot, Bror, Stockholm, Regeringsgatan 9 Emsfors Bruk, A.-B., Paskallavik Enger, Hellesen & Co., Maskinaffiir, Stockholm,

Malmtorgsgatan 3 Enhornings Triivaru A.-B.. J. A., Sundsvall Erasmis Eftr., August, Goteborg Erikson & Co., Sagbladsfabrik, A.-B. Oscar, Torshiilla Erikssons Metallfabrik, Filip, Kungsor Erikssons Metallfabriks A.-B, Karl Fr., Eskilstuna Erikssons Metallfabrik, A.-B. Gustaf, Eskilstuna Eskilstuna Jernmanufaktur A.-B., Eskilstuna Eskilstuna Kniffabriks A.-B., Eskilstuna Eskilstuna Kolimport & Handels A.-B., Eskilstuna Eskilstuna Metall- & Vagnslyktfabrik, Eskilstuna Eskilstuna Stalpressnings A.-B., Eskilstuna Eslofs Skofabriks A.-B., Eslov Ethyl, A.-B., Stockholm, Birgerjarlsgatan 14 Evensen & Co., Alf, Stockholm, Hamngatan 2 Evert & Molin, A.-B, Stockholm, Wahrendorffsgat. 1 Exportakticbolaget Norden, Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg 18

Exportkompanict, Sven M. Lindh, Goteborg, V.
Hamngatan 2

Fagersta Bruks A.-B., Fagersta
Falck, Emil, Stockholm, Kommendorsgatan 42
Fegens Lad- & Tunnfabrik, Carl Magnusson & Co.,

Fengersfors Bruk, Tosse
Ferna Verken, Fiirnabruk
Fernstrom, A. K., Karlshamn

Fernstrom & Co., A.-B., Stockholm, Niickstromsgatan 1

Fidler, A.-B. Mathews, Goteborg, Drottninggatan 6

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