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1600 BHP Reversible Nobel-Diesel Marine Engine, A-type

» per BHP 0-236 lbs

Authentic tests of the above 2-cycle marine engine have given results that have not been equalled by any other Diesel engine. In spite of its conservative design the engine represents a considerable saving of weight and space in comparison with a corresponding 4-cycle engine, while the fuel consumption is no higher. The construction is very simple, and all parts are readily accessible. The open frame is highly appreciated by marine engineers.

The Nobel-Diesel engines are built in several sizes and for various speeds for stationary and marine purposes.

The »Gamma» 2-cijcle Semi-Diesel oil engines are built in sizes of from 7—200 HP. They are distinguished by low fuel consumption, and a number of other valuable special features. Besides being low-priced these engines supply power at a very small cost. The stationary engines are very suitable for driving pumps, electric generators, sawmills and flour mills, treshing machines, and for various other power requirements. The marine type is provided with reliable reversing gear and will be equipped with electric starter on request.

Distinctive features


Semi-Diesel engines

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Established in 1904
Paid-up capital, Sw. Kronor: 400,000

Cable Address: STATdMAQ Code used:

Stathmos, Stockholm ^(7&f\TtfG$\* A. B. C. 5th Ed.

Trade Mark

Manufacturers of Scales


Norway: Thorgny Haanes, 15, Pilestrscdet, Christiania.
Holland: Koopman & Co., 370, Hcerengracht, Amsterdam.

Types The Stathmos scales are made in a great variety, from small counter scales up to large weighbridges for motor cars and railway trucks. The large weighbridges are supplied to special order with electric winding-up arrangement and automatic controller.

General The Stathmos company was founded in 1904 with the manufacture of scales as a speciality. The works, situated at Nynashamn near Stockholm, are equipped with the most up-to-date machines and appliances. The products of the Stathmos works are characterized by accuracy and high class workmanship, and are made of the best selected materials. The company occupies a leading position among European scale manufacturers, and their products have won a high reputation.

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All scales are made to comply with the standards of weights of all countries.


All truck scales and railway weighbridges either with dial only or TrU(;^ scales •it. . . i • . » ii • . and railway

with dial apparatus combined with lull capacity sliding poise beam, weighbridges

with or without card printing attachment, may be equipped with

automatic arrangement registering the weights.

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Works founded 1876

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Engineers and Manufacturers of

Centrifugal Machines, Laundry Equipment, Plate-working Machines,

Hoisting Devices, etc.

Specialities Centrifugal machines for Sugar Refineries, Oil and Salt Separators;

Laundry installations, comprising:

Washing machines, Centrifugal Extractors, Flat-work Ironers, etc.

Plate-working machines, including:
Straightening and Bending machines.

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The works were established in 1876 under the name of Carlslunds Gj uteri & Maskinverkstad (Carlslund Foundry and Engineering Works). In 1882 the present company, the Bohus Engineering Works, was formed to continue the business of the original concern. The manufacturing at the start and for some years consisted in supplying local industries with their special requirements of machine tools and castings. In the course of time the scope of the manufacture was extended to embrace the products made at present. The expansion has been unbroken since and the works now numbers among its customers not only Swedish industries, but enjoys a gratifying demand for its products on the international market as well. The'establishment has been enlarged from time to time in order to meet the steadily increasing business. It is now equipped with the most up-to-date machines, and electric power is used in all departments since 1916.

Proximity to the port of Gothenburg enables the company to make shipments economically to all parts of the world. Shipments may, however, be made over any other port, if desired, as the works has excellent connection with the State railways mainline.

Centrifugal Machines

The company possesses a vast and thorough experience in designing and building centrifugal machines for various uses of which a few types are mentioned here.



Shipping conditions

Centrifugal machines

Centrifugal Extractor

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